My brother! My faithful friend!
Asking you whether you have recognized the worshipers of the gold image from the former vision would be unnecessary. The truth is that they have filled the whole earth and there is no state or city, where their abomination has not become obvious.
You will not hear anyone of them be sorry about the way, they have chosen, or about the bow, they have made. Every one of them declares with pride and haughtiness that they are saved by “Jesus” and do not need repentance, for they are already righteous.
Let me tell you that their “Jesus” is not my Jesus. He is not the One, Who talks to you from the pages of this book. Their “Jesus” stinks from afar of dollars and commerce, diplomas and conferences. However, their Jesus has also commanded every one of them, saying:
“Lead everybody to my image! Let everybody worship me and profess me!”
And here that, inspired by the horn, the flute, the harp, the zither, the psaltery and the pipe, the worshipers set off to collect souls and to lead them to the place of worship. So, they also come to you…
Will you let them into your heart? Will you enter the abomination of their desolation? Will you accept the deceit of the false prophet as Truth, and thus go to the last plain of Dura and worship the devil?
I know, you may say:
“Let it not be, my brother! I want to follow Jesus, instead of the deceitful gold image of Babylon!”
Well, as you want to follow Jesus, be ready to suffer! Be ready to suffer, as all the followers of God from the time of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego to nowadays, suffered, too. Since, the very same blazing furnace, which appeared before Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego will appear on the way of your faith, by which you want to climb the Mount.
Now, let me reveal you the very vision, which Lord showed to my heart. I was still standing with Him in God’s treasury, when He spoke to me, saying:
“I want you tell My brothers and sisters all My words. I want you tell them that today, Lord gives them His gold Menorah with its seven flames. Since, in every one of these seven flames, you can see the Holy Spirit of Father’s favour and recognition.
It is a Spirit, by Whom you will resist the horn of the false prophet.
A Spirit, by Whom you will resist the harp of the tempter. A Spirit, by Whom you will resist the guitar (zither) of the satanic praise man. A Spirit, by Whom you will resist the psaltery of the sorcerer. A Spirit, by Whom you will resist the pipe of the glutton. A Spirit, by Whom you will reject all the aspirations of the various servants and ministries of Babylon. Finally, having done all this and having rejected the deadly compromise with the lie, the last Nebuchadnezzar will surely heat his blazing furnace seven times hotter than usual in order to throw you into it. See now the very heating of the furnace, which the devil will do through his worshipers…”
After His last words, Lord touched my head, so that the very same vision with the gold image appeared in front of my eyes. This time, however, a furnace with flames, blazing in it, was built next to the gold image. Aside the furnace, I could see the dragon, the beast and the false prophet. They did not seem happy at all, despite the mass worship before the gold image. On the contrary – Satan was shouting at the false prophet, telling him:
“How is my son to appear on earth, when not all men have been deceived? I put in this gold image the entire art of my wisdom and the whole power of my wile. Nevertheless, to the very present day, there has been a Menorah, since the time of Nebuchadnezzar, by which the Son of Jehovah prickles my eyes. Capture His people and repay them! What else are you waiting for? Kindle your furnace as you once did! Since, my eyes can no longer see anyone disgrace the image of my heart!”
After the words of Satan, the false prophet skilfully jumped, entering the heart of his trumpeter. Here that the herald blew his horn powerfully, telling all his worshipers in an angry voice:
“God’s children! Should we let church apostates reproach the gospel and trip up the faith? Should we let those, who do not know Jesus, abuse and despise our relationship with him?”
In reply to his words, the worshipers shouted as one:
“Let it not be! We will not let anybody blaspheme the image of our saviour! Let us punish such men! Let us cut them off! Let us cover their life with disgrace and negation!”
The screams of the worshipers pleased the trumpet caller, but he was not satisfied yet. Therefore, the musician of Babylon approached the gold feet of the idol, crying out again:
“Should anybody blaspheme the way of church prosperity, by which lord raised his powerful and mighty church on earth? Should we be as poor as those, who do not know the power of heavenly abundance and God of Abraham? Should we let wicked men plunder the faith, by which the whole plenty has come in our life?”
This time, the words of the false prophet had great influence over his worshipers. Every one of his people touched his heart with a hand, where he had laid a small piece from the gold of the idol. Then, the worshipers screamed as one for a second time:
“Let us repay such men from God’s anger! Let us cut them off as tempters and wicked men!”
