My dear brother! My faithful friend!
By the whole brotherly love by which the Saviour has filled my spirit, I pray now that you are enveloped and comforted in the Holy Spirit, so that you may have the Power to bear the Truth just as my heart bore it. The theme about the weeds is one of the most painful in the Churches; in many places, it is even taboo, as if weeds do not exist at all. The focus of the believers comes only as far as to expose, stigmatize and condemn the fleshly sins of men, as if the whole theme of iniquity is exhausted by them. However, let me tell you that a sinner that has been stigmatized for their sins cannot and will not have the destiny of a weed, simply because they fall under the press of the contempt and the common rejection. Evidently, this is the manner in which some Christians understand and interpret the words of Apostle Paul:
“Expel the wicked person from among you…” (1 Corinthians 5:13)
When you go to a field which is sown with wheat, you will be impressed by the fact that the wheat ears do not reach really high; they can only grow up to the waist of an adult man. However, is this the same with the weeds? Even a passing glance upon uncultivated lands or roadside areas will prove to you that the weeds rise as high as a man, and even higher. Then, uproot such a weed and compare its height to that of the wheat ears. So, you will be convinced by yourself that the weed has a height which the wheat can only envy. In order for the wheat ears to speak to it, they will have to bend their stems at least forty five degrees. This fact comes to show that, among them, the weed is domineering, or at least high-standing. It is not easy to talk to such a giant, is it? It cannot have been easy for Apostle John to talk to the weed Diotrephes, as well. Therefore, with pain in his heart, the Apostle of Christ has written in his message:
“I wrote to the church, but Diotrephes, who loves to be first, will not welcome us. So when I come, I will call attention to what he is doing, spreading malicious nonsense about us. Not satisfied with that, he even refuses to welcome other believers. He also stops those who want to do so and puts them out of the church…” (3 John 1:9-10)
Now, imagine this very weed nowadays. Graduated, fancily dressed and ordained as a leader by some church pharaoh. Will any Christian decide to challenge his authority or talk to him as to an equal, just as one wheat ear would talk to another? Will they not rather look at him in a state of rapture, in a dream to have one day the same height? And, since Lord Jesus Christ commanded in His Gospel His Holy Will that the one who is first among us is to be a servant of all the others, how are the present descendants of the weed Diotrephes to find themselves in His words? Where is their humbleness or what does their serving consist of? Why are they ashamed even to call themselves servants, and prefer instead more pompous titles – preferably with a badge upon the lapel of their coat? What is this abominable and perverted model that it can only tempt? What should the function of the services in the Church be – to tempt or to be an example of sincere brotherly love and perfect unanimity?
My brother, I entreat you again! Neither sadden at the weeds, nor let your spirit be oppressed, because this co-existence of wheat ears and weeds has been allowed by our Lord, so that our spiritual stands may be tested, so that only the Called, Chosen and Faithful may survive through the sieve. Instead, ponder how far Lord’s prophet would have gone, if for every new-written book of his, he had collected a heap of signatures from church majesties and royal corpses, so that they may determine his reliability and agreement with the doctrines, and then give him the appropriate recommendation. Would I not have fallen in excessive sorrow at the very first book against the merchants in the Temple, since the fat church businessmen would have rejected the exposing of their business?
Oh, whitewashed tombs and brood of a viper! If I had consulted the cobweb of your hearts, I would not have been a servant of God, but a wretched shoeblack on a payroll to polish your luxury shoes and bend my spinal column for even a single pat on the back!
However, I made my choice and accepted the bad suffering which was imposed on me by my Lord. Since, it is more desirable for me to endure forty lashes from a whip with lead bearings, than to shake even once somebody’s oily and bribable hand, in which the silver coins of Mammon jingle. Since, I prefer remaining ten years more in the dungeon of religious negation and hatred to sitting down on a comfortable armchair in the luxury office of a Pentecostal pharaoh.
I am writing all this as a veteran who testifies from the end of the Way, and not as a recruit who is still at the beginning. And, if Jesus still needs my heart, this is because I have paid the whole price possible for His Confidence and Friendship. Churches will not remember me at the Moment of the Taking to Heaven, but He will remember His servant. Pastors and presbyters will not show me respect and honour, but He will make me highly revered on His Holy Mount. Therefore, let me continue with His words at the appearance of one of the most precious and Holy visions He has ever given to my heart. Here are the words Jesus spoke to me in the moment He raised me to God’s Sanctuary:
“My servant! The time when I had to force your heart to follow Me and called you to do My Holy Deed passed long ago. It was in the time when you were still confirming yourself in God’s Prophetic Spirit and the appeal was an unalterable part of My communication with you. What remains now are only the Friendship and the Confidence, because they are enough for you to follow Me anywhere. Either to the heights of Holiness, or to the depths of Wisdom.
