My dear brother! My faithful friend!
I do not know whether you understand how Faithful and True Lord Jesus is! I do not know whether you take into account that His Faithfulness is higher than the clouds and His Love – deeper than the sea depths. However, right now, I would like for you to remember some too splendid biblical words of the Saviour:
“Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever…” (Hebrews 13:8)
Then, think what Jesus did “yesterday”. Not in your yesterday from the day before, but the “yesterday” from the antiquity of mankind. As for the “yesterday” of Jesus, Apostle Peter wrote to all of us:
“For Christ also suffered once for sins, the righteous for the unrighteous, to bring you to God. He was put to death in the body but made alive in the Spirit. After being made alive, he went and made proclamation to the imprisoned spirits – to those who were disobedient long ago when God waited patiently in the days of Noah while the ark was being built. In it only a few people, eight in all, were saved through water…” (1 Peter 3:18-20)
If Lord Jesus did these perfect deeds “yesterday”, will He not do them “today”, too? Is He not the Same – yesterday, today and forever? And, if “yesterday” there was darkness, in which many were disobedient, until God’s long-patience was waiting for them in the days of Noah, then, what shall we say about “today”? Are not “today” the disobedient men much more? Has not the darkness become so great that the whole world has turned into a prison for the souls and hearts of the men? And, if only few people, eight in all, were saved in the days of the first Noah, then, how many would the saved ones be in the days of the last Noah? Here I tell you that, when one goes out of the dungeon of the religious furies, they are still blind for the Truth and have not started to see completely. Since, the Sun from Zion shines in his eyes, but they are not used to the Heavenly Light at all, because they have been darkened by the dungeon for so long. Here, Lord sends His servants exactly for such men, so that they might pass them a hand and to become their support; and, by showing them the Way to the Mount, to be their faithful companions and perfect friends. This is also the purpose of these initial words of mine before the splendid vision, which Jesus revealed to me in Heavenly Jerusalem. Since, this is a vision for all those, who have been sought and found by God’s Kindness and Mercy in the last days of the perishing world. Therefore, let me tell you what the words of Jesus were at the time, when He raised my heart in His Heavenly city. Here are the words of my Lord:
“Be careful to see and write everything that I am going to show your heart now. As despite all the visions you have received from Me, this one has never been given to you. However, it will entirely turn out to be not only precious, but fateful for all of My brothers and sisters. For, it is a vision about the Moment – the short Blink of an eye, in which everything will come to happen and be done. Then, what do you think? If, at the other visions, God’s children have had enough time to understand, comprehend and begin to live them, then, what about the vision with the Moment? Does the Moment offer enough time for one to prepare oneself for it?”
“Oh, my precious Saviour! The moment is so short that, for all of us, he is the most serious trial and the very top of all our faith in You. The Moment comes to take to God all those, who have been preparing and working for It in all their life. So, I understand that the Moment is that activity of God, at which Father has already stopped waiting for the repentance and turning of the men to Him and has commanded the end of everything old and the destruction of the wicked ones…”
“And, how many of My people can be sure as to the Moment? For, this Moment may already happen at each second from the time of this world. It may come, while you are sleeping, while being on the way, and even while you are not even considering it. Then, is there any warrantee that, everybody, calling themselves “a Christian”, will be taken into the clouds, in order to meet Lord in the air?…”
The words of Jesus were very painful for my heart. That is why I answered Him, saying:
“My Lord! You are Faithful and True! I know that no one of Your people will remain in this old and doomed world, when the Moment comes. What is more – I know that many will be shocked in horror, since they have been omitted. They are exactly the five insensible virgins, who you showed me in the visions from the book about the days of Evil…”
“That is right! No one of My people will remain on the earth, when the Moment comes. However, many will be found out of Me, out of Salvation and out of the Moment. Now, think again and tell Me:
If your Lord is Faithful and True, will He not put in the hearts of His children one wonderful and unshakable hope for the Moment? In generally, does not this Moment have its marks that are like a mighty confirmation by the Holy Spirit in the hearts of the called, chosen and faithful ones?”
