Do you know my dear brother and my dear sister that God has really gifted us with the greatest power – the power of faith, which is in His Son Jesus Christ? We have not any greater blessing for our hearts than the faith in Jesus. This faith is the testimony inside us that, despite thousands of years have passed on the earth; the children of Abraham are still walking, talking and testifying nowadays through the light of their hearts. There are lots of images and examples in the Holy Scripture, out of which we could draw inspiration or take hidden pearls out. Nevertheless, this Holy Book reveals to us only one example, which our Almighty Father gives to us like perfect encouragement and calling:
“Listen to me, you who pursue righteousness and who seek the LORD: Look to the rock from which you were cut and to the quarry from which you were hewn; look to Abraham, your father, and to Sarah, who gave you birth. When I called him he was but one, and I blessed him and made him many…” (Isaiah 51:1-2)
Do you see my dear brother and my dear sister that we should look at Abraham and Sarah?
Since, there is a test in their life that is unattainable for the men. And, if they have made mistakes sometimes, it has happened, because Lord has wanted for them to turn their fall into a stone to step on it. This stone namely, which people should step on, I want to reveal for you here. I repeat you again that the faith of Abraham lives in us. It is no only faith. It is a seed, which yields. And if God has promised to Abraham that He will give him success in whatever he does, His promise is valid for every one of us. However, let nobody reproach the Creator! Since, it is very possible for the promise to turn against us, especially unless we are careful enough in its using.
Some years ago, Lord made me meet a man, who had incredible success in his deeds. He had faith in God. He was skillful in doing many things; by his talent, he prospered in the advertising business. In his wish to emphasize the Father’s benevolence upon him, he told me:
“Here it is, Stefan! I have the faith of Abraham! Whatever I take up, I am doing it perfectly. Look how many shining neon signs I have done! Most of the signs on the modern places of resort have been made by me…”
I remember that then, Lord filled my mouth and I gave to Him the following answer:
“Friend! It is not important whether you have the faith of Abraham! It is more important for you not to bear by it your own Ishmael…”
I know that he did not understand me then, since Ishmael was really worthy in his eyes. However, I also know that the moment will come, when Lord will remember to him the words of Sarah:
“Get rid of that slave woman and her son, for that slave woman’s son will never share in the inheritance with my son Isaac…” (Genesis 21:10)
We often think that everything we have born and formed by our faith, is surely the one and only son, born like child of the promise. However, a moment comes and most of us see that this is Ishmael. Therefore, Lord opened my eyes and enlightened my heart in the depth of this theme, so that nobody of us would ever bear Ishmael. Here are the words, which Jesus began to talk to me:
“Lay in your heart and comprehend the truths, which I want for you to write and give to My brothers and sisters! Since, most of them do not know how fateful and fatal the bearing of Ishmael is. In this relation, let Me remind you what happened between Abraham and Sarah, while the Lord’s Word was still testing them. Tell Me, under what circumstances was Ishmael born?”
“Jesus! Sarah was childless for a long time and Lord had not given her a child to bear. Then, she offered to Abraham to bear her a child through the Egyptian Hagar. So, Abraham took her advice…”
“This is exactly the story. You, however, pay attention to something else. Did Abraham and Sarah remember God’s promise that their offspring will be as many as the stars on the sky? Did Abraham remember what the Most High had promised to him?”
“Yes, Jesus! Abraham and Sarah remembered all this. Nevertheless, Sarah decided to correct God’s promise. She decided in herself that it was possible for Lord to have a different solution of the problem. That is why she offered to Abraham to gain child through Agar, and he agreed…”
“Then, look at this story through the vision I just gave to you. I told you that there was true love only there, where the lovers would not look each other at their eyes, but would look in one direction. Where did Abraham and Sarah have to look at and what did they have to trust in?”
“My Lord! They had firmly to rely on God’s promise, without having any doubt…”
“Then, think what happened, when Sarah took her eyes off That One, Who had given her His promise and when she turned a look at her husband…”
“Jesus! When Sarah looked at Abraham, she saw one aging husband, who had not had the happiness to become father. She looked at herself, then, at Abraham, and she decided that their time to obtain children was over and God could no more realize whatever promises. Then, the young Egyptian Hagar fell in her sight. She imagined that she had been like her once – young, beautiful, with fervent blood and a strong heart. The fruit of her imagination, born by the look at the Egyptian, deceived her, so that she misled Abraham, too. Then, having in mind the words of Father, he also agreed to her wife’s suggestion. Here how Ishmael was born…”
“Then, see and comprehend that, when both the man and the woman take their look off God and began to look aside, then Ishmael is surely born. I do not want for you to think that this Ishmael is any child, born by flesh. No, this is the other spirit, which comes in the family. And, if Sarah was despised in the eyes of Hagar once, because of her son Ishmael, is not My Faith also despised in those families, which decide that man is called to serve the woman, and woman is called to serve the man? Then, do not the words of My Apostle Paul that the married man strives to please her wife, concerning the things of this world, and either does the woman, become true?
So, nothing else but My Faith is despised. Since, only by My Faith the married man is like unmarried, and the married woman like unmarried one. However, when Ishmael appears, then the rupture has come. One of the two spouses should certainly leave. Here this is what Lord your God examines now in the homes of most Christian families.
Ishmael comes into the world!
That spirit of perverted family existence has been born, which makes every one of the couple to please the other through the material things around him. God has been forgotten in such families. Therefore, the rupture comes in such families, because one of the spouses lives with Me, and the other – against Me. The former longs and looks for Me, and the latter one strives for the things below. Of course, there is also one more cruel finish – when both spouses like bringing up and breeding Ishmael. Can you see in it My warning to all of you?”
“Yes, Lord! Since, You prophesied in “The Gospel by Matthew” about this time, saying:
“For in the days before the flood, people were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, up to the day Noah entered the ark; and they knew nothing about what would happen until the flood came and took them all away. That is how it will be at the coming of the Son of Man…” (Matthew 24:38-39)
Then, Lord kept talking. He said:
“I am testifying to everybody, who would read this book that the Will of My Father for all of you is not in your marrying. His Will for you is in your standing far above, joined by His mighty hand. Since, there is nothing better for a woman than her husband, who has obeyed to serve to God, rather than being married her. In the same time, there is nothing better for a man than his wife, who has obeyed to be a God’s vessel, rather than being married him. Heaven needs Holy families now – families, in which Isaac has been born, instead of Ishmael; families, which would not doubt even for a moment in God’s faithfulness and protection; families, which would climb up the Mount Moriah in order to give My Father Holy offerings. Therefore, seek first My Kingdom, and all the rest will be given to you as well. My Father will gift you with children and He will give to you that fire, by which your hearths will be warm and blessed.
However, if any woman hurries to please his man, and if any man hurries to please her wife, then, such men surely live as in those days before the flood; they will not know what is going to happen, because they will be very busy in caring for all earth things, which stand far below than the Perfect Will of My Father.
As to the men, who have been touched by My Father and who want to be a Holy family, laid its matrimony before His Holy Altar, let such men follow Me and My servant! These are the men, whom I am going to give now those secrets of the family covenant, by which you will surely be Abraham and Sarah before My eyes…”
After His last words, Lord touched my heart with His hand and it was filled with the living waters of the Spirit, pouring out of the Jesus’ mouth.

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