My dear brother! My faithful friend!
I know that many will be surprised by the former vision which concerned the End of the Age. Since, we all are accustomed to measure time mostly as duration, and not as an inner state of the spirit. We live in earth bodies; therefore, we are impressed by the visible marks of age more than by the invisible ones. It is not difficult for us to imagine how an old man looks and how – a youth. The old man will surely be white-haired, wrinkles and spots upon his face, his hands trembling, his eyesight and hearing failing, and most probably he will also be stooped, using a cane to move. The youth will surely be vital, nippy, active, his face sleek, his muscles strong and his eyesight keen. The old man’s life will be pain and burden. The youth’s life – movement, optimism and satisfaction. There is no way for us to mistake the old man for a youth, or the youth – for an old man. And here that there are spiritual realms of age, about which we know very little or almost nothing.
When God created the spiritual world with its chiefs, authorities and powers, neither Satan’s rebellion, nor Adam and Eve’s fall were in the vicinity. At that moment of the spiritual creation, the age of all the spiritual persons started from its very beginning. Being confirmed in God’s Light and Anointment, at one moment they reached their optimal spiritual power and abilities, in order to do the deeds for which they had been created. In brief – they reached the maturity of their standing and service before God.
And here that at one moment something happened which, seemingly, had not been foreseen. One of God’s cherubim that was anointed to overshadow became proud, thus turning against his Creator. By his great overshadowing, he also succeeded in inciting a third of the Heavenly angels to approve his claims of sharing God’s supremacy. Right then, the Almighty expelled him from His Holy Mount, depriving him of His Fire and His Holiness. And not only him, but also the angels who did not keep their own nobility and dignity. Thus, having lost his Holiness and being deprived of his Heavenly height and calling, Lucifer fell onto the earth along with the outcast angels. His pride hurt and his self-esteem injured, from this moment on he was to be a devil and Satan, an ancient serpent which cannot stand upright due to its fall.
The question which is more important for us is this:
What happened with the spiritual age of the devil and his angels at the moment of the rejection?
It is clear that, once they were separated from the Holiness and the Fire of Father, they had already lost their inner nobleness. Right then must have also been the start of their spiritual aging, to wit – the gradual loss of the most optimal state, to which the youth testifies. And it is right here that the Wisdom of Father starts shining in a unique manner; the Father Who had foreknown since the beginning the rebellion of Satan and his angels, as well as the fall of the first men who had been misled by the devilish wile. The determination of the Age was a Fruit of this Holy Foreknowledge of Father. These are hundred spiritual years, in which Father laid out the birth, the growth, the maturity, the fall, the aging and the death of the spirits. When I say “the death of the spirits”, let nobody understand me by flesh, deciding that I speak in madness, because we all are clear about the fact that spirit never dies. By this, I have in mind the state of eternal darkness and inner destruction beyond the limit of madness. This is a state which is becoming namely to Satan, because it is written about him in the Word that he is “the firstborn of death”. Thus, we surely come to understand that the angels who fell together with Satan have long reached the limit of 100 years. As to the fact that in the former vision about the End of the Age only the Antichrist is related to this number, this is due to the circumstance that the vision in the sphere was given to me as a destiny and prophecy about the mankind, and the Antichrist will be a man in flesh and blood, even though his spirit will rise from the abyss.
My brother, do you understand now what the ambition of the demons is?
Remember it:
The demons want to bring the human spirits to the spiritual age they have!
The evil spirit feels dark! Well, he wants man to feel dark, too!
The evil demon feels cold! Well, he wants man to feel cold, too!
The evil demon is desperate! Well, he wants man to be desperate, too!
The evil demon cannot find any rest! Well, he wants man to be restless, too!
The only sure way for the human spirit to remain hidden from the demons is for it to seek and find the divine Presence of Lord Jesus Christ! Once they find It – they have already come beyond the clear limit of 33 where demons cannot step.
