My dear brother! My faithful friend!
A longing is burning my heart more than all the other desires, and it for Lord Jesus Christ to return as soon as possible in His Coming. For the dishonesty on this world had grown so dense that the time has come of the fearsome oppression of the Faithful to the Saviour. The oppression to look and see that all the deeds of the lewd woman Babylon are done in “the Name of Jesus”. Such vileness brings great pain, for you want to mourn over that profligate generation, which even though reads the New Testament, does wants neither to liken itself to the Image of God’s Son at all, nor to do His Deeds.
What is it that calms them down, in order for them to be so impudent in their bows before the devil? How is one to explain their magnetism, through which they attract to themselves thousands of thousands?
The truth, my brother, is hidden in the human nature, which is always used to seeking the path of least resistance, the path, connected with the least efforts. The selfishness itself likes to drive its thoughts into places, where it feels secure and protected. It completely rejects the Holy words of Lord, connected with our self-denial and us lifting our cross, for the cross is a place, where selfishness would die. It explicitly denies going up with Jesus along the paths of Holiness, but prefers crowded places, where many will share the condemnation. At least – shared condemnation is easier to bear and is not even tangible. There is some “security” not to be alone among those, who abuse, disgrace and crucify God’s Son. There is a certain “courage” in confessing to one other “Jesus”, who does not mind at all giving all of his prosperity and self-seeking on earth, and then all of his Glory on earth. There is a “tickle” in listening to the man before the pulpit flooding you with epithets, comparisons and promises, while cries of “Amen” and “Hallelujah” thunder like fireworks on New Year. One feels an indescribable pleasure, when the super-preacher of America, having written lots of bestsellers, convinces you that his “Jesus” has a special plan for you, and that you will learn the details of this plan, when you pay a fortune to the church merchants and buy his last book.
“Here, look at me! I succeeded and this means that you will, too! Whatever he did for me, he will do for you! Therefore hold your donation firmly now and make the good confession of faith! O, hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah!”
Hardly will a sincere and enlightened heart find more unbearable sight than that – to look at a pig drool religious slobber from the pulpit, while its follower take its slobber and spread it on their heads, in order to find themselves “anointed” by the “anointed one”. Yet, this has been taking place, takes place and will continue to take place, as long as the deceived ones, who want to be deceived, follow the pig into its unchangeable destiny from God.
In this last book of God’s prophet, you understood that the Gospel of Lord Jesus Christ there is one last reading, which not the reading of “yesterday” or “today”, but the reading “forever”, the reading from Eternity. The devil harnessed his most powerful demons against this reading, so that the secret of wickedness is not revealed before the world. Yet, even though Satan will throw all his four gales against the boat of Holy Spirit, and will also harden one entire church generation against the testimonies of a God’s prophet, this neither troubles the Eternal Judge, nor will make Him give up His intention. And His intention is all, who hate His Justice, and have no steadfast spirit for His Image and Example, to be condemned. Exactly the spirit of the false prophet, who is the Legion of the last time, is the perfect guarantee that none of the religious impious men will show up on the Wedding of the Lamb, for such will be killed by their own madness and by the bonds of their monstrous compromises, which they made with the Holiness and the Deed of Lord Jesus Christ.
It is of no significance that such anonymous rats will jump, in order to sniff and keep an open eye for access to that book, in order to download it from the Internet – they will be condemned, even through its reading. Even though they will start e-mailing theological “experts” in large numbers, in order to resist yet another “slopsmuck” of Glavchev, I still remain with peace of God in my heart, for the fate of these mad men was written and pronounced by the Judge long ago.
It does not matter that, in reply to his heart being stabbed by the Sword, the spirit of the false prophet will start destroying and burning my books with even greater fury, as I will still rejoice in the Salvation, which my Lord does. For even if He has given me up to temporary suffering and religious dungeon, some time or other the evil will cease and the dungeon will be over. The glass will be drunk and what Father admitted will end.