There are many servants who do not know the thoughts of their Lord and are in a hurry to be tempted and grieved when their expectations are not answered by reality. They simply forget that I am Alpha and Omega, and that it is to the Son that Father has given to do destiny over everything and everybody. Then, the lack of humbleness turns such servants into rebels against My Spirit. And the rebellion leads to dropping out and turning back. And, what is even more terrible – to the retreat from My Holy Spirit.
Now, what do you think? What is the place of retreat in My proverb about the End of the Age?”
“Oh, Holy Lord! I think that retreat – this is the fatal crossing of the boundary which separates the spiritual Presence of Light from the presence of darkness and obscurity. This is the destructive step which one should never make, because it is equal to a suicide. Your Apostle Paul warned us in his “Second message to the Thessalonians” that Your second coming to the earth will not happen until the rebellion occurs and the man of lawlessness is revealed, the man doomed to destruction. That is why I think that the retreat is namely the doom which is commanded for all the weeds which the devil sowed in Your Field. The ones who did not like Your Truth in order to be saved, but stuck their hearts to the worms of the devil…”
“You answered Me correctly and precisely, Stefan! However, hear now My second question before I raise your spirit to the Sanctuary of My God and Father. Here is My question:
Did the weeds which the enemy sow in My Field exist on earth before My Birth and My Holy Mission as the Son of Man?”
“Oh, my Saviour! The weeds appeared on earth along with Father’s curse upon it because of the fall of Adam and Eve. In His Anger, Father told Adam:
“Because you have heeded the voice of your wife, and have eaten from the tree of which I commanded you, saying: You shall not eat of it, cursed is the ground for your sake; in toil you shall eat of it all the days of your life. Both thorns and thistles it shall bring forth for you, and you shall eat the herb of the field. In the sweat of your face you shall eat bread till you return to the ground, for out of it you were taken; for dust you are, and to dust you shall return…” (Genesis 3:17-19)
“Stefan, you answered accurately and precisely yet another question! Since, these thorns and thistles who had filled the existence of Adam were the same which the devil sowed on My Field. You, however, understand from your Lord now that, with their fall, the men unlocked another age in their life which is not fleshly, but spiritual. Another aging which concerns not the body, but the heart. Since, when I created Adam and Eve, I did not create them as babies who were expected to grow, but as mature people who had a certain Heavenly age. And what was their age, My servant?”
“Oh, Jesus! As I know that man was created according to God’s Image and likeness, I can answer You with certainty that the age of Adam of Eve was thirty three years, just as Your Everlasting age in the Heavenly Jerusalem is…”
“Then, see again the words of My Father! He clearly told Adam that after his fall he would return to the dust out of which he was taken. Does not this mean that Adam and Eve had crossed that boundary of retreat about which I asked you at the beginning of our conversation? And, did not the retreat increase categorically the age of Adam and Eve, in order for them to leave that perfect age of thirty three from the bliss in the garden of Eden?”
“That is right, my Almighty Lord! Adam and Eve were about to grow old and die!”
“And, would not their death be an end for them?” – Jesus asked me again, and I felt His word drawing me to some inexpressible secret. Therefore, I spoke to the Saviour with excitement, telling Him:
“Jesus! At this very moment, You are kindling a strong thirst for the Hidden Manna in the heart of Your servant! Since, I understand from Your words that the fall of Adam and Eve has unlocked the spiritual aging of mankind until the dust devours even the last earth descendants of the earth Adam. And this spiritual aging namely is the End of the Age, which You talk about in Your proverb. Is that true, my precious Teacher? Am I contemplating over Your words correctly?”
Lord burst out in very sweet laughter; then, He peeped into my heart with His deep eyes, saying:
“You really are thirsty for My Hidden Manna and your heart is ardently jealous for My secrets. Your words are true, Stefan, even though they are incomplete. However, that is why I am raising you now together with Me to My Father’s Sanctuary, in order for Him to anoint you with His mighty Right Hand as a guardian of this Holy secret, which your Lord has never endowed to any other servants of His since the creation of the world. And now, embrace Me and come with Me!”