I am writing all this, so that my readers may become aware of the fact that when the Saviour talks to us in the Gospel about “The End of the Age”, He does not have in mind any earth terms and periods, but spiritual ones. “The Harvest is the End of the Age” – He tells us. And, if we want to be wise and enlightened, let us make for us the clear and true conclusions. Since, even in the time of His earth Mission, Jesus told His disciples:
“Do you not say: There are still four months and then comes the harvest? Behold, I say to you, lift up your eyes and look at the fields, for they are already white for harvest! And he who reaps receives wages, and gathers fruit for eternal life, that both he who sows and he who reaps may rejoice together. For in this the saying is true: One sows and another reaps. I sent you to reap that for which you have not laboured; others have laboured, and you have entered into their labours…” (John 4:35-38)
…and also:
“The harvest truly is great, but the labourers are few; therefore pray the Lord of the harvest to send out labourers into His harvest…” (Luke 10:2)
Do you see Lord talking to His disciples about one forthcoming “harvest” which is not situated in “the End of the Age”, but takes place right then, in their time? Is this not the harvest of the righteous ones who have come to believe the Word of the Gospel? This is the harvest, of course! A harvest of wheat ears which Lord takes into His Granary. Then, what distinguishes it from the last harvest which is at “the End of the Age”? Remember the answer:
The last harvest at the End of the Age is the harvest of the weeds which God’s angels have bound in bundles to be burned; the same angels have also gathered the little amount of wheat ears which will participate in the Taking of the Church to Heaven!
Therefore, the commandment of the Lord to the angel-harvesters is unambiguous:
“Gather the weeds first and bind them in bundles to be burned, but gather the wheat into my barn…” (Matthew 13:30)
It is here that my Lord will continue the narration of the book, in order for Him to make everyone’s understanding absolutely clear. For, I was still with Him, in the Hall of God’s Foreknowledge, when He started speaking to me, saying:
“The reflection about the Age which you wrote about My Church is absolutely right and true, Stefan! My Holy Father really created the Age and put the limits between its years; limits which separate the Heaven from the earth, and the earth from the sea. You, however, see now how I said in My proverb that at the End of the Age I will command to My harvesters to bind the weeds in bundles to be burned, and gather the wheat into My Barn. Does not this fact come to show you that your Lord has a harvest campaign which is not a human one, because the harvesters are angels?”
“That is absolutely right, my precious Saviour! That is why the last Harvest is very fateful, because the angels will not make the mistakes which the earth harvesters have been making for the last twenty centuries. They clearly see what spirit every heart has accepted, and in which year of the Age it is!”
“This conclusion is absolutely right, My servant! And, as you know from your Lord that Archangel Michael and his armies are active at the End of the Age, you can be absolutely sure that he will carry out the whole Will of his Master and will surely bind the weeds in bundles to be burnt, and will also gather the sheaves of My last Wheat which will participate in the Taking to Heaven.
And you, see now the vision I am giving to you. For, I will touch with My Sword the sphere of the Age and you yourself will see how the angels of Michael will carry out My Holy commandment…”
At the next moment, Jesus took a lightning Sword out of His Mantle and pierced by it the very sphere of the Age, the blade touching the Heavenly Jerusalem. So, the armies of Archangel Michael gathered upon the very edge of the Sword, and Lord moved His Sword down towards the earth. At the moment the Sword was already touching the earth places, waves burst out of it, and so dozens of thousands-strong legions of angels spread in waves all over the planet. Then, there, upon the earth territory, the harvest campaign of Michael began. Very soon, I noticed that three sheaves of gathered weeds were laid one beneath the other in the right sand-glass of Condemnation, while three other sheaves of gathered wheat were laid by the angels one beneath the other in the left pearl-glass of Salvation…
Right then, Lord moved His Sword from the earth to the sea, and thus the armies of Michael followed His movement. And, spreading again in waves, they crossed its waters from end to end, reaching its very bottom. So, out of the very sea, the angels bound three more sheaves of weeds which they put beneath the first three sheaves in the right sand-glass of Condemnation. Then, Jesus spoke to me again, saying:
“Here, My servant! You have already seen the harvest campaign of Michael and his armies. Tell Me then what happened in the very sphere of the Age…”
“Oh, my Lord! I remained breathless at this Holiest vision in which Your Sword gave a signal to God’s angels to begin the last harvest which is the End of the Age. The angels passed across the face of the earth and gathered Sodom’s weeds in three bundles which they laid into the sand-glass of Condemnation. After that, the harvesters of Michel gathered the little remaining wheat of Yours in three sheaves which they laid into the pearl-glass of Salvation. Right then, You, Lord, directed Your Sword to the sea of Abaddon, and thus the angels passed through its waters and reached its very bottom, gathering three sheaves of weeds of Egypt which they laid beneath Sodom’s weeds into the sand-glass of Condemnation. So, my eyes can see now that nine sheaves of human souls were gathered after the Harvest. Three of them were wheat, and the other six – weeds…”
“You have seen correctly the whole Harvest, Stefan!” – Jesus told me and continued:
“Let both of us see now how these sheaves are distributed by years in the Century. Since, every sheaf corresponds to eleven years, so that the whole Age may be completed up to the appearance of the man-Antichrist…”
Here that Lord touched the sphere again, and the line of the Age, which was divided into all of its hundred years, appeared there. Jesus moved it to the left pearl-glass of Salvation and put it next to the sheaves of wheat. So, the first sheaf of wheat spanned 11 years. The second sheaf of wheat – from 12 to 22 years. The third sheaf of wheat – from 23 to 33 years. Then, He asked me:
“How do you understand the spiritual age of My saved wheat-ears? Why does the first sheaf reach year 11, the second one – year 22, and the third one – year 33?”
