My dear brother! My faithful friend!
I do believe that hearts, which are devoted to Lord, will not find the visions in this book hard or incomprehensible. After all, everyone was in the dungeon, when Lord came as Light in their life. Then – according to their own faith, jealousy and boldness – they either left the dungeon or remained somewhere in it.
I will not lie to anyone that getting out of the dungeon is as easy as reading this book. Not even close! Let nobody delude themselves! For these four kodrantes, which Jesus drops in our hearts, are not just debts, we must pay back to Him. They concern different stages in our maturing and growth before God. Therefore the conversation, which Lord had with me, before the vision with the fourth kodrantes, was too blessed and timely for my heart.
Filled with great jealousy and desire to see the miracles, of which His four kodrantes is capable, I prayed Jesus on my knees, as I told Him:
“I pray You, Lord! Take me again to Your Zacchaeus! Let me see him and You before the iron levers. Him – as a man of faith, worthy of Sacrifice, and You – as a Door!”
Jesus did not answer my prayer for a while, and this additionally increased my jealousy to pray. So, He finally came to Me. He started talking to me with a bit of reproach in His Voice, as He said:
“Why in such a hurry? Do not you know that there is a schedule for each work under Heaven, in your Lord? So, how do you look at these four kodrantes, which I pour in Zacchaeus’ heart?”
“Jesus! They are Your wonderful Anointment, which breaks the yoke of sin and the chains of slavery…”
“Yes, it is so! This you have remembered well from My mouth. But do you really think there is no time for maturing and growth between the very kodrantes? Would anyone get out of Satan’s dungeon with four visions just like that, in order to go to Heaven and to the council of God’s saints? Do not you know that Wisdom is needed, in order for God’s things to be explained? This is why I was delaying the vision with the four kodrantes before your heart. For I want you to take another look at all the visions in the dungeon. Not with your look, but through the verses of a message from My Apostle John. Therefore let Me give you the first one of them:
“I write to you, dear children, because you have known the Father…” (1 John 2:13)
What do you think, servant of the Lord? As what did we find Zacchaeus in the cell?”
“Jesus! He was a child! Not just a child, but a baby, which had just been born by God! For the first Kodrantes of Repentance touched his conscience…”
“Who laid this conscience in his heart? Was it not My God and Father? What happened to Zacchaeus, when his conscience was illuminated?”
“My Lord! Zacchaeus cried…”
“Yes, Stefan! Zacchaeus cried! Just as a baby, that leaves just now the womb of its mother, cries! In relation to this the kodrantes of Repentance is paid back by babies. But take a look at the next verses from the message of My Apostle John:
“I write to you, dear children, because your sins have been forgiven on account of His name…” (1 John 2:12)
Now tell Me: As what did we find Zacchaeus at the time of the second kodrantes?”
“My Lord! He was in need of Self-Purification. Then the chains fell off his feet and hands, as the Living Water of the Holy Spirit cleansed him perfectly. So his sins were forgiven, because of Your Name…”
“Yes, it is so! In relation to this the kodrantes of Self-Purification is paid by children. For they are the ones, who often make themselves dirty and filthy, and therefore always need to be cleansed.
But let Me and you go on in time. For My Apostle John went on ahead, as he wrote the following words:
“I write to you, young men, because you are strong, and the word of God lives in you, and you have overcome the evil one…” (1 John 2:14)
What do you think, Lord’s servant? What happened with Zacchaeus in the previous vision? Did My Word abide in him? Did he overcome the evil one?”
“Yes, Jesus! Your Word abided in Zacchaeus, for he had already become a young man! When Your Word abides in a heart, it is always capable of paying You back the kodrantes, which You have given to it. For Zacchaeus defeated the wicked one, by crucifying himself together with You on Your Cross and thus the devil no longer had power over him…”
My last words were filled with such enthusiasm that Jesus smiled gently. Then, as He caressed my head, He started talking to me again:
“Here that only one kodrantes is left in your hand, But there is also one verse left from the message of My Apostle John. It says:
“I write to you, fathers, because you have known Him Who is from the beginning…” (1 John 2:14)
What do you think, My servant? How long is the way from the baby to the father? How long is the way from Repentance to Sacrifice? So, when all is said and done, if the fathers are those, who know Him, Who is from the beginning, will not they testify to My entire Church that they are God’s anointed men, who have perfectly paid back all four kodrantes? Who became “the father of many nations” in the Old Testament? Or who declared in the New Testament:
“Even though you have ten thousand guardians in Christ, you do not have many fathers, for in Christ Jesus I became your father through the gospel. Therefore I urge you to imitate me…” (1 Corinthians 4:15-16)
“Jesus! Abraham was “the father of many nations”! Your Apostle Paul was the father, who bears children of good word…”
“What is typical of all fathers? Is it not that they have the power of Sacrifice in their hearts? Did not Abraham sacrifice his only son Isaac on Hill Moriah? Was not Apostle Paul that Sacrifice, of which he himself wrote:
“For I am already being poured out like a drink offering, and the time has come for my departure. I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith. No there is in store for me the crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous Judge, will award to me on that day — and not only to me, but also to all who have longed for his appearing…” (2 Timothy 4:6-8)
Now do you understand better why the fathers are these, who know the One, Who is from the beginning?”
“Yes, Jesus! Now, I understand that the fathers have the Heart of Father! For just as Father loved so much the world that He gave His Son as a Holy Sacrifice, so the faith and the service of the fathers turns into a Sacrifice, for which Father testifies with His Own Fire.
For Fire flared up under the Ram, which Abraham sacrificed as a burnt offering on Hill Moriah! For Fire flared up over the Sacrifice of prophet Elijah! For Fire always flares up over each Sacrifice for Father in the heights!”
After my last words, Jesus pointed with His index finger the last kodrantes in my hands, as He said:
“This spark over the fourth kodrantes longs to call upon the Fire of My Father! In order to do miracles, of which only the fourth kodrantes is capable. For the kodrantes of Sacrifice is paid only by fathers! Therefore follow Me now, so that we go to Zacchaeus again! For in My conversation with you only a few minutes have passed, but in the prophetic visions of the kodrantes, a whole life of Dedication and service to God, has ran out…”
After His last words Lord touched my head with a hand, and thus the very vision appeared before my eyes. I was once again seeing Zacchaeus, who was standing in front of the iron levers of death and hell, surrounding the dungeon from end to end. The hairs of God’s man were speckled with silver threads. But he was still standing upright in front of the levers. Having stretched his hands to God and Father, he prayed in his spirit, as he said:
“My Father! My life was exhausted with anguish, and my years with sighs! I did what I was able to for You! I cried and I suffered! I suffered and I cried! I prayed and fasted! I fasted and prayed! Yet, the levers of death and hell still stand before my heart! My joy is not complete at all, but turned into grief to You and Your habitats, long ago!
Deign in helping me, my Father! Deign in sending Your Son for the last time, Who was a shiny Door three times in my life! Let Him come for the fourth time to me! Let me pass once more through the Door! In order for me to know that neither are my deeds vainglory, nor are my prayers empty words!”
Zacchaeus was still praying, when Lord smiled at him. Then He ordered me, as He said:
“Go to My Zacchaeus and drop the fourth kodrantes in his heart! I will surely stand as a Door before the iron levers of death and hell!”
So, Jesus passed by Zacchaeus and turned into a dazzling Door before the very iron levers. I approached the praying man of God, as I told him:
“My brother Zacchaeus! Do you remember our last meeting? Do you remember how Lord’s Cross opened the door of the dungeon? Now, where is this grief and tears in your eyes from? Do not you know that Lord Jesus Christ is the Same – yesterday, today and forever?”
“Man of God!” – cried out Zacchaeus and went on:
“What I see, you have seen. For the iron levers of death and hell stood in the way of my life. I have sought a way to overcome them, but I can not do it in any way. What am I to do now – I do not know!”
