My dear brother and my dear sister! Are you close to comprehend now how splendid way Lord has left for us? Are you able to understand that we all should really go to live far above? Since, there is really no more time remained. We have no more time to write a long family tree, because we are the last its offshoots. We have no more time to draw other plans and projects, but the only one project and plan:
To withstand to the Taking of the Church in Heaven by our Lord Jesus!
I have to tell you that if Lord had lead me around to show me families with ten children or even more, this fact would not have impressed or warmed my heart as much as my look over the life of Abraham and Sarah. Despite their mistakes, in my eyes, they remain to be the Holy family of God and Father, the sweet fragrance in His Word; the splendid decoration before His throne! Since, that love, which receives everything without any efforts, is not strong love. Other love is strong, the biblical one. This is the love, by which you trust and rely on your partner throughout your life, even if he has not gifted you with descendants to the very end. This is the love, which God reveals to us in the life of Abraham and Sarah.
Now, let me tell you now the precious words of my Lord. Since, the blessed lips of the King opened and His words rushed into my spirit:
“Stefan, I want for all My brothers and sisters to understand what family is like. If you do not understand what family is, we will never be joined together according to the perfect Will of Father. Therefore, look at the vision I am going to give to you…”
In the next moment, Jesus touched my head with His hand and a vision appeared in front of my heart:
I could see a man and a woman, who were looking at the Heaven. They have embraced each other, but the eyes of both them were looking at Heaven. Then, a Light Hand stretched out from Heaven. It touched their heads and kindled a brisk fire in their hearts. Then, both the man and the woman thrust their hands into the purses they were carrying with them and began to sow the empty place in front of them. Very soon, beautiful trees appeared there, where the seeds had fallen. They began to yield fruits. However, the man and the woman did not stop working. They began to dig under their feet, so that water gushed out and turned into a beautiful lake. And the man and the woman kept still working. They built a house and made the water flow amidst their home. Then, the woman was pregnant and she bore a beautiful child very soon. Then, the man and the woman began to sow again, this way – into the heart of the child itself. They were throwing their seeds and in the same time, they were giving the child to drink from the waters of the spring. I had never seen something more splendid than this. Since, the Holy Spirit of Father was pulsating both in the water and in the crowns of the beautiful trees. Then, Jesus told me:
“Here this is the true family! Let you be able to comprehend everything you saw! Since, there is a true family only there, where there is sowing of seeds. If there is not sowing of seeds, there is not any family, too. Therefore, look at the first, which one holy family should sow for his household…”
With His words, Lord pointed at the seeds. Then, I asked Him:
“What are these seeds like, Lord?”
Jesus replied:
“This is God’s Word. Before everything else, which the man and the woman would take up sowing, they should sow God’s Word in their hearts. Since, the home of one family is not only bricks and concrete. The home is in their hearts. This is an imperishable home, where the Trinity should live…”
“My Lord! If I have rightly understood you, the family covenant begins with preparing of home for the Lord!”
“So it is, My boy! Since, Lord is That one, Who will give the fruit of the womb and will light the fire in your hearts. That is why the man and the woman in the vision itself built spiritual homes for the Lord in their hearts. They knew that they should look at Him, because they belonged to Him; because they were joined and blessed by Him. Was not it in the same way in the life of Abraham and Sarah? Did not My Father tell that the name of His chosen man would no longer be Abram, but Abraham? Did not He tell that the name of his wife would no longer be Sarai, but Sarah? And what does “Sarai” mean, Stefan?”
“Lord, the name means “My Princess”…”
“And why did Father change the name of Sarai into Sarah, which means only “princess”? Why did Abraham have to call his wife “princess”, instead of “my princess”?”
“Lord, I believe that in this way, Father wanted to reveal His perfect choice over Abraham and Sarah. A moment before the birth of their son, He wanted for them to know that they were not their own, but that they were His people…”
“That is right, My boy! Therefore, Sarai became Sarah, and Abram – Abraham. Therefore, let all My brothers and sisters know that there is not more splendid foundation for the family covenant than the Lord’s dwelling, which the man and the woman have made in their hearts for God. Just in this way, they show that they do not wish to be their own, but to be a Holy family of the Lord. Now, look at the next moment of the vision I gave to you. What else did the man and the woman do?”
“Lord, they were digging into the earth until waters gushed out. Then, these waters turned into a lake!”
Jesus asked me again:
“You have become father since long. So, tell Me:
What is it necessary, so that a child might be born?”
“Lord, you need a womb, seed and antenatal waters…”
“Then, what do you think? If people bear children in flesh, does not your Lord want for them to bear children in Spirit, too? Does not your Father want for the home of every Christian family to bathe into the living waters of the Spirit?
Do you understand now that the childbirth is only the first step in the common life of one family? The responsibilities of the parents have just begun. This little inner man must be watered by God’s Love and Light, by the waters of the Spirit, which will grow him up and make him powerful. Do you know, My boy that the Heaven is overwhelmed with prayers for children? Childless families pray to My Father and ask for a child, but their homes are empty. They have not sheltered the living waters of the Spirit, neither have they made a dwelling for the Trinity in their hearts. What the destiny of such a child would be? Will such child be well-bred in the Spirit of God? Will his spirit have those living waters, in which it might be confirmed and grown up? Finally, which is better for one mother – to bear children for slavery or children for blessing?”
“My Lord! Of course that one mother would be blissful if she bears children for blessing! Otherwise, it would be better for her not to bear at all…”
“Then, know that she would bear children for blessing, only if she has really observed the family covenant. Since, My Father joins the man and the woman in order to expect descendants that are really His offspring. And His descendants are only those, who have been born in His homes, amidst His living waters and seeds. Therefore, tell My brothers and sisters to pray My Father for Power, so that they might fully live in the family covenant. Since, this covenant is filled with the Life-saving Power of God. And many mothers would find Salvation just in the written by Apostle:
“And Adam was not the one deceived; it was the woman who was deceived and became a sinner. But women will be saved through childbearing – if they continue in faith, love and holiness with propriety…” (1 Timothy 2:14-15) 
Go and tell the whole My Church My words:
I deign now in families, who keep the covenant of Abraham and Sarah! I deign now in families, which will be gifted by My Father with children of a promise! I deign now in families, in which every one of the spouses sows the seeds, given to him by God, in order to prepare a spiritual home and dwelling for Him! I deign now in those men and women, joined by Father, who are ready to devote their life to childbearing, so that the children of their womb might become a holy offering for the Lord! Since, Isaac was born, in order to be offered on the Mount Moriah!
Let those men and women, who are married, deny themselves, so that they might enter the family covenant of My Father! Since, that one, who hear My Voice and who does My Will, will leave his parents in flesh and will be united to his wife, and they will become one flesh before My Father!
As to the other My people, whom My Father has not given to know the family covenant yet, and who have God’s Power to renounce marriage because of the Kingdom of Heaven, let such people be and remain in the Eternal Covenant between the Bridegroom and the Bride! I pronounced it! I spoke it!”

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