My dear brother! My faithful friend!
Let the title of this first chapter neither startle you, nor lead you to the notion that the author of this book is a pirate or robber. It is really a fact that most people associate skull with death, because it is the bone casing of the head and because it remains a speechless witness of decay after the fleshly death. However, I could hardly begin this book otherwise, when the very name “Golgotha”, translated from the ancient Aramaic language, means exactly skull. In Aramaic, the word was pronounced “gûlgaltâ”, and in ancient Hebrew – “gulgolet”. It is from these ancient language roots that we have taken the place of Christ’s death now, calling it by the name “Golgotha”.
Now, let me pass to the spiritual essence of the name “Golgotha”. Since, every time we hear or pronounce this word, the Mount, where Jesus was crucified for our sins, emerges in our conscience. Thus, willingly or not, we have to accept the existence of this Mount as an irrefutable fact. It is here that the inevitable differences between the human hearts occur. Some people decide that Jesus acted wonderfully, when He died for them – since thus, they will live. “He died in order for us to live!” Have you heard this confession? Actually – this is the credo of all the vainglorious churches on earth, which consider the self-sacrifice of Christ a piece of graft and a bargain. In their eyes, the Cross of the Lord is nothing but an instrument of exchange. One takes everything negative from their lives and gives it to Jesus to bear it in His wounds, and later – they only have to scoop up in their hands (?) from the positive, which has come as a result of the exchange. This seductive logic is so inherent for the human heart, which, out of all the possible words, most often bears the words “give” and “let me take”. However, let me continue now with one most Holy commandment of Christ, by which Jesus tells all of us:
“Whoever wants to be My disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross and follow Me. For whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for Me will find it…” (Matthew 16:24-25)
Actually, the deeper meaning of these words was the following:
“I am taking up My Cross, in order to go to Golgotha! Whoever wants to follow Me, let them deny themselves, let them take My Cross and follow Me. For whoever wants to escape Golgotha will lose their life, and whoever crucifies themselves with Me on the Cross of Golgotha will find My Life!”
What do you think, my brother? How many people wished to take up Lord’s Cross and follow Jesus? In general – how many were the people, for whom the Name Jesus and the name Golgotha became more precious than all the other names, which they could find? Let me tell you that, out of the many fateful messages, which Lord told in the Gospel, this one is the most fateful. Why? Let me also share this one with you before Lord has revealed to us the vision on His Own Mount.
You see, friend, there is no way for anybody to escape death, as well as their own Golgotha. I ask you to remember this! Willingly or not, all the people go to the Mount of the skull. Trusting in Jesus or denying Him, they slowly and irresistibly approach the moment of Truth. Whether they like the world or not, the credit of about thirty thousand days (in the best case) melts away. Then, people surely stand before the doors of death and reach the Mount of the skull. “But how come?” – somebody would react. And, they would certainly add:
“This is not true! Nobody can oblige me to go to this Mount! I hate skulls!”
Who cares whether you hate or love skulls? Do not understand that life is a gift? Do you not comprehend that these several thousand days, in the course of which one breathes, eats, grows, lives and works, finally melt and they grow old? And, after they grow old, will not their time to die come? And, after dying, will not thus the personal Golgotha be fulfilled in their fate? I will not tell you to go to the cemetery and see how many innumerable fates have fallen right there before yours. I will not challenge you to take a pick and a spade, in order to dig out any grave and peep into any coffin, in order to check what there is inside. Since, you know very well that there will be a skull and bones in the coffin. If, holding such a skull, you turn the timeline back, it will surely turn into a human head. It will be a head, which will see with eyes, will listen with ears, will smell with its nose and above all – will think aided by its gray matter, which is called “brain”. Perhaps, this head did not think of Golgotha as of the Mount of skull. However, the moment came in its fate, when the spirit abandoned the bodily shell, and only the skull remained. Perhaps, this head denied obeying the appeal of Jesus by all means. It may have philosophized in futile hopes that it will get away with death. However, once again, the words, spoken by Lord, have become true; the words, saying that:
“…whoever wants to save their life will lose it…”
Why do you frighten me?” – somebody will react. And they will even add:
“We all die and lose our lives, no matter whether we are Jesus’ followers or not!”