The fury of the men was so great that flames of devil’s hatred began to erupt out of their hearts. Then, Satan shouted to the false prophet, saying:
“Gather the fire of this fury from the hearts of our people. So, heat the furnace much hotter than usual…”
Without any delay, the spirit of Antichrist flew amidst his entire multitude and was collecting the fire of all the fury possible; then, he threw it into the blazing furnace next to the very gold image. Nevertheless, Satan was not satisfied yet; so, he spread his wings and told the false prophet for a second time:
“I want fire! More fire, more, more and more… This furnace has to burn like the bowels of hell…”
For a second time, the false prophet jumped skilfully and entered the heart of Babylon’s trumpeter. Here that the trumpet caller reacted, telling his worshipers:
“Who is the one, who dares cast a reproach upon the church doctrines and neglect the word of the graduated and educated ones? Who is the one, who dares blaspheme the theologians and cast contempt upon the holiest teachers and guardians of god’s blessing? Should we let our church be an unfenced yard, without the doctrines of truth? Should we let men without education and diplomas deceive us about the covenant and doctrine of our lord? Should you throw away your diplomas and certificates as useless, when you have given years and money for them?”
The words of the trumpeter made hundreds of men jump and hold tighter their diplomas and certificates. After that, they shouted altogether:
“Let us repay the non-doctrinal men! Let us anathematize them by Christ! Let us close the doors of the churches for all the weeds, which the enemy tried to plant in the field of education and church doctrines. Amen, Amen!”
This reaction made the trumpeter smile slyly. Then, he jumped, climbed up to the head of the gold idol and said:
“Does not the one, who abuses the doctrines, irritate the pupils of our lord? Does not the one, who refuses to be educated, rise against the words of his mouth? Then, should we stand men, who claim that he personally speaks to them and gives them his look, when I am sure that our lord has found them heretics and antichrists? Shall we repay them from the anger of our god? Shall we keep the flock behind the fence, far from the wolves-plunderers?”
This time, the words of the trumpeter hit the bull’s eye. The whole crowd began to hoot and catcall all together:
“Boo! Let us curse such men! Let our lord repay them from his anger!”
For a second time, Satan pointed at the worshipers of Babylon, telling the false prophet:
“Now, this fire pleases me. It is just like the fire amidst the crowds before Pontius Pilate. Take it, you, spirit of Antichrist, and heat my blazing furnace much more…”
So, the false prophet flew again among the crowds; he was gathering the fire of the whole hatred and negation, by which the men, possessed by the trumpeter, were displaying their attitude to God’s servants, the prophets. This time, over and over again, the heat of the furnace seemed to be insufficient for the devil. For a third time, he shouted to the false prophet, telling him:
“What else are you waiting for? Go to your truckler with the harp! Make him fan up a fire that can fully satisfy me…”
So, for a third time, the false prophet jumped over the musician with the harp. Here that the harp-player touched the strings of his instrument, telling the crowds:
“Should we let the men, who have not received an overdose from the spirit of Jesus, lie us about his will? Here that he is speaking personally to my heart about those, who refuse to accept his word. They will surely be punished and condemned by him. Since, who is the one that dares judge god’s generals? Who is the one that stops the hearts experiencing god’s touch? Will you put up with such men in your presence? Will you accept such men like brothers, born by the one spirit?”
Listening to the musician with the harp, the crowds shouted:
“Let it not be! We will surely repay them and will cover them with the disgrace they deserve. For, nobody can judge god’s generals and reject the overdose of god’s touch…”
The fury of the crowd pleased the musician. In order to increase it much more, he skilfully jumped and stood next to the chests of the gold idol, saying:
“Do not lose god’s refreshment! You cannot afford to lose the last movement of the spirit! It is today, when the church shines as light in the world. Then, who are those, who would prevent the men from worshipping Jesus and professing him as god? We will surely cut them off and destroy their ministries and testimonies…”
This time, the words of the harp-player were entirely effective. Being inoculated more than usual, the crowds began to shout:
“Let us curse the tempters! Let us chase away those, who think differently! Let us liquidate every kind of word, but the word that leads us to the image of our lord…”
For a third time, Satan pointed at the fire, fanned up by the harp, and told the false prophet:
“This is the fire I want! This is the fire I like, for it is just like the fire in the yard of the chief-priest, where Peter was warming his hands at the fire. However, I need more fire, more, more, more…
You have four more musicians, you can inspire to inoculate the crowds. Since, it is not enough for my furnace to be as hot as the recesses of hell. It has to be as hot as the Sun above in its power. Only then, will I be able to devour those, who refuse to profess me as a god and who do not accept my gold image as an image of Jesus…”
Without any delay, the false prophet spread all his power. Entering consecutively the hearts of the sorcerer, the guitarist, the glutton and the rest of the musicians, he made them instigate the crowds and fan up their hatred against everybody, who would refuse bowing before the gold image. So, at one moment, the place beside the gold image was like a fiery tempestuous storm of yells, curses and abuses. The spirit of Antichrist gathered all the flames of this storm, threw them into the furnace and thus this furnace became as a fiery leviathan, ready to terrify to death everybody, who would approach it. Only then was Satan satisfied. He pointed at the furnace of Antichrist and told him:
“Will there be anyone not to fear your name and glorify it? Will not everyone profess you before the power of this fiery threat? Here that there are some men, who do not accept you and think that they will withstand. However, I will rejoice your heart now, by throwing them into the furnace, which I have heated seven times hotter than usual…”
So, the devil turned to the false prophet and gave him an order, saying:
“Send your servants to bind and bring to this furnace those, who worship the Menorah of Jehovah even now and refuse to bow before Mammon…”
Listening to the satanic order, the spirit of Antichrist spread his wings and went away from him in a hurry to fulfil his will. Exactly then, Lord touched me with His hand, telling me:
“What do you think? Does not this furnace strike your imagination? Is not its fire too brisk?”