Then what? Then, my brother, positions will be switched. For all these pigs in the country of Gadarenes, which were possessed by the demons of Legion, neither grazed there meekly, nor enjoyed uneventful happiness. There were demons in them, which will surely push them, in order to meet their master. If you believe in the promise of Jesus that “heaven and earth will pass away, but My words will never pass away”, then this comes to show you that the days of Legion are numbered. Not just the days of the false prophet, but the time of all of his falsechrists and wicked men, powerful to tempt through trade, and shade with wickedness. The fate of these last tempters of the devil will be too horrible, as it is written of them in “Mark”:
“And the evil spirits came out (of the world) and went into the pigs. The herd, about two thousand in number, rushed down the steep bank into the lake and were drowned…” (Mark 5:13)
I want you to see here that important detail, of which I hinted at the beginning of this chapter. For the verse tells you that the pigs rushed down “the steep bank into the lake”. This, my brother, is the inertia of wickedness, the speed of falling, which gets even more frightening, as the steepness increases. I already told you that human selfishness loves the path of least resistance. Think then and tell me:
When do your feet feel resistance? When you walk up or when you walk down? Does not sense itself tell you that there is no resistance in going down? Yet, if there is no resistance, is not it substituted by disastrous fall to hell? How would you read and interpret the wise verse from “Proverbs”, which claims:
“The path of life leads upward for the wise to keep him from going down to the grave…” (Proverbs 15:24)
Is there really any reason in trusting your heart to a falsechrist, who became a millionaire by trading what is of Jesus Christ, as he trampled with his lawless feet upon the Holy divine principle:
“Freely you have received, freely give!” (Matthew 10:8)
Is it wise to place a sign of equality between the merchant and the Holy Lord and God of our souls, Who appeals to all of us with the words from “Revelation”:
“I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End. To him who is thirsty I will give to drink without cost from the spring of the water of life…” (Revelation 21:6)
If even Jesus, with His entire possible Authority and heavenly might gives to him who is thirsty without cost from the Spring of Life, who are these religious pigs, who dare earn a lot of Mammon’s silver pieces, without a single though about their fate? If you have not seen them so far in this book, this means that a large scale of snake’s wickedness stands before the sight of your heart, and it will render you blind forever. But if Christ really touched you with the prophetic message in this book, then prepare to see the striking doom of the pigs in the vision, which is about to take place, for this is the vision with the steepness of increased wickedness. Thus, my brother, I was still in the Presence of Jesus and in the Spirit of this prophesy, when He started talking to me, as He said:
“My servant! Do you remember the book, through which My Personal leadership of your heart began?”
“Jesus! I will never forget how thirteen years ago You visited me, in order to give a whip to your servant, in order for him to crash it on the merchants in the Temple…”
Lord smiled at my words, and then went on with another question:
“If then – at the beginning – I was Alpha for you, am I not Omega now at the end? Should not the Alpha be brought together with the Omega, the First One with the Last One, the beginning of My leadership to you with the end? Do you find it wondrous then that Lord left for the very end the book, which strikes the devil, as no other? Let Me ask you this way:
What would the devil be without the usage of the false prophet? Would that damned religious system, called Babylon, even exist, if there was no spirit of blinding and most fearful delusion, present among those, who retreated from God? Would the lewd woman fill its glass with all the vileness and impurities of her own lechery, if the spirit of the false prophet did not deceive her that she is God’s, only and chosen one? Would the believers exchange the blessings of Heaven for the silver pieces of Mammon, if it was not for the pigs to deceive and tempt them? Would the church leaders exchange Christ’s serving for Diotrephes’ ruling, if it was not once again for the pigs to tempt them? Do you understand now, My servant, that this increased wickedness really formed a steepness, too frightening, which leads to the fiery lake? What else should I tell you, but to take you to the steepness in the country of Gadarenes, in order for you to see this with your eyes and write it down as warning for the Called, Chosen and Faithful?”
After His last words Lord hugged me again with His Right hand, as He led me to the very steepness. I saw before myself that large flock of pigs, which were grazing on the steepness, but were not falling yet into the lake, as Jesus had not given a sign to the demons to act in them. Thus, standing above the very steepness together with me, on the Rock of His Spirit, Lord stretched His right hand out to the flock of pigs, as He told them:
“Not anyone, who cries out to Me, Lord, Lord, will enter My Kingdom, but the one, who does the Will of My Father! Here, I appear His Will before you: Turn yourself through repentance, and look up to Me! For you will need to walk all this steepness back up to the very summit, and then to jump from there to the Cloud of God’s Glory, in order to witness the Almighty, and be His sacrificial rams, as well as intercessors for His people!”