The words of God’s man made me touch his heart with a hand and tell him:
“My brother! Here, inside in your heart, tears and prayers, grief and sighs, persecution and worries, strikes and punishment, fruit of Justice and treasures of the Spirit have been brought together! Have you not thought that God on heavens has collected your whole life for Jesus, in order to turn it into a Sacrifice?
Yet, Jesus is once again a shiny and dazzling Door before your heart! With His mighty benevolence, now, the greatest of the kodrantes on Heaven will act in you! The kodrantes of Sacrifice! This kodrantes, Zacchaeus! This Holy Privilege, which you will gladly pay back to Heaven and its King!”
Then the kodrantes rolled out of my hands into Zacchaeus’ heart. The single spark in it blazed up too brightly, as it turned into a flame. Then, having fixed his gaze in the Door Jesus in front of himself, Zacchaeus cried out:
“My Lord! You come to me as a Door for the fourth time! There, behind the Door, my heart sees sacrificial rams before God’s Holy Altar! Deign in pulling me closer, Lord! Deign in recognizing me as one of Your rams!”
In reply to Zacchaeus, the very Door spoke with the Voice of the Lord, as It told him:
“On Heaven and earth there is no greater power than the Power of Sacrifice! No levers and iron, no powers and commands, no sword and arrow, no spike and poison, no loop and trap, would resist and overcome it!
Step through the Door, Zacchaeus! Let My Father from Heaven turn your whole faith and life into a Sacrifice for Me and My Kingdom!”
So, God’s man stepped towards the Door Christ! As he passed through the flames, he knelt amidst the other sacrificial rams. Then a breach occurred in the very heavens. A fiery lightning landed over the iron levers, as it melted and cut them, just like a razor. The Voice of Father, fearful and Holy, resounded above the dungeon, in a way which shook the foundations of earth, and the iron levers split:
“Enemy of the Lord!
You cannot hold My people, who made with Me a Covenant of Sacrifice! Their Love to Me and My Son opened a breach in Heaven! Their faith and suffering will turn into an imperishable Way of example and imitation!
Their Fire will eat you up, Lord’s enemy!
Just as My Son crushed the gates of death and hell, obviously triumphing over you, so will the fathers of Sacrifice turn your levers to dust and ash, lava and cinder!”
After the last words of Father, a light Path of Holiness and incorruptibility brightened and shone to the very Heaven. Then Lord, having come out of the Door, approached me, as He said:
“Look at this bright Path and know that this is the deed, through which My Father seals the people Zacchaeus! People, of which you are too, for I have confirmed you as a Sacrifice of My Church!
A Sacrifice, which did not stop burning in Love to Me, My Father and the Holy Spirit throughout all the grievous years of its exhaustion and service! A Sacrifice, which firmly endured all the blows, abuses and curses to My Name! A Sacrifice, through which I call out again to all My brothers and sisters, as I tell them:
Children of God! Take My kodrantes, which I gave to you through My prophet! As you pay them back to Heaven – be people Zacchaeus!
Repent, babies!
Purify yourselves, children!
Deny yourselves and raise My Cross, young men!
Become Holy Sacrifice and fragrance, fathers!
For only a bit more and you will see Me as One, Who touches your hearts! In order to tell each of you:
“Today Salvation has come to your house! For you, too, are a son of Abraham!”
As I seal you with My Holy words, I will raise you as My Bride in My Glory! As that poor widow, which gave to the treasury of the Temple, her two lepta, that is her kodrantes!
For it will certainly be the kodrantes of Repentance for some of you! For others of you, it will certainly be the kodrantes of Self-Purification! For third of you, it will surely be the kodrantes of Self-Denial! For fourth of you, it will surely be the kodrantes of Sacrifice!
So that – brought together in Me – babies and children, young men and fathers – you are the entire Word of God’s Holy Spirit!
I, Lord of Zacchaeus, gave these four kodrantes to My prophet!
I illuminated them in his heart!
I laid them in his cupped hands!”





My brother! My faithful friend!
There are many tragedies on this world. Some of them are visible, while others – invisible. When one faces a visible tragedy in his life, he levies all his spiritual foundations, in order to resist the evil, which attacked them. By seeking support from friends and consolation from fellow people, one way or another people manage to cope with the visible tragedy in their life.
But what should we say about the invisible tragedies? For we do not believe in a visible, but invisible God. The path of our faith is an invisible path, on which invisible tragedies take place. But let me tell you that the most terrible of all the invisible tragedies is this one:
Lord not to recognize His Testament in the heart of the one, who believed in Him, but to reject him as a retreated one and a traitor of His Name!
I do not want to frighten anybody with such a horrible perspective, but I am obliged before the Holiness and Justice of my Lord to speak of all this before the vision with the third kodrantes. For the third kodrantes of Jesus is Self-Denial.
Once, two thousand years ago, Lord turned His head to His students for a moment. As He looked them with the strictest possible look of His eyes, He told them:
“Then Jesus said to his disciples, “If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross and follow me. For whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for me will find it…” (Matthew 16:24-25)
Somewhere else He warned in everyone’s hearing:
“Whoever acknowledges Me before men, I will also acknowledge him before My Father in heaven. But whoever disowns Me before men, I will disown him before My Father in heaven…” (Matthew 10:32-33)
So if the ones, who were listening to Him then, had had the Spirit of the prophecy, through which Jesus talks to me in this book, they would have surely seen the Saviour offer them His third kodrantes, which is Self-Denial.
What do you think, my brother? Is it easy to deny yourself in a world, which is a dungeon? Is it easy to show the Heavenly Example to earthly people, when each of them will consider you mad, and many will abuse you as disgusting, because you do not share their extreme lechery? Is it easy to raise your cross with the thought that this cross is raised not only to be carried, but for a moment to come when your own hands and feet will be fixed in it? So if Jesus walks somewhere ahead of you, reaching the heights of Golgotha, does not a time come, when you lose Him from your sight due to the great fatigue from Lord’s burden and due to all the abuses and giggle, through which the earthly people show you their scorn?
But this is exactly when you must continue following the Lord!
It is of no importance whether by God’s Mercy there will or will not be Simon of Cyrene, to help you carry part of the cross! It is of no importance whether the whips of Roman spirit have turned your back into bloody jelly!
It is of no importance that the sharp thorns from the wreath of human hatred will fix in your temples, and that the enchanting wind will increase and turn into a hurricane of false suggestions to your mind.
Of importance is only Jesus, Who ordered you to follow Him!
For He is your Lord! He is your Saviour!
He is the Initiator and Perfecter of your will!
For only so will you be protected from the most fearsome tragedy of the last time:
The tragedy of churches, which went from river Jordan to somewhere and stopped before Golgotha in the middle of nowhere! The tragedy of captives, who left their cells, but remained in prison! The tragedy of captives, who paid back the first two kodrantes, but despised and rejected the other two!
Thus the first two will be of no use, as they will lose their Saving Power, for the words of the Judge are unchangeable:
“I tell you the truth, you will not get out until you have paid the last kodrantes…” (Matthew 5:26)
Now let me finally reveal before you the very vision, which Lord gave to my heart. For it was no longer before the cell of Zacchaeus.
(The sufferer left it in the previous vision)
Lord was again beside me. As He touched my head with a hand, He started talking to me, as He said:
“Servant of the Lord! Follow Me! Go with Me, in order to pass through all the corridors of the dungeon, as well as all its stairs, which lead downwards. For the liberated from his cell Zacchaeus set off way before us, but he will have to stop at one certain place…”
After these words of the Lord, the dungeon appeared once again before my heart. So, Lord went ahead, and I followed Him. Thus thousands of poisonous and mocking voices reached me from amidst the cells in the dungeon. They insulted me, threatened me, abused me and disgraced me in all possible ways. In fact – the earthly captives of the devil, who loved their dark existence, were irritated completely by the Light of the Lord and of the fact that I was following Him. I have no idea how long I had followed Jesus, when my eyes spotted stairs, which went downwards. This made me ask Him:
“What are these stairs, my precious Saviour?”