“Yes, my Lord! The Moment surely has its marks. Otherwise, there would not be a taking of Your Church in Heaven…”
After my last words, Lord stretched His hand up. He showed me the lightest star in Heaven and was already telling me:
“Let Me now raise you together with Me, in order for you to see the very realization of the Moment. So, your heart will know the secrets of God, which are related to this Moment…”
While Jesus was talking to my heart, the Spirit raised us above, so that, a moment later, my eyes could see the whole splendour and beauty of Heavenly Jerusalem. Then, Lord caught tight my hand and we both went along the gold streets of the city. I do not know how long we were walking, but finally, I saw that Lord stopped me in front of the Palace of God’s Holiness, where the Throne Hall of Almighty was. Here that Jesus was already opening the doors of the Palace, telling me:
“Go in after Me, you, who are beloved by My Father! My Father will talk to your heart out of the depths of His Own Heart. Since, neither Me, nor any of the Heavenly angels know when the realization of the Moment will take place. This is a part of the Personal Will and Sovereignty of My Father. He is the One, Who will do nothing, without revealing His intentions to His servants, the prophets…”
After these words, Lord was already stepping into the very Hall and I followed Him. Hardly having made the second step, I fell on my knees and covered my eyes with palms, because Light, mixed with Fire, was sparkling out of God’s Throne. Letting go of my hand, Jesus continued to step further until I heard Him say:
“My Almighty Father! According to Your Will, I have led Your servant before Your Throne, in order for You to talk to his heart out of Your Own Heart! Give him all the Light and comprehension of the Moment, which You keep as an Eternal Reward for Your children! Here, My Father! Your servant stands in Your presence and his heart listens to You…”
After the last words of the Lord, the Voice of God Father came to my heart. As radiances, enveloped in fire, His words entered my spirit and made it tremble with trepidation and woe. By these words, Father was already telling me:
“Son of man! I have chosen and confirmed you! I have formed and enlightened you! I have commanded that you become a stepping stone for some and a stumbling stone for others. As to those, who stepped upon your testimony and humbled their souls, I am speaking to them the words of My Heart, telling them: My people! I will no longer delay the execution of My greatest promise to the Bride of My Son! For, the end of everything old and the beginning of everything new is coming! The Moment is exactly the bridge between the end of the old and the beginning of the new! This is the Moment, when I will raise your hearts into the clouds of My Glory; the Moment, when the miracle of Resurrection will cover the perishable with imperishability and will dress the mortal with immortality! The Moment, when I will remove the shadow of death, which is being cast as a covering upon all the nations, and will swallow up death in victory! The Moment, when, before the eyes of Father, every one of His children will be in Glory – as the One and Only is; in fullness – as the One and Only is; in eternal happiness and bliss – as the One and Only is! Since, I, the Father of the spirits and Lord of Powers, am mighty to deprive you of the old creation and to make you My sons for Eternity.
Therefore, look, son of man! Look at the Moment that I will unfold before your eyes with My mighty Power! And, as you listen to all the words of the One and Only of Father, write them as a last and Holy prophetic testimony for all My people on earth! With this vision, I will wipe the tears off their eyes and will let them see the consequence of each sigh, each pain and each cry…”
After the last words of Father, Jesus approached me. He stood me upright with His mighty hands and was already telling me:
“Let us both go out of God’s Throne! Since, a moment later, the doors of the Palace will be opened for the sake of the Moment…”
With excitement, I followed my Lord, Who was already going out of God’s Palace and was closing the doors after Himself. Then, Jesus showed me a place aside of the Palace and told me:
“Sit down next to this olive tree and look at the sign, which My Father will perform in front of your eyes…”
While I was sitting down, I noticed that the doors of the Palace opened very widely, so that the whole Heavenly city was enlightened by the Glory and Majesty of God and Father. Then, the fiery hands of the Almighty God were stretched out of the very doors and the whole Heaven resounded from His Voice That was saying:
“Holy Spirit! Let the Voice of the Archangel descend and go about all the recesses of the earth! And, where the Voice is, let God’s trumpet call there, too…”
After the words of the Almighty, God’s Archangel went out of the Palace; he had a robe that was as light as the Sun and was holding a staff in his right hand. The Archangel stretched his staff to the earth, as he was flying down from Zion and descending to the earth places. An instant after the Archangel had gone out, the gold trumpet of God appeared from Father’s Palace; it was carried by Lord’s angel. He also followed the Archangel, coming down together with him to the earth places. Then, the message of the Heavenly proclaiming was heard all over the earth. The Archangel was crying:
“Here, Jesus is coming soon! Be ready for His coming! Be ready for the Moment!”