With indescribable rapture and benevolence, I embraced Jesus, and He raised me in His Holy Spirit. So, after the twinkling of an eye, my eyes noticed again the radiances of the Heavenly City, and I passed again together with Jesus through the Gate of Issachar, following my Lord along the golden street to God’s Sanctuary. And here that the Saviour stood before the doors of the Sanctuary, telling me:
“My servant, kneel in the Holy Presence of My glorious Father, because His benevolence to you is very great. Since, in the course of the years, you turned into one of His precious sacrificial oxen!”
Hardly having heard the Holy commandment of Jesus, I knelt and bent my head before the marble steps of the Sanctuary. Lord opened the doors and raised His hands ahead, telling the Almighty:
“My Holy Father! According to Your Sacred Will, I led Your servant into Your Holy Presence! Deign, My Father, in making him a guardian of the secret about the End of the Age, because Your prophet is the last Gideon on earth and the prophetic word is already being trumpeted and so terrifies the enemies of Zion!”
In reply to the words of Jesus, Father stretched His Right Hand out of His Throne, touched my head and kindled it with Holy Fire. Then, Oil started flowing from the fingers of the Almighty, running down from the head to my cheek-bones and my back. Then, Father spoke to me, saying:
“My servant, whom I have chosen as a prophet of Zion truly and veraciously! You withstood the whole fury and malice of the weeds which I let you cut with the Sword of My Rightness. You neither turned away nor ran back, but gave your soul over to disgrace for My Son’s sake, and your heart – to insult and human hatred! You neither trembled at the howl of Satan, nor were disturbed by the monstrous stings of Abaddon, as though you were dying hundredfold for Jesus! You did not love your life so much as to shrink from death! Since you were dying, God’s children were living! And not only were they living, but they also grew up through the Holy words and visions of My Only Begotten Son!
It is you I choose and determine as a worthy guardian of the secret, concerning the End of the Age! When you shelter it in your heart together with all the other secrets over which I have made you a guardian, expect with most glorious joy the moment when you will enter for the last time through the Gate of Issachar, in order for Me to endow you with the reward for which you have worked with every beat of your heart.
Rise now, My powerful servant, and follow Jesus into My Sanctuary, in order for you to drink the deepest gulps of the Hidden Manna in order for the End of the Age to become evident for your heart!”
After the last words of Father, His Holy Oil blazed up in me, and the flames sank through my head, my cheek-bones and my back, heating up my whole spirit. Unable to recognize myself due to my state, I did not dare move. Then, Lord raised me with His hands, telling me:
“Are you not a brand from My Father’s Fire? And, in short time will I not set afire through you the tents of wickedness? I tell you that I will surely do it! Now, come with Me, in order for us to enter My Father’s Sanctuary and in order for Me to show you the End of the Age in the Hall of God’s Foreknowledge…”
With excitement which I cannot describe, I stood up and followed the Lord into God’s Sanctuary. So, I stood again before the door of tender mountain crystal, upon which the words “Alpha and Omega” shone, created from native diamonds. At the next moment, Jesus opened it, telling me:
“Step after Me, Stefan! Since, if this Hall could speak, it would confess that you are its most frequent visitor from the sons of man…”
So, the Saviour stepped to the center of the Hall and a gold circle with a lock appeared in front of His feet; it seemed that it was built into the very marble floor. When I approached Him, He thrust His hand into His mantle and took out a Gold Jar, telling me:
“Lift the Jar to your lips and drink the deepest gulps of the Hidden Manna which I have kept and retained for this access of Yours to God’s Sanctuary…”
Overflowing with waves of bliss and the Fire of Father, I had raised the Jar with the Hidden Manna to my lips, when Holy liquid with the smell of honey and coriander seed spilled into the depths of my spirit. So, the Fire of Father joined the Manna, making flames go out along with the breath of my lips, and through the look of my eyes. Then, Lord reached again into His mantle and took out a blazing key, telling me:
“This key is forged by God’s Wisdom in the briskest Fire of My Father! And only he who My Father has personally filled with His Fire can hold it in his hand and unlock the gold seal of the Age! Here, My servant, you are that one who has been chosen as a guardian of the Holy secret which is hidden beneath this gold seal. Take the key from My hand and unlock the seal, turning the key from left to the right…”
I had stretched out my hand to take the key from Lord’s right hand, when Father’s flame enveloped my fingers and my palm, as if I had put on a fiery glove. Then, I bent down over the gold key and shoved the key into the keyhole, turning it clockwise. Right then, lightning rays rose from amidst the gold lid, and so it came ajar, and so I dared open it widely. Here that a mighty radiance rose from below the opened gold lid, rising upwards in the Hall and gradually turning into an immense sphere. In the height of the sphere I could see the Heavenly Jerusalem; beneath it – the planet Earth; and, beneath the planet Earth – a deep and dark sea which was cut through by nets and which waters looked like thick black tar. In the left part of the sphere, my eyes noticed a pearl glass which resembled a sandglass, but instead of particles of sand, there were small shining pearls in it. Instead of falling down, these small pearls into the glass slowly rose above their light heap, passed through a narrow outfall, after which they started shining like stars in its upper part. In the right part of the sphere I could see a sandglass, in which the particles of sand fell down rapidly through its outfall, turning into rust in its lower part.