Lord replied to me, as He said:
“These are the stairs of Depression and Desperation. The way out of the dungeon always goes through them. But the one, who has My Faith, will surely resist. Therefore follow Me, for we will see soon My Zacchaeus on the lowermost floor…”
While I was following Jesus, I felt how each step from these stairs blew frightful coolness over my hands and feet. The lower I went after the Lord, the more the coolness, which mounted my body, was and thus I felt like a stranger and foreigner in this dungeon. Unwanted by its captives, hated by its demons, and a real threat to its warder. Yet, having fixed my gaze on Lord, I kept on going down the stairs after Him. So we finally reached the first floor. My eyes saw the outline of Zacchaeus in the bottom of a dark corridor. He stood before a large and fearful iron door, along which the spikes of hundreds of nails were protruding. Behind the door, from a small metal wicket, Satan himself was snooping. The prince of darkness giggled with hoarse voice, as he told Zacchaeus:
“Ha-ha-ha! Your faith was up to here, Zacchaeus! Everyone stops here! For here all human faith ends! He-he-he! You can go no further and thus it is best that you go back to your cell! Do not be horrified to retreat! Its human! It is not embarrassing to do it, as hundreds of thousands and millions go back! They not only go back, but find sense in their faith, by going to church in the dungeon!
Ho-ho-ho! Are you going to come up with a new teaching? Are you making a new way for the churches? Do not you know that there is nobody, who can pass through my door? Take a look at the dried up blood over the nails and think if you should approach my door at all?”
Listening to Satan’s laugh and bending under his suggestions, which blew as winds from amidst the wicket, the sufferer did not even dare to take a step closer to the door of the dungeon. This made him fall to his knees and sob to Lord, saying:
“Jesus! My love! I have failed in my faith, just as people all over the world fail! Where are You now to see my pitiful retreating? Where are You, King of Heaven, in order to see my collapse? How to go through this horrible door, when sharp and black nails protrude from it?”
Zacchaeus was already crying inconsolably, when Jesus raised His hand and pointed him. Then He told me:
“Do you see how a heart, which has not paid the kodrantes of Self-Denial cries? Yet, I have heard the cry of Zacchaeus and have come with My servant to the door of the dungeon! For now I will become a Door before the door, and you will inspire some Faith into Zacchaeus! As you drop My third kodrantes in his heart, you yourself will witness the miracle, which will take place…”
Zacchaeus was still crying, when Lord passed by him. As He stood in front of the door of the dungeon, He Himself became a Door in front of the sharp nails. This made Satan close the metal wicket on the door at once and stop giggling. As I stepped next to Zacchaeus, I touched his shoulder, as I told him:
“Zacchaeus, my brother! Why is there such grief and desperation in you? Do not you know that you are one of God’s chosen ones, for whom Jesus has ordered beforehand to be a victor?”
Having heard my voice, the sufferer turned his head to me, as he told me:
“Man of God! Why have you come to look at my disgrace? Did not Lord already tell you that I am unworthy of Him? For I have stopped, where people from all over the world stop. I neither know how to go on, nor how to pass through that frightful door of this dungeon…”
His words made me hug him and help him stand up. Then, having raised my hand and pointing to the Door Jesus, I told him:
“Zacchaeus! If Jesus was the Door, through which You passed, in order to leave your cell, will not He again be the Door, through Which you will pass, in order to leave the dungeon? Now let your heart feel the mighty benevolence, which God’s Son has to you, for He gave you Repentance and Self-Purification. It will be Him again, Who will give you Self-Denial!”
After these words the third kodrantes rolled from my hand into Zacchaeus’ heart. That only drop of Christ’s Blood shone too powerfully in him. As the sufferer saw the Door Jesus before himself, he cried out in excitement:
“My Lord! I look through You and I see Lord’s Cross! I look at Your Heart and longing rushes into my heart! Therefore, I beg You, my precious Saviour:
Let me suffer for You, just as You suffered for me on the Cross! Let me feel Your pain in death, just as You sustained my pains on the Cross!”
While Zacchaeus was talking Christ’s Blood filled his heart out. Led by the Holy calling of the Blood, he stepped towards the Door Christ. Then, having stretched his hands over Lord’s Cross behind the Door, he mounted it, directed by the Holy Spirit. As he faced the very nails of the dungeon door, he cried out as powerfully, as he could:
“Let me pass, Lord Jesus! Just as You Passed – most pure and not lacking anything!”
At this moment Lord touched the Cross with His both hands. As He started pushing it towards the nails of the dungeon door, He called out to Zacchaeus:
“If someone wanted to follow Me, such has denied themselves, and has raised their cross and thus have followed Me! Think of Me, Zacchaeus, instead of the nails, which will pierce you now! Think of My Faith, which overcomes the dungeon of this world! Think of My Cross and see Me as crucified! For so you will endure in My trials and will rejoice too much in My Glory!”
Lord kept on talking to Zacchaeus, while His kodrantes added to the sufferer waves of Holy and most pure Faith. So a moment came, when the black nails fixed to the very end in the hands, the feet, the chest and the ribs of Zacchaeus. The very Blood of the kodrantes, having streamed from it, started furrowing the dark dungeon door. This made the devil cry out frightfully:
“That blood of God’s Lamb! How long will it ruin me? How long will it crush me? How long will it conquer me? How long will it steal my captives? Oh, it burns, burns, burns! There is no way I can hold the door!”
At this moment the dungeon door opened with rumble and deafening creak. As He kept pushing the Cross with His hands, Jesus brought me and Zacchaeus out of devil’s dungeon. A moment after we were brought out, Satan hurried to close his door again with a terrible roar, as he loaded his own demons and subordinates with terrible curses and billingsgate. So there, in front of the dungeon, Lord stretched His hand out and pointed the iron bars, surrounding it endways all over the earth, as He told me:
“Leave Zacchaeus console himself in the Kindness of My Spirit, and look around! Do you see how many iron levers has the devil raised, as a last attempt to hold mankind in his dungeon? These levers are the powers of death and hell and with them the devil has kept the world separated from Heaven for thousands of years…”
I looked at the levers, which the Saviour was pointing at and shuddered at once. These were fearful fiendish stakes, which came out of hell and rose miles above the very dungeon, and their ends reached the sub-heavenly places. Placed tightly one next to the other, with millions of sharp spikes, out of whose tips poison was streaming down. They gave the feeling that they can neither be shaken, nor moved by anyone. The very sight made me turn away my gaze to Jesus. He told me:
“Yes, Stefan! The iron levers of death and hell are terrible and fearful! But just as I once told My first messengers that death and hell will not overcome My Church, so I tell you this today, as you are My prophet, sent to all the churches.
Therefore pray and wait for My next coming to your heart. For My Zacchaeus will surely break the levers of death and hell with the last kodrantes of God’s Salvation! The kodrantes of Sacrifice!”




My brother! My faithful friend!
Do you know for how many years my heart has longed for exactly such experience from God? For we all often collide with the bars of not one or two cells, in which the captives of the devil moan. As we start pulling the bars or attempt to break them, we soon wave a hand and say that it is impossible.
Has anyone of you tried to pass through the Door Jesus? Have our hearts likened themselves to the Heart of Jesus? Have our hands become like the hands of Jesus? Have our words become like that first precious kodrantes of Repentance, which is to fall in the right place? Did anyone recall the explicit words from the Word, which not only hint for the kodrantes of God’s Salvation, but are also their most wonderful reflection?
Remember these words, my brother:
“Don’t grumble against each other, brothers, or you will be judged. The Judge is standing at the door…” (James 5:9)
What other reason is there for the Judge to stand before the doors of our hearts, but this one:
He Himself to become a Door, through which we to pass, in order to do the deeds of God’s Salvation!
Instead many grumble. They have gone so far that they see sin in the messenger of good word, who is ready to go to prison, in order to untie the tied one and console the captivated. Let me tell you this that – not going to the prison with your feet and not stretching your hands out to Zacchaeus, means that you yourself share another cell in the very same dungeon. “Why?” – you will ask. I will reply so:
For your hands and feet have remained tied up!
