My brother! My faithful friend!
For a first time in my life, I was looking at the threats of the devil as to a great privilege and opportunity to glorify my Lord. Following Him with the clothes of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, I could see the steadily increasing flames of the blazing furnace. Here that, when this furnace was just meters away from my eyes, Lord pointed at it, telling me:
“Go in, Stefan! It will not be a first time for you!”
Without any hesitation and fear, I made the necessary steps and entered the flames of the very furnace…
Oh miracle of all miracles! The fire in the furnace was blazing in all its power and the flames were coming in waves to my heart, but not one of them could touch me. On the contrary – Fire by Father blazed out of the depths of my heart and devoured my whole being. When I made a few more steps into the furnace, I saw the Image of my Lord.
I saw the Fourth in the fiery flames!
He touched with His hand the hosen, the robe and the mantle, which I was wearing, and told me with an ardent Voice:
“Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego – the Called, the Chosen and the Faithful ones! The three men, among whom the Fourth One surely appears! Listen to Me, My Church! Listen to the Bridegroom, Who calls you to the Mount!
Dressed in the sky-blue hosen of Shadrach, you will never leave the Way! Dressed in the bright robe of Meshach, you will never retreat from the Truth! Dressed in the bloody mantle of Abednego, you will always have the Life of the Son of Man, in order to sacrifice it for your friends! Thus, dressed in the Way, the Truth and the Life, you will always have the Fourth in the fiery flames!
Here, My Church! From the treasury of My Father, I have given you the gold Menorah and the flames of Father’s recognition! From the Sanctuary of My Father, I have shown you the deeds of God’s Wisdom and the secrets of God’s eternal intention; His thoughts, which abide from generation to generation, looking for the Called, Chosen and Faithful ones of each generation! From the fiery flames of Babylon’s furnace, I am crying out to all My friends, telling them:
My friends! Now, I want you raised onto the Mount! Called as Shadrach, Chosen as Meshach and Faithful as Abednego; holding God’s Menorah in your hands; having recognized the gold image of the devil!
And, together with the Fourth One, having passed through the fiery flames! I pronounced it! I spoke it!”

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