My brother! My faithful friend! In one way or another, we have all been deceived by the wind of different human doctrines. In one way or another, we have all been captives of the human deceit. We have been standing in the meeting and we have been looking at the graduated preacher behind the pulpit, who, a half hour later, has already dried up and does not know what to tell. Then, looking with helplessness, he has hurried to announce that it is time for praise and testimonies…
Such man has not had God’s anointing! What is more – he has never understood that, if God’s Power and might are limitless, then, the very Anointing in the heart would testify to this Power and Might!
However, how might those people, who turned the Holy Spirit into theology, have God’s Holy Oil? How might those people, who have not denied themselves, but preach at the pulpit for the sake of a loathsome salary, have God’s Holy Oil? How might teachers of the law and Pharisees, whose pride and haughtiness is abomination in God’s eyes and God Himself gives them over to desolation, have God’s Holy Oil? Finally, if most people have not understood that Jesus is the Shepherd of God’s Flock, and they have to be doors, through which the Shepherd might come in and feed His sheep, how might such people have God’s Holy Oil?
I know inside my heart that the Word of this prophetic book will not turn back empty, but will do the Will of That One, Who has inspired it. Despite the whole fury and malice of all my persecutors, Lord will rebuild the fallen tabernacle of David. For, He has His Own hidden anointed men. If you have not seen them yet, it is due to the fact that nobody of those, who belong to Jesus Christ, craves for a pulpit or payment. They are very humble and quiet; however, there is a Fire inside their hearts, which Jesus will kindle, so that they will shine in the right time.
I believe that you will never more forget the visions, related to God’s Holy Anointment. Being persistent in prayer and communication with God’s children, you will surely see in them the Myrrh and Cinnamon, as well as the Cane, Cassia and Olive. However, your astonishment with Jesus will not be complete unless I tell you about the last vision, which He showed in front of my eyes. It was the vision with the cup, overflowing with Lord’s Anointment. Here are the words, by which Jesus appeared me the vision itself. He told me:
“Now, I will show before your heart that vision, which appears as a Perfect longing by God’s Heart. My Father holds dear all His children. He expects for your prayers to move His Heavenly jealousy, so that the last David might appear on the earth – that shepherd according to God’s Heart, who will give his life for God’s Flock. Therefore, look at everything I show you now…”
After these words of Jesus, the vision itself appeared in front of my heart. I could see David, as real as he was at God’s Fireplace in Ariel. He was standing in front of God’s Flock with a harp in his hands. So, he went in God’s pathways, in other to lead the Flock onto God’s hills. As soon as David went ahead of the sheep, they followed him. Then, David passed his fingers across the harp and sang the song of his psalm:
“The LORD is my shepherd, I shall not be in want. He makes me lie down in green pastures, he leads me beside quiet waters, he restores my soul. He guides me in paths of righteousness for his name’s sake…” (Psalm 23:1-3)
The song was flowing out of David’s lips. Then, something excellent happened. The Heaven opened over the head of David and two Heavenly hands, which were holding a gold horn, full of Holy Oil, began to pour God’s Anointment into the heart of David. In this moment, God’s praise man grew his song louder and God of Heaven kept pouring His Holy Oil into his heart. Finally, the cup of David overflowed. The Holy Oil began to stream down and fall in his feet. Every step, which David was doing in his way to the Lord’s hills, was marked by the drops of his overflowing cup. Noticed the sign over David’s heart; God’s Flock hurried to follow in the anointed steps of its leader. When the sheep were treading into the steps of David, their hooves were also being anointed by the Holy Oil of Father. And the cup of David was flowing over and over. The drops of the Holy Oil fell in his feet and marked his steps. In this moment, looking at this most splendid appearance of God’s Blessing, I already knew inside my heart – this is exactly the Shepherd according to God’s Heart and this is the Lord’s Flock that listens to the Voice of the Lord. While I was looking at the view, fascinated by it and filled with joy and reverence, Jesus approached me, asking:
“Do you like everything you see? Did your heart rejoice at this view?”
“Oh, my Lord! I would lay the whole my life, in order to see this miracle as Spirit and Life over the whole Your Church! Here, the cup of David is overflowing. The drops of God’s Holy Oil anoint the very steps of David, so that the sheep know where they have to tread. By treading in the anointed steps, they themselves get anointed, too…”
“Then, look at the more splendid miracle in this vision! Davis is walking ahead of God’s Flock, but behind the Flock, he has some very faithful helpers…”
While Jesus was talking to me, I really saw the Heavenly miracle. The hands of Father, after they had poured the horn with the Holy Oil into the heart of David, had gone back, behind the Flock. The one hand of Father was standing at the right of the Flock, and the other – at the left. The more David was going further, the more Father was pushing up the Flock by His Holy hands at its very end. This fact rejoiced me very much, so that I asked Jesus with great excitement:
“My Lord! What is Father doing by His hands? What is the role of the Father’s hands here?”
Jesus replied:
“Father is faithful to fulfill the psalm of David; since, before having welled out of David’s bosom, this psalm has already been born in the Heart of Father. David tells in his psalm:
“Surely goodness and love (mercy – KIJV) will follow me all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the house of the LORD forever…” (Psalm 23:6)
Here, Stefan! Goodness and Mercy are the two hands of Father! They are the appearance of His Eternal and Holy Spirit – the Spirit Who walks after God’s Flock in order to keep and protect it and to be its faithful guard…”
“Well, Jesus, how shall I understand this perfect benevolence over David? How shall I understand the fact that Father Himself has engaged in watching by His hand over the Flock of David, so that Goodness and Mercy might follow it?”
Jesus looked at me with very deep regard. In His light pupils, I could see that He had always been longing for me to ask Him this question. Lord told me:
“The secret of the Lord’s Favour is exactly hidden in the overflowing cup. Where the cup overflows with God’s Holy Oil, My Father surely comes with the Goodness and Mercy of His hands. Therefore, tell Me now: When a cup overflows with God’s Holy Oil? Or, when does My Father pour out His Spirit without measure?”
Blinding Light was shining in the lips of Jesus. In the rays of this Light, I could see the answer, which Lord was expecting from me to give Him. Therefore, I told Him:
“Jesus! Once, John the Baptist told about You:
“For the one whom God has sent speaks the words of God, for God gives the Spirit without limit. The Father loves the Son and has placed everything in his hands…”
(John 3:34-35)
Now, Lord, when I see how the David’s cup is overflowing, it is due to the fact that Father does not give him the Spirit with limit. However, is that David, or You? For, I know that You Are the Only One, Whose cup might overflow…”
In the next moment, Jesus embraced me very powerfully. He pointed at His servant David and told me:
“Go to him and see his cup! So, you will understand whether this is David, or Me…”
I ran to David, who was playing his harp. The closer I was coming to his figure, the better I knew the answer. When I stood before God’s Anointed servant and looked at his cup, I simply fell down at the feet of God’s praise man. The cup of his heart had become an Image, and the Image of his heart was Jesus. Then, the very Image spoke to me, saying:
“Go and bring this Holiest and pure message to all My lambs! Go and give this vision of Mine to the whole My Church! From now to the end, the Lord’s hand will seek the servants in the Spirit and Power of David. He will find those, who are ready to lay their life for My Flock, and will certainly raise and appear them to all the children of God.
Now, I am calling David! I am pouring into his heart from the Holy Oil, which I gave My prophet, and I will soon appear and point at him. So, he will guide My Flock with the overflowing cup of his heart and will be God’s Anointed man – from now and forever!
He will always live in the House of the Lord!
I pronounced it! I spoke it!”



After these words, Lord took my hand and we both went out of the room of the Perfumer. We passed by the Fireplace of Ariel and God’s servant David and went further. Finally, we stopped. Here, Jesus stretched His hand and touched my head. Then, a vision appeared in front of my heart. I could see in it the first of the five God’s plants. It was the Myrrh. Lord told me:
“Look at the first of the fragrant plants of My Father! He has always wanted for this Myrrh to grow among all His children…”
After these words, Jesus approached the tree itself. He took His Own Sword out of His mantle, stretched it to the tree and cut its bark. Suddenly, resin welled out of the cut place; it flowed down as a tear along the trunk of the tree. Jesus stretched His hand, took from some of the resin with His forefinger and approached me, saying:
“Smell this resin! Then, tell Me what you feel…”
I looked at the Jesus’ forefinger, stretched to my face, and I smelt the resin itself. Then, some sweet and splendid fragrance entered my nostrils. It was so deeply touching me that my eyes filled with tears of tenderness and love. Unable to explain the influence of the resin, I asked Jesus:
“What is this aroma, Lord? Why did You stretch Your Sword and cut the tree bark, so that this resin welled out of it?”
