My dear brother! My faithful friend!
Once again, I will advise you, (as I often do in my books), to pray the Holy Spirit to take perfect control over your thoughts and your heart. Everything in the spiritual world should be accepted in a spiritual, and not fleshly manner. Since, every fleshly notion will appear as a curtain or as a stronghold before your mind, in order to prevent it from receiving God’s Light. I hope that you have understood by now that the Life of Jesus, who is a Holy Spirit for our hearts, leads to a Mount, called Golgotha. This Mount is not the geographic place in the Jerusalem of today, where millions of worshipers crowd, walking the narrow cobblestone pavement of Via Dolorosa. In fact, Mount Golgotha, which I am talking to you about, is the place of the spiritual clash between Light and darkness; a clash, concerning the future destiny of the human souls.
The reason for this Mount to be called “skull” should not be sought by flesh, but only and exceptionally by Spirit. For, Lord covered the way to Golgotha by the great divine Understanding in His Head. He knew what He would do for all of us and how He would overcome the devil on the Cross. He knew that, at the moment, when the nails were fixed into His hands and His feet, the sins and the darkness of the whole world were going to be nailed there, on the Cross.
And it is not only Lord, Who knew all this. The very devil and Satan, who was filled with ambition to liquidate Him, by no means could endure the Light of Christ’s Reason. So even in Gethsemane, Satan clung to the Head of Christ, craving to break His skull. All this is described in the Gospel, where it is written that the sweat of Jesus turned into drops of blood, which were streaming down His forehead.
What overflowing malice and what supreme effort must have possessed the devil, when he realized that he was unable to break the Reason of Christ? Was not it the evil one who, hours later, suggested to the Roman soldiers to interweave crown of thorns and to drive it upon the Head of the Saviour? All this comes to show you that the pressure over the Head of Christ is greater than the pressure over His hands and His feet, as well as over any other part of His Body. For, the fury and the malice of the ancient serpent first aim at the Head of Jesus, and after that – at all the other parts of His Body.
I hope that, after these initial reflections, you will comprehend much better why the Mount of Christ’s Sorrow and suffering was called Golgotha, to wit, a skull. I also hope that you never forget that this furious tactic of Satan was repeated once again with the first martyr of faith – deacon Stefan. Since, the stones, by which the mad Pharisees killed him, flew namely against the head of Christ’s servant.
Why did they kill him?
Was it not because the divine Reason of Christ shone from the head of Stefan? However, in this manner, Stefan completely matched the fate of his name. Since, his name means “crown”.
And, does not a crown surround just the skull?
Thus, you surely understand that there are witnesses of Christ’s Reason, who we can call Golgotha’s ones. It is them that Jesus puts into His skull, in order for them to shine with His Reason. It is them who crucify themselves together with the Lord upon His Cross, in order to become the most perfect and abundantly enlightened lamps of Zion.
Now, my brother, let me continue with reflections, which concern just the title of this second chapter. Since, the title is related to the inscription of the Roman procurator Pontius Pilate. I do not intend to retell you the evangelical text, in order for you to recollect the conversation between Pilate and Jesus. However, let me establish the prophetic direction of the deep and unexpressed revelations, you are to receive now. When Jesus was led before Pilate, the Roman hurried to ask the Lord:
“Are You the King of the Jews?” (John 18:33)
Then, Christ answered him:
“My kingdom is not of this world. If it were, My servants would fight to prevent My arrest by the Jewish leaders. But now My kingdom is from another place…” (John 18:36)
Evidently, this answer did not satisfy Pilate and he asked again:
“So You are a king?” (John 18:37)
The second question of the procurator made Jesus reply:
“You say that I am a king. For this purpose I was born and for this purpose I have come into the world – to bear witness to the truth. Everyone who is of the truth listens to My voice…” (John 18:37)
Obviously, Pilate was confused by these words of the Son of God, because he asked again:
“What is truth?” (John 18:37)
When one asks for the meaning of something, they categorically show that they do not know its origin and essence. Thus, Pilate knew nothing either about Truth, or about Jesus, the Holy Spirit and God Father, or even about the Salvation of the human souls. However, it is not the prophetic purpose, for which Lord enlightened my heart. The real purpose was just in the fact that the Kingdom of Jesus is not of this world; so, at that moment, He was no longer the King of the people, who were furiously screaming and pleading His death. The very devil and Satan was the king of all these incited and mad people at that moment. As I was thinking over the whole controversy between the questions of Pilate and the answers of Jesus, I already knew in my heart that the answer would be related to Golgotha in any way. And so it was. Lord came to my heart again and spoke to me, saying:
“My servant! Now, you are to receive some very precious visions. As I have told you beforehand, My Apostle Paul will be the main witness in them. For, only a Heavenly saint, who has the Mind of Christ, can proclaim the depths of God’s Mysterious Wisdom and the Hidden Gospel of Golgotha.