“Oh Jesus! You strike my imagination so much more! Since, being the Fourth One, You protect the three men in this fire! Besides, I do not believe at all that the fire in this satanic furnace has reached the power of the Fire in God’s Sanctuary! Satan may want this, but this time, the father of lie has deceived himself…”
Lord smiled and looked at me with great tenderness. Then, He caressed my head, saying:
“See now that the spirit of Antichrist will really go mad against My last three generations, compared to Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego. Leading them to the furnace, he will command for them to be thrown into its flames. But do observe! For, the power of the prophet lies in what Lord lets him see and display…”
I was looking again at the blazing fiery furnace and at all of Babylon’s worshipers, who were maliciously crying in their greatest hatred and fury possible. Then, my eyes could see Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, who were escorted by guards to the very furnace.
“Boo! Cheats! May you perish!” – Some men were crying.
“Let Lord curse and punish you today!” – others were shouting.
Nevertheless, the three men of God were walking with such unshakable peace in their hearts that, at this moment, my heart envied them more than anything. When they stood next to the very blazing furnace, in the presence of the dragon, the beast and the false prophet, the trumpeter that was chosen from the musicians yelled at their faces, saying:
“You, tempters and apostates from Jesus! Are you deliberately not bowing before the image of the lord and not kneeling before his glory? And now, at the sound of the trumpet, the flute, the harp, the guitar, the psaltery, the pipe and all kinds of music, will you not fall down and profess the gold image as a god of your hearts? If you fall down, it would be good! We will receive you again in the bosom of the church! If not – you will be immediately thrown into the fiery mouth of this furnace. Then, will that sham Jesus, so different from ours, be there to save you from the persecution and fury of all our churches?”
In reply to the trumpeter, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego looked at him with Spirit of Heavenly superiority and full contempt. Then, they answered him, saying:
“We do not need to answer anything. You serve your own master, and we – ours. You preach the wealth of this world, and we – the wealth of the future one. You receive a salary in this life, and we – a salary in the Kingdom of Heaven.
Now, we tell you that we will not bow before your gold image, even though you have given it the Name that is above every other name. For we are saved not only by the Name of Jesus, in order to bow before everything, called so, but mostly by the Spirit, Who testifies to this Name. You bear the Name of Jesus, but you use it to call by it a gold satanic idol of avarice and prosperity. With the fact that you have called it “Jesus”, this idol has not stopped being devil’s power; on the contrary, it has become even more frightful and sly. Therefore, we will not worship your idol and we will not bend our heads down before your trumpeters. If Lord Jesus means it, He will save us from the flames of this furnace. However, even if He does not redeem us, we will not worship your idol. For, our life is Christ and death is just gain for us…”
Having heard the words of the three men, the trumpeter turned pale. Satan jumped from his place and yelled words, which I had heard before:
“Let them die, die, die! I do not need Jewish example in Babylon! I do not need Zion intoxication in my kingdom…”
Here that by a given sign, God’s men were jostled to the blazing fiery furnace. Precisely then, Jesus touched me with His hand, telling me:
“Look attentively at My faithful witnesses! Since, only a moment later, Fire from My Father will cover them just before they come into the fiery furnace. Looking at this, notice the sign that will appear over My three witnesses…”
With great excitement, I looked at the Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, when I noticed how God’s Holy Spirit descended upon them. Then, a miracle happened. The hosen of Shadrach brightened; then, the same happened to the robe of Meshach. Only a moment before the coming of Abednego into the flames of the furnace, his mantle shone, too. So, those three men were enveloped by the Fire of God and Father, by which they entered the blazing furnace. What is more, the fury and hatred to these three men of God were so great that those, who were jostling them, were the first to die by the fire of their own hearts. Then, Jesus spoke to me for a second time, asking:
“Did you notice the miracle?”
“Yes, Jesus! I saw the Holy Spirit brighten the hosen of Shadrach, the robe of Meshach and the mantle of Abednego. A moment later, they were enveloped by the Fire of God’s Love. However, I myself do not know how to understand this sign…”
“I know this!” – Jesus told me and continued:
“Now, My Father will make you witness the secret of His Eternal Choice, laying upon the Called, Chosen and Faithful ones. So, He deigns in the hosen of Shadrach, the robe of Meshach and the mantle of Abednego. And I will reveal to you this benevolence of His in another vision that is far above than the gold image of this plain and its blazing furnace…”
After these words of Jesus, the vision with the fiery furnace stopped. Lord lifted my heart and raised it above.

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