The Light in Lord’s lips was so powerful that the Hidden Manna instantly filled my spirit, and I answered Him, saying:
“My Lord, Who Are the Supreme Wisdom of Father! You have showed this line also to Your Apostle John! And the key to its comprehension is hidden in his first message where he turns to each of the three wheat-ears.
“I write to you, little children, because your sins are forgiven you for His Name’s sake…” – he told those who reached 11 years.
“I have written to you, young men, because you are strong, and the Word of God abides in you, and you have overcome the wicked one…” – he told those who reached 22 years.
“I have written to you, fathers, because you have known Him Who is from the beginning…” – he told those who reached Your maturity, Jesus!”
For the second time, Lord got excited in His Spirit and His eyes filled with tears. Then, He told me:
“Do you know for how many centuries this secret of the Age has remained locked and concealed, and your Lord has looked for hearts to reveal it to them? Do you know how many times on Heaven John has incited My Heart in order for Me to pour out the deepest gulps of My Hidden Manna? However, who can drink the deepest unless they have drunk the shallow beforehand? I tell you, My servant, that you cannot even guess how Holy the privilege the Trinity has endowed you with is, and how great your award in the Heavenly places is.
However, let Me move the timeline upon the right sand-glass, in order for you to see the spiritual age of the other six sheaves. Since, when pointed by Lord’s Sword, every sheaf will appear the symbol of its spiritual age…”
With inexpressible excitement, I watched my Lord move the line of the Age to the right sand-glass where the spiritual ages of the other six sheaves appeared. So, the years from 34 to 44 appeared upon the first sheaf of weeds. The years from 45 to 55 appeared upon the second sheaf. And, the years from 56 to 66 appeared upon the third sheaf. Then, Lord gave me a sign to not look at the ages below, because He wanted to fix my attention first upon the three sheaves of Sodom’s weeds. Here, Lord’s Sword touched the first sheaf, with the years from 34 to 44, and a symbol with an open eye appeared above the very sheaf. While I was looking at it, Jesus asked me:
“What is this open eye, Stefan? It is so close to the years of My Salvation and My Maturity; nevertheless, it has been considered deceitful enough to be out of the Kingdom? Which is this eye, by which all the nations were misled, taking it for God’s pupil without testing its spirit?”
“Oh my Lord! No doubt, this eye is the spirit of Jezebel who calls herself a prophetess, but who teaches and seduces the Christians to fornicate and to eat food sacrificed to idols! It was her theologians and sorcerers that deceived the world by her make-up, and seduced people to accept the worldly reading and interpretation of God’s Word…”
After these words of mine, the Voice of Jesus became angry and frightful. With fiery flames in His eyes, He spoke to me, saying:
“Will not this sheaf of souls be found most wretched and unfortunate in the Day of Judgment, namely because they were very close to the limit of the Light – a single letter away which never became Holy Spirit? Are not these here your most frightful and irreconcilable adversaries, because you are in the Maturity of your Lord, and they are a single year too far from you under the power of darkness? Should you wonder then why your ten-year-long dungeon passed as winds of sorceries, abuses and disgrace? Now, see how My Sword will touch the second of Sodom’s sheaves with the years from 45 to 55, in order for the symbol of its spiritual age to appear…”
After these words, Lord touched the wicked sheaf with His Sword, and a prolonged sharp fang, upon which droplets of blood, which had not dried yet, appeared upon the gathered weeds. I was looking with terror at the cursed symbol, when Jesus asked me:
“What is this sharp and bloody fang, My servant? What is this fang which did not stop violating, tearing and threatening all over the earth? What is this terrible fang which tempted the weeds to sin by their own will, considering thus the Blood of the Lamb which was shed at the Covenant as something vain? What is this fang which gathered pastor-hirelings who, seeing the wolf come, ran away and let him tear the flock in pieces?”