Jesus replied:
“This is the fragrance of the Myrrh. It always appears, when Lord cut such a tree by His Sword. As to the aroma of this resin, it comes to show you that the Repentance before the Face of your Heavenly Father is such like this. This Repentance is fascinating and strong and captives the human life with its fragrance, so that, from this moment on and with this resin, every one of you might follow the Way of Truth. Now, Lord your God turns to all His brothers and sisters and tells them:
Do not be afraid of being Myrrh before the Face of My Father! Do not you fear, when My sharp Sword comes to cut you! For, this is the Will of My Father – to see in you and feel the sweet smell of Repentance. As to all My faithful shepherds, I tell them: If you want to be some of the great anointed men of God, preach Repentance! Teach all My sheep to long for exposing, so that the whole My Flock might become fragrant before the Face of My Father…”
After these words, Jesus looked at me and said:
“Now, Stefan, look at the Cinnamon…”
A moment after the words of Jesus, a new vision appeared in front of my heart. Here, I could see the very God’s tree. I was expecting Jesus to do something to it, but He was immovable, as if He was expecting something else. This “something else” was not late. Lots of enemies and opponents appeared in front of the tree. Some of them were carrying knives and saws, and the others – stones. The first ones began to cut and saw the rind of the tree and barked it. Then, they began to cut the rind on small thin stripes, so that I shuddered at the view of everything the opponents were doing. The second ones were not satisfied with the cutting of the bark and began to grind it by their stones, as if they inwardly longed for destroying every trace of God’s tree. Suddenly, invisible power made all of them flee in disorder and leave their deed… I could not understand yet what was happening; so, I looked at Jesus. He smiled and told me:
“Let Me take you close to this tree, so that you might see what the enemies did to its bark…”
So, Lord and I approached the very tree. He pointed at the fine cut stripes of the rind, as well as at the power, rested after the grinding by the stones, and hurried to tell me:
“Bend down, Stefan! Take some of the Cinnamon power and taste it, in order to feel its savour…”
Listened to Jesus, I bent down. Then, the sweet smell of the Cinnamon entered my nostrils. I took some of its power, laid it on my palm and hurried to taste it… It was a very specific flavour; at first, it was somewhat pungent, but later, its aroma was getting very pleasant. I turned to Jesus and asked Him:
“How shall I understand the aroma of the Cinnamon, Lord? It is very strong and somewhat specific…”
Lord answered to me, saying:
“You yourself saw what the opponents did to God’s tree. They wanted to hurt and kill it. They removed its bark, saw it fine and finally, they even grinded it by stones. However, they all fled in disorder, since they could not bear the fragrance of the Cinnamon. If My people can not understand yet what the Cinnamon is before God’s Face, then, I tell all of you:
The Cinnamon is the sweet smell of every suffering because of Me! Whoever suffers according to God’s Will and passes through persecution, without being tempted, he has really got the aroma of the Cinnamon. When you withstand the evil, coming from your enemies, then, Father will turn your suffer into a victory and Glory for His Name. Your example will become very strong and specific, like the flavour and aroma of the Cinnamon. My Word talks about this Cinnamon exactly, when It says:
“Some faced jeers and flogging, while still others were chained and put in prison. They were stoned; they were sawed in two; they were put to death by the sword. They went about in sheepskins and goatskins, destitute, persecuted and mistreated – the world was not worthy of them. They wandered in deserts and mountains, and in caves and holes in the ground…” (Hebrews 11:36-38)
Here, I call you:
Be active and work, in order to take on yourselves My suffering. If you are Cinnamon, as an ingredient of God’s Holy Oil, how great your award above in My Kingdom will be! If that condensed milk, which I showed to My prophet, is very sweet and delicious, then, what would its savour become, when it is powered with the Cinnamon of those, who conquered the devil by the word of their own testimony? I tell you the Truth, if somebody eats from My Cinnamon, he will have its flavour until he meets Me in Heaven…”
After these words, Lord touched my head again, so that my eyes could already see the next of God’s plants. It was the fragrant and sweet Cane. It was standing out of lots of other reeds, which were visibly different from it. The very place of the Cane was in a marsh and muddy swamp. At first, this fact surprised me and I asked Jesus:
“How shall I comprehend the place of Your Cane, Lord? Here, it stands among many other reeds, which are darkened in contrast with its light and freshness…”
Jesus, Who was already setting out for the very swamp, answered me:
“I have not come to call the righteous, but the sinful men to repentance. This sweet Cane amidst the swamps is one of the most cherished plants of My Heart. Therefore, see now what it will do and how it will respond to My appeal…”
After these words, Jesus stretched His hands to the Cane. Then, He told it:
“A bruised reed I will not break. A smoldering wick I will not snuff out. In Faithfulness I will bring forth justice! Touch those, who are bruised, My Cane! Kindle the candlesticks that are smoldering…”
After the Lord’s words, the Cane reacted. It bent down over the rest darkened reed and touched them by Light and inner Fire; so, those darkened reed in the swamp began to change their colour, getting green and fresh suchlike it. With great excitement in His Voice, Jesus told me:
“Now, let us go to the favorite plant of Your Lord, so that you might see how sweet My witness, the Cane, is…”
So, Lord entered the swamp, and I followed Him. He was caressing the stalks of His Cane; then, He picked one of them, gave it to me and said:
“Taste this sweetness, Stefan! So, you will understand why the sweet-smelling Cane is one of the ingredients of God’s Holy Oil…”
Taken the green stalk from the hand of Jesus, I approached it to my lips and tasted it. Then, the whole my being was filled with such sweetness, what I had never tasted before. I looked at the Lord with thankful eyes and asked Him:
“What of sweetness is this, Lord? My heart grew faint with it!”
Jesus replied:
“This is the sweetness of Compassion. This is the sweetness for Father by those servants of His, who stretch their hands to the sinful and retreated ones, in order to restore them to Life. In this last time of corruption and decay, when the broken reeds are thousands upon thousands, most of all, I want to see people, who are ready to become My Canes. I long for those ardent and zealous servants of Mine, who will not feel a loathing for sin and impurity, but will stretch their hands, full of Compassion. I long for the men, full of that Father’s Love, which is powerful to restore the prodigal sons and make them shine with His Glory. If somebody has not understood My words from My sermon on the mountain yet, let such man see now that God has talked to His Cane:
“In the same way, let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven…” (Matthew 5:16)
When you touch the sinful men through My abundant and sweet Love, you do not defile yourselves, but they become enlightened. Here, this is the Cane, which the Holy Perfumer has laid in His Anointment…”
I looked at the eyes of my Lord and I noticed that they were full of tears. Then, in that moment of the vision, I perfectly felt His Heart. I felt the beats of that loving and Holy Heart that pines and longs for giving Love and Light to every one. Looking at the Cane, I realized that, from among all God’s plants, it would bear the heaviest burden – the burden that restores the captives to Zion.
Here, Lord was already giving me the fourth of the visions with God’s plants. Then, I saw the Cassia. It was radiating great nobleness and inner power, attracting everybody to itself from afar. Jesus pointed at it and told me:
“Look at My queen among the plants now! Its aroma is always very strong and splendid…”
While Jesus was talking to me, the Cassia was approached by a man, who was one of God’s enemies. He took out his axe and aimed a blow at the stalk of the Cassia. Then, resin began to flow out of the its bark. When the enemy saw the resin, he got enraged and furious. This fact made him hit the beautiful tree many times more. With every blow, the resin was getting more and more. Some excellent fragrance filled the air, so splendid that the man could no longer bear it. He took his axe and hurried to get away. In this moment, I was thinking, asking the Lord:
“My Lord! Why does every one of Your splendid trees, giving resin, have to be hurt in such a way? Why does its aroma appear, only when has it been hurt…”
Jesus, Who was carefully examining my heart, told me:
“The power of God’s man is not outside. The power is inside. When this Power has to be appeared to the world, it is necessary a blow that reaches to the innermost depths. Only then does God’s man appear his fragrance and superiority over that one, who would hurt or wound him. In the same way, My Cassia appeared its nobleness and power, so that its resin might be that sweet fragrance, which fills the room of the Perfumer. However, let us go closer, so that you might see what the resin of the Cassia is…”
After these words of His, Jesus approached the wounded tree. He took from the resin, welled out of it, and offered it to me, saying:
“Smell this resin! It is one of the most precious ingredients of God’s Anointment…”
Hardly smelt the fragrance of the Cassia, I felt very strangely. I felt Perfect superiority and peace to enter my heart. Although my eyes could really see the wounds upon the rind of the Cassia, it was telling me by the Spirit of Father:
“I am wounded outside, but unconquerable inside! The man who has me will be able to bear every wound and each blow. He will not receive the pain inside, but will radiate his supremacy outside!”
These words were really words of a queen. Still unable to understand the Heavenly aroma, I asked the Lord:
“What is this great supremacy in the Cassia, Jesus?”
With great satisfaction in His Voice, Lord told me:
“This is the supremacy of Integrity and Gentleness. This is the reigning God’s Love in the heart that bears everything, without keeping any record of wrongs. This Cassia of Mine can not be wounded and conquered by any way. If somebody wants to wound it, it hurts him. If somebody wants to overcome it, it gets over him. This Cassia here is the queen of the Heavenly fragrances. The strong aroma of God’s Holy Oil is due to it.
Now, I call all My brothers and sisters!
Be good-natured and gentle! So, you will be some of My Cassias. In Gentleness and Integrity, you will find the most perfect protection by God. Being insulted, do not retaliate, but be sweet-smelling! Being wounded, do not hurt others, but get over the Evil through My Love! For, there are not weapons, invented against it! If some one hurts you outside, it is due to the fact that God has let such man smell your fragrance, coming from inside…”
After these last words, Jesus touched my head, so that the last of the visions with God’s plants revealed in front of my heart. I could already see an Olive, heavy with fruit. Jesus pointed at it and asked me:
“Do you see this Olive? Do you admire its fruits?”
“Oh, Jesus! This is a splendid view for my heart. I know that such tree has been born by You, in order to glorify Your Name…”
“See then that the enemy can not step here, since God’s Holiness stops him. The oil of the Olive is the main ingredient of God’s Holy Oil. If the other plants gives fragrance to the Holy Oil, then, the real Power and Might of God’s anointing is due to the Olive. Now, looking at this Olive, tell Me:
Which ones in My Word were Olives?”
“Jesus! No doubt, these are Your holiest and most powerful servants of Yours. An Olive was also David, who declared in his psalm:
“But I am like an olive tree flourishing in the house of God; I trust in God’s unfailing love for ever and ever. I will praise you forever for what you have done; in your name I will hope, for your name is good. I will praise you in the presence of your saints…”
(Psalms 52:8-9)
Olives were also Moses and Elijah, who “The Revelation” tells about:
“These are the two olive trees and the two lampstands that stand before the Lord of the earth…” (Revelation 11:4)
Apostle Paul also belonged to the fat root of the Olive; he clearly declared in his message:
“If some of the branches have been broken off, and you, though a wild olive shoot, have been grafted in among the others and now share in the nourishing sap from the olive root, do not boast over those branches. If you do, consider this: You do not support the root, but the root supports you. You will say then, “Branches were broken off so that I could be grafted in.” Granted. But they were broken off because of unbelief, and you stand by faith. Do not be arrogant, but be afraid…” (Romans 11:17-20)
This apostle of Yours, Jesus, has known that he has been anointed with God’s Holy Oil. So, he really laid his life, in order to graft many in this fat and nourishing root of the Olive, in which Father had put him. So, Paul really bore many in the Gospel…”
Jesus was listening to my words with attention. Then, He told me:
“Everything you told Me, I was expecting to hear it from you. In difference to the other plants of God’s Holy Oil, the Olive is allotted Fruitfulness. In this relation, look at the words of the psalm that is a David’s song of the ascension. See what words Father tells His Son…”
While Jesus was talking to me, the words of this psalm were already in my heart. So, I told Him:
“Lord! I have not known how prophetic the words of this psalm are. However, I can see in it exactly Your Church and Your children. For, the verses of this psalm say:
“Your wife will be like a fruitful vine within your house; your sons will be like olive shoots around your table. Thus is the man blessed who fears the LORD. May the LORD bless you from Zion all the days of your life; may you see the prosperity of Jerusalem (the good of Jerusalem – KJV)…” (Psalm 128:3-5)
Who else might that fruitful Vine be, but Your faithful Bride? Who else might the olive shoots be, but the children of the Olive? Here, thus I pray You, Jesus, to bless those, who fear You and who have respect for Your servants, the prophets. Let them become Your Olives and see the good of Jerusalem…”
A moment after my words, the Voice of the Lord became unusually authoritative and mighty. He said:
“I am still speaking and calling through My servant. Today, when many have already been born by other Jesus, other spirit and different gospel, I order all of you to lay your lives for God’s Gospel. For, there is only one Good News of God and this is the Good News of God’s Prophetic Spirit – that Good News, by which the servants of My Father will go at the street corners and highways and will invite to the wedding banquet anyone they find. And, if you have not understood yet what an Olive that appears green in God’s House is, then, you should better look at the fruits of My prophet! All the word I have laid and born inside his heart is full of that Holy Anointment, to which God Himself has testified by His Spirit. By pouring the Holy Oil into the cup of his heart, I will soon show him the men and women according to My Heart – those, who will really pasture God’s Flock and will lay their life for every one of My sheep…”
After these last words, the vision by Jesus stopped. He caressed my head and told me:
“Now, let Me show you the last of the visions over the psalm of David. It is a vision about that cup, overflowing with anointment, due to which Kindness and Mercy follow God’s anointed man all the days of his life…”



My brother! My faithful friend!
