My brother! My faithful friend!
I wish you had fully understood the Lord’s words from the previous chapter. I wish to believe that you would not be one of those people with stunted wings. Since, among the many dimensions of the Good News, the most important is that, through faith in Jesus, man might be moved from the dark kingdom into the Kingdom of Light. However, do most people, who call themselves “Christians”, think in this way? Since, most of them say:
“Come on! Come on! Do not be so spiritual! Do not forget that you are still on the earth…”
When one flesh sees other flesh, it will surely testify to it for itself. As to flesh in general, it is naturally for it to abide on the surface of the earth. It can not rise above. God’s promises do not abide in it, neither God’s benevolence. However, I do not want for you to peer at the flesh. I want for you to take off the specs of this short-sighted faith, which has been pressed on us by men, more in flesh than the heathens themselves, and to follow That One, Who the White Dove alighted on at the Jordan River. Since, even if walking on the earth, He did not live on it. His Heart was related to the Heart of Father. And That Dove, Who came down from the heights, testified to Him that He abided in the heights. Have you seen This Dove in you, my brother? Have you understood that the Holy Spirit, Who Father poured out from Heaven for those, who had believed in Jesus, was just the Pigeon, by Whose wings you would be able to fly above? Then, should you stay among moles and bats, who love the ground and darkness? Should you stay among people, whose mouth always waters with slobbers, when somebody waves wads of banknotes? Should you stay among people, whose only praise before their only lord is the rumble of their overfilled intestines? I do not ask you these questions as an end in itself; they are the prelude to one of the most covered in spiritual relation occasions from the Old Testament. This is the fight of Israel against Amalek at the exit of the Lord’s people out of Egypt.
The truth is that Israel fought against many enemies. The truth is that all earth tribes hated the nation, chosen by God. However, it is more splendid truth that there, behind the wall of the visible things, in the area of the spiritual world, there was one, who had stood against God’s nation and his name was devil and Satan. If the natural man (the man without the Spirit) examines what is natural and draws his natural conclusions, then, the spiritual man examines what is spiritual and draws spiritual conclusions. That is why this book will be spiritual message to all spiritual men to its very end, so that the written by the apostle might be true:
“We have not received the spirit of the world but the Spirit who is from God, that we may understand what God has freely given us. This is what we speak, not in words taught us by human wisdom but in words taught by the Spirit, expressing spiritual truths in spiritual words. The man without the Spirit does not accept the things that come from the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him, and he cannot understand them, because they are spiritually discerned…” (1 Corinthians 2:12-14)
Now, let me reveal to you the way of my devotion by Jesus in the secret of the fight against Amalek. Here are the words of my Saviour, turned to me:
“If you have received in your heart that I am the Same – yesterday, now and forever, then, have the faith also to accept the other truth, namely that the devil is the same – yesterday, now and forever. The devil will remain to be devil, and God will remain to be God. If this devil has always been standing against God’s nation and has sent his chiefs against God’s men, then, tell Me, how many of My people know about the chiefs of the evil one? How many of My people understand that each fight against God’s nation first happens in the spiritual world, and only then it resounds in the earth reality. How many of My people understand that if man is short-lived and dies, the dark spirits are not short-lived and do not die. They are active on each time and place, according to the destiny, allowed by My Father over the whole mankind. Tell Me then:
Is there any verse in the Psalms, by which you might understand how many chiefs of Lucifer stand against God’s people?”
“Yes, Lord! There is really such verse. The singer of the psalms talks in it about the servants of the wicked one. He says:
“O God, do not keep silent; be not quiet, O God, be not still. See how your enemies are astir, how your foes rear their heads. With cunning they conspire against your people; they plot against those you cherish. “Come,” they say, “let us destroy them as a nation, that the name of Israel be remembered no more.” With one mind they plot together; they form an alliance against you – the tents of Edom and the Ishmaelites, of Moab and the Hagrites, Gebal, Ammon and Amalek, Philistia, with the people of Tyre. Even Assyria has joined them to lend strength to the descendants of Lot…” (Psalm 83:1-8)
I had just read the verses of the psalm, when Lord began talking to me. He said:
“If some people plot together with one mind, if they form an alliance against My Father and His people, will not their alliance exist until My Father has His people and hidden children? If by now, My Father has His pearls and precious stones all over the earth, then, the alliance of those, who hate God’s people, will keep standing against God’s Holy men by now, too. However, do you notice who take a part in this alliance?”