“Oh, Jesus! Precious Lamb of my heart! This sharp and bloody fang is the spirit of Korah – the spirit of the wicked boldness against God’s Sovereignty. The spirit who instigated all the pastor-hirelings against Your servant, in order for them to be at enmity with me and so furiously incite their flocks to curse me…”
“And where will those who walk in the way of Cain, those who rush into the error of Balaam and those who perish in the rebellion of Korah appear? Or, how could the elders from 45 to 55 return to the Youth of the Son of Man? Will the wolves today become lambs, even if I would meet them on the way to Damascus, when the devil has taught them to drink human blood? Will they become lambs, Stefan, in this time of increased wickedness?”
“Oh, Holy Saviour! I would answer you only by the words of Your angel from Revelation who said just that about them:
“You are righteous, O Lord, the One Who is and Who was and Who is to be, because You have judged these things. For they have shed the blood of saints and prophets, and You have given them blood to drink. For it is their just due…” (Revelation 16:5-6)
“Yes, My servant! It is their just due and they deserve it! You, however, see how Lord’s Sword will touch the third sheaf of weeds beneath the two others. Since, its years are from 56 to 66 and it is too old for any hope to exist for its turning and repentance…”
I looked at Lord’s Sword which moved down along the sand-glass and was already pointing at the third sheaf of weeds, upon which a golden coin appeared; the coin twisted round its lower end. Then, the Saviour asked me again:
“What is this golden coin, My servant? What is this coin which spins and hypnotizes all the weeds which look at it, unable to remove their eyes from it?”
“Oh, Holy Lord! This coin is the spirit of Mammon! The spirit of avarice and greediness! The spirit of the merchants and the church bankers! The spirit of the thirty silver coins of Judas Iscariot! Everyone who has been enticed by its glitter gets planted into the field Aceldama, and thus they remain forever a stranger to Your Kingdom, to Your Holy Example, to Your Word and Covenant, to Your Salvation and Heavenly Kingdom!”
“Prophet of Zion, your words are Faithful and True – just as a servant who is Faithful and True would speak them! There is no other generation and other weeds which have rejected you with such cordial contempt as the contempt by which the weeds of this cursed sheaf rejected you. Since, out of Sodom’s sheaves these are the most repulsive, the most abominable and the most corrupted. The deepest and sharpest cliffs are kept in store for them in the fiery hell.
The gold extortioner has chained their hearts and has turned them into eternal captives of the immeasurable devilish wile! None of them stood My test upon the high mountain, but each of them stooped with bows before the dark mantle of Satan, in order for the serpents of avarice and greediness to always rule over them.
Here is how My exposing to the first three sheaves of weeds which are bound to be burned in the fiery furnace comes to an end. However, now I will also point with the timeline of the Age the other three sheaves from the generations of Egypt. And you, My servant, see how their age will appear…”
Facing the sphere of the Century, Jesus stretched out His right hand and touched the timeline of age, and so the years of the last three sheaves of Egypt also appeared. So, the years from 67 to 77 appeared upon the first sheaf. The years from 78 to 88 appeared upon the second sheaf, and the years from 89 to 99 could be seen upon the third and lowest sheaf. While I was looking at the sheaves of weed, Lord spoke to me again, saying:
“Observe, My servant, how I will point with My Sword at the first sheaf from Egypt’s weeds, and how its symbol will appear upon it…”
With perfect attention, I looked at the Sword of the Saviour which touched the first sheaf with the years from 67 to 77. Then, two symbols appeared upon the weeds, representing a sun and a crescent with a star next to it. I was still observing, when Jesus asked me:
“What is this sun with the crescent and the star next to it which have such authoritative power to age and kill the human souls? What are these teachings which claim to be inspired by God, but actually come from the abyss of Abaddon?”
“Oh, my Lord! These are the eastern religions of the angel of the abyss – Jainism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Shinto and Krishna, which are based upon the cult of the sun, as well as the religion Islam which symbol is the crescent with the star…”
“Will the worshipers of these religions succeed in escaping the Condemnation, having in mind that the Harvest of Archangel Michael has revealed them as weeds?”
