My dear brother! My faithful friend!
There are prophetic books, to which the exceptional verses, spoken by prophet Zechariah, entirely apply:
“Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit, says the Lord Almighty…” (Zechariah 4:6)
That is how, having embraced the Spirit of my Lord and God, I succeeded in overcoming the devilish resistance, which had risen against the writing of this book. Since, had I used power – the devil would have responded by power. Had I gathered my whole might – on his turn, the devil would have answered by might. However, I embraced the Spirit of the Lord. I gave Him my heart, my head and my hands. And, kneeling before the Holy One, I told Him:
“May You be the One to write and think for me! May You be the One to move my hands and fill my heart with the necessary words!”
Well, my brother, know that the devil has not invented weapons, or strategies and tactics that succeed against the Spirit of Father and His Son. When the Holy Spirit fills the heart of God’s servant, the evil one becomes less than nil. I testify to you about this, in order for you to read this prophetic book exceptionally in the presence of the Holy Spirit and never out of His presence.
So, to begin with, let me tell you that Lord came to my heart again with the same outlines of Holy Light. He stretched out His hand, in order to raise me, and started speaking to me, saying:
“My servant! Let Me now raise you to the Heavenly Jerusalem and to the Heavenly home of My Apostle Paul. Since, I have to bring to an end the Holy deed, which began with his veracious testimony. Now, I tell you that you will write not only a very precious book of Zion, but it will be the Great Breach of the Lord into the walls of the kingdom of Babylon.
Yes, I tell you! I will surely ruin and destroy all the earth religious kingdoms. I will break all their living royal idols and will bring them to madness and folly. So, they will all come to know that the Heavenly King has spoken in His testimony against all the earth kings. And now, follow Me!”
After these words, which were too precious for my heart, Lord embraced me with His mighty hands and raised my spirit above. Thus, before long, my heart noticed again Zion, the Kingdom of beauty, and the Heavenly Jerusalem, sparkling as a very precious diamond. Here that Jesus and I started walking the golden streets of the City, in order to reach the Heavenly home of Apostle Paul. This time, my surprise was splendid, because the very Apostle of the Lord was standing at the door of his home and was smiling to us from afar. When we approached him, Lord caught his shoulders excitedly and squeezed them, telling him:
“Paul, let us bring the Holy deed to an end! Let the prophet of Zion see what has never been seen and comprehend what has never been comprehended!”
So, all three of us stepped into the room of the Apostle, into which I had already come many times. Here that Paul offered me to sit down upon one of the wooden three-legged stools, and turned to Jesus, Who was already telling him:
“Let Lord’s prophet experience with you the vision, which I gave you, when you had to write to the churches in Galatia! And, as you unfold the parchment, appear to him the written word, in order for him to understand and go deep…”
After these words of the Lord, the Apostle approached the window of his room and took one of the precious stones. After that, he sat down next to me and, just like the first time, spoke to me, saying:
“Let us stretch our right hands, in order to touch the walls of this precious stone…”
With excitement, I stretched my hand to that of Paul and touched the Heavenly diamond with my palm. Here, Light went out of the diamond, enveloped the Apostle and me, and then, spiritually moved us onto the Mount of Golgotha. There, my eyes noticed Jesus Crucified. He looked at the Apostle and spoke to him, saying:
“Paul, Paul! Do not stop preaching Me Crucified! Do not stop confirming My Image of a servant among all those, to whom I will send you! Now, see Me just as the Holy Spirit let the churches in Galatia see Me! Since, very soon, many refused to know Me as a Sacrifice! They exchanged Lord’s Bread for the yeast of the Pharisees and thus retreated from My Cross!”
After these words of the Crucified Jesus, Lord’s Cross became brighter and outlines of Heavenly Light appeared around Lord’s Body. These outlines were so powerful and blinding that they entirely enveloped us. Then, Lord spoke to us again, saying:
“Here is how the Holy Spirit appeared Me to the churches in Galatia – clearly outlined as Crucified – so that they look at Me and be inspired by My Sacrifice! However, see now what will happen to the Sacrifice, when the inscription, written by Pilate, starts overshadowing!”
While Lord was still speaking, the Light of the outlines paled and vanished. Then, poison, black like tar, started flowing out of the inscription, which was over His Head. It streamed down Lord’s Head and started eating through it like acid; in the same time, the Cross itself sank into horrible darkness. The view was so monstrous that I squeezed the hand of the Apostle, telling him:
“Paul, what is happening here? Why did the Lord, Who is so cherished and precious to our hearts, lose His outlines in such a way? Why did this monstrous poison flow down from the inscription, in order to hiss and eat through Lord’s Head?”
In reply, the servant of God spoke to me, saying:
“This is the vision, which Jesus gave to my heart once, in order for me to see how great Lord’s Sorrow becomes, when churches decide to exchange the Sacrifice of Jesus for Pilate’s inscription. And you, as you look at the vision, notice how the devilish poison will eat through the whole Cross and the Sacrifice, so that nobody remembers any longer any Jesus and any Sacrifice, but most people altogether fall under the spell of earth kings and earth idols, and so become parts of earth kingdoms. Know from the Apostle of God, Lord’s servant, that this vision here happens in every human heart, which refuses to believe in a divinely outlined Christ, and instead, accepts to be deceived by the inscription, which is out of the lines…”
The words of Paul strongly grieved my spirit. Being filled with jealousy, I ardently answered him, saying:
“Let it not be, Paul!”