“Yes, Lord! Here are Edom and the Ishmaelites. Here is Moab, too. Here is also Amalek himself, for whose cunning You open my eyes now. Here are the inhabitants of Philistia, the people of Tyre and the descendants of Lot, too…”
“Should then the blind men be much blinder, being unable to reason and comprehend that, if this alliance stood against God’s people once, it would keep doing that again and again now? Should the deaf men be much deafer and insensible ones – much more insensible to understand that that as there are children of Abraham, so there are children of Edom, too? Do not they understand that the devil is the same? Do not they understand that if the Bible talks to them with names, then, spirits peer behind these names?”
“My Lord! It is difficult for some people to accept that You talks about the woman Jezebel and about Balaam in “The Revelation”; and what would it be if they had to open their spiritual eyes and to see what dark devil’s fish had stretched its tentacles against God’s people? Everything is history and theology for them. Everything is past for them…”
Here the Voice of my Lord got firm and terrible. Then, He said:
“Tell them and let them know My words!
Since, Heaven and earth will pass away, but what has been pronounced by the Lord through His prophets will not pass away! All people, who consider My Word to be a past, will rest in the past! Past will join the past, present will join the present and future will join the future! As to the sensible ones, whom no man, but God Himself has opened the eyes of their hearts, such men will be blissful, because they are, who will catch the stretched hand of the Lord. I will not leave My faithful people without strength against this demonic alliance. My people will surely be firm against Edom and Amalek. Therefore, let Me reveal to you now what the first fight of Israel against Amalek was…”
After His words, Lord stretched His hand to me and a vision appeared in front of my heart. I could see the troops of Israel, formed up on one spacious field, and the troops of Amalek, coming against them like hordes of black ants and locusts. Then, Jesus told me:
“Look at the fight between Israel and Amalek! And no only it! Examine also that highly raised mount, where God’s Prophet Moses stands, and Aaron and Hur next to him, too…”
After the words of the Lord, the battle itself began. The warriors of Israel rushed against the warriors of Amalek, so that sword met a sword and a shield met a shield. The vision itself was so impressive, even if I looked at it on a huge screen in a cinema hall. All of a sudden, I noticed the spirit of Amalek. It was a spirit with ominous countenance. Great hatred might be read in his eyes, and his lower teeth were sinking till blood into his lower lip. This spirit was holding a big lasso in his hands. He was waving it over the troops of Israel and cast it against its warriors, trying to catch the hearts of the Israelites. Every time, when he was waving the lasso, a cloud of demons followed with eyes the movements of his hand and was rushing where the loop would be thrown. And here, Amalek visibly began to overbear. His troops began to prevail in the fight and a greater number of dead Israelites fell down, staining the earth with blood. Then, Lord directed my look to the high mount, where God’s Prophet Moses was standing. Holding a staff in his right hand, the servant of Father raised his both hands to the Heaven and called God and Father. Then, angels of Jehovah came flying over the place, where Moses was; by their flaming swords, they drove the demons of Amalek away. Then, the battle turned, because the loop of Amalek could no longer influence over the hearts of the Israelite warriors. In the next moment, Israel was already overcoming. However, it was not so simple. The troops of Amalek were like endless black multitudes, and new warriors were taking the place of the dead ones. I looked again at Moses and I saw fatigue in God’s prophet; his hands were already growing weak and could no more hold God’s staff up. So, God’s servant let his hands down and the angels of God withdrew from the battle. Then, the spirit of Amalek gained power again and brandished the lasso in his hands, pointing the way of thousands of demons. And again, many Israelites fell down dead on the meadow. I wondered how the vision will continue, when Lord directed the look of my heart to the mount. So, I could see how Aaron and Hur laid Prophet Moses sit on a stone, and then, they raised his hands up. The first one lifted his left hand, and the second – his right hand. This act provoked immediate effect, because the angels of Father came flying over the fight again. This time, they were much more than the former ones. They brandished their flaming swords. This fact made the spirit of Amalek hide, and his demons flee in panic disorder, slipping like moles into the depths of the earth. So, the whole fight had already predetermined for the Glory of God and Father, because Aaron and Hur were already holding of Moses’ hands up and the staff of the prophet was constantly pointing at the Heaven. So, Israel no only prevailed over the troops of Amalek, but he also killed all of them, so that the earth blackened with their corpses. I was still breathless with the vision itself, when Lord approached me and told me:
“Write on paper everything I am going to tell you now. Let all people comprehend it and fully understand it! Since, it was one special fight of Israel; a battle, different from the other battles; fight, which issue did not depend on the actions in the field, but depended on everything, happened on the mount. Now, tell Me, Stefan:
Would Israel have succeeded in prevailing over the troops of Amalek unless God’s Prophet Moses had been holding the staff up and unless he had been calling the angels of My Father?”