“Oh, Lord!” – I screamed with excitement. – “How should I understand this secret of the Age and where should I find the End?”
In reply to my question, Jesus raised His Right hand and pointed at the sphere, telling me:
“In order for you to understand the secret of the Age, you should first see the age of the Heaven, the earth and the sea in the very sphere. After that, you should comprehend that both glasses measure the destinies of the human souls till the end of the Age. Now, I will make visible the exact Timeline which measures the years of the very century. And you, see and notice the age of the Heaven, the earth and the sea…”
At the next moment Lord touched the sphere, and a timeline appeared there, starting from the uppermost end of the sphere and reaching the lowest one, which was divided into year periods. Thus, I noticed that the number on the boundary between Heaven and earth was 33 years. On the boundary between the earth and the sea the number was already 66 years. And, on the bottom of the sphere, which coincided with the bottom of the tarry sea, the number reached 99 years.
While I was marvelling at the very numbers, Lord asked me again, saying:
“Stefan, did you understand what the ages of the Heaven, the earth and the sea are?”
“Yes, Jesus! The age of the Heaven is 33 years! The age of the earth is 66! And the age of the sea is 99 years! However, I cannot see where the hundredth year is, and so my observation of the End of the Age seems incomplete. Why is the number 100 missing, Jesus? Where is actually the hundredth year?”
The answer of Jesus was full of great and mysterious wisdom:
“The number 100 is missing, because in both glasses the time which the Almighty God has allotted for the fates of the souls has not run out yet! Only when the pearls and the particles of sand all pass through their passages – will the hundredth year, which is the End of the Age, appear…”
“How should I understand the very glasses, Lord?” – I asked with that insistent daring, by which I had always stepped to the Throne of Blessing. In an innermost Voice, Lord spoke to me, saying:
“These glasses are the visible appearance of God’s Wisdom, which is related to God’s Foreknowledge. You have to understand the pearl glass as a destiny for the souls that are being saved in the Salvation of the Last Adam. Therefore, after passing through the narrow outfall, they shine like stars forever and ever. You have to understand the sand sandglass as a doom for the souls that are condemned in the fall of the first Adam. Therefore, after passing through their outfall, the particles of sand sprinkle down as rust, having lost already their spiritual relation to the Creator. That is namely why whereas the souls in the left pearl glass rise above, the ones in the right sandglass fall down…”
“And how, Lord, is it possible for the souls from the right glass to pass into the left one, in order for them to rise in the Salvation of the Last Adam, and not be condemned in the fall of the first Adam?”
“By Faith in My Name, My Word and My Resurrection, My servant! And mostly, by the Mercy of God which is long-patient to the human revolt and sin, not in a hurry to let the souls pass through the narrow outfall! You, however, know that at the moment of the physical death every man passes through the outfall by which their heart has been caught. So, this moment turns into their personal earth end for Eternity, regardless of the fact that the mankind will keep filling the years till the End of the Age…”
“Lord, does this mean that all those who are not found in Salvation, have reached the spiritual age of 66 or 99, since the timeline has already come to these ages as fulfilled?”
“No, Stefan! When you go on the street of your town, do you see only old men, or people of various age? This is how one can find their destiny in every age of this scale. Of course, with the clarification that God’s children will find themselves in the years from 1 to 33 on Heaven, but the other heathens – in every age below which concerns the earth or the sea…”
The Hidden Manna trembled in my spirit at the words of Jesus, and thus the memory of one prophetic book shone in sparkles before my eyes. Then, excited, I shouted at Jesus:
“Ah, my Most Wise Lord! Your servant remembered the vision from the book “The days of Evil”, where You showed me the destiny of one gold cup which falls during a whole Century. After leaving the Heaven, it crackled and darkened until finally it turned into rust. In this vision, You commanded Your Church to not leave the Holy limit of 33 years. Why did I not see this earlier, in order for Your Hidden Manna to not show it to me only now?”