For the last years of my service before God, I have always felt strong thrill and reverence, when the word is about God’s anointing. What is more – I know well that, without God’s anointing, I would simply have been an earth potsherd, dust and ashes, earth and vanity. However, with God’s Grace and benevolence, I am now what I am.
There were times and years, when the words often impressed me much more than the Spirit. Fascinated by the words, by which somebody had called himself “a God’s anointed man”, I was running from meeting to a meeting and from conference to a conference, in order to touch myself to that mysterious and Holy God’s appearance, called “anointing”. However, although I wanted to receive a droplet of God’s anointing, I usually received a human punishment. I had to punish and force my heart to stay on places, where God was no more. I had to deceive myself that, if there was no anointing somewhere, the next time, on other place, it would surely be a fact. Nevertheless, the situation used to repeat; moreover – it was even getting worse. Hirelings, occupied the pulpit, were speaking for hours of their own righteousness, their trips and gains, about their personal plans and intentions, as well as about all their human projects. In the last reckoning, I began to escape such places, since I did not want to envenom and punish my soul with the human fraud and lie. I began to pray Jesus and I poured to Jesus my devastated soul and my empty heart. In those days, when my tears could not dry upon my face, I cried to the Shepherd of my heart, telling Him:
“Have Mercy on me, my Lord! You pasture me and You teach me! Give me all the words of Eternal Life, since I can not find them among those, who call themselves “anointed men”. Shall I really visit their meetings, Lord? Shall I waste my days in expectation, when I know that there is a place, when You Are real and alive? I pray You, appear to me! Give me Your Holy Spirit! Let Him become my Only teacher and helper! Let Him open my blind eyes! Let Him anoint my head by that Holy Oil, which I can not understand and comprehend yet…”
In the eyes of every one, who has passed through the schooling of the human doctrines, I was surely heretic. How do I dare to abandon the meeting of the Lord’s “anointed man”, looking for the way to Jesus, without the mediation of men? The truth, my brother, was that I had not abandoned the Church, but I had gone out of Babylon. Just in the moment, when I left the human church, Lord let me enter His Church. Then exactly, I found out how excellent the meaning of the word “anointing” was. For, this word turned into Spirit. Looking at the Only One, Who could be Anointed One, my heart tasted from His Kindness and Mercy, as well as from His Perfect leadership.
Here, in this relation, the human and demonic fury stood against my life. Indeed, I already had the testimonies of another church that was not human one, and of another Shepherd, Who had not graduated in theology and did not have a certificate in his pocket, accompanied with labour contract. I know that there will be a moment in my life, when the Almighty God will give me to see how all my enemies stumble and fall down. The whole plenty of prophetic books will be useful as a sign and condemnation over the church mafia. Then, Lord Himself will throw into the pit all the religious gamblers, who has staked in the casino of Babylon on that roulette, called “theology” with those money, come from preaching of “prosperity”. Father will condemn all the human churches, which pulpit has been turned into personal business and the anointing has become commerce. With terrified regards, the merchants will cry to God:
“Is that possible You to condemn us, Father? Do not Your eyes see that there is not ministry on the earth that has not dealt in Yours?”
Then, Lord will point at the ministry of His prophet. He will appear to them terrible and will destroy them by the Breath of His mouth. For, they have been mocking, when God’s servant has remained poor due to his giving. They have hated and anathematized those, who have been touched by God’s Prophetic Spirit, when they have had to anathematize themselves and to weep with bitter tears, praying God for Mercy. They have trampled on that Holy and pure God’s Oil, that sweet-smelling Anointment, which Father has always wanted to pour upon the heads of His servants David. I can not rest indifferent at such thoughts, by which Jesus kindles my jealousy. I can not but weeping, when I see how strong the blow of the devil is and how terrible the inertia that leads to hell is.
Why are you still laying up, Messrs hirelings? Why are you still thinking of offices and church palaces, when the time of this world is running out? Why are you still in a hurry to plunder and fill your bank accounts, but can not see that you put on your feet a heavy chain that will hold you down? Why are you so different from those, who you pasture? In a day, when God had to see you as the poorest ones before Him, given your life for the many and enriched the others, why do you seem to be the richest of all? Why is the price even of one suit of yours higher than the monthly pensions of a dozen poor and wizened old women? Let me tell you why (for which I will surely gain your hatred and contempt): Because from servants of God you turned into satanic plunderers! From shepherds of God’s Flock, which Jesus sprinkled by His Own Blood, you turned into tyrants and despots. The spirit of Saul has always peeped and will peep out of your avaricious hearts. It is the spirit of the miser and ruler, who despises the men at his feet and establishes himself firmly on the throne with deceitful pride. So, when you have lied many that you have been chosen by God, you have mostly deceived yourselves. It is not God, Who has chosen you, but the bow before the devil. As to the anointment itself, of which you are so proud, it lies in your black brief cases as a diploma, received by some biblical institute, for the sake of which your sheep have paid you thousands of dollars.
However, who among you has reason to comprehend that everything that might be set on fire by a safety-match, is very transient and deceitful? Then, take out your diplomas and kindle them before your meetings! And, if they do not blaze by the match, I will take back my words; I will repent and I will confess that Lord is God of your anointing. However, if they did blaze, then, you will also blaze in the Fire of God’s wrath. This wrath is in store for you; it is kept for all the hirelings and plunderers, maimed and scattered the sheep of the Eternal Shepherd. As to those, who want to listen to His Voice, Jesus has kept for them His hidden anointed men. For such people exactly, He is going to give His visions with the Anointment of God’s favour now. Lord was again next to me. Looking at the whole jealousy that was blazing inside my heart, He touched me with His hand and told me:
“I know your pain! I see how pure your grief for My Flock is. However, your Lord is speaking out of the depth of His Heart now. He tells you that the fight is not lost yet; it is in its very heat. My Word also tells you that there was war in Heaven. Michael and his angels fought against the dragon and all his demons. So, that ancient serpent called the devil will certainly be hurled down. A moment before that, however, the serpent will swipe at the men with its tail. As many it succeeds in knocking down, it will deadly throw them down on the earth. How many of My people understand that this instant of swiping by the serpent tail is now? How many of My people realize that this Evil, come to all the churches of the last time, is not an ordinary evil, but it is the deadly sin of Lucifer? He was a cherub, anointed to overshadow; so, he wants to inject his perverted anointing into all those, over whom he rules. Here, his perverted anointing spread over all the churches. The very deadly anointment made many exclaim with admiration. The poisonous anointment of Lucifer allowed some men to violate over the flock, and others – to plunder. In the same time, the same this anointment made the sheep be silent and agree to all the abominations and crimes of the devil’s anointed men. So, the devil’s oil succeeded in its purpose. The dark shade of some apathy came over many people; the apathy that declares:
“I like and receive the Evil that kills me, and I hate and reject the Good that saves me!”
What might the future fate of such men be, Stefan? Will not they go to that one, who they have liked and received? And, if you do not know about this last swipe of the serpent tail, then, how will you withstand and survive? Therefore, Lord is so abundant in His Love to all the lambs. He has sent His servant to show you what the True and Holy Oil that has to shine upon the heads of all His servants is!”
After these words, Lord touched my head; a vision that He had already given me appeared before my heart again. It was the vision with God’s city Ariel and God’s Fireplace, where I saw His servant David. My excitement grew very much; so, I told Jesus:
“My Lord! I comprehend and realize now that everything in Your divine plan follows the inviolable Will of Father. At the end of that Holy prophetic book about the survival over the ices, Father Himself told His words:
“David! Your Father calls you! He will soon anoint your head with Holy Oil! And your cup will overflow!”
Jesus smiled at my words and caressed my head. Then, He hurried to tell me:
“My Father really calls David. The Father’s call has filled your heart to the end. You did what you had to do before God. Very long, you have been blowing the prophetic trumpet; so, you became an alarm clock for My shepherds. From now on, however, I am That One, Who will point and look for God’s servants in the Spirit and Power of David. The wickedness of Saul will not lay on anyone of My sheep. Saul will only pasture those profligate sheep, who have been given over in the hand of the devil, when they have believed a lie. All the rest will gather together in Me through the Holy Oil that will call and gather them. Now, look and see what I am going to show you! For, this is the purpose of the vision, given to you…”
After these words, Jesus approached David. He touched the locks of his hair, all in the oil, and began to squeeze the Holy Oil into His cupped hands. Then, He approached me and told me:
“Pass Me your cup! Now, I would like to fill it by this Holy Oil…”
I looked at myself and I saw my own heart, suchlike a cup. So, I took the cup, passed it to Jesus and told Him:
“Here, my Blessing Saviour! Here is my cup…”
In the next moment, Jesus opened His cupped hand and the Holy Oil flowed into my heart. Some splendid and incredible fragrance captivated my whole being. It was so strong and fascinating that neither words, nor thoughts remained in me to express my thankfulness to the Lord. Then, Jesus told me again:
“This Holy Oil, which I poured into your heart now, is created according to the Perfect Will of Father. There is a secret in its creation that you must all comprehend. This is the secret that determines God’s Choice and God’s Favour over the men. Therefore, follow Me in the vision now! I have to show you the place, where Lord your God appears as a Perfumer…”
After these words, Jesus caught my hand and went into the very God’s Sanctuary. He opened a side-door and led me into a room, overfilled with sweet smells and fragrances. There was a Fireplace inside the room; a huge gold vessel has put on it. The Holy Oil, by which Lord anointed the heads and hearts of His servants, was being boiled inside it. Looking at the room itself, I no only felt its excellent scent. There was something more here – a Spirit of inmost presence and God’s intimacy, Who as if was whispering inside my heart that this place was very Personal and very Holy for God. I bent down my head and, hardly whispering, asked Jesus:
“My Lord! Is not this room very Holy and innermost for My Father? The stronger the fragrance is here, the greater Holiness and intimacy surround my heart, so that I do not dare to move.”