In reply, the Apostle looked at me with his deep eyes. And, peering into me, spoke words, which declared:
“The one who bears Jesus in their heart will never forget that Lord is crucified as a Sacrifice for their sin! And, as they remember the Crucified One – they will go themselves onto the Cross to be crucified with Jesus! So, as you just said it jealously – this vision will certainly not take place in a heart that has come to sincerely believe! You, however, see and comprehend that just as there are children of God, so there are also children of the evil one. And, whereas God’s people on the Cross seek what is God’s, the cunning ones seek what is cunning. And, is there any greater cunning of the serpent than this – to deceive the churches, so that they stop seeing Jesus Crucified? Is there any greater darkness than this – to lose the Simplicity and the Purity that is in Christ? Is there any greater reproach for the Gospel preaching than this – Satan to enter the churches, playing a light angel, and his servants playing angels of Light? Due to this play, neither darkness will turn into Light, nor will the devil change his horns to a halo of God’s Righteousness. And you, remember better the words of the Lord, Who speaks with His Word even till this very day:
“If then the light within you is darkness, how great is that darkness!” (Matthew 6:23)
Thus, if somebody has accepted Pilate’s inscription as Light, will not the outlined Sacrificial Christ seem to him superfluous and worthy of contempt? Who would like to serve the Sacrifice, when they have been tempted to reign through the inscription? Here, it is this that was vision, which Lord endowed my heart with during the time of my apostolic mission on earth. And this vision was the reason for me to write the message to the churches in Galatia, of which you will understand after an instant…”
The Apostle was still speaking to me, when I found myself with him in his Heavenly room and in the presence of Jesus. This time, the outlines upon the Saviour had become even brighter. Paul released the precious stone with his right hand and approached the marble jars, in which he held his parchment scrolls. And, taking one of them, he unfolded it in front of my eyes. Then, words in the scroll shone with the power of the sun, and I read them without any effort. Here is the written word that declared:
“You foolish Galatians! Who has bewitched you? Before your very eyes Jesus Christ was clearly portrayed as crucified. I would like to learn just one thing from you: Did you receive the Spirit by the works of the law, or by believing what you heard? Are you so foolish? After beginning by means of the Spirit, are you now trying to finish by means of the flesh? Have you experienced so much in vain – if it really was in vain?” (Galatians 3:1-4)
I had hardly read the written word, when Paul stretched his hands to the Lord with benevolence and his fingers passed along Lord’s outlines, touching the marks of His pierced hands and after that – those upon His feet. Then, the Apostle spoke to me in an ardent Voice, saying:
“It is this clearly outlined Christ That you have to preach, Lord’s servant! For, He is the King of Zion, Who became a servant on earth and Who left us His Holy Spirit, in order for us to follow His steps and do His Righteousness with His Example!
It is this clearly outlined Christ that many among the Galatians had begun to despise. As they forgot that they had been expiated by the precious Blood of God’s Lamb, they removed their eyes from the Sacrifice, in order to stare at the inscription of Pilate. This inscription deceived them, bewitched them and made them decide in their hearts that they are righteous and that they must clean the outside of the cup, when on the inside they were defeated by the poison of the ancient serpent! They exchanged the Blessing Faith for works of the Law! They wanted to put their best leg first; thus, they became fleshly and their hearts entirely grew dark!
It is this clearly outlined Christ that incited my heart to write to the Galatians that they had become foolish and had been bewitched by the cunning of the devil!
It is again the clearly outlined Christ that showed His servant all the Holy fibres of His outlines! Thus, to the end of his good fight, His Apostle finished his race and kept his faith!
It is this clearly outlined Christ that has led you into His inner rooms now, so that your testimony becomes a Holy hope for all those, who want to be servants and Heavenly sacrifices in the time of the greatest temptation by kings, chiefs and courtiers!”
After these words of the Apostle, Jesus smiled and approached me, saying:
“All the children of God, who read by faith the visions in this prophetic book, should consider them a very great and Holy privilege! For, I gather in My Holy Spirit My spring from the antiquity and My last spring from the end of time!
My Church! Look at the clearly outlined Christ and be very attentive in the visions, which you will be given from Zion! My Church! Break with contempt the inscription of Pontius Pilate and come to your Lord, in order to make with Him a Covenant of Sacrifice and serving!
I will send My two servants to the Holiest places in My Gospel, where the Holiness, Godliness and Humbleness of My outlines shine!
Blessed are those, who fill themselves with the clearly outlined Christ! They will surely be called people, concealed in God, and the devil will no longer have any power and authority over their hearts!
Blessed are all those, in whose eyes Mount Golgotha is not an end, but a beginning of their Heavenly service before Lord’s Face!
Follow Me, Church, into the Holy visions, which I am giving to My prophet today! So that you may call yourself one Crucified next to the Crucified One! A servant-maid among queens and a Sacrificial one among the lecherous ones!
I, the clearly outlined Christ, still speak and do not fall silent!”

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