My dear brother! My faithful friend!
In the course of the last few years, the Holy Spirit created a special cordial attitude in my heart. It was my attitude to live in the Life of Jesus and to seek the meaning of my existence in the pages of Christ’s Gospel. Figuratively said – it was as though I had been separated from this world and from this last time, in order to really live in God’s world and in the time of Jesus. Let me tell you that the experiencing of God’s Blessing within me was getting many times greater, since I felt myself a brother among brothers, a dedicated one among dedicated ones, a listener among listeners and a follower among followers. These dear and splendid biblical images enlivened inside me and I knew that this was not simply my imagination or my strong desire to expel myself from the world.
No, my brother! This was the Life of Jesus, which had entered my heart and transformed my spirit and soul. It was the Word Spirit! It was the same Word, which appeared to prophet Elijah in the cave; the same Word, which inspired John to write the most full-blood Gospel; the same Word, by which the scales fell from the eyes of Saul from Tarsus and thus he became Apostle Paul.
Having the Life of Jesus in my heart, I gave it out to all my brothers and sisters, in order to fulfil the clear words of my Lord and God:
“Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends. You are My friends if you do what I command. I no longer call you servants, because a servant does not know his Master’s business. Instead, I have called you friends, for everything that I learned from My Father I have made known to you…” (John 15:13-15)
Let me tell you, my dear friend, that Lord stops calling us servants only when the serving has become into the single most supreme purpose of our life. It is the same when one stops repeating their children what they have already learnt, since the further repetition now loses its effect and influence. And this word – “Lord’s friend” is even stronger, since it contains the deepest message of serving; a message, which declares:
Lord’s friend is that enlightened man, who serves Jesus, while Jesus serves through him!
In the last hundred books, you have hardly read an address to the reader, other than “my dear brother, my faithful friend”. Addressing each of God’s household in this way, I wanted nothing other than to infect everybody with the desire to serve. Since, out of the serving, there is no Holy Spirit, no Salvation and no Covenant in the Lord.
I ask you, my brother, to open your eyes and to look at this last world, which is so hardened in its deceit. See how total and terrible the hopelessness that has possessed millions and billions of people is. See how the wolfish manners have become a foundation for the survival of the separate man. “Eat or be eaten! Tear in pieces or be torn in pieces! Be selfish, in order to survive!”
And, whenever the crushed human soul wants to find a shelter from the demonic tempest and warmth due to the bitter cold, it has inevitably come across ready religious haunts, which has comfortably been called “churches”, in order to attract most people. Then, running by all its power away from the immense devilish kingdom of unbelief and paganism, this soul has found itself in some other kingdoms, which kings are as rich and as prosperous as those of the heathens, and even more.
So, what must have happened? Has the human soul found the servants of the Lord to lay down their life for it, or has it been deceived by kings, for which it is expected to lay down its life itself? Has the human soul found comfort for its wounds and pains, after the pagan sword outside in the world has been replaced by a brandishing religious crook on the inside? Has the soul found peace in relation to its fears, when the fear of death outside has been replaced by the constant fear of excommunication on the inside?
My kind and dear friend! Tears of grief fill my eyes and the burden upon my heart has become too heavy. For, day after day, I have to live with God’s pain; the pain that kings are many, but servants are very few; the pain that many churches have become colder than the world and their kings – eviler even than the most corrupted politicians.
I laid down myself as a sacrifice, as much as I could and by the whole power of my heart, in order to make the people, who call themselves “Christians”, seek the Ground Christ for them to call themselves in such a way. I laid down upon God’s Holy Altar many years of my life, in order to make straight Lord’s paths in the human hearts, and the enlightened ones to really feel the greatness of the difference between Pilate’s inscription and the clearly outlined Christ.
Unfortunately, the greater part of the former Christianity will remain hypnotized by the nailed slip of wood. It does not matter that the hearts of five, ten or hundreds of servants would bleed terribly – this will hardly make a difference between them and the religious kings. It does not matter that the Water, the Bread, the Wine, the Oil and the Salt will keep testifying mightily from the prophetic books of Mount Moriah – the captives by the inscription of Pontius Pilate will keep holding on their bookshelves the lustrous brochures and booklets of the religious kings that are enriched by the devil. It does not matter that Lord’s servant will turn into an Offering and a Sacrifice – this will not touch the people who have spent good fortunes in order to graduate in theology and have the desirable religious certificate – either for teachers, or for church leaders.
What can I say about this? How should my heart keep beating any longer for God’s Eternal Truth? The Truth, my brother, is that a servant never forgets who their Master is.
If I have been abused, rejected and have experienced the whole evil for the sake of Jesus – let my Master be blessed for having desired that!
If I have been accepted, blessed and loved by God’s faithful remainder – let my Master be blessed for having desired that!
If I have had my hands and feet pierced by the order of Pentecostal Pharaohs and kings in religious alliances – let my Master be blessed for having desired that!
If I have had my head covered by thorns due to the prayers of many ambitious sorceresses, who are decorated with the heavy make-up of Jezebel – let my Master be blessed for having desired that!