In reply to my words, Jesus quietly answered, saying:
“There are places, where My Father rarely or never gives access to the human hearts. Here, such is the place, where you are given an access now. The touch to this place will rest as a memorable instant in your life. Then, in Eternity, you will always remember how Father has given you access to the innermost place of His intimacy. You, however, see now the ingredients of the Holy Oil, which I am boiling in this gold vessel…”
After these words, Jesus pointed at some small gold vessels, telling me:
“The first ingredient of the Holy Oil is the resin of Myrrh. The second ingredient of the Holy Oil is the power of Cinnamon. The third ingredient of the Holy Oil is the sweet juice of Cane. The fourth ingredient of the Holy Oil is the resin of Cassia. And the last, fifth ingredient of the Holy Oil is the oil of Olive. These five ingredients here I am boiling in the gold vessel of God’s Favour. So, that fragrant Anointment appears, by which I anoint the men and women according to the Heart of God and Father…”
The words of Jesus were very strange to me, although my heart recognized in them the Father’s words to Moses in the thirtieth chapter of “Exodus”. Now, however, when Jesus had showed me the small gold vessels and the very ingredients, I was very impressed by His words. They were revealing and in the same time were concealing something more than every human comprehension. That is why I quietly asked Him:
“Jesus! How shall I understand these ingredients, which You show me? Evidently, they are not like the ancient ones, for they are Spirit. However, what is the Holy Spirit of Your Anointment, Lord? What is the Spirit of this fragrant Holy Oil, by which You want to anoint the heads of Your servants?”
In reply to my questions, Jesus looked at me with very sharp regard. Then, He told me:
“There are plants, which My Heavenly Father has planted on the earth in order to be Everlasting Glory and sweet fragrance for Him. There are also other plants, which He has not planted, but which have come by the evil one. Every plant that has God’s sweet fragrance will be confirmed. And every plant that My Heavenly Father has not planted will be uprooted. Then, what do you think? Do not these five ingredients of the Holy Oil belong to those plants, upon which the greatest God’s Favour has always been laid? And, if somebody would decide to seek these plants on the earth, is not it better for him to seek and find the Holy Spirit of the Perfumer? By this Spirit, every one of My people will understand that these plants personify those people of God, who have always been as fragrance before My Father’s Face. When My Father anoints the heads of His servants David, He wants to feel in their hearts the same aroma, in which He deigns so much. As to the Holy Oil, it is the Spirit of the Father’s benevolence, Who comes with Perfect Power by Father of the lights, in order to lead and fill the lips of that one, who has been anointed…”
The words of Jesus were very precious for my heart, but I could not understand the ingredients of God’s Holy Oil yet. Therefore, I asked Him:
“Yet, Jesus! How shall I understand the ingredients of God’s Holy Oil? I pray You for Spirit of Wisdom and revelation for the sake of all my brothers and sisters! They have been waiting for Your Holy touch since long…”
Evidently, Lord had expected these words of mine. While I was speaking to Him, a smile of Goodness flourished upon His Face. He touched the gold vessels with His hand; then, He answered to me, saying:
“Can you even imagine that I have given you an access to the innermost place of Father unless I appear you the plants, in which His Heart deigns? Are not you here exactly for this reason? Yes, you have to give God’s children from the hidden manna and the eternal secrets of My Father. Of course, I will also show you the very plants, used as ingredients for the Holy Oil. The worthiest and purest, the most humble and fruitful from among My children will look at themselves in these plants. Therefore, look at the deep visions, which I will reveal before your heart now. These are visions with God’s plants…”



My brother! My faithful friend!
Let me reveal you now the last of the Lord’s tables. This is a table in the Lord’s foreknowledge and all those, who God has chosen according to His Own Will and Personal Sovereignty, take part in it. May be, you will ask me:
“Why do you relate me about a Table that is not intended for everybody? Will it be of any use to me?”
Look, my brother! By His Prophet Isaiah, Father declared:
“I have commanded My Holy ones (My devoted ones – Greek translation); I have summoned My warriors to carry out My wrath – those who rejoice in My triumph…”
(Isaiah 13:3)
Here, I would like for you to know that Lord is That One, Who gives not only devotion, but also lesson for His servants, the prophets. However, can I know all His thoughts and intentions? Can I deal with Him or tell Him:
“You should appear Yourself in this man, and not in that one!”
It would be very silly thing, a fruit of conceited haughtiness, which the Almighty One would surely punish. The truth is that God appears Himself in whoever He wants and whenever He likes. He has Mercy on whom he wants to have Mercy, and He hardens whom he wants to harden. Once, Prophet Elijah had decided once that a handful of prophetic disciples would impress God’s Heart. However, Father surprised him, since He found His chosen man according to His Own Will. All this makes me be abundant, without detaining His springs inside my heart; it inspires me pour them out to all those, who love God and who have chosen by Him to follow the Way of Jesus. Who knows? May be, this Table of Devotion will serve to some chosen man of God! In this relation, my joy will be complete. For, all my brothers and sisters in Jesus will spiritually be enriched over and over again.
Now, let me tell you by what words Jesus revealed to me the Table of Devotion. Here what He told me:
“This is the Table, from which I have mainly given to your spirit and heart. You do well that you humble yourself; for fear that you would fall into conceit of mind and haughtiness. However, I have really commanded this Table in My Word. Today, I give it to all My brothers and sisters, because there are pointed among them and chosen for definite deeds in definite time. Therefore, look at the vision I am going to give to you…”
After the last words of Jesus, a vision appeared in front of my eyes. Lord and I were both on some raised stone place, cut into the rocks of a high mountain. In fact, it was a cave inside the rocks, and we were standing in front of its mouth. Here, Jesus pointed at the cave with His hand and told me:
“Let us go inside, My boy! Your eyes are to see here things, which you have not seen, even if you have received them with faith in your heart…”
After these words, Jesus went into the cave and I followed Him. So, Lord was walking until He reached the place, where I saw wood vessels. He stopped, turned to me and told me:
“Now, you are about to understand what the very Table of Devotion is. Therefore, as a beginning, look at the vessels and tell Me what you can see inside them…”
I looked at the very wood vessels. Then, I noticed that there was milk in some of them, and thick honey in the others. This fact inwardly admired my heart; so, I told Jesus:
“My Lord! This Table of Yours is really the most splendid of all. For, there are milk and honey in these wood vessels. What else shall I want now, but to taste from the milk and honey?”
Lord smiled at my words; then, He said:
“Do not hurry so much! The Table of Devotion is not one of the usual tables, which people would lay. There are definite criteria and requirements, which My Father has commanded, so that His chosen men might take part in such a table. Therefore, see what the Lord’s hand has written upon the very wooden vessels…”
I looked again at the wooden vessels. So, I noticed that, upon the vessels, full of milk, the Lord’s hand had written:
“Eat the milk, which Lord your God gives you, so that your heart might grow up and your right hand be confirmed!”
As to the vessels, full of honey, there was other inscription on them that declared:
“Do not eat honey of idleness, but feed on honey of zeal. So, your soul will delight in it and your joy will be complete…”
These God’s words were filled with very great wisdom; so, I could not comprehend them at first. Therefore, I turned to Jesus and asked Him:
“What do these words of Father mean, Lord? How shall I understand them? As to the desire of my eyes, I am ready to take up eating from the milk and honey at once. However, there are words upon the vessels that stop me…”
Listening to my reply, Jesus said again:
“If this Table was so easy to be eaten, there would be lots of people here. You, however, as testimony for all, go to the vessels now and try to take from the milk and honey…”
Lord astounded me with His words. Indeed, only He and I were in the cave, as well as the powerful presence of the omnipresent God’s Holy Spirit. I hurried to approach the wooden vessels. I stretched my cupped hands to the milk and tried to scoop up and drink of it. Then, as if it was alive, the milk drew back from my hands and did not allow me even to touch it. This fact inwardly confused me and I gave up scooping up from the milk; instead, I approached the vessels, full of honey. Here, I stretched again my hands to the honey and tried to scoop up from it. My hand was already in the honey; nevertheless, I could not take out even a droplet of it, because it did not rest on my fingers, but drew back and rested in the vessel. I felt uneasy, as if I was deceived by myself. Therefore, turning at Jesus, I bent my head down and told Him:
“I can not do that, Lord! Look, this Table stays aside from me. Evidently, it avoids me…”
Jesus smiled at my words. Then, He asked me:
“Why do you claim that the Table avoids you? No, My boy! This Table does not avoid you, but you avoid It…”
“Oh, Jesus! Is that possible, Jesus? You Yourself saw that I stretched hands both at the milk and honey…”
“And, did you comprehend what God’s inscription upon the wood vessels mean? Did you fulfill the requirement of your Father, so that you might really have an access to the Devotion?”
The truth was that I had not comprehended anything. Therefore, I looked at Jesus with pleading regard and asked Him:
“What has I had to comprehend, my Shepherd? What is the requirement for me to become godly in Father’s eyes and obedient to His Will?”
After my last words, Jesus approached the wood vessels. He pointed at the first inscription and told me:
“See now what Father requires as to the milk. His words say:
“Eat the milk, which Lord your God gives you!”
And you, did you want to eat the milk, Stefan?”
“Jesus, I tried to drink it!”
“Yes, but God’s requirement for you is not to drink it, but to eat it! Tell Me, when milk is apt to be eaten, instead of being drunk?”
“Lord! This milk has to be condensed and fixed. Only then will I eat it, instead of drinking it…”
The eyes of my Saviour joyfully shone. He looked at me with great love and told me:
“You have really understood the first part of the Table of Devotion. It consists of condensed milk. Now, see how the matter with the honey is. My Father says about the honey:
“Do not eat honey of idleness, but feed on honey of zeal!”
How do you understand His words?”
“My Lord! I understand now that I have to work hard for my honey. As to the idle man, the Word has written about him:
“The sluggard buries his hand in the dish; he is too lazy to bring it back to his mouth…”
(Proverbs 26:15)
Tell me now, Jesus! What shall I do, in order to take part in the Table of Devotion?”
After these words of mine, Jesus looked at me with very deep regard. He was silent, as if He was examining me; it seemed to me that He was piercing the whole my being with His light pupils. Finally, He quietly told me:
“You have to fulfill the order of she-one, who has born Me. The mother that has born her child, best knows how to feed him, so that he might grow up. Therefore, remember now what the words of Prophet Isaiah about Me were. Only so will you understand who My mother is…”
After the words of Jesus, the prophetic verses rushed with power into my heart; so, I answered Him:
“My Lord! Prophet Isaiah prophesied about You, saying:
“Therefore the Lord himself will give you a sign: The virgin will be with child and will give birth to a son, and will call him Immanuel. He will eat curds (condensed milk – Greek translation; butter – KJV) and honey when he knows enough to reject the wrong and choose the right…” (Isaiah 7:14-15)
Now, I realize, Jesus that You have exactly brought me to this Table that makes You grow up…”
“Then, go and tell all My brothers and sisters that the Table of Devotion is called Immanuel. My Father invites on it the men and women according to His Heart. He invites those, who He Himself dresses in Heavenly Light and Power, so that they might be His stars in the darkness of this perishing world. You, however, think what the order of she-one, who has born Me, is; think who the real virgin in the verses of the prophets is. Once, this virgin gave birth to Me; now, she bears again Me. This virgin bears the Lord in the human hearts in every time and place…”
The words of my Heavenly Shepherd were like deep stream for my heart. Overfilled by His touch, I hurried to tell Him:
“My precious Lord! This virgin is God’s Grace. She is Your real mother! Once, she conceived You in the Mary’s womb; now, she bears You in our hearts, too. And You Are the little infant, born by her inside us!”