And you, prepare yourself for the great privilege, I will give to you as a servant of the Lord. For, I will surely lead you into the room of My Apostle Paul. There, he himself will unfold a parchment scroll before your eyes, in order for him to reveal to you everything that is still unrevealed…”
After His last words, Lord embraced me with His mighty right hand and raised me above, to the lights of Zion and to the perfection of the Heavenly Jerusalem.
My brother! My faithful friend!
If there are words, by which I could describe my heart at the moment of my rise with the Lord, these words are thankfulness and rapture. I could neither understand, nor comprehend what great secret Lord was going to make me witness, yet. However, when my eyes noticed the heavenly home of Apostle Paul, and my feet went through the threshold of his room, I already knew that another pearl of the exceptional benevolence of God would be born in my heart. Thus, having entered the room of God’s servant, I heard Lord tell me:
“Sit down upon one of the three-legged stools and wait here until I lead in My Apostle…”
Captivated by the incredible crystal purity of the very room, I excitedly sat down upon one of the stools and began to examine the surroundings. Thus, I saw a plenty of precious stones, beautifully arranged near the white windows of Paul’s room. The other thing that impressed me was the great number of parchment scrolls, which were laid in jars of snow-white marble with red veins that were running in it. This reminded me of the visions from “The last Temple of Mount Moriah”, where I saw the very same marble with red veins just upon the Foundation of the Temple. Thus, I already had the splendid Heavenly confirmation that Paul was a main stone of the Church. Here that Lord and Paul finally entered. Seeing them, I hurried to fall on my knees and to cover my face with my hands. Here that the apostle stretched out his hand to me, saying:
“Stand up, servant of the Lord! Since, your books are discussed in Zion and the saints consider you blessed because of your bad suffering for Jesus! Just like Elijah, I also expected the privilege of my Lord and King to talk to His most abundant spring of the last time. Stand up and see that the King of Zion delights in your faith and blesses your withstanding!”
I raised my head to look at Paul, when I saw an image that perfectly touched and captivated my heart: Those deep and splendid eyes, full of the wisdom of the ages, and a face, sealed with unexplainable meekness and perfect humbleness; a greyish beard, upon which hairs the Light had left the marks of deep reflection and unbearable suffering; those lips, forming the smile of a shepherd who contemplates with kindness his small innocent lambs. While I was still standing up, Jesus stretched forth His hand, telling Paul:
“Paul, show My servant My ancient vision, which you received from Me, when you were raised by the Holy Spirit to Mount Zion, and in which I revealed Myself before you as the Tree of Life. And, as you unfold the parchment, which was written to the Corinthians, let him understand the Hidden Gospel of Golgotha…”
In reply to the words of Jesus, the apostle excitedly nodded and stretched out his hand to take one of the precious stones that were lying by the white window of his home. After that, he approached me and told me in a gentle voice:
“Let us sit down upon the three-legged stools, in order for the Trinity to confirm us. Then, let us extend our right hands and touch the faces of this precious stone…”
With great agitation, I sat down again upon one of the stools, when I felt that the room was immediately filled with God’s Glory. Then, having stretched my hand to the precious stone, I put my palm next to Paul’s one. Here, my spirit dived into the very vision of the stone together with the spirit of the apostle of Christ. So, we found ourselves in the River of Life, and the Tree of Life rose in front of our eyes. While I still watched and waves of indescribable reverence and love to God overflowed in my heart, the Tree Itself moved Its Branches. Touching both my head and that of Paul, It spoke to us with the Voice of Jesus, saying:
“I am Christ, your Lord and God! I am God’s Faith, which makes the saints perfect! And My Father Himself will let all the people be tested for their faith. Since, just as the serpent crept upon an ancient tree and deceived Eve in its cunning, so it will also creep upon the Tree of Life, in order for the pure and Holy ones to be sifted out from the impure and desecrated ones.
Ancient serpent, crawl out of your darkness and creep upon the Tree of Life and spit out your demonic signs! For, none of your servants will be called Mine, and none of My servants will be called yours!”