For every good or evil, which comes in my life, my lips will bless my Lord and God, since He is the Meaning and the Reason for me to be what I am! He is the Spring That has wetted my lips! He is the Bread That has revived my heart! He is the Wine That has captivated my mind! He is the Oil That has confirmed my bones! He is the Salt That has preserved my faith!
And again He is the One, Who led me into the Holy Presence of His outlines and into the home of His Apostle Paul. And, caressing my head with His hand, He started talking to me, saying:
“Lord’s friend! If the King of Zion has a reason to call His servants friends, know that, as far as you are concerned, this reason of Mine is the most powerful possible. Since, you really are aware of the thoughts of your Master and know perfectly His Will. For fourteen years, I have been leading you from Glory to Glory in Lord’s Spirit! For fourteen years, you have been a spring of Zion and many have been drinking and have been revived by your waters! Now, what else should I do, but confirm you again as the prophet of Zion and envelop you in the outlines of My Light? Also what else should My Apostle Paul do, but take in his hand the third precious stone from the Heavenly outlines of the Son of God, in order for you to touch it by your hand and to be led into My Perfect Humbleness…”
After these words, excited in His Spirit, Lord spoke to His Apostle, saying:
“Paul! Take the last of the precious stones and go with My servant into the vision, by which I humbled My first followers to death, even death on a Cross…”
With great reverence in his eyes, Paul approached the window of his room, taking the last precious stone. And, sitting down upon a stool next to me, he laid the stone into his mantle, telling me:
“Stretch out your hand, prophet of God! Let us both be enveloped by the Holy Spirit now, in order for us to find ourselves in the vision of Jesus!”
With great joy and excitement, which was too strenuous for my heart, I took my right hand nearer to Paul’s, which was touching the Heavenly diamond. Then, the Light of the Spirit enveloped us entirely and moved us into the Gospel. Here that Paul and I found ourselves on Lord’s Passover. So, we saw Jesus, His outlines shining with Light, standing up from the chair in front of His disciples, and then – putting on His mantle and tying an apron. While all this was happening, His Heavenly outlines instantly illuminated both His mantle and the apron He had tied on. At the next moment, Lord took a vessel and filled it with water from the wash-basin. And, kneeling before His disciples, He took their feet with hands and started washing them by the water. So, the outlines of His Humbleness became even more shining. Then, Paul spoke to me, saying:
“Lord’s servant! Do you see the Most High and Holy Lord of our souls and hearts, the One, through Whom Father created everything visible and invisible, the authorities, powers and dominations, kneeling and serving His disciples now?”
“Yes, Paul! I see Jesus and He conquers my whole heart, bringing it admiration!”
Here, the Apostle smiled and spoke to me again, saying:
“I did not have this privilege – to stand among the eyewitnesses of Lord’s Passover. However, Lord mercifully visited me with this vision, in order for me to see the things, for which many are blind. Therefore, look now, you too, in order to comprehend the great mystery of serving…”
I was looking again in the vision, when I noticed Satan standing near to Judas Iscariot; one could read on his face inexpressible malice, mixed with cramps of spiritual impotence. He could not stand the view of the serving Jesus after he had unsuccessfully been tempting Him to take on earth the image of a king, and not of a servant. Then, the devil jumped aside of Judas, stuck to Peter’s back and started whispering to his heart, saying:
“Should you let this Holy Lord wash your dirty feet, which stink of fish? Should you let these hands, which are to break the Bread to pieces, touch your feet and wash them? Do you not have hands to wash your own feet that the Son of God has to wash them? Will you let your Lord be humiliated in such a way? Say, Peter! Is such humiliation all right?”
The whisper of the devil made Peter nervously turn his head away from Jesus and withdraw his feet from His hands, since it was his turn. After that, he said:
“Lord, are You going to wash my feet?” (John 13:6)
Having seen the devil, who lurked behind Peter, Jesus vouchsafed him with silent contempt. After that, filled with Heavenly Love and Perfect Humbleness, He spoke to His disciple, saying:
“You do not realize now what I am doing, but later you will understand…” (John 13:7)
Being unaware of the fact that Lord was speaking to him about the great meaning of serving, Peter nervously cried out, saying:
“No, You shall never wash my feet…” (John 13:8)
Peter’s reaction made Satan spitefully grin. However, he was entirely broken, because Jesus embraced Peter and a lightning bolt, which pushed the evil one backwards, flashed out of His hands. Looking at Peter’s eyes with divine strictness, Lord spoke to him again, saying:
“Unless I wash you, you have no part with Me…” (John 13:8)
It was after these words of Jesus that Peter realized he had spoken unreason. While I was observing, the Apostle of Jesus spoke to me again, saying:
“Did you understand everything, Lord’s servant? Did you comprehend what the Lord told His disciple Peter?”