“And you, by what would you feed the little Infant, so that he might grow up? Does not Isaiah say that I like to eat condensed milk and honey? If you regularly give Me this milk and honey, then, I will really multiply My Power inside you, so that your enemies will surely retreat. Here, such is the Table Immanuel! It is not a Table for you, but for Me; for, I bear and come to live in your hearts…”
I had hardly ever listened to more splendid and elevated words from the mouth of my Lord. They were filling me with very strong and fiery faith. They were giving me the unshakable conviction and perfect hope that I could really take part in the Table Immanuel. Jesus stretched a hand, caressed my head and kept talking to me, saying:
“I have always wanted to tell all My little lambs about this Table. Many times, I have remained hungry and thirsty in them. In the days, when I have had to get over the obstacles in their life and to replace the mountains and barriers, laid by the enemy, I have rested powerless, because they have refused Me the condensed milk and honey. That is why My Father noticed you and pointed you from His high Heaven; He commanded your ministry with this aim – to give all God’s children the condensed milk and honey; to feed Me, Who live in the hearts of all My brothers and sisters! Tell Me, am not I getting perfectly strong, when I am eating condensed milk and honey?”
“Oh, Jesus! Due to this milk and honey, yet twelve years-old, You were in the Temple of Jerusalem and were preaching to the teachers of the law with such wisdom and anointing that they were dumbfounded and wondered how such a young boy might be so devoted and full of knowledge about God…”
Jesus smiled at my words and replied:
“Then, let Me devote your heart and the hearts of all My lambs in this Holiest and most anointed Table. For, you must all understand about the Table Immanuel. You should cry to My Father and to ask for the Power, by which you would be able to take part in it…”
After these words of His, Jesus pointed at the wood vessels, in which there was milk, and asked me:
“Tell Me now! How might this milk be condensed? What do you have to do, in order to condense it?”
“Jesus! I need a strainer for the milk. Only so, it will be condensed…”
Just answered to the Lord, I noticed how He thrust His hand into His mantle. He took out white and pure cloth, shining with Heavenly Light, and told me:
“Here is the strainer! Let us both hang it up and to pour the milk into it…”
After these words, Jesus folded the cloth in its four ends; He tied them in knot and hanged it on a specially prepared hook. Then, we both raised the wood vessels with the milk and poured them into the very strainer. When we finished the work, Lord told me again:
“From among the lots of spiritual experiences I have given to you, this is one of the most important. Indeed, there is nothing more important for the spiritual man than this – to taste My Word. Not only to drink it, but to taste it… How do you understand this?”
“Lord! Your Word tells all of us:
“Taste and see that the LORD is good; blessed is the man who takes refuge in him…”
(Psalm 34:8)
And, to taste Your Word means to condense it beforehand. You can eat what is condensed; and you can drink what is rare. That is how I understand the condensation of Your Word…”
“Then, go and tell My people: Word that might be drunk is intended for the little infants and unconfirmed ones; Word that might be eaten is intended for the grown up and spiritual ones. This is exactly what My Apostle Paul taught you; He told all of you:
“Brothers, I could not address you as spiritual but as worldly – mere infants in Christ. I gave you milk, not solid food, for you were not yet ready for it. Indeed, you are still not ready…” (1 Corinthians 3:1-2)
…and also:
“In fact, though by this time you ought to be teachers, you need someone to teach you the elementary truths of God’s word all over again. You need milk, not solid food! Anyone who lives on milk, being still an infant, is not acquainted with the teaching about righteousness. But solid food is for the mature, who by constant use have trained themselves to distinguish good from evil…” (Hebrews 5:12-14)
How many of you saw in these words of My Apostle exactly an appeal to the Table Immanuel? How many of you saw that the solid food is exactly the curd, i.e. the condensed milk? So, the word, written by Isaiah about the Little Infant becomes true:
“He will eat curds and honey when he knows enough to reject the wrong and choose the right…” (Isaiah 7:15)
My Father’s Will for you is exactly this – to reject the wrong and choose the right. Therefore, see now the deep insight that I will give My prophet…”
After these words, Jesus turned to me, saying:
“Go and touch the strainer itself! Only so, you will understand how Lord gives you to condense His Word…”
I listened to Jesus; with excited heart, I approached the strainer, from which lower end I could see whey to trickle. So, I touched it with my hands…
My brother! It was the most living, the most active and the most impressive motion of the Holy Spirit in the whole my being. He possessed my mind and began to pierce it with Light. So, some thoughts were dying, and others were born as sparkles. Some of them were flowing out of me; others were being confirmed. In every one of my thoughts, I began to see one Image and to pronounce one Name – the Name of Jesus. Some excitement or rather some inner revolution was rearranging and discovering anew, was raising and lowering, purifying and building up, was carving and transforming. Bit by bit from me was going out and bit by bit from Him was coming inside me. I did not want this to finish. I was ready to stand so, laid my hand on the strainer, for ages. Suddenly, Jesus touched me, asking:
“Do you understand now what this strainer is like?”
“Yes, Jesus! I feel by all my spirit that this strainer gets together in two words: Reflection and Inspiration! By it, every fleshly comprehension of Your Word flowed out of me, and the Spirit rested. He condensed my knowledge about You and made me see Your Image and Your Name on every place in Your Word…”
“Then, see how the whey gathers under the strainer! So, know that those, who do not want to pay the worth in order to eat from the condensed milk above, bend down under the strainer in order to drink the whey below. However, who of them understands that the Spirit has remained up, while they have remained down? Who of them comprehends that the condensed part of the milk is only the food, blessed by Father for His Son? Therefore, stretch your hand now and take from the condensed milk! Taste it and tell Me what you feel…”
My brother! I have had many instants of happiness with Jesus, but the last one is for me the most blessed moment in my life.
That Holy strainer had really condensed and gathered the most wonderful essence of God for my spirit and heart. So, I stretched my hands and began to taste with thrill and excitement from the condensed milk…
It was the most abundant part of the Heavenly plenty, the best of God’s goods and the most delicious from the Heavenly food. The more I was eating from the condensed milk, the stronger my longing to give my brothers and sisters from this milk was getting. My mouth was no only full, but ready to speak, without keeping silence. I was as if I held in my spirit thousands of tons of water. Some words of the Heavenly Father were pressing my heart. By them, He was telling me:
“I am the LORD your God, who brought you up out of Egypt. Open wide your mouth and I will fill it…” (Psalm 81:10)
Looking at me with attention, Jesus told me:
“Now, when you clearly saw in this vision what the Table Immanuel is, write this on paper and give My words to all My lambs. This condensed milk will surely enable you to speak My Word in unsuspected depths. Spirit of Holy preaching and interpretation will fill your lips, so that you might give God’s children all the words of Eternal Life. Now, however, look at the wood vessels with honey. For, if the condensed milk gave you so much, then, what will God’s honey give you?”
Listened to Jesus, I looked at the wood jars full of honey. Then, I told the Lord:
“Jesus! You are That One, Who has always given me to eat from this honey. I know well that it symbolizes the Wisdom of God. Nevertheless, I can not understand what God’s words, written on the wood jar, mean. They declare:
“Do not eat honey of idleness, but feed on honey of zeal…”
“What is the zeal I have to appear, Lord?”
Jesus smiled at my question. Then, He caught my hand, pointed ahead and told me:
“Let us go out of this cave of Devotion. I wish you would see something with your own eyes; something, which the Heavenly Shepherd would like to share with the whole His Flock…”
So, we went out of the cave. Then, Jesus embraced me and we both flew up, to the high areas of the Holy Spirit. Here, my eyes could see again the green pastures of the Spirit, which Lord had showed me in former visions. Then, Jesus told me:
“Look now and see that on these pastures, there are incomparably more than what you would ever like or receive. Here, the herbs are sweet and fragrant. However, how much sweeter and more fragrant the lilies on the field and all the other flowers are?”
In complete agreement with the Lord’s words, my eyes could see the flowers, which He was talking to me about. Then, I told Him:
“Jesus! My Shepherd! A little lamb can not simply eat such flowers. It would prefer feeding on the grass. Then, what is the fate of these flowers here?”
“See this by yourself! This is exactly the reason that I have led you here…”
After the words of Jesus, I ran to the flowers. Here, my eyes could see hundreds of bees, buzzing over them. The bees were alighting upon their tender corollas and were collecting the nectar with their proboscises. After that, they were flying away, in order to find all other flowers in the middle of the pastures and to receive their nectar, too. This event made me ask the Lord:
“Jesus! No doubt, You want to show me that the plenty of that honey in the cave has come through the work of these bees…”
“That is right! This is exactly, which I wanted to show you. You, however, think now and tell Me: What are bees here like? For, they have not any other duty before God and Father, but collecting the nectar from the flowers and turning it into honey…”
I looked with love at the excellent creatures of God, and the answer was simply shining in the lips of Jesus. So, I told Him:
“Lord! If these bees always abide here, above, it means that they are part of us, in which Father mostly deigns. The inscription upon the wood vessel came to show that we feed on honey of zeal. And, is there any greater zeal than the zeal of these bees? Now, I see and realize that these are our thoughts about everything that is above. As to the bees, they realize the apostolic order:
“Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things…” (Colossians 3:2)
If we are jealous enough to set our minds on things above and our thoughts abide here, then, Father Himself will take care for them to collect the divine nectar from all His flowers and lilies of the field…”
With great Kindness, Jesus smiled at my words. Then, He continued to talk to me, saying:
“So, what else might the flowers and lilies of the field be, but the prophets of My Father? If it was written in “The sons of Solomon” about your Heavenly Shepherd that He feeds His Flock among the lilies, then, you should better teach yourselves to abide among these lilies, too. Then, your thoughts will surely become like bees, ready to collect all the words of God’s Splendid Wisdom. When you collect enough, the Holy Spirit will turn the nectar into honey inside your hearts. So, you will be eating from all its sweetness and will be abundant in all kind of knowledge and revelation. Here, this is My complete appearance to you of Table Immanuel. However, owever, if you say that you have not tasted from the honey in the vision, then, know that the very leadership I gave to your heart was a sweet honey-comb by your Lord and condensed milk for the Little Infant inside your hearts. Here, I call all My chosen men to take part into the Table of Devotion. I tell all My faithful shepherds:
Come to Me with faith! And, to the faith, add humbleness! I must become greater; you must become less! And, the Little Infant grows up through the Table Immanuel – through the condensed milk and honey, which I appeared you through My servant today…”
After these last words of Jesus, the vision stopped. Lord touched my heart and gave me to think about the next detail from the psalm of David – the Holy Oil, by which He anoints the heads of His servants.