For you did not want to settle matters with the Word, or in other words to follow the Holy order of the Saviour:
“Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age…” (Matthew 28:19-20)
When I stood before Jesus for the vision with the kodrantes of Self-Purification, He was unusually strict and serious. The very look of His eyes made me go silent and kneel before Him. And then to ask Him:
“Jesus! Why do I see the look of a Judge in Your eyes? I love so much Your other look. The look of my Saviour and my greatest friend…”
In reply to my words Jesus told me:
“My Apostle James did not speak in vain that the Judge stands before the doors. For I really want to become a Door in the deed of each messenger of the good word in the life of each Christian. But as many despised My second kodrantes, they continued to stand in the prison, in which Lord visited them with the kodrantes of Repentance.
What do you think, Stefan? Can hands and feet, which were not cleansed by the Living Water of the Holy Spirit, be pleasant to the Lord?”
“No, Jesus! For people with such hands and feet would rather be tied up, than free…”
“Recall then what My Word said about such ones:
“…those who are pure in their own eyes and yet are not cleansed of their filth…” (Proverbs 30:12)
So, having experienced the first kodrantes of Repentance, having streamed as rears through their eyes, many consider themselves pure in their eyes. But does not the Judge tell all of you:
“Settle matters quickly with your adversary who is taking you to court. Do it while you are still with him on the way, or he may hand you over to the judge, and the judge may hand you over to the officer, and you may be thrown into prison. I tell you the truth, you will not get out until you have paid the last kodrantes…” (Matthew 5:25-26)
Why have some decided that only the first kodrantes is good enough, and were not zealous to pay back the second, and the third and the fourth? Why are they happy that they have experienced Repentance, while they do not strive for Self-Purification? So if I tell you that getting out of the dungeon will be only after paying the last fourth kodrantes, does not that come to encourage you to be Perfect executors of God’s Will?
This is the reason My look to be strict today and Me to look at you as a Judge. For the decree of the Heavenly Judge is that all four kodrantes of Salvation are paid, and not only one or two of them. For if My words are not followed to the end, many churches will turn from places of light to a part of the devilish dungeon. But therefore I will get you back to the vision in the cell of Zacchaeus, so that I am once again the Door, through which you will go to him, in order for you to give him the second of the kodrantes of Heavenly Salvation…”
After these last words Jesus touched my head with a hand, so that the cell of Zacchaeus appeared before my eyes. So Lord had once again become a Door to the cell, and entered through Him, in order to go to the sufferer. Having sensed that I am next to him, he cried out with all the strength of his heart:
“Man of God! I prayed the Lord and waited for Him to send you again to me. For I have sensed a problem in me, of which I want to tell you. It is true that the chain of sin, which pressed on my chest, is gone. My eyes are clear, because of the tears, I cried. Yet, I have a new reason to cry and a new problem to grief over.
Look at my hands and my feet, messenger of God! See, I am tied up with chains! Not a single day passes, without these chains causing pain and wounds to my body! Not a single day passes, without feeling that the devil still binds my deed and does not let me take the Path of Lord, Who I loved so much with my heart. Tell me what do I lack? Tell me how to overcome this fearful suffering?”
The words of Zacchaeus made me stoop down to him and caress his hand and feet, and then to tell him:
“My dear brother! It is Lord, Who has heard your prayers! It is Him, Who sends me again to you. For there is something, which you must experience from Him. A Self-Purification, a complete breaking under the Boon of the Holy Spirit. Only through that Self-Purification will the chains on your hands and feet fall off, so that you feel Christ’s Power, through which to do His deeds and walk His Path. Do you want this Self-Purification, Zacchaeus?”
“I want it, man of God!” – called out the sufferer, and then went on, as he said:
“Let God cleanse and perfect me, until He finds me confirmed and worthy of His Testament!”
After the last words of Zacchaeus, I touched his heart with a hand, so that the second of the Heavenly kodrantes rolled into his heart. So that single droplet of Living Water started bearing many other droplets. Thus the droplets became a streamlet, the streamlet – a stream, and the stream – a River of Living Water. This River splashed its waters all over the cell. Then the iron chains, which tightened the hands and the feet of the sufferer, broke. As he stood up on his feet, Zacchaeus jumped and shouted:
“My Lord! Thank You for cleansing me from my selfishness!
Thank You for giving my hands longing for Your deeds and My feet – for walking Your Path! Here, I already see You as a Door before my cell! Therefore now I will leave though that Door, so that I leave the dungeon!”
So Zacchaeus really left through the Door Jesus. This made the Lord smile and He told me:
“He still rejoices and is just like a child in his enthusiasm, For he has paid his debt to the Boon of the Holy Spirit! But let us leave him with his joy, for there is a lot to walk and a price to be paid, before he really leaves the dungeon. For after paying his debt to the Holy Spirit, he must pay his debt to Me and My Father! For he left his cell, but neither left the fortress of the devil, nor its iron levers, which keep all the inhabitants in. As for the fortress and the iron levers, he will have to pay the other two kodrantes. You, write this down in a book and wait for My leadership, until I reveal My other visions…”
After these words of Jesus the vision in the dungeon ceased. I sincerely hope that those living waters from God’s River splashed their waves in your heart, too. In order to cleanse your hands and feet! In order for you to stand up and go through the Door Jesus! And having passed through Him – to follow Him to the end! Amen and Amen!




My brother! My faithful friend! If there is a tragedy, which has cast its black shroud over the last generations of people on earth, this is the tragedy of dry eyes. This is the tragedy of hardened hearts, which can no longer cry, nor regret the committed deeds and sins against God and the fellow ones.
I want to remind you here words of Jesus, through which He showed all of us the power of the first of His Heavenly kodrantes. For in these words of Jesus there were two participants. The first was a Pharisee, while the other – a tax collector. The Pharisee – just like the contemporary vainglorious mad men, and the tax collector – just like the tax collector Zacchaeus.
Here are Lord’s very words:
“Two men went up to the temple to pray, one a Pharisee and the other a tax collector. The Pharisee stood up and prayed about[a] himself: ‘God, I thank You that I am not like other men – robbers, evildoers, adulterers – or even like this tax collector. I fast twice a week and give a tenth of all I get.’ But the tax collector stood at a distance. He would not even look up to heaven, but beat his breast and said, ‘God, have mercy on me, a sinner.’ I tell you that this man, rather than the other, went home justified before God. For everyone who exalts himself will be humbled, and he who humbles himself will be exalted…” (Luke 18:10-14)
Let me tell you, my brother, that today we all live in the time of the rising Christian religion. This rising religion, mixed with filthy Pharisee self-righteousness, will surely find itself in the depths of hell. Yes, I tell you! Lord is the One, Who will punish it, cut it off and hurl it into the flames of hell!
For, no matter how high it rises, it will not go further than the black cloud of religious powers and commands, in order to accompany the dragon, the beast and the false prophet. But it was not for this complacent and rising Christianity that Jesus turned His prophet into a sacrifice. It was not for Pharisee and scribes that He held my eyes opened whole nights. There is a different – humble Christianity. Humble people, who despite their wretchedness and imperfection, have hearts to hear the Lord and do what is pleasing to Him. Humble people, whose eyes never dry out, but stream in tears, when Jesus talks to them. Humble people, who beat their breast and beg God for Mercy in their lives.
Now let me tell you the first of the visions in the dungeon. I was still standing to my Lord, having taken His Heavenly kodrantes in my hand, when He raised His hand and pointed ahead, as He told me:
“Follow Me. For now I will lead you to the cell of My Zacchaeus…”
So, Jesus set off, and I followed Him. Thus we walked for a while, passing by hundreds and thousands of cells, in which the captives were not willing at all to hear of God’s Salvation. But finally, my ears detected mournful moaning, which came from a definite cell. When we reached the very cell, I saw a sufferer, whose anguish and grief were indescribable. Chained with iron chains from head to toes, he was shouting as strong as his heart could:
“Help, Lord! If You exist – save me! If You hear me – answer me! I am suffocating in this darkness! I am dying in this hopelessness! I am perishing in this prison!”