I will reply such man with the unambiguous words of my Lord:
“…but whoever loses their life for Me will find it…”
Do you understand now the greatness of the difference between faith and unbelief, between the children of God and the devilish ones? For, it is really true that both lose their life. However, it is there, after Golgotha, that the doors to Eternity are opened. And, whereas some people go through the doors, which lead above – to the Life of Jesus, others descend through the door, behind which eternal death appears. I entreat you to leave the fleshly notions, by which you would explain or imagine death itself. For, death is not a short moment or a transient fact. Death is a dimension, a state, a destiny and a future fate. Death by itself is that place, where the human soul is forever separated from the life-giving Spirit of God. And, when Jesus calls us to lose our life for Him, in order to find His Life, He actually tells all of us:
“Do not be afraid of the moment, when the spirit and the soul leave the body, in which they have lived on earth. But rejoice that, after you leave the perishable body, you will find the Light, the Holiness and the Eternal Life of God! Do not be afraid of dying for Me, because the dead ones for Me never taste death, but pass into the Life of the Eternally Living God!”
So, my brother, I am coming again to the idea that every man has their own personal Golgotha as a future destiny. Please, leave the notion that, if one has reached Golgotha, it is because they want to crucify themselves together with Jesus, to taste from His suffering and to take part in His Glory. No, no and no! Golgotha is simply the final stop and the last fragment of the human fate. The Mount of skull is the place, after which the human heads turn into skulls, which are wrapped in dust and oblivion. However, what I am talking about here, in the first chapter of this book, is the reason, which has inhabited the skull in one’s lifetime. Since, if the human reason does not comprehend the evangelic signs, which happened on the Mount of Golgotha, its life must have been vain, and all its preparations for Eternity must have been for nothing.
When Jesus came to me, in order to fill me with the precious visions of this prophetic book, I was passing through monstrous retributions by the devil. I was confident in my heart that I spiritually abided on Lord’s Cross, where I had been crucified because of my testimonies and my books. I can feel the nails in my hands and feet, as well as the terrible thorns due to the thorny crowns upon my head. As I withstood in humbleness and perfect trust in God, I expected with hope each of the days given to me on earth. It was in this state that Lord visited my heart. In one of the first days of January, He spoke to me, saying:
“My servant! Can you understand why you still remain spiritually crucified on My Cross? Can you comprehend what causes this bad suffering for your soul, to which you are given over by My Father Himself?”
“Oh, my Lord!” – I answered. – “I have no doubt that I am crucified on Your Cross, because I am paying the price for the Word, which You revealed to my heart. For many years the devil can swallow neither the visions of God’s Prophetic Spirit, nor the defeats, caused by Lord’s Sword, which Your servant brandished against him and against his kingdom…”
“That is right! You really had to pay and keep paying the high price for the Salvation of the human souls. You are waging a terrible war against the devil; however, there is neither discharge, nor retreat in such a war. As long as the Word of God’s Prophetic Spirit is generally accepted in the hearts of the Called, Chosen and Faithful ones, you will always be under the target of the demonic fury and the devilish revenge. Now, I want you to see this Mount of Mine, called Golgotha. For, although I have abundantly enlightened your heart about it in dozens of visions, many half-expressed things have remained on the Mount. My prophet Isaiah has written truthfully and veraciously about these things that they will be a feast of well-aged wine; a feast of rich food full of marrow. And, what is marrow, My servant?”
“Oh, Jesus! Just as marrow is the essence of the bones, so brain is the most important instrument of the spirit, because it is through it that the fleshly body is ruled and the conscience of the human soul is realized. The memory, the recollection, as well as the whole knowledge and experience, which one would receive in their life, are stored there…”
“And, where is this brain located? Where is the place, prepared by the Creator, in which brain is expected to do all its activities?”
“Skull is this place, Lord!” – I answered, feeling in the same time that the Saviour was pulling me into one unknown, but very blessing territory. Here, Jesus smiled at my answer and kept speaking to me, saying:
“What do you think, My servant? What Reason and Light, and what Wisdom and comprehension has your Lord left you on earth, having in mind that the Word says He has been crucified on the Mount of Golgotha? Does not Golgotha mean “skull”? And, if My Church is surely Spirit of My Spirit and flesh of My Flesh, is she not also bone of My bones?”
“Of course, my precious Lord! It is what Your Apostle Paul has testified about:
“For we are members of His body, of His flesh and of His bones. “For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh.” This is a great mystery, but I speak concerning Christ and the church…” (Ephesians 5:30-32)
“And, how great must this mystery, which Paul talks to you about, be? Since, I tell you that I will use him veraciously as a main witness in this prophetic book. What must be the greatness of the mystery, by which you would comprehend that it is on the Mount of Golgotha that you become parts not only of the Body of Christ, but also of His bones? And, if all of you would like to be Body of Christ and Bones of the Lord, then, how many would like to abide in Lord’s skull? How many would like the apostolic words to become entirely true in their life? The words, saying that:
“…for, “Who has known the mind of the Lord so as to instruct Him?” But we have the mind of Christ…” (1 Corinthians 2:16)
and also:
“And we know that the Son of God has come and has given us an understanding, that we may know Him Who is true; and we are in Him Who is true, in His Son Jesus Christ…” (1 John 5:20)
If I have really given to you My Mind and My Understanding, is it not you who are My Golgotha? Are you not the children, to whom I will offer a feast of rich food, a feast of well-aged wine? Are you not the ones, I will allow to drink up all the gulps from the Hidden Manna? Do you want, My servant, to see that your Lord has left in His Holy Spirit not only His Blood and His Body, but also His skull and His Bones? Do you want to comprehend how the boundless Reason of the Son of Man overcame the devil on the Cross of Golgotha?”