After the last words, the Voice deafened. Then, the ancient serpent that is devil and Satan crept out somewhere from beneath. And, twining around the Tree, it was rising above until it finally reached the highest of Its Branches. Then, the serpent opened its jaws and was already about to spit… Seeing that, I instinctively raised my hand in order to protect myself. Having seen my fear, Paul hurried to tell me:
“Do not be afraid, Lord’s servant! No serpent can spit into the River of Life, or desecrate the Tree of Life! You, however, see now how this vision will change! For, this Tree of Life became the Son of Man, Whose hands and His feet, through the nails, joined the wood of the Cross!”
While the apostle was talking to me, the vision immediately changed. The River of Life turned into Mount Golgotha, and the Tree of Life transformed into Lord’s Cross. Winding around the Cross, the serpent had opened its ugly jaws over the Head of Jesus. Here, poison went out of the sharp fangs of the devil and they drove into the wood over Christ’s Head. Hissing like acid, the very poison was transformed into an inscription in three languages, which declared:
“Jesus of Nazareth, the King of the Jews…” (John 19:19)
The sign itself made me excitedly squeeze Paul’s hand and tell him:
“Apostle, this is the inscription of Pontius Pilate!”
In reply, the saint of Christ stared at my eyes and quietly spoke to me in a voice of deep and unexplorable wisdom:
“This is not only an inscription, Lord’s servant! This is the most deadly and cunning poison of Satan! It is here that my vision by Jesus, our Lord, comes to its end! As to the rest, I will show it to you in the parchment, which I wrote to the Corinthians once…”
After these words of Christ’s apostle, the vision stopped and we found ourselves in Paul’s room and before the Holy eyes of Jesus again. Then, Lord spoke to me again, saying:
“Paul! Unfold the scroll with the message and touch it with the precious stone, in order for the prophet of Zion to see which words you wrote to My Church in reply to the vision I gave to you…”
Here, Paul really unfolded the parchment scroll. He touched it with the precious stone and made words shine upon it; words, which I read without any effort. They declared:
“But I am afraid that just as Eve was deceived by the serpent’s cunning, your minds may somehow be led astray from your sincere and pure devotion to Christ. For if someone comes to you and preaches a Jesus other than the Jesus we preached, or if you receive a different spirit from the Spirit you received, or a different Gospel from the one you accepted, you put up with it easily enough…” (2 Corinthians 11:3-4)
The anointment that passed through my heart was so heavy and the Hidden Manna so powerful that I knelt before the Lord, telling Him:
“Oh, Jesus Saviour! In these words, Paul appeared everything that is hidden. He entirely explained the vision he received from You. Since, the devil was afraid of Golgotha, of Lord’s skull and of God’s Understanding. And, winding around Lord’s Cross, he spat out with his poison an inscription, which only use is to corrupt the minds of the believers, in order for them to drop out from the sincere and pure devotion to You. Satan never wanted God’s Golgotha to have its witnesses; so, he slyly suggested Pilate to write the inscription in the three wide-spread languages of that time…”
“He was not only afraid! See and comprehend that Satan slyly copied an ancient sign of God’s Prophetic Spirit from the time of Moses. It was the sign with the copper snake, put on a tall staff. If those, who were bitten by a serpent, had to look at the copper snake, in order to be healed and not die, what would happen to My Church if the believers looked not at the Lamb Christ, Who received an image of a servant, but at the inscription of Pilate, who presented Me as Jesus of Nazareth, the King of the Jews? When I was crucified on the Cross, was it as a King that I wanted people to see Me there?”
“No, Jesus! You wanted the people to see You as Lord’s Sacrifice, Which had paid the price for their sins! You wanted them to see You as the Lamb of God, Who died for the sins of the whole world. You wanted everybody to see You as One, Who had earned the image of a servant and Who had humbled Himself to death, even a death on a Cross. You wanted all of us to teach ourselves to be servants, and not kings. You Yourself, Lord, washed the feet of Your apostles and was their servant at Your Passover, in order to teach them that the one who humbly serves the rest is greater than all of them…”
I do not know what the excitement by which I talked to Jesus was, but my words brought Him a smile and made His Face shine. He pointed at the parchment of His Apostle Paul and at the words, which were shining on it, and asked me:
“Do you see that My Apostle Paul says that if another Jesus, a different spirit and a different Gospel are preached to them, they put up with it easily enough? Why do they put up with it easily enough, My servant?”