While the sufferer was shouting, he was making unsuccessful attempts to remove the chains from himself, but did not succeed at all. So, Jesus pointed him, as He told me:
“Now I will become a Door to his cell, so pass through Me! As you go in to Zacchaeus – drop the first of My kodrantes in his heart!”
So, the Saviour separated from me. As He grasped with hands the iron bars of the cell, He made them melt from His Light. Thus, standing as a Door, Lord spoke to me, again, as He said:
“Go in through Me, Stefan! For Zacchaeus has been praying for My coming to his heart for a long time!”
Listening to His Voice, I passed through the Lord. At the very moment of my passage, the first of His kodrantes grew too heavy in my hollow. So, I was already standing before the sufferer. As he saw me, he cried out in fear:
“Who are you? What are you doing in my dull existence? Where have you come from? How did you open the bars of my cell, in order to go in to me?”
“My brother!” – I replied:
“The Lord and God, Who you have been summoning for long through the pains of your heart – He sent me to you! He became the Door, so that I come into your dull existence! So, the Voice of Lord fills my mouth and asks you:
Do you want to understand your pain? Do you want to comprehend your condition? Mostly, do you want to change your fate?”
“I want, man of God! I want!” – cried out the sufferer. Then, inspired by Jesus, I caressed his head, as I dropped the first of the Heavenly kodrantes in his heart. Then I told him:
“Listen to me, Zacchaeus! Here, neither has Lord’s hand shortened, in order not to be able to save, and nor has His Spirit diminished, in order not to be able to win! But your sins have separated you from Lord! You wished to become a part of this dungeon by yourself! But now God’s Salvation will act in you! So that you see your own sins, which held you an enemy to God’s Holy presence!”
While I was talking to the suffering man, the heavy kodrantes of Repentance touched with its only tear his conscience. As it started cleansing it, it brought to light in the thoughts of Zacchaeus all his sins, all his evil words, all his falls and staggers. So the sufferer cried in his own heart, Tears of Repentance streamed from his eyes, as he could no longer hold them back. Then a miracle happened, for the heavy chain, with which the devil has tied up his chest, was broken. A wonderful relief, as silent joy and peace, came in from the Door Jesus to him. So Zacchaeus asked me:
“What have you done to me, man of God? Why is my chest no longer oppressed by horror and sorrow?”
I answered him, as I said:
“Not me, my brother! But Jesus, Who is the Door of God’s Salvation, broke the chain of your sins! His Heavenly kodrantes touched your conscience! As it cleansed it, it caused the breaking of the chain of your sins, in order for it no longer to press painfully on your chest. For now the first of the miracles of Salvation came to you – the miracle of Repentance. The miracle through which you paid what you owed back to your conscience, enlightened by God …”
After my last words to Zacchaeus I heard Lord tell me:
“Now leave My child Zacchaeus for a moment, in order for him to realize clearly what happened in His life! For I will send you again to him in a while!”
Thus the vision in the cell ceased, and I sat to write everything down in a book.



My brother! My faithful friend!
The devilish delusions, which the last vainglorious churches sprinkle as a poisonous spray at the face of the earth, have grown so numerous that fortresses will have to be brought down again and again, in the same way the seven priests with their trumpets before the wall of Jericho demolished them once.
What I am talking about? I am telling you that today the ones, deceived by the devil, stand once again behind the doctrinal fortresses of their false theology. It is because they think that Lord is in debt to them, while all others are in debt to Lord. The very word “debt” is something that carnal-minded people dislike. To “debt” they prefer “bargain”, “jobbery”, “benefit”, “interest”. What is debt actually? It is a laid condition, standard or criterion, which is irrevocable to the one, they put in debt.
Saying that Jesus has saved you, without feeling bound to God’s Salvation, means lying to your heart that you are capable of deceiving God, when in fact you have deceived yourself. Do you know how many places in God’s Word speak of debt and duty? Let me remind you only some of them:
“This is how we know what love is: Jesus Christ laid down his life for us. And we ought to lay down our lives for our brothers…” (1 John 3:16)
And more:
“Dear friends, since God so loved us, we also ought to love one another…” (1 John 4:11)
And more:
“So you also, when you have done everything you were told to do, should say, ‘We are unworthy servants; we have only done our duty.’…” (Luke 17:10)
When there are so many debts, we have to the Lord, will anyone dare claimi that Salvation and Eternal Life are profit and bargain, and not a thorny path and spiritual responsibility? But now I tell you again that those, who do want to deceive Lord through their theology, have simply deceived themselves. For Jesus has Word against them. Prophetic words, which He pronounced by Himself and which remained uncomprehended for two thousand years. These words of His are very necessary for the understanding of the prophetic visions in this book. Therefore let me now continue with my personal leadership from Jesus and with what, He started telling me. This is what He told me:
“Stefan, tell Me: How many places are there in My Word, where I talk about settling matters? What is settling matters for you?”
The words of my Lord made it so that the most accurate verse in the Bible, speaking of settling matters, emerged in my heart. Therefore I replied top Him, as I said:
“My Lord! There is only one place in Your Gospel where you talk about settling matters and that is Your order in “Matthew”:
“Settle matters quickly with your adversary who is taking you to court. Do it while you are still with him on the way, or he may hand you over to the judge, and the judge may hand you over to the officer, and you may be thrown into prison. I tell you the truth, you will not get out until you have paid the last kodrantes…”
As for the very matter settling, it is equivalent to affectionate consent with the one, who you would settle matters with…”
“That is namely so, My boy! But now see the words, which I have spoken in the Gospel, again. Who is that adversary, you should settle matters with, in for him not to hand you over to the Judge, and the Judge to the officer, so that you are thrown into prison? For, you yourself can read that you will not get out until you have paid the last kodrantes… Who is the adversary, Stefan?”
“Jesus! If there is an adversary, You would order us to settle matters with, then this adversary is Your Word. For Your Word is the adversary of every single person until the time of their complete turning to Your Light and Your Blessed Spirit comes. I also know that an entire life is not enough for us to be found completely subdued by Your Word and You…”
“Then, what else is there left to do, except for settling matters with My Word? Does not settling matters means admitting that you are sinful and you need My Forgiveness?”
“Yes, Jesus! This is exactly what is says! For of this “adversary”, we must settle matters with, Apostle John wrote in his message:
“If we claim to be without sin, we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us. If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness. If we claim we have not sinned, we make Him out to be a liar and His word has no place in our lives…” (I John 1:8-10)
Jesus nodded affirmatively with His head, and then, having raised His thumb, He touched my chest, as He said:
“Well, know then that today many do not want to settle matters with the “adversary”. Then by right of My words, the Word hands them over to the Judge, and the Judge – to that officer, which He put in charge of the prison. Who is in charge of the prison? Who is the warder, to whom the Judge gave the right to rule over these, who do not settle matters with God’s Word?”
The very words of Jesus gave me the answer to His question. Thus, I told Him:
“Lord of mine! The devil is the warder, who keeps the disobedient and rebellious in the dungeon of this world. According to Your words, they will not be able to leave it at all, until they have paid the last kodrantes…”
Jesus smiled at my words, and then went on talking to me, as He said:
“If I have really said that nobody can get out of the dungeon of the devil, without paying the last kodrantes, then are not there other kodrantes before this last kodrantes? What does it mean someone to get out of the dungeon? Is it not this – to recognize the Light of God’s Salvation and not to stand in the darkness of the devil?
Do you understand now that before paying back the last kodrantes, the trapped in the dungeon must pay back the three other kodrantes before the last one? For only so will they prove in act and reality that they love Me, My Father and the Holy Spirit. Here, I tell you:
All the people from now on to eternity, who will leave the dungeon of the world, by paying Heaven the four kodrantes of Salvation, will be people Zacchaeus! If anyone does not wish to pay back the kodrantes, then let such love the dungeon and let the dungeon love them! But if someone else loves God, he will seek Him with his whole heart and will obey Lord’s servants, sent to him.