Lord smiled at my words, and then told me:
“Whenever I have given to you visions, concerning God’s Foreknowledge, I have appeared before you as Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End, the First and the Last. That is why the letters “Alpha” and “Omega” shine at the door of this Hall. Have you not noticed this?”
“Yes, my Lord! But one servant must remember all the Holy visions he has received from his Master!”
“Great is your burden, My Faithful friend! Since, I gave to you the vision in the book “The days of Evil” nearly ten years ago, but since then, you have written eighty two books more. Do not reproach yourself, but keep looking at this sphere of the Age, because I want you to understand its whole secret. The years of the Age which you can see upon the Timeline are spiritual, and not physical. Remember that they do not concern the time as duration, but the time as an inner state of the spirit!
The first 33 years are the Maturity of the Son of Man and My Image which the Holy Spirit builds in your hearts. However, just as the gold cup darkened and crackled in the vision from “The days of Evil”, leaving the Holy limit of 33, so the human hearts also darken and grow old, leaving the Power of Light and falling under the power of darkness. It is there that the years from 34 to 66 follow. And, if somebody asks what the earth personifies in this sphere, let such man know that the earth personifies the deceit of the dust and the worms which are hidden in it. This is the power of the lusts and the temptations of the world which the devil also sowed into My Field, and so the weeds of Babylon the prostitute sprouted through them. However, in the eyes of Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit the earth itself is sealed under the name “Sodom”. And the thorns and the thistles always remain plants of fornication and wickedness before the Heaven and its inhabitants…”
“And the sea which is beneath the earth, Lord? What does sea personify, considering that its age starts from 67 and reaches 99? Is it not even more cursed and wicked than the earth?”
“Yes, My servant! That is right! The sea in this sphere is the absolute evil! Power which corresponds to the teachings of the abyss which nowadays prepare the world for the rise of the desolator who is the man-Antichrist and whose teacher is Abaddon – the angel of the abyss! In the eyes of Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit this sea remains sealed under the name “Egypt”, because the powerful nets of the hell and the destruction are stretched in it. By these nets namely Satan and Abaddon ensnare in increased lawlessness the inhabitants of the whole world. And now, you probably wonder what the number 100, which is the very End of the Age, represents…”
In this sublime instant, the Hidden Manna rose upon my lips as a fountain of Light and I heard myself say:
“My Lord! 100 is the year of the man-Antichrist, and the End of the Age is his wicked harvest – the harvest of Sodom and Egypt when he will gather all his weeds which are bound by Your angels in bundles to be burnt!
Antichrist has the greatest spiritual age, because the number 100 is related to the terrible fall and spiritual degradation of the ancient serpent which is devil and Satan. He will appear as the hundredth year on the bottom of the sphere, when the number of the saved souls in the left pearl glass will have been completed, in order for the rusted ones in the right sandglass to await their doom in the wickedness of the dragon, the beast and the false prophet…”
Having heard the words which I spoke, Lord got excited in His Spirit and strongly pressed me against His bosom, and so I could feel the beats of His Heart. After that, He spoke to me in the dearest Voice possible, saying:
“Now, you are already a guardian of the secret about the End of the Age which became clear for My whole Church! And not only the secret about the End, but also that of the Holy boundary of My 33 years! However, the book does not end so, because I am going to let you see the nine fateful bundles from the harvest of the human souls, the first three of which abide in the pearl glass, and the other six – in the sandglass.
To all My people, I will say with ardent jealousy:
Be without any spot and wrinkle in the Youth of the Son of Man! Since, the spots and the wrinkles testify to the religious old age, and not to Heavenly Youth! Never allow communication with weeds in your life, but preserve yourselves as wheat ears in My Field, upholding a firm and unshakable spirit for Me! Since, the time is coming when the armies of My Archangel Michael will collect everything that tempts and will throw it into the fiery furnace, so that the word written in My proverb that the harvesters are angels may become true. Then, the Harvest of God’s Furious Anger will be unleashed over the short-time harvest of Antichrist. But now when these very angels wage the war in the Heavenly places, in order to crash the claims of Satan, remember that the prophetic visions I gave to My prophet shine in the Swords of God’s warriors; visions through which I removed the peace between the devil and the prostitute and declared war on all of his wicked spirits!
Now, My servant, see and write down My following vision!”

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