“No, my Lord! Then, the whole fight would fully have been doomed. Without the intervention of God’s angels, the demons of Amalek, as well as the very cruel spirit of Lucifer would keep opposing to Israel to the end. Then, the hearts of all warriors would only grow weak. I believe that You showed me this battle, so that I might understand that the shields, swords and the earth efforts would have been in vain if there had been God’s benevolence upon them. And this benevolence becomes evident, when the hands of God’s Prophet, tightly caught the Prophetic staff, are raised to the Throne of God Father…”
“What do you think of that? Is not there one tribe of Amalek in the way of the Church today? And, does not it oppose to all those, who leave Egypt? Is not there a fight against the demons of Amalek, too?”
“Of course, there is such a fight, Lord! And I am afraid that many have already fallen dead in this fight…”
“And do you know why have they fallen dead? Has not this happened, because they have despised God’s Prophetic Spirit and have refused obeying to the Word, coming through God’s servants, the prophets? And, did you notice that the hands of Moses grew weak and could no longer hold the staff? Did you notice that Aaron and Hur laid him sit on a stone, and after that, they were supporting his hands raised to the Heaven until Israel defeated the Amalekites? Then, how would My Church cope with one of the most cruel and successful chiefs of Lucifer if there are not at least two pastors, as Aaron and Hur, to hold raised the hands of My prophets?
What is more, Stefan! Madness and corruption have reached to such extent that, when pastors see God’s prophet with hands, raised to Heaven, they hurry to anathemize him from their pulpits and call the sheep to pray with such magic and enchantment that the hands of the prophet might grow weaker and the staff might drop out of his hand. Have not they prayed in such way against your ministry? Is not the failure of your ministry the sweetest dream for hundreds and thousands of hirelings, who hurry to call down curses on your name? In day and hour, when My Father was looking for pastors with the brotherly kindness and faithfulness of Aaron and Hur; in day and hour, when My Father expected them to raise the Prophetic Word upon the Rock Christ (so as Aaron and Hur laid Moses sit down on the stone); in such day and hour the servant of My Father received abuses and contempt, as though he was speaking by himself, and not by the Lord’s mouth. Therefore, I tell all those, who have accepted My prophet in the name of prophet:
There is one last fight against the spirit of Amalek today! It is a fight, in which there will not be wounded men, since there will only be victors and killed in it. If anybody wants to get over the loops of the plunderer Amalek, let such man look at the Mount and see that My Father is doing there His Holy deed today. Since, on the mount, where Moses was raising his hands to My Father once, there, My Father revealed Himself to him as Jehovah-nissi. And if Jehovah-nissi means “Lord is My Banner”, then, have in mind that I am waiting for you today on the Mount, as a Banner of My Father. The prophet of My Father needs your faithful hands today, in order to realize in Spirit the written word:
“Raise a banner on a bare hilltop, shout to them; beckon to them to enter the gates of the nobles. I have commanded my holy ones; I have summoned my warriors to carry out my wrath – those who rejoice in my triumph…” (Isaiah 13:2-3)
Blissful are then the men, who support the hands of My prophet! Blissful are the men, who appear their love to God’s holy ones in deed! Blissful are then the men, who consider the words, coming out of the Lord’s mouth, to be worthier than the lies of the Amalek’s servants! Blissful are those, who are looking at the Banner on the hilltop in this troubled and cruel time, instead of peering at the loops in the valley! Since, this spirit of Amalek is a spirit against God’s Sovereignty! It is a spirit, who wants to lay his hands on God’s Throne and control in the Church! It is a spirit, who has been described by the prophet of My Father with these words, written in “Exodus”:
“For hands were lifted up to the throne of the LORD. The LORD will be at war against the Amalekites from generation to generation…” (Exodus 17:16)
As to the way, in which Amalek succeeded in laying his hand on the Lord’s Throne, you should better write the next word I am going to give to you now…”
After the words of my Lord, the vision with the fight against Amalek stopped, and I took up writing everything, which my heart experienced as witness of God’s fullness.

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