Thus I will send you to the last Zacchaeus, who you will see in the dungeon. By giving you the four kodrantes of My Salvation, I will fill your lips with Boon and your heart with Light, in order for you to visit him in the dungeon and give him all the Faith, all the Hope and all the Love, it needs for his Salvation. Now follow Me…”
After the last words of Jesus a vision appeared before my heart. Thus, I was seeing the world in a way, never before given to me by Lord.
The world was one huge dungeon!
In this dungeon, rising all over the face of the earth, there were milliards of cells with iron bars, and a captive of Satan was standing behind each cell. Each of the captives in the dungeon was chained with iron chains, which started from their head and reached the end of their feet. The very sight of it soon went from sadness and anguish to horror and complete bewilderment. For the captives in the cells of the dungeon felt neither locked up, nor chained. On the contrary, captivated by delusive pictures and vainglorious visions, they rang happily with their chains, as they shouted and screamed that they are the freest and happiest people on earth. In general, wherever I looked in this dungeon, I saw terror, which can neither be told, nor described. For a huge number of people, who had never known God’s Salvation, were in total rebellion and disagreement with God’s Word. They lived in their dark cells because of the vainglory and saw in their iron chains complete freedom for their sweet sins and lawless deeds.
Actually – my eyes were seeing the gain of the devil. All that human souls, which He had deceived, defiled and corrupted, in order for them to be strange and foreign to God’s Love, God’s Light and God’s Salvation. So, at a certain moment my heart no longer could stand, and I asked my Lord in tears, as I told Him:
“Jesus! My wonderful Saviour! What have You given as a vision to Your servant? Here, my eyes see not millions, but billions of lost and darkened hearts! If till yesterday I have thought that the dungeon corresponds to hell, now I see that not only hell, but the world itself is also a big dungeon…”
“What else did you expect to see? Why have you forgotten how My Apostle John warned that the whole world lies in the wicked one?” – Lord asked me again in His turn. As He pointed with a hand the uncountable cells, He told me again:
“Should not My servants go exactly to this dungeon, in order to start helping the captives of the devil out of there?”
“How will that happen, my Lord? I saw that most of the captives liked their cells and the chains, which bind them. How is one to talk to people about Freedom in Your Name and Holy Spirit, when they enjoy the slave yoke of sin?”
As He listened to my words, Jesus added:
“The fact that most of the captives enjoy their cells and chains, really is so. But I tell you that not all prisoners like their cells and not all chained people like their chains. My Father has a remainder of people in this dungeon, who were chosen by Him through Boon.
Just as the Son of Man entered Jericho, the city of fortresses, once, and not all accepted Him, but many muttered against Him and abused Him, so will My servants enter this dungeon and not everybody will accept them, but many will abuse them.
But just as a Zacchaeus, who climbed a wild fig, in order to seek the eyes of the Lord, was found amidst Jericho, so will there be hands in this dungeon that will stretch out to Me, and hearts, which will yearn for My Word.
My servants, anointed by Me and taught by My Heart, will enter the dungeon with the four kodrantes of God’s Salvation. With these kodrantes, My servant!”
While Jesus was speaking His last words, He reached with His right hand into His Bosom. Thus only in a single moment the four kodrantes shone in His cupped hands. Lord spoke to me again, as He said:
“Take a careful look at the Heavenly kodrantes in My cupped hands. Here is the first coin, which is the kodrantes of Repentance! What do you see over it?”
I saw the coin, and then I noticed over it a human tear. Then I told Jesus:
“My Lord! Over the first of Your kodrantes there is a droplet, which is a tear…”
As He looked at me in Spirit of Heavenly Enlightenment, He said:
“Drop this coin in a heart that will long for Me. Then you will see by yourself how the single tear over the kodrantes will call out all the other tears of Repentance. But now take a look at the second coin, which is the kodrantes of Self-Purification. What do you see over it?”
I looked for a second time in the hands of the Lord. Then I saw that a droplet of Living Water was shining over the second kodrantes, tender and wonderful, as if just captured from the splashes of a Zion waterfall. This made me say enthusiastically to Lord:
“Jesus! A droplet of Living Water stands over the second of Your kodrantes!”
As He looked at me in Spirit of Heavenly Enlightenment a second time, Lord told me:
“Drop this coin in a heart that longs for the Holy Spirit. Then you will see by yourself how the only droplet of Living Water will turn into a River, which will perfectly cleanse the hands and the feet of the one, who abides in it.
But now take a look at the third coin, which is the kodrantes of Self-Denial. What do you see over it?”
I looked again in the hands of Jesus. Then I saw that a droplet of the Blood of my Lord was reddening over the third kodrantes. This made me tell Him:
“Jesus! A droplet of Your Blood is sprinkled on this kodrantes…”
The Saviour looked at me in Spirit of Heavenly Enlightenment for the third time, and told Me:
“Drop this coin in a heart, which has believed in Me. Then you will see by yourself how a single droplet of blood over the kodrantes will call out in the person a Perfect craving to deny themselves, to lift their cross and to crucify themselves together with Me! But mostly see the fourth coin, which is the kodrantes of Sacrifice. What do you see over it?”
I looked for the fourth time in the hands of the Lord. Then I saw that a spark of Father’s Fire was shining over the last Heavenly kodrantes, ardent and living, as if just brought out of the flames before God’s Altar. Then I told Jesus with all the love in my heart:
“My Lord! A fervent spark of the Fire of my Heavenly Father shines over the last of Your kodrantes!”
Jesus looked at me in Spirit of Heavenly Enlightenment for the fourth time, and He told me:
“Drop this coin in a heart that wants more than anything to abide in the Will of My Father! Then you will see by yourself how the single spark of God’s Fire will burn into a Flame of Holy Sacrifice!
Now do you understand better what the Heavenly power of My four kodrantes is? Do My understand that just as faith turns from a small mustard seed into a huge tree, to which the Heavenly birds perch, so does each of the Heavenly kodrantes turn into God’s Salvation, when redeemed in the heart of the one, who received it!
Here, I tell you all that the only way to be successful in the dungeon of the devil is by standing in front of Me, in order to get from My hands the four kodrantes of Salvation. And then, as you enter the cells of the captivated, to lay them in their hearts, so that anyone, who received them, to pay them back through faith to the Judge. For each of My kodrantes is Heavenly anointment, which breaks the yoke of sin and the chains of slavery. Then I tell you:
The Judge will order the officer of the dungeon (who is the very devil) not to stop all of these, who paid back to Heaven. For they no longer belong to him, and cannot remain as part of his darkness. The hearts of all the people Zacchaeus, which have left the dungeon, will be stamped with a Heavenly seal over their hearts. The seal will be the words of Father’s benevolence:
“But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people belonging to God, that you may declare the praises of Him Who called you out of darkness into His wonderful light…” (1 Peter 2:9)
You, servant of the Lord, take the kodrantes from My hands, now! As you go to the cell, I will point to you, annunciate the Salvation of My last Zacchaeus!”
With excitement, which I can neither tell, nor describe, I took the kodrantes from the right hand of Jesus. As I entered the cell, He pointed Me, I annunciated Lord’s Salvation of last Zacchaeus. The following wonderful visions in this book are about him.
May Lord find him with this prophetic word! Let Him illuminate with His Heavenly Light every recess of his heart! Amen and Amen!



My dear brother! My faithful friend!
Out of the many miracles, which my Lord did in my life as God’s prophet, I find most wonderful the miracle of recovering your sight. For seeing the things, you were blind for, is the most explicit evidence that not a man or your own mind, but Lord Himself led you and guided you. This is why, even after ten years of constant learning and illumination from Him, I relive the miracle of regaining sight again and again. So that I sate my heart with God’s Light and all my thoughts with Boon from Heaven. Now I tell you that this Boon is meant neither for my personal salvation, nor for additional confidence in my mind that Jesus is my Lord.