“Yes, Paul!” – I answered:
“I understood that Jesus shows His disciples the example of serving and Humbleness! Nevertheless, even on the Passover, the devil tried to display his cunning, attacking Peter…”
Obviously, my words were not comprehensive, because Paul spoke to me with ardent jealousy in his voice, saying:
“See the most important! Hear again Lord’s words, which are the most powerful brilliance in this precious stone! Since, the Servant Jesus tells Peter:
“Unless I wash you, you have no part with Me…” (John 13:8)
And you, paying serious attention to this answer of the Lord, tell me: Who are the people, who have part with the Lord, in order for Him to also have part with them?”
“Oh, Paul! Scales fall out of my eyes! For, only Lord’s servants have part with Him! Unless someone has become Lord’s servant, in order to serve their brothers and sisters according to God’s Will, they have no part with Jesus!”
The jealousy of the Apostle blazed even more powerfully after my answer, and thus he ardently spoke to me, saying:
“If only servants have part with Lord Jesus Christ, then, what is destined for the kings, who are deceived by Pilate’s inscription? Where will these kings appear at the end of times? What will their doom be, when the doors of death overtake them? Will they wave the pages of the New Testament before the demons of hell, in order to prove that they are in Lord’s Covenant, when the Lord clearly says on His Own Passover that unless somebody does not accept His Example of serving, they will have no part with Him? Do you understand now how mighty and Holy the outlines of Christ’s Humbleness are? Does the Church of Jesus Christ comprehend that only the humble one can serve according to God’s Will? Since, pride attends reigning, and hypocrisy testifies to exalting. But it is only with the outlines of Humbleness that one can become a servant of the Lord. Since, the humble one is lower than all the people. He is low even to their feet – in order to wash them, so that they go on the Way of Truth. He is low even to their sins – in order to forgive them in Lord’s Name and break the chains of the control of sin. The servant of the Lord is lowest than all – in order for him to rise high in Lord’s Eyes!
Here, the Apostle of Jesus Christ testifies to all of you from the book of God’s prophet! And, to all the churches and believers, I appear the fateful warning from the whole Heaven, from the Council of the Saints and from the Judge of the living and the dead:
If there is no Christ’s serving in a church, but only human reigning, it is dead even while it lives and it is given over by God to ruin itself in its temptation and voluptuousness.
If there are not servants of Lord to serve in the churches, then, the churches deny Christ by their own will and, by their example, choose to have no part with Him.
However, if you really have the outlines of Christ’s Humbleness, hear and remember again the words of the Lord, which were spoken on Lord’s Passover:
“You call Me “Teacher” and “Lord,” and rightly so, for that is what I am. Now that I, your Lord and Teacher, have washed your feet, you also should wash one another’s feet. I have set you an example that you should do as I have done for you. Very truly I tell you, no servant is greater than his master, nor is a messenger greater than the one who sent him. Now that you know these things, you will be blessed if you do them…” (John 13:13-17)
So, let none of the servants of Jesus Christ accept the words of the Lord wrongly, turning them into a religious ritual, which is lacking in the Spirit and the Heavenly outlines of the Son of God!
Since, to wash one another’s feet means for you to always serve each other, in order to purify the ways of your hearts until Lord’s Way entirely sanctifies and captivates them!”
After these ardent and jealous words, the Apostle of Jesus strongly embraced me with his hands. Then, he spoke to me in an innermost voice, saying:
“There is Power by God in your heart, Lord’s servant! There is mighty Power for serving and Perfect Humbleness! And you, as you remember that the foundation is more important than the walls and the roof, be a foundation in your serving for many – since you are enlightened and filled with the Spirit of Jesus Christ. Since, this is the Power of the Foundation – being lower than the stones of the Temple, to raise them by all means in the knowledge of the Holy and clearly outlined Lord Jesus Christ! This is your destiny and this is your calling! Now, let the Spirit return us to the Presence of Jesus!”
After these words of Paul, the vision ended. Then, we found ourselves in Paul’s room and in the Presence of Jesus. At that very moment, Lord was shining like a Sun of the Truth and His outlines were radiating blinding rays. He laid His hands upon my head and spoke to me for the last time, saying:
“Go and give to the faithful remainder of God the most precious and anointed message, which has ever descended from the Heavenly Jerusalem!
Go and warn the whole world and all its churches that the Judge is standing at the Door! In Lord’s hands, there is already a mighty accusation against the great prostitute and against all the religious kings, who were intoxicated with her immeasurable luxury!
Here, I am coming very soon! And I will raise to Me in Eternal Glory the servants of the Lord, who know My Covenant and who have not retreated even a jot from My Way, My Deed and My Example!
Blessed and Holy is everyone, who decides to love serving and who dedicates their life, in order to form in their heart My Image of a Servant! Since, this Image is the imperishable shine of the future kings in Eternity! Blessed and Holy is everyone, who preaches against Pilate’s inscription and who forcefully brings out from the dungeons of Babylon all the captives of Zion! Above all – blessed and Holy are Lord’s servants who know the clearly outlined Christ and who preach His outlines to all people!
I, the clearly outlined Christ, have given the deepest and Holiest visions to My prophet! They are visions, which are veraciously confirmed by the participation of My Apostle Paul – My pillar and foundation of Truth! I pronounced it! I spoke it!”

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