Having heard the Voice of the Lord, the pigs lifted their muzzles, as they tried to turn around and look up. But then the spirits in them made them grunt displeased, as they buried their feet into the soil and neither wanted to do the Will of Father, nor wanted to obey the words of Jesus. This made Lord fill His Voice with Anger and tell them again:
“My Father, the Loving and Merciful One, loved the world so much that He gave His Onlyborn Son, so that not even one, who believes in Him dies, but instead to have Eternal Life!
You give too, just as My Father gives, for that is His Sacred Will! Make your hands giving and your hearts selfless, in order to liken yourselves to the Blessed Image of His Son! For no one has greater love than this – to give his life for his fellow men!”
Having hears these words of Jesus, the pigs squeaked in madness and rebellion. As they bent down their heads, they started digging the soil with them, as they could not bear at all the blessed words of the King. Then slobber came out of their muzzles, and it formed slippery furrows, similar to streams. All this slippery vileness started smearing on the steepness, thus making the soil too repulsive and slippery. The squeaking was already transforming into an indescribable pig’s cry, when the Wrathful Voice of Jesus turned into thunder and fearsome rumble. With a lightning out of His lips, He touched me with His two hand, as He not only shouted, but shook the steepness of the country of Gadarenes:
“Do not seek mad justifications for your trade before My Face! For I and My Father raised a servant, who gives freely and testifies for Us! Now the lightning of the Eternal Judge seeks room for change in your muzzles, desecrated by trade! Accept My Heavenly Light, in order to be exposed and punished today, and not in the Day of Last Judgment! Become sacrificial rams of Heaven, instead of well-fed pigs on earth! Give away your unrighteous riches to the poor and thus acquire purses, which do not wear out!”
One with the words of Jesus, the lightning darted and multiplied, as each of its rays tried entering the muzzles of the pigs. Yet, they declared to the Saviour in supreme howl and most repulsive squeaking that He is a “devil” and speaks of the wicked one. My Lord, Whose eyes had turned into fiery flames, was already telling me:
“Remember this vision! For the prophetic testimonies from the Hill Moriah, which I have given to you in all the years of your service, are destined to spread all over the earth like lightning bolts, in order to surely stick into the filthy muzzles of the pigs. They will all abuse the God of Boon and Salvation, due to the demons of Legion, who possessed their hearts. Then this is what will happen to them, My servant…”
Then Jesus took the Staff out of His mantle. As He stretched it out against the pigs in the country of Gadarenes, He cried out with Voice, too powerful and shaking Voice:
“Let the slippery furrows of the trade spirit trip My enemies to the bottom of hell, and to the waves of the fiery lake! Let each pig, in its pig wickedness, carry those who trust and feed it off together with itself! Let My Sword, polished against the dishonest ones – for sin, for Righteousness and for fate – strike the entire family of Babylon with the fates of My Anger! I will not speak much more, for I made My people something more than winners! They will never throw away their pearls to the pigs! Neither will they exchange the Light of the Gates of Jerusalem for the loathsome palaces of the false prophet! Take a look at the fate of Legion and his pigs, My people! Do not stop at all being fragrance for My Face! For through the service of one sacrificial ram on Heaven, your Lord has the power to condemn all the well-fed pigs on earth! Even more – when next to My ram, take their place all the other rams, which My Father confirmed for the Glory of His Son!”
After the last words of my Lord and King, His lightning shattered the steepness. As the pigs tripped in the slippery furrows of their own slobber, they fell in the lake in wild squeaking and fearsome howl. As Lord’s lightning bound them in a common net, it tracked out from their hearts all their followers, which were dragged along after them – in their fall and eternal curse from God. When the vision was over, Jesus spoke to me again, as He said:
“My servant! This prophetic book will remain memorable for My children! It will be called “the most saving rope of Zion for all of Zion’s captives” and through it I will commit fates of restitution and repentance! You are blessed for resisting devil’s fury, and for accepting to suffer for My Name! Your Master and Friend will never forget this, but will pour all the blessings of Zion in your heart! Now be wrapped up in My Peace! May both your health and strength replenish, and may you receive all the Heavenly blessings, which you earned in humbleness before My eyes!
I, the Eternal Judge of Zion, defeated with the double-edged Sword of My mouth the spirit of the false prophet, who is the Legion of the last time! Blessed be all, who believe in Me, in order for them to give all their love and goods to the sacrificial ram on Heaven, as they completely despise and repulse from the well-fed pigs of the false prophet! I have spoken it! I have pronounced it!”

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