No, my brother!
This Boon is for all the people, who still do not know Jesus, as their Saviour, Lord and Light in their lives. For as far as I and my deed for the Kingdom is concerned, Jesus has already sealed me as one of His servants. But for those, who still do not know Him and are not yet illuminated by Holy Spirit, the time has come to run as fast as possible, in order to take the Wreath of Justice. For God watches us all too jealously and writes down all of our just deeds as incorruptible treasures on Heaven. Today I burn from His jealousy. Jealousy, through which He calls for His last servants, in order for them to work eagerly for His last deed on earth. There are people, called Zacchaeus, in it. That is – people, who will do in Spirit what the tax collector of Jericho once did in antiquity. Therefore let me continue with the very vision, which Lord revealed before my heart.
I was standing next to Jesus in the Living Gospel. He raised His hand and pointed forward, as He was already telling me:
“Walk after Me, Stefan! For now your Lord will enter with His feet a city, of which My Word has said a lot. This city is Jericho. What do you know about Jericho?”
“Jesus! This was the ancient city with tall fortresses that had stood in the way of Joshua, the leader of Israel after prophet Moses…”
“How did the tall fortified walls of Jericho fall? Did not the Commander of Lord’s army appear before Joshua? Were not trumpeters with seven trumpets, blowing against Jericho, necessary, in order for the city wall to fall down?”
“That is namely so, Lord!”
“Know then that through the visions in this prophetic book the Commander of Lord’s army has come to you, too. For you will also blow a trumpet in the last Jericho. All, who are Zacchaeus before the Face of your Lord, will surely hear the sound of the trumpet. Follow Me now and look forward, for Me and you will enter Jericho together…”
After His last words Jesus went forward and I followed Him. Thus we really entered the city, which was motley and crowded. As we walked for a while, Jesus turned to me, as He said:
“Look not before you, but a bit further, about hundred metres ahead of you. For you will surely see a man, who is preparing to meet Me…”
Listening to Lord’s words, I turned my sight away from the crowded multitude, as I looked ahead. So my eyes really saw a low man, who climbed nimbly on a wild fig and stood amidst its branches, as he looked with hope at the coming Lord. This made me tell Jesus:
“My Saviour! My eyes undoubtedly see the tax collector Zacchaeus, who climbed the wild fig, hoping to see You…”
“Yes, it is so! As he wished to see Me, let Me see him, too…”
After these words Lords hastened His steps, as He approached the tree and Zacchaeus. As He stretched a hand to him, He said with warm and friendly Voice:
“Zacchaeus, come down immediately. I must stay at your house today…” (Luke 19:5)
Hardly having met the loving eyes of Jesus, Zacchaeus was embarrassed and bent his head down, as if he did not want to believe that God’s Son was showing such big respect and such perfect benevolence. Then, as he went off the tree, he bowed before the Lord. As he walked bent down before Him, he stretched out his hand forward, in order to take Him to his home. While Jesus was walking after the tax collector, a mutter of disapproval, mixed with scorn and indignation, spread in the crowds around Him:
“Who is He? Who gives Him the right to that? How has He gone to be the guest of a sinner?”
Yet, my Lord, paying no attention to the evil mutter, continued to follow Zacchaeus. Finally, me and Jesus entered the house of the tax collector of Jericho. As the Glory and the Light of the Lord shone too brightly from Him, the very walls of Zacchaeus’ home were illuminated by His presence. This made Zacchaeus open a stash amidst one of the walls. As he took several bags, filled with silver coins, out of the stash, he put them in the feet of the Lord, as he told Him:
“Look, Lord! Here and now I give half of my possessions to the poor…” (Luke 19:8)
Then, having looked up to Jesus, he expected Him to react. My Lord reacted indeed. For, as He reached into His mantle, He took four Heavenly coins in His hand. They were unnoticeable for those, who were present. As He caressed the head of Zacchaeus, He dropped the coins in His very heart, and thus the spirit of Zacchaeus shone at once. This made the tax collector speak to Jesus again, as he said:
“And if I have cheated anybody out of anything, I will pay back four times the amount…” (Luke 19:8)
The words of Zacchaeus made his heart enlighten even more. Then the Saviour stretched out a hand and touched his glowing heart, as He told all the inhabitants of his house:
“Today salvation has come to this house, because this man, too, is a son of Abraham. For the Son of Man came to seek and to save what was lost…” (Luke 19:9-10)
Then, having turned His head to me, Jesus asked me:
“How can you comprehend My deed, Stefan? How do you understand My words, through which I said to all the people in the house of Zacchaeus that today a Salvation has come to his home?”
“Lord! Zacchaeus brought out and laid before Your feet all the earth riches, he had collected in the days, when He did not know You. As he bowed before You, he set half of his possessions to the poor. Then You Yourself reached into Your Bosom from where You took three Heavenly coins, which You dropped in his heart. These four coins made Zacchaeus say again that if he had cheated anybody out of anything, he would pay back four times the amount…”
“Except for earthly money, what else can the life of people be cheated out of? Is there anything more valuable and important, which anyone would cheat the life of every person out of?”
“Jesus! The more precious thing, which is cheated out of people’s life, is the Salvation of their souls. Thus, after devoting half of his earthly possessions to the poor, Zacchaeus decided to devote these four coins, which Your hand poured in his heart, to them…”
“That is namely so, servant of the Lord! You answered me correctly and just as I expected you to. But look again at what I tell Zacchaeus:
“Today salvation has come to this house, because this man, too, is a son of Abraham…”
To which house did the salvation come, according to My words? Do bricks, stones, beams and tiles need Salvation?”
“My Lord! When You pronounced Your words, Your hand pointed the heart of Zacchaeus. For this was the house to which the Salvation had come. For the Trinity came to live in it, in complete consent with Your words from “John”:
“If anyone loves Me, he will obey My teaching. My Father will love him, and we will come to him and make our home with him…” (John 14:23)
Zacchaeus loved You and this is why he climbed the wild fig in order to meet You! He decided to humble his heart before Your teaching, which teaches us to store treasures on heaven, by making benefactions to the poor. This is why You poured the four Heavenly kodrantes in his heart. They made him promise that he would pay back four times anyone, he had cheated out of their salvation.
But what are these Heavenly coins, Jesus? What should I compare them to and how am I supposed to understand them?”
In reply to my words, having stretched His hand out to Zacchaeus heart, again, Jesus said:
“These coins are the kodrantes of Heaven!
That is – the Holy debts, which everyone has to pay back to God and heaven, when they accept God’s Salvation in their heart! For God’s Salvation is Holy and it obliges all, who participate in it to pay it back four times! So if someone says the Son of Man has paid their debts on the Cross, then let such one know that I do not want anything from him, which I have not given to him. I want, what I give to him! I give him freely the four kodrantes of Salvation! It depends on his heart, if he will pay them back to God and Heaven! In this relation Zacchaeus completely displayed God’s Will for every person:
Not simply to give your fortune for the well-being of the poor, but also to pay back four times for the Salvation, you have received from Heaven!
For these four kodrantes in the heart of Zacchaeus are spiritual and represent correspondingly to Repentance, Self-Purification, Self-Denial and Sacrifice!
Without Repentance, Self-Purification, Self-Denial and Sacrifice you will not be able to escape the power of this world!
Without the four kodrantes of God’s Salvation you can defeat neither the lust of flesh, nor the desire of the eyes, nor the vainglory of life. Then there would not be any Love for God in your hearts! But if anyone shows the eagerness of Zacchaeus and pays back God the Heavenly kodrantes, which I lay in their heart, then Lord Himself will point the heart of such one, in order to tell him:
“Today salvation has come to this house, because this man, too, is a son of Abraham…”
Do you really want to be sons of Abraham? Then follow Me into the next visions, which I will give to My prophet. For in them I will let you all see how the kodrantes you owe to Heaven, are paid back!