“Oh, my Lord! Precious Light is springing out of Your lips! It is what helps me to perfectly comprehend that the serpent Satan has lethally bitten many through Pilate’s inscription. Thus, believers put up with any other Jesus, any different spirit and any different gospel easily enough. For, another Jesus comes, who does not want to serve, but prefers to reign and exalt himself above the believers. Then, the descendents of Diotrephes are born. Another spirit comes, who turns the churches into earth kingdoms and demonic religions. Then, the descendants of Herod are born. Finally, another gospel comes, which serves not the lights of Zion, but the bank accounts of the earth kings. Then, the descendants of Judas are born…”
“And, who have been the objects of the fornication of Babylon the prostitute ever since that time? Who have been intoxicated by her extreme luxury? Are not these the earth kings? Were not these the church leaders, who did not accept God’s Reason from the bloody Head of the Lamb, but delighted in the inscription of Pilate, which was written upon the wood above the Head? Then, who will say that My Apostle Paul did not talk to you about the Hidden Gospel of Golgotha? Who will not understand that when the devil slyly copies the ancient sign with the copper snake, he does it in order to poison and darken the whole fleshly Christianity that is just copper? Did not Paul warn you about the sounding brass (alloy containing mainly copper) and the clanging cymbal?
Here, My servant!
In the presence of My Apostle Paul, I open My lips and appear to you the Hidden Gospel of Golgotha. And this Hidden Gospel declares:
Everyone who stands at Golgotha before the Cross of the Lord and who desires to become like God’s Lamb has been subdued in their mind and heart by God’s understanding, in order for them to know the Truthful God and Eternal Life!
Everyone who stands at Golgotha before the Cross of the Lord and does not desire to become like God’s Lamb has been subdued in their mind and heart by the inscription of Pontius Pilate and by the poison of the ancient serpent, who has decided to turn the Gospel of God into demonic religions of the worldly spirit!
Now, My servant, see what were the three languages, into which Pilate wrote his inscription and into which the serpent spat out its poison…”
“Oh, Jesus! These languages are Hebrew, Greek and Latin!”
“And, did not the worldly religions become just Hebrew, Latin and Greek? Did not Judaism harden even more due to the inscription? You yourself saw that the Pharisees screamed to Pilate once:
“Do not write, “The King of the Jews,” but rather, “This man said, I am King of the Jews…” (John 19:21)5
However, Pilate slyly answered them:
“What I have written I have written…” (John 19:22)
And, if the Judaism hardened, what happened with the Latin and Greek inscriptions? Did not the Roman spirit turn later Christianity into official religion in the time of Emperor Constantine, as a result of which the Roman Catholicism appeared? Did not the Greek spirit turn Christianity into Orthodox religion? And, did not all three religions become worldly kingdoms in their own way? At all, which of these religions even looked at God’s Lamb, at His Heart, at His Mind and at His Sacrifice? Did not the serpent creep out once more in this last century, in order to bear from Pilate’s inscription one last religion of the vainglorious Babylon, in which the main actors are the churches, which are founded upon prosperity, theology and sorcery?
And all this happened due to Pilate’s inscription, Lord’s servant! By this inscription, the devil legalized the spirit of Antichrist, who in his turn confirmed the blasphemous Christian religions, to wit, the wide gates and the large roads, which lead to ruin.
So, let My living remainder, which I bring up and enlighten with God’s Prophetic Spirit, lay the Hidden Gospel of Golgotha as a cornerstone for the last Salvation of the last human souls and hearts. Since, there are three doors and three crosses on Mount Golgotha. And one’s future destiny will be according to the cross they have found!”
While Lord was still speaking to my heart, I looked at the Apostle of Christ. Having unfolded the parchment, he pointed with his forefinger at the shining words, and his eyes were speaking, too. They talked about that splendid future of the Faith, which is in the Heavenly Jerusalem and among all the saints of God. They were talking about the Cross of the Lord and about Golgotha; about that endless and mighty Reason of God, which Satan never succeeded in darkening, even though he was allowed to test the faith of all the saints of God.
I bless the Heavenly King and His servant Paul with my lips!
I bless the Holy Spirit, in Whose Hidden Manna my eyes began to see and my heart was enlightened, with the whole power of my heart!
I bless the Most Wise and Holy God Father, Who bore the Tree of Life, which became a Cross of Righteousness for us, from Eternity and for Eternity!
Amen and Amen!

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