After the voice of the Archangel, the sounds of the Trumpet, blown by the angel of God, might be heard, too. The Trumpet Itself was speaking with God’s Voice, thunderously saying:
“Awake, awake, Zion, clothe yourself with strength! Put on your garments of splendour, Jerusalem, the Holy city. The uncircumcised and defiled will not enter you again. Shake off your dust; rise up, sit enthroned, Jerusalem. Free yourself from the chains on your neck, Daughter Zion, now a captive… ” (Isaiah 52:1-2) 
So, the Archangel and the angel with God’s trumpet continued for some time to go about the earth and to proclaim God’s words. Finally, the fiery hands of the Almighty moved before His Throne. Father’s Voice resounded again all over the Heaven, saying:
“My Holy Spirit! Show before My Throne the rays of all the Faith, Hope and Love by Christ, which you seek and find out on earth! Show Me the rays of those, who awoke from the voice of the Archangel and the sound of the Trumpet! Show Me the rays of those, who put on the splendid garment of My Son! Show Me the rays of those, who shook off their dust and freed themselves from the chains on their neck!”
A moment after the words of God Father, millions of rays flew to the Throne of God; they looked out as if they were threads of splendid yarn. Here that the fiery hands of the Almighty were catching all the rays, gathering them in one. When the Holy Spirit showed even the last ray from the earth, the fiery hands of Father bent their fingers, holding this wonderful shaft of rays – the rays of all the Faith, Hope and Love in Christ on earth. Then, Father’s Voice resounded for a third time in Heaven, saying:
“Be raised in the Moment of Eternity! All of you, whose rays from your hearts gathered into My hands!”
So, the most splendid of all the possible miracles in Heaven happened in front of my eyes. The fiery hands of God suddenly drew the whole shaft f Light, so that innumerable crowds of men, dressed in white clothes and shining with God’s Glory, instantly appeared in the clouds around the Heavenly Jerusalem. With bated breath before the majesty of the vision itself, I only succeeded in asking Jesus:
“God, how have I deserved this happiness to look at this most splendid and greatest of all Your great visions?”
At these words, Lord smiled, took my hand close to His bosom and told me:
“He Who is Faithful and True called you to be with Him and see the whole happiness of His Heart! However, I tell you now that even though you have seen the miracle of the Moment Itself, you also have to see through it. This means that you have to look not at the Moment, but through the Moment. Since, the one who does not look at the Moment, but through the Moment, is able to understand in Spirit and Truth the very mystery of the taking in Heaven. Then, think what the words of the Archangel were saying and what the sounds of God’s Trumpet, blown by the angel, were?”
“Oh, Jesus! The Archangel has proclaimed that You are coming soon and called all of us to be ready for You and for the Moment. As to God’s Trumpet, it is appeared with the verses from “The book of prophet Isaiah”…”
Jesus smiled at my words and caressed my head with His hand, saying to me:
“Then, have in mind that all the secrets of Resurrection and the whole readiness for the Moment of the Taking to Heaven are hidden in the voice of the Archangel and in the sounds of God’s Trumpet.
I will show you these secrets. First – the secret in the voice of the Archangel and, after that, the secrets of God’s Trumpet.
Blessed and Holy are the men, who comprehend these secrets! The faith of such men will become like rays of Light and Love, which will be raised by the Holy Spirit and gathered in the fiery hands of the Almighty! Blessed and Holy are the men, who follow Me into these Holiest visions, suffered so much by My servant! Lord will choose and confirm such men as ones that are ready for the Moment!
And what more could one ask for?”

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