My dear brother! My faithful friend!
There are many splendid examples for inspiration, jealousy and emulation in the Bible. If Father has made these examples forever remain in His Eternal Word, He has done it, because the world is always the same before His eyes.
The devil is the same. The sins are the same. The deceit is the same.
And, the losses, caused by devil’s deceit are the same.
What should we, who are the last generation on earth, do? Are not we expected to recognize the cunning of the devil as the generations before us have done this? Are not we expected to add to the example of the ancient people our own contemporary example? Are not we expected to resist the devil by all the faith of our hearts, no matter what this will cost to us?
However, exactly here, when the moment come for the men to pay the price and to get over the devil, they give in under his pressure and allow him to vanquish them. They do not want to pay the price in order to be a generation of God’s Holiness. They prefer the deceitful peace with the prince of this world instead of the painful war against him. What is more – in the eyes of such men, devil’s lie turns into Truth and God’s Truth becomes a lie. Then, in their view, the devil becomes a god and God’s messengers seem to them as servants of the devil.
Thousands of years ago, on a field, situated in the region of Babylon, king Nebuchadnezzar raised a gold image. This image has been the most terrible personification of the satanic wile. Made up from the metal of welfare and wealth, the very image demanded worship from all the people on earth. Those, who bowed before him, lacked the Reason and the Wisdom to comprehend that a person, hidden in the delusion of his presence, stands behind the gold image. Moreover – seeing the alternative of burning up in the fiery furnace, raised next to the gold idol, the men were unwilling to even consider the possibility of giving up their worship. Most probably, every one of those worshipers was holding in his hands if not a purse, then at least a gold coin.
Then, was it possible for them not to worship the image, when their own coin was made from the very same gold that served to make up the idol? How were they supposed to refuse bending their head down before the keen eyes of the Babylon king, when all their labour, efforts and existence have only been for the gold coin in their hand? Can they but accept in their heart that, when they can buy small things with their gold coin, then the very gold image on the field of Dura is powerful to buy their own soul?
Such was the situation at that ancient time; a time, when people walked with eyes, looking at the ground; a time, when no power greater than the power of gold had been seen. But even then, Father had confirmed His people with His Seal in order to show the devil that his gold image is only able to deceive and defeat many, but not all. And that ancient victory of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego crushed the devil more than the millions of submissive worshipers were able to please him. Since, after the miracle in the fiery furnace, everybody in Babylon was no longer speaking of the gold image of Nebuchadnezzar, but was testifying of the fact that three men entered the fire of the furnace, and four appeared. In His Image and Glory, the Fourth One had looked like a son of the gods.
So, what do you think, my brother? Why am I speaking to you such words before the vision, which Lord revealed to me in all His Kindness and Mercy? Do not I do this for you to understand that everything repeats again now? Do not I do this for you to look up with your heart? And, looking from Heaven to earth, to see and comprehend that the devil has neither forgotten anything old, nor has he learnt anything new. Since, even today, there is a Babylon field and a gold image, built up on it. And, while the ancient gold image was local, the present one is total. And you, do you know the difference between the local and the total? In fact, the local is related to a separate place, while the total concerns all places. So, a partial gold image responded to the local Babylon in the antiquity, while now, another gold image responds to the total Babylon nowadays. By itself, this contemporary gold image is nothing but a false teaching of the devil, meant to deprave and degrade human hearts. So if on that local field, Lord confused the devil with His three servants, then on the total field of today, He will confuse him with three generations of His Paternal Seal.
The generations of the Called, Chosen and Faithful ones.
Therefore, let me make you witness the words, which Jesus spoke to me a moment before showing me His very vision. Here is what He told me:
“Now I am going to give your heart a vision; a vision for all those, who believe Me and still remember that they have been redeemed from the vanity and the sin of the world not by perishable things, gold or silver, but by My precious blood. In this vision, you will see the things as they really are. For, it is time for all My people to stop looking and thinking locally, but to see everything totally.
What do you think? Do not those, who cannot get over their own local church in order to look at the Lord and His Holy Church, lack Wisdom and Reason? Are not madmen those, whose eyes are earth and fleshly and unable to notice that today is the time not of a local, but of a total clash between Zion and Babylon? At least, tell Me:
If you compare moles with doves, which ones will look locally, and which ones – totally?”
