My brother! My faithful friend!
I do not know how much time has remained to this sinful and rebellious world. However, I dare say that Heavenly Father already confirms the last precious stones in His Holy Spirit, before compacting together in one the Heavenly Jerusalem. Therefore, we all have to be active for our Lord – every day, every hour and every minute. For, there is a playground of Life, where all the runners run, but only one gets the prize. There is Zion’s cause, a controversy and competition, where the Crown of Glory and the necklace of Wisdom will only receive those, who entirely follow the Deed and Example of Lord Jesus Christ. And, if He was doubtless the Tested Stone of Zion, come to show us how to please Father, then, by faith in His Name, we must also become stones – chosen and precious.
When you stand in the core of such a precious stone, you will surely see how the devil has the ambition to break it or to darken its glitter. So, having received the precious stones of Wisdom by God and Father, Agur has stood in the core of every one of them. He has been looking through the polished faces of the stones by the Light of the Spirit, and he has seen and written the whole recognition of Father. I was given the same privilege by Jesus, namely, to enter the core of every one of the precious stones and to see what might be seen through their faces. However, let me follow the course of events and send you back to the Heavenly home of God’s servant Agur. For, having held the first of the precious stones, my Lord was already saying:
“Now, follow Me! For, we will both enter the core of this first stone now. So, you will be able to see what God’s Wisdom has revealed to Agur…”
After these words, with the stone in His right hand, Lord stretched His left hand and invited me to approach Him. After that, the Heavenly ray from the stone drew Jesus and me into the very core of the diamond…
My brother! My heart had never felt as I felt when Jesus put me in the core of God’s precious stone. It was a Heavenly firmness without any analogue on earth; as if all my heart had been covered by the waters of the Holy Spirit, and, in the next moment, these waters had been frozen hard and turned into smooth glass. This glass was so transparent that, through it, my eyes could clearly see everything and my regard was getting keener with every next second. This fact made me turn to my Lord and tell Him with admiration:
“What happens, Jesus? I feel as if my own spirit and heart have been covered by the Heavenly firmness and Holiness of God’s Spirit…”
Having listened to my words, Jesus answered, telling me:
“Was not My Apostle James he who gave the Church the knowledge about the pillars of Wisdom that is from above? He said in the very beginning of his message:
“Perseverance (firmness – Greek translation) must finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything. If any of you lacks wisdom, he should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to him…” (James 1:4-5)
Do you understand now that you are put in a vision, where firmness and perseverance have perfectly finished their work? For, what else might the perfect deed of firmness be like, but the appearance of God’s precious stones? Now, see what view is revealed through the faces of this first precious stone…”
Having listened to the words of my Lord, I carefully looked at every one of the four faces of the stone, which revealed in front of my eyes. Here, I noticed very soon how the outside faces of the stone were pressed by demonic signs of Evil. This event made me tell Jesus again:
“My Lord! I see how there are signs of Evil from the outside faces of the stone. My eyes can see how darkness that seems as light, looks at me from the first face of the stone. From the second face of the stone, other darkness looks at me; it does not make any efforts to seem as light; it is only darkness. Here, my eyes see the third face of the stone, from which all the poverty and misery might be seen; next to it, I see the fourth face, in which all the earth abundance seems to be poured out…”
Lord was listening to the words I was speaking to Him with great attention. After that, He told me:
“That is right! You really see what might be seen through the four faces of God’s precious stone. Now, however, notice the details, which I am going to show you. For, while Agur was entering this stone by his heart, he cried to My Father, telling Him:
“Two things I ask of you, O LORD; do not refuse me before I die: Keep falsehood and lies far from me; give me neither poverty nor riches, but give me only my daily bread. Otherwise, I may have too much and disown you and say, “Who is the LORD?” Or I may become poor and steal, and so dishonor the name of my God…” (Proverbs 30:7-9)
Tell Me then, according to what you have seen with your heart, where was deceit and where – lie? Where was the wealth and where – poverty?”
“O Jesus! No doubt, I could see deceit from the first face of the stone. It is the darkness that pretends to seem as light. From the second face, I could see the lie. It is the darkness that remains dark. As to the two other faces – they revealed before me poverty and wealth…”
Lord approvingly shook His head to my words. Then, He raised His hand, pointed at the faces of the stone and told me:
“Keep looking at the two faces, which reveal deceit and lie! Then, tell Me where deceit tends to and where – lie?”