“Oh, my Lord! What else could my heart desire? What else should my soul long for? You Yourself see and know that I pass through bad suffering because of You and that I share Your Sorrow on Your Cross! Up to this very moment, I have not seen Golgotha as Your divine Reason in the Holy Spirit. However, more than everything, I want You to confirm me in Your Reason!”
In reply to my words, Jesus tenderly caressed my head. Then, He kept speaking to me, saying:
“You have long since been confirmed in My Reason, My servant! And the Heavenly King delights in your entire eagerness and enlightenment. However, I tell you now that it is written in your destiny that you will go from Glory to Glory and abide in the depths of Lord’s Spirit. For, to whom else should I give the right to speak about My Golgotha and about the hidden Gospel of the Son of Man, unless to the one, who My Father has marked and veraciously confirmed by His Seal? To whom else should I give the right to testify about the Reason of the Son of Man, but My servant, who is enduring the thorns in his head and the nails in his hands and feet even at this very moment?
Here, My servant! For the last time, I will let you drink from the Hidden Manna. With My Heart and My eyes, I will let you see this place Golgotha, and this Mount of Christ’s Understanding…”
After these words of His, Lord thrust His hands into His mantle and took out a gold jar in His hands. Then, He raised it before my lips and spoke to me, saying:
“Drink, sacrificial ox, from that Holy substance, which My Father has prepared for the Perfect illumination, enlightenment and dedication of the children of God! Let the Hidden Manna enlighten your heart now about the Hidden Gospel of Golgotha…”
With endless joy and indescribable thirst, I started drinking the gulps from the Hidden Manna. Then, Light of God with the breath of honey and coriander seed spilled into my spirit. This Light burst like an explosion in the depths of my heart. The sparkles of this explosion passed through my whole spirit, and so I shone inside. And when the sparkles enlightened my eyes, the place where I was standing suddenly changed. The very Mount of the Lord became like a white and Holy skull, out of which Heavenly Light was sprouting all over the earth. Staring at the rays of this Light, I scarcely managed to tell my Lord:
“Oh, Jesus! Let me touch the rays of Your Reason; just one of them, Jesus! Give me this Holy privilege!”
In reply to my words, the Saviour excitedly answered, saying:
“You have touched them many times, My servant! However, as a testimony for My Church, I am going to touch now your heart only by one of the rays!”
Here, Jesus took out a Sword in His right hand, and with His left hand, He left the gold jar near His feet. As He stretched His Sword forth to the rays of the skull, one of them was reflected to my heart. Then, the Holy and veracious words of the Lord from the Gospel immediately shone in my heart:
“Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross and follow Me. For whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for Me will find it…” (Matthew 16:24-25)
Here is the evangelic ray, My servant! Here is the stream of divine Understanding, which Golgotha scatters all over the world, in order for the chosen ones of Lord to gather at His Own Cross, and there to crucify themselves together with Him. This ray caught your heart fourteen years ago, when you submitted to Me and gave over your life to Me. It was then that divine Reason filled your lips, enlightened your heart and turned you into a diamond nib in My hand.
Now, as you look at the Holy skull, know by your Lord that here, on Golgotha, I will reveal to you the greatest depths of the Hidden Manna, which have never come into a human mind and which have not been given to the Church in previous generations. For, these precious diamonds, which I confirmed through Your service, must become My Golgotha and Understanding, My flawless and innocent lamps of Zion, who shine among the crooked and perverted generation of Babylon.
Therefore, I tell all My children:
Follow Me through the testimony of My prophet! For, it is to you that I will give the deepest locked secret, related to the doors to Eternity – the Hidden Gospel of Golgotha!
Blessed and Holy is every human heart, which touches the rays of God’s Understanding and which beloved Golgotha by all their power!
Blessed and Holy are the people, who do not love their life so much as to shrink from the Death of the Son of Man!
Blessed and Holy is that virgin, in whose heart I see My Spirit, in whose body I see My Body and in whose bones I see My Own Golgotha!
I, the Holy Golgotha, am sending to you the prophet of Zion!
I, the Resurrection and Life, still speak and do not fall silent!”

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