My brother! My faithful friend!
For a serial time in my life, I had to acknowledge inside my heart that I was blind for the truths of the Living Gospel. For a serial time, I had to see again like the blind man Bartimaeus, in order to realize that there, by the sea of Tiberias, Jesus had given a Heavenly Table to His apostle.
A Table of Fiery Admonition!
Even now, I ask everybody with that jealousy, which Jesus enflamed inside my bosom:
“Did you find the men, faithful to the Lord? Did you find His true shepherds? Did you find those, who, gone out of the waters of this world, have knelt at His Fireplace, in order to take the Fire?”
The Fire, my brothers! I talk to you about the Fire that had incited Lord to look at His ardent apostle and tell him:
“Feed My lambs!”
However, if anybody has not the Fire and does not want to become a part of the “roasted fishes” of Jesus, neither will such man have the Heavenly privilege to pasture the Heavenly Flock. May be, he will call himself “a pastor” and will have the necessary number of church members to feed his religious self-confidence. However, he will not have the testimony of that communication beside the Fireplace on the shore, by which Jesus would point at him as a man according to His Heart. Therefore, I entreat all of you to be very attentive in the deep spiritual secrets, which Jesus will reveal us in this book. For, without the Lord’s tables, our hearts would fast drop away from God’s Blessing. Now, let me continue with the next vision, which Jesus revealed before my heart – the vision with the table of Bliss.
In the moment, when Lord touched my head, in order to raise my spirit in His Living Gospel, He told me:
“Now, I will show you the Table of Bliss. I will stretch My hands to all My lambs and will call them with the most ardent words of My mouth. Since, from among all the tables I would give to you, the Table of Bliss is that one, which confirms the hearts, so that they might withstand to the very end. Moreover – this Heavenly Bliss does not come in your lifetime; it is kept for the moment after the end. Do you understand this?”
“Jesus! I understand Your words, for they are so sweet for my heart! Now, when I look at the faith You have laid into my spirit, I know that You Are the Rock of the Eternal Salvation. If anybody would climb up as an alpinist in Your Way and with Your longing inside his heart, he would throw the rope of his hope high enough to hang on the very Rock; he would not rely on things beside the Way, but on the very top, where You Are. For, You taught and enlightened me to see how that faith can only withstand, which target is the Blissful One, Who gives the Bliss…”
Jesus smiled at my words; then, He continued to talk, telling me:
“Let Me show you now how the Blissful One prepares the Table of Bliss before all His lambs…”
After the last words of Jesus, a vision appeared in front of my heart. I could see my Lord, standing on the top of a Holy Mount. The Mount itself was fascinatingly beautiful; it was illuminated by the Heavenly rays of the Holy Spirit. Here, still standing on the Mount, Jesus stretched His hands to the thousands of sheep that were lying on the meadows at the feet of the Mount; He gave them a sign to listen to Him. Then, the mouth of the Lord opened and He said:
“Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted. Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth. Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled. Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy. Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God. Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called sons of God. Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me. Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in heaven, for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you…” (Matthew 5:3-12)
While the Saviour was talking His words with ardent jealousy, a Heavenly miracle happened. The Heaven over the head of Jesus opened and two Heavenly hands, full of Bread, descended, giving each one of His sheep from the Bread. So, all the sheep were filled and raised up their eyes, full of gratitude to That One, Who was feeding them. Then, a new sign happened. Those light hands stretched their fingers to the white clouds over the hill. A moment later, it began to rain upon the whole Lord’s Flock; it was raining harder and harder and the raindrops fell and fell on the earth among the sheep. So, due to the rain, grass began to spring up out of the earth; the plants covered the whole pasture at the foot of the Mount, so that it turned green. Then, Jesus looked at me from the Hill and gave me sign to approach Him. I started walking among the sheep, across the greenery, without being able yet to understand the sign. When I was very close to Him, Jesus asked me:
“Do you see what My Father did for all My lambs?”
“Jesus! I saw that You proclaimed from the Hill the Heavenly bliss; along with Your words, some hands stretched out from Heaven; they were the hands of Father, Who was giving out Your Bread to every one of Your sheep. A moment later, new sign happened; a sign, which I could not understand. The clouds over the Hill poured out their rains over the whole Your Flock. Due to the rain, green grass sprouted everywhere, so that the whole pasture covered with greenery. What are these plants, Lord? Once, Father feeds Yours with Heavenly Bread; twice, green grass springs up…”
Lord looked at me with very deep and testing regard. Then, He told me:
“You will surely understand what the green plants are like, in order to testify to My people about them. Now, however, I would like for you to see another sign that is about to happen at the foot of the Mount. Look at it, Stefan!”
I turned my head aside from the Lord, and I looked at the foot of the Mount, where the Lord’s sheep were. Here, my eyes could see how groups of goats began to appear further down than them; these goats were looking very frightfully and terribly. They were seized and possessed by the devil; so, the very wickedness of darkness was making them gather round God’s sheep. Then, bending their heads and burrowing the dust with hooves, the goats hurried to attack at God’s Flock, so that the sheep of Lord Jesus felt the terrible shooting pain, caused by their horns…
I did not want to receive this view; therefore, I raised my head to Jesus. He pointed further with His hand and told me:
“Let us both go close to the very goats. For, these are the enemies, due to which Lord gives before you the Table of Bliss. Now, however, be one of My sheep! So, you will understand what I show you…”
After the words of Jesus, I really became a sheep, suchlike all His sheep. Together with the Lord, I descended among the rest of my brothers and sisters; there, I saw the evil, which the goats hurried to do to God’s sheep. And, this evil noticed me. One of the goats approached me. It turned its sharp horns to my heart and drove them inside me…
…Some terrible and excruciating pain pierced the whole my being. I could hear inside my heart some wild demonic snigger. It was some unstoppable mockery and derision, charged with sharp and cruel words, as if the goat was telling me by its horns:
“How wretched and poor you are! How spurned and unhappy you are! You have no future in this world and That One, in Whom you have believed, can not save you! He can not give you what we have. He can not make you happy as we are. You yourself are captive by some crooked comprehension of God and your faith is not worth anything. How dare you to imagine God in such a way? Ha, ha, ha!”
I tried to look at Jesus, but my own tears half closed my eyes, so that I could not see Him. The horns of the goat were trying to break off my faith; they made me feel terribly – poor and abandoned by That One, Who had given His Life for me. That is why I cried to the Lord by all my power. Finally, my bleating reached His ears, for I felt how His Rod touched me. By the Rod itself, His Voice came to me, saying:
“See the Table I am giving to you! Do not allow the horns to pierce your faith!”
I looked in front of me and I saw a white towel, on which there was Heavenly Bread. Getting over the pain, I began to eat from the Bread; so, all those words of Christ about Bliss filled my spirit. It was not enough for me, however. With new fierceness, the goat attacked me and began to butt me with its horns, and I had no power to resist it. Then, I cried to Jesus again:
“Lord, Your Table is not enough for me; I felt worse. Give me more Bread!”
In the next moment, the Rod of the Shepherd touched me again. Then, Jesus told me:
“You did not see the whole Table! You only ate from the Bread. Now, however, see and comprehend that a sheep eats mainly and mostly grass. Then, look at that grass, which sprouted and grew luxuriant after the rains of My Spirit. As you ate from My Bread, so, eat from it, too! So, you will really understand what the complete Table of Bliss is…”
After the words of Jesus, I looked at the luxuriant grass in front of me. Then, I bent down my head and began to eat it…
…My brother! It was the bitterest grass I have ever eaten in the course of my life. It was a taste, suchlike of quinine, but many times sharper and bitterer. The bitterness spilled inside me, filled me up and my heart began to repeat those words of Jesus that you would be hated, driven out, persecuted and killed because of Him. As it is written:
“Yet for your sake we face death all day long; we are considered as sheep to be slaughtered…” (Psalm 44:22)
What my inner astonishment was, however, when I felt much greater hunger for these bitter herbs. It was coming out of the depths of my heart. This hunger made me keep pasturing in front of me, because, with every next blade of grass, which I was chewing, I felt myself stronger and stronger. Finally, it came a moment, when the horns of the goat could not impress me any longer; what is more – I already consider them normal, even desirable. Here, this is what happened with the bitter herbs inside my spirit. In fact, the bitterness was inwardly preparing me for something much more frightful and terrible than everything I had experienced. So, every new stab by the horns was no longer any suffering for me, but a privilege.
All this made me look again at my Heavenly Shepherd. Then, He stretched a hand to me and told me:
“Do not you understand the Table of Bliss yet? Can not you comprehend yet that what was a loss for you, turned into gain? And, what was a gain, turned into loss? Then, see and comprehend that such is the Table, which confirms the hearts of My people. Today, when I am leading My Flock out of the authority of the world, everybody should remember the Table of My Father, Who was leading Israel out of Egypt. Did not then the Almighty order the Passover for every one of His people? He told about that night of the Exodus:
“That same night they are to eat the meat roasted over the fire, along with bitter herbs, and bread made without yeast…” (Exodus 12:8)
And, if every one of you passes today through the fiery tests of the Lamb, in order to take part in His suffering and to inherit His Glory, then, how many of you eat from the bread made without yeast and from the bitter herbs?
Do not you understand that this – to eat Bread without yeast, means for you to have communication with My Word that does not contain the yeast of this world? For, nothing from the Table of Bliss concerns this world; neither is of any use to it. However, when to the Bread, made without yeast, you have also added the bitter herbs, then, you have surely reached that faith, by which you are ready to pass through all kind of suffering because of Me; then, you are able to find in bitterness and suffering the celestial joy of the inner man, created according to the Image of God and for the Glory of God.
Here, Lord your God tells all His sheep:
Today, and to the end of the world, many will be tested by My Father how much they love the Heavenly Bliss. Those, who receive with humbleness the Bread without yeast and the bitter herbs, they will be confirmed to the end. As to the others, who are tempted and drop out due to the horns of the many mockers and tempters, Lord is not their Shepherd; they will neither take part in the Exit of My Church, not will they find the promised Heaven. For, the way to this Heaven passed through many hardships and pains; the Bread, made without yeast and the bitter herbs exactly testify to this pains…”
My brother! My faithful friend!
I entreat you to quiet down under the mighty hand of the Heavenly Shepherd; to become mad for the world in order to be sensible for Heaven. For, every one of this calculating world of the evil one would tell you that it is madness to pay the worth for something that you will not receive in your lifetime. Nevertheless, I want for you to remember some simple truths that say:
The cheap things cost cheaply, but are expensive in the end; while the expensive things cost dear, but are worthless at the end!
Everything comes cheap and easy in the cheap existence of the devil, as on a Turkish rag-fair. Some brilliance, more lustrous tin-foil, a bow, lots of compromises… and you yourself are already stigmatized by the devil with the label “cheap”, as the cheap life you have received.
