My dear brother! My faithful friend!
Let the conviction and the categorical confirmation by the Holy Spirit that you are reading a prophetic book, for which struggle has been waged in Heavenly places, never leave you. I tell this with maximal spiritual responsibility before my Lord and God, since the noise of sword clashing against sword and spear – against shield still resounds in my heart. You can only guess what total losses the last prophetic book, which is related to “The hidden Gospel of Golgotha”, cost to the devil. The Truth is that out of the many overshadowing deceits, by which the devil has been ruling over the human hearts, the greatest one is the deceit with the inscription of Pontius Pilate, which was put over the Head of the Crucified Christ. This deceit has only one aim, namely to stultify Lord’s Blood, which was shed at the Covenant, and Lord’s wounds, which bleed for the sake of the Salvation.
Being aware of this satanic deceit, Apostle Paul was going to write with great jealousy in one of his messages:
“And so it was with me, brothers and sisters. When I came to you, I did not come with eloquence or human wisdom as I proclaimed to you the testimony about God. For I resolved to know nothing while I was with you except Jesus Christ and Him crucified…” (1 Corinthians 2:1-2)
If you split the message of the quotation in two halves, you will surely notice that Paul categorically rejects Pilate’s inscription, in order to entirely emphasize upon the Sacrifice of Jesus. In the first verse, the apostle explains that he does not come with eloquence of human wisdom as he proclaims the testimony about God. This is here the royal influence, since kings like to proclaim their supremacy and their wisdom over the rest of the people. However, the humble servant of God continues in the next verse, saying that he has resolved to know nothing while he was with the believers except Jesus Christ and Him crucified for our sins.
Today, the vainglorious churches are full of kings, who like the eloquent speaking before religious clappers in the presence of elegant suits and worldly wisdom which is eagerly crammed up. Just as the hypnosis of the inscription of Pilate was powerful to overshadow the ancient people, the kings of today have also staked on the bifurcated tongue of the serpent to fascinate the hearts of their audience.
However, my brother, I will tell you that the Holy Spirit was sent by Heaven, in order to testify to the Sacrificial Lamb, and not to Pilate’s cunning. Since, the Kingdom of Jesus is not of this world and He did not come to the world in order to be a King, but to take the Image of a servant, according to what is written about Him:
“Who, being in very nature God, did not consider equality with God something to be used to His own advantage; rather, He made Himself nothing by taking the very nature of a servant, being made in human likeness. And being found in appearance as a man, He humbled Himself by becoming obedient to death – even death on a cross!” (Philippians 2:6-8)
If our Lord took the Image of a servant, even though He could have used His equality with God and Father as His One and Only Son, how much more should we, who are mortal people and creations of God, take the Image of Christ as our image? That is why, still being in the world, we, the Christians, are not kings, but servants of Heaven. Therefore, when Jesus visits a meeting in His Name, He wants to see the church leader as one, who is poorer, more humble and more obedient than all those, to whom he serves according to God’s Will.
Have you seen this, my brother? Have your feet stepped into a meeting, where the most unsightly, humble and obedient has been chosen as the spiritual instructor and shepherd of Lord’s Flock? Have you ever entered a church, where the servant of Lord has been crucified with Jesus, in order to raise before Him all those, who are chosen for Salvation? Have you ever entered a society, where the spiritual leader is the last in everything, since he must lead even the last human soul through the Door Christ, before stepping himself to the Lord, after having led the whole Flock into God’s Presence?
If you do not have such testimonies of your faith; if your heart does not notice such a church and a meeting, then, you have surely had the unenviable destiny to visit churches which are born by the inscription of Pontius Pilate and not by the Sacrifice of Jesus Christ.
Do you understand now why a terrible struggle wages in Heavenly places for the previous, as well as for this prophetic book? Can Satan admit to lose his overshadowing power over the people just like that? Can he simply wave his hand and tell his demonic chiefs:
“That is all! We are done! We have lost the battle against the Sacrifice and the inscription of Pilate has no power any longer! People seek the sacrificial servants of Heaven, and our religious kings are not respected!”
Do not mislead yourself, my cherished friend!
Since, only a small remainder of survivals will find Power by Jesus to leave the religious swamps of Babylon and to rise onto Lord’s Mount. As to the rest, being corrupted in the spirit of their mind, they will keep staking on their earth kings until the pit, which the ancient serpent has prepared for them, entirely devour them. It is for this small and precious remainder of God that I am ready to lay down my life and to bear in my head, my hands and my feet all the furious revenges of the devil.
Now, let me continue with the vision, which Lord Jesus Christ revealed to me. For, while I was still writing and my spirit was moving by waves of overflowing grief, the Saviour appeared again to my heart. In contrast to all the other appearances, this time, Jesus seemed strikingly different. Outlines of Heavenly Light were shining along the limits of His whole divine silhouette. They were shining so powerfully that I hardly succeeded in looking at them. Rays, which were piercing the depths of my heart, went out of the very lines. It seemed to me that they were testing me, seeking me out and extracting me from my place. This event made me fall on my knees and quietly tell Jesus:
“Oh, my Lord! Why have You appeared Yourself to Your servant in such a way? How should I understand these shining outlines of Your silhouette, which blind me and so I cannot keep my eyes on You?”