“Oh Jesus! The moles will look locally, since they cannot leave the place of the earth they are digging. On the other hand, the doves will look totally, since their wings raise them high above – up to the very Breach, from where You are speaking to My Heart now. From this Breach, the earth is plainly and clearly visible…”
Jesus smiled at my words; then, He kept on speaking, saying:
“Then, see the things as the White Dove of My Father sees them. Since, the most cursed time has come on earth. It is the time of the tempting gold image, by which Babylon will devour all the earth and the fleshly men…”
After these words, Jesus pointed down the Breach, at the very ground. Then, my eyes saw a giant gold image, built upon the continent of the boundless wealth and prosperity. The image itself had taken on very deceitful and tempting features. He resembled my Lord Jesus Christ. Its sculptors, led by the desire to put the final touches to it, had made its hands and feet pierced. They had even laid a thorn crown upon its head. The only difference from the real image was that this one was made of gold. Besides, it was not still like an ancient idol. Instead, unceasing energy was rushing out of it. This energy was coming out of the fingers and the palms of its hands, and in this way invisible fans were blowing up a tempest of constantly falling bank-notes. This energy was coming out of its eyes and lips, and thus everybody, standing next to it, could hear words that say:
“I am Jesus, a lord of your heart and your soul. Worship me and I will bless you and make you a witness of my prosperity…”
This energy was coming even from the feet of the gold idol, where thousands of gold nets, ropes and loops were laid, ready to catch the feet of the men, who would bow to it. As I was looking at the giant gold idol, I hurried to turn to my Lord, telling Him:
“Oh Jesus! Is not this gold idol the very spirit of Mammon, who servile theologians and teachers of the law have masked and moulded to be in everything like You? Does not this gold image attract all the earth and fleshly men, who believe that this is exactly the Salvation, the Good News and the Eternal Life?”
“That is right! This gold idol of the last time is the spirit of Mammon, who You have defeated by the Sword of God’s Prophetic Spirit many times. However, I want for all My people to see and comprehend now that, in the deceit of his unlimited wile, Mammon does not appear to his worshipers as Mammon.
No! He presents himself as Jesus! He is deceitfully transformed in order to be looking like Me!
For, nobody of his worshipers wants to believe that they receive spoils and goods from the devil himself. At the same time, every one of the foolish and avaricious men believes that they worship and serve the Heavenly God and His Son. Nobody of these worshipers wants to recall My words that it is impossible to serve two masters. For, you will be devoted to the one and despise the other. How much more, when in your heart you consider the deceit to be Truth; the deceit that I am Lord, Who commands His Church to store up treasures in earth places and to enrich herself on earth, instead of being rich in Heaven?
Tell Me then – is it possible for a heart to enrich itself on earth, but to gain a Heavenly share? Is not the earth as low as the Heaven is high?”
“That is right, Jesus! However, no one of the men, forming the babel at this idol, wants to acknowledge and confess that they worship and serve somebody else, but You. They have decided that they have already been saved and enlightened, and the wealth and prosperity are only supplements and Heavenly benefits for the practicing of faith…”
Lord fell in short silence after my last words. Then, He continued to speak, telling me:
“This is where the problem comes! Exactly here, in practicing faith! Since, this practice will surely lead to a terrible clash of some witnesses against others. The earth witnesses of the gold idol will testify with their wealth on earth, while My Heavenly witnesses will testify with their wealth in Heaven. In this clash of testimonies, everyone will find their future destiny and will determine their fate for Eternity.
Tell Me then – does not one testify according to the place, their heart dwells? Will not the heart testify for the wealth, by which it has been possessed?”
“That is so, my Lord! For the mouth speaks what the heart is full of. So, the earth wealth will find the pulpits, where the earth men applaud it; and, the Heavenly wealth will find the pulpits, where the Heavenly men submit to it…”
“Then, understand that this gold idol will not just stand on earth, waiting for the people to gather around it.
No! It will launch a campaign all over the earth, as the one king Nebuchadnezzar started at the field of Dura once. So, what was the campaign of this Chaldean?”
“Oh Jesus! He attached great importance and solemnity to the worship before the gold idol. So, all the worshipers had been brought to respect for the image and to unanimity in their abomination…”
“And, what was the importance and the solemnity of the worship? What did Nebuchadnezzar use in order to lead all the men to intoxication and bewitchment?”
“My Lord! The king of Babylon gathered the whole musical elite of Babylon. Then, he issued a decree, saying:
“Nations and peoples of every language, this is what you are commanded to do: As soon as you hear the sound of the horn, flute, zither, lyre, harp, pipe and all kinds of music, you must fall down and worship the image of gold that King Nebuchadnezzar has set up. Whoever does not fall down and worship will immediately be thrown into a blazing furnace….” (Daniel 3:4-6) 
“Well, as you can see by yourself, other participants also appear in the worship before the gold image. And these are the musicians. Is that right?”
“This is exactly so, Jesus!”
“Then, what do you think? Are the musicians, who Satan gathers in this last time, when he raises the spirit of Mammon as a gold idol on earth, ordinary? What are the horn and flute, the zither and lyre, the harp and pipe like? At all, what is the whole devilish orchestra, which is gathered before the idol, like?”
“Oh Lord! There is no doubt that these musicians are masters of satanic overshadowing. Having been a guardian cherub once, the devil would hardly miss the opportunity to display the power of his perverted wisdom…”
“Moreover, My boy!
It is exactly the perverted wisdom of Satan that is the main conductor and producer of the whole worship before the gold image. Therefore, I am going to show you from a short distance what all these musicians are like. I will also show you their instruments, by which they bewitch and intoxicate the churches of Babylon vainglory so successfully.
Now, follow Me! For, we will both descend to the very gold image and to the overshadowing musicians, whom the devil has entrusted with the success of all his false preaching of the good news. Only when all My people see and comprehend the essence of the horn and flute, the zither and lyre, the harp and pipe, will I show them why Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego went out of the blazing furnace undamaged…”
After these last words, Lord embraced me and so we both descended together to the very gold idol and to the whole musical procession of the devil.

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