However, it turns out to be very expensive…
As to the dear bliss in Heaven, everything comes dearly, with hardships. They are being paid throughout the whole life. In the same time, they turn out to be without pay, because Jesus has already paid for you with His precious blood.
I wish you would not be cheap for the devil!
Show him that you are very dear for God! Show him that worth has been paid for you, which he can not pay! It is not possible for you to pay the Bliss at the cost of the whole your life, without turning yourself into a God’s precious thing. In this relation, remember the words from “The book of Prophet Isaiah”, for they are exactly taken from the Table of Bliss:
“I will make man scarcer (more precious – KJV) than pure gold, more rare than the gold of Ophir…” (Isaiah 13:12)



My brother! My faithful friend!
I want for you to be very attentive in this vision and in everything that Lord would reveal you through it. In this last time, many have exactly lost the Table of Admonishment. They have forgotten how, in all his messages, Apostle Paul was talking about the power of Admonishment. They have not even comprehended that, if the apostle of Christ was taking his co-worker Barnabas, to go together with him on God’s missions, it happened, because the spirit of the name “Barnabas” means “a son of admonition”. Today, however, the admonishment has exchanged for “meeting” and “conference” on many places. Today, most people prefer conferring on their “spiritual” councils, instead of admonishing each other. Nobody wishes to understand what Power and Blessing God pours out, when He gives us suchlike a Table.
I was expecting the very vision with great excitement, when Lord approached me and told me:
“Now, your heart will see a vision from My Living Gospel; a vision, which you will have to share with all My brothers and sisters, since they need it too much. Therefore, see what table I will prepare for My people. Look both at the table and at the enemies, in order to understand everything I would like to give you…”
After these words of Jesus, the vision itself appeared in front of my eyes. I could see a room, in which the apostles of Jesus were gathered together. They all seemed to be heart-broken; so, they had nothing to tell each other. Aside of the very room, my eyes could see the dark shades of demons that were coming closer and closer round the apostles of Christ. By spreading their wings, the demons raised a strong wind, which attacked at God’s men. Here, the apostles were speaking between themselves, so that I could hear what they were talking about. One of them said:
“You know, Lord really resurrected and appeared to Simon…”
…and other hurried to add:
“May be so, may be not…”
Then, a third sighed with bitterness and replied:
“The Sanhedrin killed Him; so, everything finished, even if He had told us that He would appear to us…”
After these words, oppressive silence fell on the apostles. The wind from the wings of the demons became much stronger, and the faces of the men faded out much more…
Looking at this view, I was wondering what Jesus would do. He looked at me with His sharp regard and asked me, saying:
“What do you see here, Stefan?”
“My Lord! I can see here Your apostles, gathered together in one room, and lots of adversaries and enemies around them. I can also feel some wind, coming from the wings of the demons, which attacked Your people with doubt and hesitation. So, Your people do not dare to confirm inside their hearts whether You are resurrected or not…”
Jesus smiled at my words; then, He said:
“Then, let Me prepare a table before My people; for, they are all to the last man in the presence of their enemies. Strong spirits of doubt and hesitation want for the hearts of My apostles to fall away. You, however, see what I will do…”
After these words, Jesus separated from me and entered the vision itself. He passed through the wall of the room and materialized before His apostles, even if they could not see Him yet. Lord raised His hands as if to embrace them and told them:
“Peace be with you…”
After His words, the apostles immediately startled and the spirits of doubt and hesitation screamed and loosen the demonic ring; they continued to examine from afar. Then, something very interesting happened to God’s people. Looking at Jesus, they decided that they had seen a phantom; so, they hurried to rub their eyes with palms in order to convince that they do not see That One they had seen. Some of them even thought:
“This must be a ghost! Some illusion for our eyes…”
Others told themselves:
“Evidently, we have lost our reason with so much fear!”
However, either that they thought in this manner, or rubbed their eyes and turned their heads, Jesus was standing before them – excellently real. He made two steps ahead; extremely surprised, they jumped back. Then, He asked them:
“Why are you troubled, and why do doubts rise in your minds? Look at My hands and My feet. It is I myself! Touch Me and see; a ghost does not have flesh and bones, as you see I have…” (Luke 24:38-39)
After these words, Jesus came much nearer to them. He was catching the hands of some men and putting them upon His own. Then, He was embracing others, giving them to touch the bloody wound on His ribs. The eyes of the men were expressing joy and astound, still mixed with fear and incomprehension. This fact made Lord ask them:
“Do you have anything here to eat?” (Luke 24:41)
Here, two of the apostles jumped and went to the table. They approached Jesus and offered Him a part of roasted fish and a glass of honey juice. He took from their hands the fish and the glass of the juice, sat down on the earth beside them and began to eat. Still eating, Lord pointed at the roasted fish and the honey juice and said:
“This is what I told you while I was still with you: Everything must be fulfilled that is written about me in the Law of Moses, the Prophets and the Psalms…” (Luke 24:44)
Looking at the roasted fish and the honey juice, the apostles could not understand yet. As to me, I could not understand the words of Jesus, too. In that moment, Lord separated from the vision. He stood in front of me and asked me:
“Do not you understand what Table I prepared for My people, you, too? Do not you really guess what the roast fish and the honey juice mean here?”
I had to acknowledge before Jesus that my heart was none the less astonished and delighted by His Wisdom. Nevertheless, I could not understand this Table of Admonishment yet. Therefore, I told Him:
“My Lord! Help my wicked mind; let it begin to understand! My heart has just seen You eating roast fish and drinking honey juice before Your apostles. Then, You pointed at the food and told them that these were the words You had told them. How shall I understand You, Lord? How shall I transform in Spirit and Life the roasted fish and honey juice?”
Jesus stretched His hand and caressed my head. Then, He kept talking to me, saying:
“You must certainly transform the roast fish and honey juice into Spirit and Life. Only so, you will be able to understand the deep secret of the Lord’s Admonition. Now, tell Me:
What separates the worldly men from God’s ones?”
“Jesus! There is faith in God’s men, while there is not such one in the worldly people. Faith is exactly the distinguishing mark for Your children…”
“So far so good!” – told me Jesus and continued:
“Now, I want for you to tell Me which ones the adversaries of My apostles were…”
“My Lord! They were spirits of doubt and hesitation, which were spreading their dark wings, so that the wind was attacking the heart of Yours…”
“And, were not doubt and hesitation typical for the worldly men? Were not they an attack against the faith of My people? Tell Me then: what else do My people need, but a Table of Admonishment? To admonish means for you to make Lord very real; so real, as I was for My apostles in this vision. Therefore, look at My Table again, and you will understand what the roast fish and honey juice in it are like…”
I looked at the vision again; then, my eyes noticed striking details. I could see how droplets of water were streaming down from the clothes of the apostles, as if they had just gone out of the sea. However, they were not in the sea, but in a room, where Lord had become real for them; so real that they could touch Him and see that He was resurrected. This fact made me tell Jesus:
“Lord, I see something in this vision, which I had not seen by now. Droplets of water are streaming down from the clothes of Your apostles, as if they have just gone out of the sea. Do I think rightly, Jesus?”
“Yes, you think absolutely rightly!” – answered to me Jesus. Then, He smiled mysteriously and told me again:
“Do you understand now what the roasted fish and the homey juice mean?”
In His words, Jesus emphasized on the fish exactly. Then, my heart was enlightened and I told Jesus:
“My Lord! The natural place of every fish is into the sea. However, when You have meshed this fish into the net of the Good News and have kindled it by the Fire of the Holy Spirit, then, it has become “a roast fish”. Now, I understand that the Table of Admonishment is related to the Fire of the Holy Spirit; it is related to that Love, which is powerful to raise the man over the authority of the world and to give him the Fire of the Spirit. Here, droplets of water were streaming from the clothes of Your apostles; they had to show me that You have raised them highly above than whatever doubt and hesitation, typical for the world. So, every one of Your people has become like “a roast fish”, i.e. a man, drawn out of the sea of this world, in order to abide in the Fire of Father. However, such one “roast fish” needs exactly honey juice. Your honey juice, oh Lord, is the very divine Wisdom; that Wisdom, by which You opened the minds of Your apostles to understand the Scripture, according to the written in the biblical verses:
“Then he opened their minds so they could understand the Scriptures…” (Luke 24:45)
Jesus looked at me with very kind and tender eyes. Then, He told me:
“Go and tell all My people that today, more than always, I want to give you the Table of Admonishment. Lots of you are still under the authority of the sea – as fishes, which have not entered the net of the Good News, in order to find the Fire of the Holy Spirit. This Table of Admonishment exactly was the reason, one of the early symbols of My Church to be the fish. However, not every fish, Stefan! I talk to you here about that fish, which, by God’s Admonishment, has entered the Fire of the Holy Spirit, in order to lose everything from the world and to find everything in God; so that it might be worthy for the Lord’s Table. To receive further confirmation to this first Table of Mine, see better how the vision itself will continue…”
After these words of Jesus, the vision really changed. I could already see the very seaside and Lord, Who was walking along it. Here, Jesus bent down over the sand and told me:
“Look at Me! Now, I will treat My apostle with My little fishes. So, I will make them blaze up with the Fire of My Spirit…”
After these words, Jesus stretched out His hands, and Fire flared up from among His fingers. So, Lord made His Fireplace blaze. He thrust His hand into His mantle and took out of there little fishes, stuck them on a stick and put them on Fire to roast them. This fact sincerely astonished me, and I asked Him:
“Jesus! What are these little fishes, which You took out of Your mantle?”
Jesus replied:
“This is the Lord’s Admonition, which I have prepared for all My apostles, and mostly – for one of them…”
After these words, Jesus pointed at the boat of His apostles, and told me:
“One of My apostles is again in the presence of the enemy. A spirit of strong doubt and hesitation has grasped his heart; so, he does not believe any longer that he can acquire God’s benevolence. Do you know why this apostle of Mine is?”
“Lord! No doubt, this is Peter. He can not forget the moment yet, when the cock crowed for a third time, and You turned to him and looked at him. I even think that due to inner desperation exactly, Peter told all of them:
“I am going out to fish…” (John 21:3)
As to the rest ones, they simply followed him in his despair. Then, my Lord, he went again to fish, as if he had forgotten the words You had told him:
“Don’t be afraid; from now on you will catch men…” (Luke 5:10)
Jesus smiled at my words; then, He told me:
“Then, see what is going to happen now! For, Peter really needs the Lord’s Table of Admonishment…”
So, Lord rose from the fireplace He had made. He looked at the boat, coming to the shore, and cried out:
“Friends, haven’t you any fish?” (John 21:5)
They replied:
“No…” (John 21:5)
Then, Jesus said again:
“Throw your net on the right side of the boat and you will find some…” (John 21:6)
Here, one of the apostles of Jesus turned to Peter in the boat. He pointed at Jesus on the shore, and told him:
“It is the Lord!” (John 21:7)
Being uncovered, Peter wrapped his outer garment around him and jumped into the lake… In this moment, Jesus looked at me and asked me:
“Did you notice that My apostle was naked? Did you notice that the sea had again power over him, so that he jumped into its waters?”