In reply to my question, Lord approached me and stretched out His hand to caress me, saying:
“Good and faithful servant! A struggle is waged in Heavenly places for My present coming to your heart. The sharp blade of Lord’s Sword drove deep into the devilish heart and defeated one of the last jealously kept secrets of the satanic overshadowing. It is the secret of Pontius Pilate’s inscription, by which the devil turned God’s Salvation into a human-demonic religion, and Lord’s Cross – into a silver coin to exchange the Eternity for earth prosperity. And the outlines of Heavenly Light, which you see now around Me, will become outlines of each of the people of God who accept Me by faith and who profess Me as a Sacrifice on the Cross of Golgotha.
However, tell Me now! What happened to your life, when you wrote and gave freely the Hidden Gospel of Golgotha to all My brothers and sisters?”
“Oh, my Lord!” – I sighed: “I felt that not only thorns, but painful black nails drove into my head; they caused to me terrible suffering and unbearable pain. My days and nights turned into an agony of hellish fury and so I started thinking that every night was the last in my life and that I would not live to see the morning. I had never experienced before such terrible revenges and hits by Satan because of the prophetic visions and testimonies…”
“And did you have the Wisdom of Father to understand that the greatest violence of the devil is the mark of his greatest impotence? Since, what else or what more could he do after the revelation of his secret and the exposing of his cunning? Can you finally comprehend that, by your ministering and your listening to My Voice, you gave in the hand of the Heavenly Judge the most crushing accusation against Babylon the prostitute and against the earth kings, who fornicated with her? Do My brothers and sisters comprehend what is the power, Might and Authority by which the Heavenly Judge will condemn the children of the evil one, when He rises in the Day of His Judgment? Does My Church comprehend that the Hidden Gospel of Golgotha is the mightiest indictment of Heaven against the devil and all his worshipers?
For, the day will come, when the Most High and Holy Judge will take with His right hand the slip of wood of Pontius Pilate. And, by holding it out against the earth kings and their earth religious kingdoms, He will ask them in His Sacred Anger:
“Did you see a king on the Cross, crucified for the sins of the whole world, or a Sacrifice of Lord that gave Eternal Life to the Called, Chosen and Faithful ones by the Blood of His wounds?”
“Oh, Lord! You were a Sacrifice on the Cross!” – Many will shout then. But the Judge will ask them in His Anger again:
“If I was a Sacrifice on the Cross, why did you not also become Heavenly sacrifices before God’s Holy Altar, in order to follow Me thus into My Heavenly Glory? Why did you not deny yourselves and take up your crosses, in order to follow Me? Instead of taking My Image of a servant, why did you hurry to become religious kings? Instead of falling in love with the Word of Father, His Son and the Holy Spirit, why did you lose your hearts to three sentences, which were written by an enemy of the Lord and nailed above Lord’s Head? Finally, why did you not see the outlines of My Holiness and the line of God’s Eternal Truth, in order to realize that there is no place in My Gospel for the inscription of Pilate?”
Will the earth kings stand through My accusations? Will the earth religious kingdoms be able to stand up against the horrible judgment, by which the Heavenly Kingdom condemns them? After all, will not it turn out that the whole earth Christian religion is born not by the Gospel of the Son of Man, but by the inscription of Pontius Pilate?”
“Yes, my precious Lord! You will really condemn the world and the worldly churches! And it will not be only You, but also the Word You have spoken that will condemn them in the last day…”
“And, has not My Word warned them, My servant? If somebody has believed in My Word, in order to be My Bride, will not they consider that every word bears its bride and every spirit seeks its hearts? So, if madmen have decided to trust in Pilate’s inscription, will not they become its bride? Will not they be caught by the spirit, which lived in the heart of the Roman procurator? Remember what prophetic sign My Father did, a moment before giving Me over to crucifixion and letting the inscription above My Head be nailed. Furthermore, what were the words Pilate told his own wife?”
“Oh, my Lord! Pilate’s wife sent one of her servants to tell him about You:
“Don’t have anything to do with That innocent man, for I have suffered a great deal today in a dream because of Him…” (Matthew 27:19)
Listening to the verse I quoted, Lord asked me again:
“Did Pilate listen to his wife? Did he have fear of God in his heart, in order to comprehend that, by the inscription he wrote upon the Sacrifice of the Son, another wife would spiritually be born? It was going to be a wife, whom God’s prophetic warning in the dream of Pilate’s wife concerns…”
“No, Jesus! At that moment, Pilate did not have reason, because his heart was captivated by Satan. It is through him that the devil decided to blaspheme You entirely by the inscription…”
“Yes, that is right! You, however, know by your Lord that there is time, judgement and fate for every wicked deed. And, if it was through Pilate’s wickedness that the devil raised his last religion, which is the worldly Christianity, on earth, it will be this Christianity that will be the bride that will suffer too much in her end. For, this lecherous bride will be devoured by hell. And her doom will be the fiery lake.
However, for all those who have already been enlightened by Truth, now I will give My servant abundant access to the Hidden Manna. And, leading him deeply into My Holy Presence, I will let him testify again together with My Apostle Paul. For, it is time for all of you to be covered by My outlines and be Perfectly protected from the spirit of the world and from the abomination of Pilate’s churches…”
After these last words, Lord embraced me with His Holy hands, and thus His outlines devoured my spirit into inexpressible Light and Blessing. And, finding myself with Him in the Heavenly home of Apostle Paul, I stepped further to hear, see and describe the deepest and most anointed revelations about the Holy Image of my Lord, to Whom the whole Word testifies – the Image of the servant who is humble to death even to death on a Cross. Amen and Amen!

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