“No, my Saviour! They will remain bound by the lie of Abaddon which they have accepted as Truth; so, their doom will be in the Tigris river…”
“That is absolutely right, My servant! That is why the spiritual age of Abaddon’s worshipers is so advanced. They are taken captive by grasshoppers and will remain their captives unless they decisively deny the faith in the eastern false teachings. Neither Buda, nor Shinto, nor Jaina, nor Krishna, nor Mohammed will save any of their jealous worshipers. Since, the weeds in this sheaf are actually wheat-ears which are scorched by the eastern wind of the most destructive religions. You, however, see how My Sword will point at the second of Egypt’s sheaves, in order for its symbol to appear…”
I saw again Lord’s Sword point at the second sheaf with the years from 78 to 88, when stars which were caught into a net appeared on it. Jesus asked me:
“What are these stars which were caught into a net, Stefan? What is the net and what do the stars in it represent?”
“Oh, my Most Wise Teacher! The stars which are caught into a net are the twelve constellations of the Zodiac, and the net into which they are caught is astrology – the most destructive false teaching from the abyss. The weeds in this sheaf are very corrupted and devastated in their age, because they have put their trust in a resinous lie which holds them forever stuck to the terrible abomination of Abaddon…”
“And, do not these aging weeds seek this very abomination with the whole faith of their hearts? Do they not give ear every day to their zodiacal signs and horoscopes? Do they not suck in thirstily every noise of the grasshoppers, who talk to them about UFO, about aliens and about messages in wheat circles? And why does Abaddon do his signs namely in the wheat fields, My servant?”
“Oh, Jesus! The angel of the abyss does all his false signs in the wheat circles, in order to deceive the most aging weeds that they are wheat of chosen and initiated ones, so that they never consider what bottom their spiritual fall has reached…”
“This is namely the reason why they are found as an Egypt sheaf of weeds in the doom of Condemnation. Since, it is them who will be the most rapturous welcoming party of Antichrist, because they are too close to the End of the Age. I will act over them with Furious Anger, and will destine them a monstrous share of fire and brimstone. But you, Lord’s prophet, see the symbol which will appear upon the third and lowest sheaf which is the most initiated and devoted to the devilish cause of the coming Antichrist. Since, the weeds in it are the inspirers of the new world order…”
With excitement which I cannot describe, I looked at Lord’s Sword which passed upon the lowest sheaf in the sand-glass of Condemnation, when a silver pair of compasses appeared upon the weeds; they were turning round, making circles. Then, with very Sacred Anger in His Voice, Lord asked me, saying:
“What are these compasses which turn round, making circles? What is their insatiable ambition? Is it not this – to open and make one biggest circle, by which to subjugate the whole world, in order to gift it to their inspirers Abaddon and Lucifer?”
“Oh, my Lord! These compasses are the symbol of the masons and the masonic lodges which are spread all over the world! They work to enthrone the epoch of Antichrist, the epoch of Luciferianism, the epoch of New-Age! They are the masons who rejected You, the Corner Stone of Salvation, and who decided to put as a stone the beast who rises from the abyss?”
“And, did I not warn in the Gospel that whoever falls on That Stone will be broken? Did I not declare that on whomever the Stone falls, It will grind him to powder? Then, should My Faithful children be frightened by a weed sheaf which is more destructive and darkened in its age than all the others before it? However, I declare against the weeds in this sheaf that, one and all, they will collapse and crumble to fine rust and ashes which the Wind of My Glorious Michael will blow away, so that they may not withstand in the Day of God’s Furious Anger!
Now, having reached together with My servant Stefan the last hundredth year which is the End of the Age, I warn My whole Church, and all My people – Called, Chosen and Faithful ones!
Keep this book as the pupils of your eyes and remember it as the day of your birth! Since, I initiated you today through My prophet into the deepest of the Heavenly secrets – the secret about the End of the Age! The secret which will make you more than victors over the devil and his detestable spirits!
Remain forever in My Holy limit of thirty-three years, and do not leave God’s Light! Be pure and Holy, without any spot or wrinkle, till the Moment when you will pass through the Gates of Zion, in order to be found in the Glory of Alpha and Omega as stars which shine forever and ever!
It is you, the friends of My servant, who I am sealing now in the following true verse about the victors over the devil:
“They triumphed over him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony; they did not love their lives so much as to shrink from death. Therefore rejoice, you heavens and you who dwell in them!” (Revelation 12:11-12)
And the enemies of My prophet who do not repent for their evil deeds, I am sealing in the unchangeable doom, which will overtake them amidst the sheaves of Sodom and Egypt, with the true words which say:
“But woe to the earth and the sea, because the devil has gone down to you! He is filled with fury, because he knows that his time is short…” (Revelation 12:12)
I, the One Who crushes the hell and the abyss, have given My prophet these Holy visions! I pronounced them! I spoke them!”

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