“Yes, Jesus! I noticed this and my heart bled at this sight…”
Jesus replied:
“Then, see what I will do to Peter. For, I love him too much and I will not leave him under the power of the enemy…”
After these words of Jesus, the apostles were already coming with the boat to the shore. Peter went out of the water with his head bowed down and a garment, wet with the waters; he did not dare to look at Jesus. Lord looked at him with love and told him and all the rests:
“Bring some of the fish you have just caught…” (John 21:10)
After that, He pointed at the Fireplace, which He had kindled with the Fire of the Spirit, and said again:
“Come and have breakfast…” (John 21:10)
So, the apostles approached round the Fireplace and Peter sat next to Him. Jesus was taking from the Bread, was breaking it to pieces and giving it to them. Then, He did the same with the roast fish. Being incited by the Holy Spirit, I was already looking at Peter. His garment was dried up by the Fire and he was taking from the Bread and fish, eating them. So, the heart of the apostle flared up too much. The Fire Jesus had kindled on the sand was already blazing briskly in his heart. This fact made Jesus smile. He caressed His apostle upon the head and asked him:
“Simon son of John, do you truly love Me more than these?” (John 21:15)
Perfectly dried up from the seawaters, Peter looked at Him with fiery regard, telling Him:
“Yes, Lord…you know that I love you…” (John 21:15)
Then, Jesus quietly said:
“Feed My lambs…” (John 21:15)
Here, for a second time, Jesus looked at Peter. He asked him again:
“Simon son of John, do you truly love Me?”(John 21:16)
This time, Peter answered Him in the same way, and Jesus told him again:
“Take care of My sheep…” (John 21:16)
So, it came a moment, when Jesus asked for a third time:
“Simon son of John, do you love Me?” (John 21:17)
After the question of the Lord, the Peter’s heart blazed so powerfully that he was entirely burning in the Father’s Love. Then, with very great jealousy in his voice, the apostle answered:
“Lord, you know all things; you know that I love you…” (John 21:17)
His words made Jesus embrace him powerfully and tell him again:
“Feed My sheep…” (John 21:17)
After that, Lord stood up and approached me, asking me:
“Did you notice that I asked Peter three times by one and the same words?”
“Yes, Jesus! You asked him if he loves You…”
“And, when he was answering that he loved Me, then, what My reply was?”
“Lord, You told him thrice to feed Your lambs!”
“Well, who would tell Peter to feed His lambs, but That One, Who is the True Shepherd? Do all My people understand that there, on the seashore, I was fulfilling in the life of My apostles exactly the psalm of David? For, I prepared before them a table in the presence of the enemy. I filled them with the Fire of the Holy Spirit and I made them firm and jealous. As I was admonishing Peter once, so I want to admonish every one of My pastors now. The greater his fear beside the alien fire in the yard of the chief priest was, the greater the jealousy, by which he sat next to Me and My Fire, was.
Here, go and tell My brothers and sisters that I am again at the seashore. I kindle My Fireplace and I prepare a Table of Admonishment for every one of you. Lots of you are still fishes that have not passed through the Fire yet. However, a fish that does not want to pass through the Fire, is not worthy for Me, neither am I worthy for it. Go and tell My people that you live in the last most terrible times; times, when the world overflows the churches and many are getting wet through its waters; times, when only few people want to find My Fireplace and enter the Fire of My Love; times, when, to My Admonishment, Satan has opposed his demonic depravity.
Here, I command to all My people to remember and know the words of Their Eternal Shepherd:
Once, in Egypt, My Father brought darkness that could be felt; now, from Zion, Light is coming to you That can be felt. I am your Light! I am That One, Who is coming to give you the Table of Admonishment and to become perfectly real for your hearts.
You, however, are you ready to enter My Fire? Are you ready to admonish with that fervor and flaming Love that had overfilled the hearts of Me first servants? I tell you the truth, then exactly, you will find the Table of Admonishment. Then exactly, you will become some of the “roasted fishes” of your Lord. As to the most ardent and fiery among you, who love Me more than all the rests, I will tell them:
“Feed My lambs!”
However, if somebody has decided to rest in the world and to like everything in it, such man will not find My Fire and will not feed My lambs. For, Fire might burn where there is no seawater, and seawater might flow where there is no Fire. Have you found the Fire, you have found My Love. Have you found My Love, God’s Wisdom will open your minds, so that you might know the Scripture…”
After these words of Jesus, the vision with the Table of Admonishment stopped, and Jesus led me into the second of the visions with the Lord’s Table.



My brother! My faithful friend!
There are lots of reasons, which made the devil go mad and be broken-hearted in his wicked thoughts. There are lots of examples and testimonies of the Holy and pure God’s Love, which remain like bleeding sores upon the heart of the evil one. In the last reckoning, the devil will always be broken by God; for God is That One, Who knows all his dodges and tricks and know how to intercept and destroy them. The Word tells about our Lord Jesus Christ:
“The reason the Son of God appeared was to destroy the devil’s work…” (1 John 3:8)
If Jesus was destroying the devil’s works once, He destroys them now, too. However, how many of us know this most perfect appearance of our Lord? How many of us know that such is exactly the triumph of God’s children over the powers of darkness and wile?
Thirteen years ago, I opened the pages of the Holy Bible for a first time and I read the twenty third psalm of David. Then, some words of it filled my heart with great joy and rapture. There, David was telling his Heavenly Shepherd:
“You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies…” (Psalm 23:5)
I was trying to imagine this. I wanted to understand what God’s praise man had experienced, when there, in the presence of all his enemies, Lord had prepared a table before him. It must have been a great experience – to know that wicked regards, full of fury and malice against you, are looking at you, while in the same time, you are eating with relish from God’s goodness, without caring for those, who hate you. In fact, if there is a testimony, sealed by God’s Perfect Blessing, this is exactly suchlike table.
In the first days of my communication with God’s Word, I began to long for God’s table. I did not know what it was, or how it would seem, but I was entirely convinced that God is powerful to act in such a way. Here, the testimonies of many God’s tables like this appeared in my life. In days of oppression and persecution, God began to give tables before me. The more I received His tables, the more my enemies were getting. And, when the important persons of darkness began to look at me from the dark spiritual ether, then, God’s tables turned into a blessing feast for my heart and spirit. So, felt God’s Power inside my heart, I began to command against the spirits of wickedness, telling them:
“Back from me, you, perverted and wicked! Do not dare to approach my heart, for my God will break you down through the table He will give to me…”
However, those important persons of darkness, lacked of reason, were coming again close to me oppose me; that is why the Heavenly Father was breaking them down again, so that the Heavenly plenty was getting greater and greater toward me. This testimony of my life reassures me now to reveal to all my brothers and sisters what the Lord’s tables, which God prepares before us in the presence of our enemies, are like. Therefore, let me share with you the words, by which Jesus began to talk to my heart. He told me:
“Now, I want to give you those visions, by which all My brothers and sisters will really be blissful in their faith. For, I am the Same yesterday, today and forever. What I did to David once, I do it the same towards you now. And, what I am doing towards you, I will do the same with those, who believe Me and who love Me. You, however, think now and tell Me: what does table in the presence of the enemy mean? This is not the Passover of My Covenant; let nobody mistake this table with it! In fact, such a table is appearance of God’s goodness and grace for the called, chosen and faithful ones. And you, how do you understand My words about this table?”
“My Lord! My heart has received so much from You; especially in the moments, when the enemies had really surrounded my heart. I believe, Jesus that the table You have given David, is mostly related to Your faithfulness. It is related to the words, which You told all of us, when You promised:
“…All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age…” (Matthew 28:18-20)
And, if You are with us, Lord, who might be then against us? If all authority in Heaven and earth has been given to You, then, is there any authority that would prevent You from being with us? I do not believe that there is such an authority. Your tables, given before us in the presence of our enemies, are the clearest confirmation of all Your words…”
Jesus smiled at my words; then, He continued to talk to me, saying:
“That is right, My boy! These are really the words, by which the Everlasting Shepherd made His promise to all His little lambs. Either that your enemies surround you and plot against you, or they want to break you down and turn you back, they are doomed to examine how I am preparing before you My tables. Otherwise, how would the hearts be able to withstand in the Way to Heaven? How shall they be confirmed and refreshed, but through the tables, which I would give to you? If your Lord was powerful to multiply the fish and bread and to feed many thousands, then, do not I have the Perfect Power to give you many times more than everything you would be expecting or praying for?
Here, Stefan, I am speaking out of the depths of My Heart now. I would like for every one of My people to lay My words as oil for his faith, and as a fire for his love. You should all understand that the greatest tables are still imminent to be given to you by your Lord. And, the plenty of the table responds to the number of your enemies. The more your enemies are, the more abundant your table will be.
Do you understand now that, from among all the generation of God and Father, you are the most blissful one? For, you have been born in the times of the multiplied wickedness, when My tables will multiply, too. To be completely convinced and confident, you should better think over this:
How many were God’s words, given to the ancient prophets? How many are God’s words, which you receive by Heaven now? Is not it true that prophet Obadiah, for instance, received some sentences only by Heaven, while the tables of today are much greater than these of the ancient people? If the old-testament-man was made known in Spirit of Holiness and devotion as a God’s prophet, then, what shall I tell about My last servants and you between them? Did not your heart receive visions and God’s words, more than those, sown and told many people in the antiquity? Did not I unseal through you Heavenly secrets and revelations, in order to give them to My little lambs? Then, what do you think? Why did My tables for you become so many and so plentiful?”
“Blessing Jesus! My Shepherd! The answer of Your question might be found in Your words. Today, in the day of the increased wickedness, increased Blessing has come to Your heart, so that the written word might be true:
“The law was added so that the trespass might increase. But where sin increased, grace increased all the more…” (Romans 5:20)
I understand now that You have been faithful exactly to the written word. For, even in this multiplied wickedness, there must be an exit and light for Your people. This fact makes me really happy and my joy is full; so, I can serve You in the way You demand from me…”
After these words of mine, Jesus stretched His hand ahead, as if He wanted to show me something. Then, He told me:
“Now, I will give My brothers and sisters the full knowledge about the tables, which I prepare before you in the presence of your enemies. There are three tables of God’s Blessing, which you have to know about.
The first of My tables is the Table of Admonishment.
The second of My tables is the Table of Bliss.
The third of My tables is the Table of Devotion.
These are the tables, by which you will withstand the whole power of the enemy. These are the tables, which will confirm your hearts and will make you stand up to the end. Blissful are all those, who will follow Me in the visions that I am going to give My prophet now. For, I will lead him now in the heights and depths of My Word. I will prepare for you that Heavenly feast, about which your hearts have always been praying My Father…”
After these words, Jesus touched my heart, so that the first of the three visions with the Heavenly tables revealed before my heart – the vision with the Table of Admonishment.