I was looking again at the first two faces of the stone, when I noticed how deceit crept to the one corner and hurried to attack at the face, where wealth revealed from. Here, being touched by deceit, the wealth suddenly rose up, trying to turn all its plenty into a gold crown. The greater the crown was getting, the more deceit was looking out like God’s Light. So, it came a moment, when the gold crown rose up to such extent that its points were directly pricking the clouds in Heaven. Then, a Heavenly hand, clenched in fist, appeared from Heaven. It hit the crown and threw it to the earth. So, the crown fell on earth hills, pierced the ground with its sharp points and sank into the depths of hell… While I was looking at the categorical crash of the wealth, attacked by deceit, I hurried to ask my Lord:
“How shall I understand Your vision, Jesus?”
Then, Lord replied me:
“Understand it in the way you see it. Here is the power of each deceit of the devil – in the attempt of darkness to look as light. So, it succeeds in deceiving those who have been taken captive by it. However, which ones does the deceit of the devil succeed in capturing?”
“O, Jesus! It succeeds in capturing the rich ones. Being captured by it, they hurry to turn their wealth into a crown and so to rise up. However, God’s anger met them in Heaven and threw them deeply in hell…”
“Does not this event respond to the words of Agur? For, he tells God:
“Otherwise, I may have too much and disown you and say, “Who is the LORD?”
When the deceit of the devil has made you turn your wealth into a crown and become an earth king, will not then become a moment of pride and exalting, when you will decide inside your heart that the crown is becoming to you, and not to God?”
“That is right, my Lord! Such exactly the sins of earth kings are…”
“Then, look at the other face that reveals lie! For, it is powerful to do cruel demonic signs…”
Listened to the Voice of Jesus, I hurried to look at the very lie. Then, I noticed that lie hurried to attack at the poverty. So, being covered by the darkness of lie, poverty became much poorer. In this moment, poverty took the shape of bony hands, which stretched out to hell, being in a hurry to grab spoils, by which the devil was lying poverty itself. However, just taken the spoils from hell, the bony hands did not notice at all that the spoils had turned into shackles and had chained them. So poverty, suchlike the wealth, found its doom into hell. This made me ask Jesus:
“What happened, my Lord! Why did poverty come into hell, too? Why did the devil succeed with his lie at it, too?”
In reply, my Lord told me:
“You are given this vision for the sake of all My poor brothers. All the poor and landless men should understand where the power of lie is hidden. Agur tells about it:
“Or I may become poor and steal, and so dishonor the name of my God…”
Tell Me then: By what did lie deceive poverty?”
“O Jesus! I noticed in the vision that when lie attacked at the poverty, then, poverty became poorer. It took the shape of bony hands and stretched out to the spoils of hell…”
“What does it mean for poverty to become poorer? Does not it mean that the devil has stolen even the precious side of poverty?”
“That is right, my Lord!”
“And, what is the precious in poverty? Is not it the wealth of faith? Does not James say that My Father has chosen those who are poor in the eyes of the world to be rich in faith and to inherit the Kingdom? Now, do all My people and you understand where the power of devil’s lie is hidden?”
“Yes, Jesus! I understand now that lie steals from poverty the wealth of faith, so that poverty itself becomes lawless and criminal. By stretching its bony hands to hell, it steals the Salvation that Father has given us. It steals our only faith and so it dishonors the Name of God and Father…”
“Then, look at the last words of Agur. By what words is he praying God? What does he expect from Him?”
“O, my Lord! Agur tells Father:
“Two things I ask of you, O LORD; do not refuse me before I die: Keep falsehood and lies far from me; give me neither poverty nor riches, but give me only my daily bread…” (Proverbs 30:7-8)
I had hardly quoted the words of Agur before Jesus, when my Lord suddenly changed before my eyes. Fascinating Savour of Heavenly Bread came from Lord’s hands that were touching my heart. Having turned into Bread before my eyes, Lord was already telling me:
“I am your daily Bread! I am the Bread of God’s Sufficiency That comes to God’s children. So, those, who are poor, will not live in scarcity. And those, who are rich, will not have any surplus.
I command all My people:
Go out of deceit and abandon lie! Since, deceit surely leads to exalting, and lie – to dishonor! If somebody is rich, let him leave deceit and give out to the poor ones. Then, Lord’s Bread will become the wealth of his heart. If somebody is poor, let him leave lie and not trust in it. For, Lord’s Bread has made his heart rich in faith. Here, this is the first from the Heavenly stones of My God and Father – a stone, which help you recognize that the true children of God have neither earth wealth, nor earth poverty! They have God’s sufficiency – the Bread That comes from Heaven to give them Eternal Life!”

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