I, God of Zacchaeus and Lord of all children of Abraham, still talk and do not fall silent!”



My dear brother! My faithful friend!
There is One Most Pure Spring, Whose waters long for my lips and This Spring is Jesus! There is One Wonderful Sun, Whose rays thirst for my eyes and This Sun is Jesus! There is a Vine, thick with leaves of Boon, for Whose Fruits my heart longs and This Vine is Jesus!
No matter what evil the devil throws above my head and in my fate, I thank my Lord and Saviour for sealing me with His Holy Spirit for Salvation and Eternal Life. No matter how much terror, lies and disgrace my heart goes through, I am thankful to Him for making me take part with Him in His suffering, in order for me to rejoice too much when His Glory appears.
I tell you this, for Jesus is everything to me. He has penetrated each one of my body cells, each fibre of my soul, all the thoughts of my heart. Now, when I look back and see His extraordinary blessed appearance in my life, I feel not just happy, but filled with immeasurable bliss.
I do not have and do not want to have any other words in my mouth, but words of honour and burst of deep gratitude to my Saviour. For paying attention to that repulsive nonentity, called devil and Satan, means testifying my impressions to him. The ancient serpent does not deserve that a whit. Even more – when Lord broke into its heart and brought to light its worms, which it used to deceive the entire cooled and profligate multitude.
I tell you the Truth in the Name of Jesus, and it is that His prophetic visions are the reason for each sincere and faithful heart to praise Him. For He is our Saviour, He did not leave us in the darkness of Babylon vileness. He did not stop talking to His servant and did not stop pouring all the great and blessed visions, in order to save all, who want to listen to His Voice. He will not stop leading us according to His Will in the future, too, in order to fill His Temple with living and precious stones. In order to put diamonds and pearls on His crown, which are confirmed in the grief and the persecution of the last time. In order to lead into the council of His Saints His last glorious and wonderful men and women of faith.
Amen and Amen!
In the first days of the New Year for the very first time I felt a sudden change in my deed for the Heavenly King. This was a sudden change, which was because of all, He had given to His living Church in the past year. This was a sudden change which ended with a brilliant and crushing blow in the very heart of the devil.
What do you think, my brother? Can a heart, submitted to humbleness and obedience before the Lord, not be perfectly satisfied with the work, which it toiled at not for a month or two, but for years in a row? Can all God’s children, having grown in faith and knowledge of God, not feel that Jesus has already brought them out of Babylon with a strong hand? If you have felt that you have already been brought out of the vileness of desolation, then is not it time to roll up your sleeves and devote yourself to prophetic good word? Are there too few visions about it? Was it only a few words of Eternal Life which Lord gave you through His servant? Just see that in the last prophetic book Jesus talks to us all, as to His friends. As to those, who will bear His Grape Clusters. As to those, who will take part in His Celebration. As to those, who will built themselves in His Temple on Hill Moriah. As to those, who will come out to the crossroads of the world, in order to find the Naaman people and introduce them to the waters of the Holy Spirit. If you think that this is where Jesus will stop His vision about His last harvesters and baptisers, then this means that you have not known Him completely.
For Lord was once again by my side. As He touched me with His blessed fingers, He made verses of the Gospel emerge in my heart. They were connected with people, who did not know Him, but recognized Him at a certain moment. Not only did they recognize him, but they became the Perfect executors of God’s Will. One such man was Zacchaeus – the chief tax collector in Jericho.
I will ask you to imagine what it is like being a tax collector in ancient Israel. As you see, tax collectors collect taxes for the Caesar. At that ancient time the Caesar of Israel was the very emperor of Rome. He had placed in Judea his submissive pawn Pilate together with a number of regiments and commanders. He insisted that silver and gold constantly flow to the bottomless treasury of the empire. You can see by yourself that for the Hebrew people the Roman greed, haughtiness and oppression were worthy of disdain and disgust. Thus the tax collectors of the Roman Empire were considered most ignoble and sinful men.
Yet, my Lord, being the highest of the higher, sought and loved exactly the lowest among the low ones. It was among them that He chose the tax collector Matthew, who became an evangelist of the Lord. The same way He chose Zacchaeus, who was the chief tax collector in the city of Jericho.
This very Zacchaeus appeared in a vision before my heart. I saw him climb a sycamore tree, in order to see Jesus coming. I saw him smile embarrassed, when Lord told him in a friendly way that He had decided that day to stay at his house. I saw that tax collector and was sincerely surprised, for I thought that Jesus had spoken to me all that could be said and comprehended about Zacchaeus. As the vision was too living, in order for me to stand with my mouth shut, I fell to my knees before my Saviour, as I told Him:
“My Lord! The fearsome visions from hill Ebal, where You crushed the seven worms of Satan, still cannot fade away and here – there is a new vision from You before my heart. I see Zacchaeus in it. Do you want to talk about him, Jesus?”
As He listened to my prayer, Lord caressed my head with a hand, and thus my thoughts were emblazed. Then He talked to me, as He said:
“Did not I say in the last book that I am not just abundant, but most abundant Lord? If you think that with the people Naaman the entire godly revelation for the Salvation of the last time is depleted, then there is really a lot more to learn and know from your Lord. For now I tell you that to the man of Aram Naaman the tax collector Zacchaeus will surely be added. If I have let the people Naaman know the seven waves of God’s Sanctification, then I will let the people Zacchaeus know the four kodrantes of God’s Salvation. Does that surprise you, Stefan?”
I was listening to the most-wise words of Jesus and still I did not comprehend anything. But when I raised my sight to Him and saw the blessed smile on His lips, I replied to Him, as I said:
“My Saviour! At the end of the twenty-eighth chapter of his book prophet Isaiah wrote something too true for You. It is that You are One, Who is wonderful in counsel and magnificent in Wisdom. This is why I cannot stop my constant amazement and surprise at each of Your comings to my heart. Now Your words make me realize that I have not understood anything about the tax collector Zacchaeus…”
“That is not so, My servant and therefore do not reproach yourself!” – Jesus laughed and went on:
“I have already spoken to you once of the tax collector Zacchaeus, when you wrote the book “The gates of Life and death”. Then I gave you a revelation for the sycamore tree, on which he had climbed, in order to see the Lord. But realize now that that revelation of Mine to your heart was a spiritual hint for the sin of the last vainglorious churches, which love the sycamore trees of their pride and self-exaltation, for silk-worms creep in their leaves. Thus the vainglorious ones were one last and depraved Zacchaeus, standing outside of the Bible and out of God’s benevolence, due to his great self-confidence and reluctance to come down from the sycamore tree.
The truth however will confirm to you that there is one Zacchaeus in My Word, who seeks God and who had climbed not on a sycamore tree, but on a wild fig-tree, even if in the text of your bible you read that it is a sycamore tree. Yes, Stefan! The tree of the biblical Zacchaeus was a wild fig-tree. In other words it was “Shikma”, as the Israelites call it. Now think and tell Me:
Does your Lord want wild figs or figs, cultivated with the Holy Spirit?”
“Jesus! You want us to be like cultivated figs. For thus we will bear a lot of fruit and it will be much sweeter than that of the wild fig-tree…”
“This is namely the reason I told the tax collector Zacchaeus to come down from the tree. For I saw in his heart a desire to change, as well as thirst for Salvation.
Do you know how many heathens feel this thirst today, and yet do not realize it yet? Do you know how many people climb the wild fig-trees in their hearts, in order to see Lord passing through the world, while they do not realize, at all, that their fruit is astringent and not eatable? Are not servants of the Lord necessary, in order to recognize My omens in the life of Zacchaeus and do them in the lives of the heathens, I choose?
This is why I tell you to follow Me. For you are a fig of the Lord on the Hill of Gerizim, a prophet in the Spirit and the Power of Elijah! Let all, who want to be Lord’s deliverers of the good word in the last time, follow me together with you. For now your Lord will unseal the secret, which remained hidden from My Early Church till the very present day:
The secret of the four kodrantes of God’s Salvation!”