My dear brother! My faithful friend! According to the Will of Lord Jesus Christ one extraordinary prophetic book is coming to your heart now. It is a book by which the Saviour will enlighten even more the eyes of all of us, that we may no longer be perplexed with the signs and the quakes which will keep happening all over the world. And, if at the end of the book about “Gideon” the Church was warned that the loudest possible trumpet sound of the prophetic Gospel is coming to her, the visions which are described here will also be a glorious continuation of the sound of Gideon’s trumpet.
Now, with a few opening words, let me tell you how the idea for the writing of the very book was born. The Truth is that I experienced complete cordial and physical exhaustion after the last book about “Gideon”. The tiredness due to the spiritual burden which was imposed on me by the Lord, submitted my whole being to inexpressible weakness – weakness which was the most convincing mark for the burden of the Deed in which I was active for God during the last twenty years. Each of us has their own personal testimonies how their strength leaves them after a hard and strenuous work, and how their feet and their arms tremble with faintness. Now, my dear brother, realize that my tiredness was not bodily that I may wake up entirely rested and restored after a portion of strong food and a healthy sleep. It would be excellent if my problem was just like this. However, the reality in my case is that my tiredness is spiritual and the burden remains upon my heart, with no opportunity for me to make it lighter. Perhaps, I felt a partial relief after shutting down the public presence of the Bulgarian site of ministry “Moriah” and after leaving only its English variant available. In the last reckoning, if I have not received fruits of gratitude, brotherly love and love for God from the thousands of anonymous visitors for the last fifteen years in the Internet, fifteen years more will be naively deceiving myself that I could gather “grapes from thorn bushes” or “figs from thistles”. The written word will not be broken and the pronounced by Jesus will not be refuted if He has clearly declared:
“Assuredly, I say to you, no prophet is accepted in his own country…” (Luke 4:24)
However, what happens when many “prophets” are unanimously accepted not only in their homeland, but also all over the world? And not only accepted, but also set on church pedestals of noisy glory, glorifying, rapture and applauses… What happens when these very riders mount the waves of their world success and hurry to gild their names, so that their books may be found upon all the church stands possible, translated into each possible language? Do not the words of Christ about God’s prophets grow pale then, without even confusing the ones who read them? For, the True and Holy Lord has said that God’s prophets are not accepted in their own country, and a heap of religious majesties are ready to immediately disprove Him by the complete approval which they find not only in their homelands, but all over the world. And if somebody finds this too paradoxical to be explained, will not the paradox disappear if I decide to write down some perfectly accurate words which are the spiritual continuation of Lord’s warning? Will not everything come to its place if I write down that:
“Every false prophet is highly honoured and cordially accepted not only in their country, but all over the world, since namely thus the bow which the wicked man has made before the dark mantle of Satan is awarded…”
Let nobody start at the above-mentioned declaration as if a wasp has stung them, because I do not doubt its precision, but by my faith, my conscience, my heart and my life I claim it to be Truth. God’s prophets who have come to this earth have always paid a price of most terrible bad suffering and demonic torture, in order to appear the Truth of God and Father in a world of lie, deceit and repulsive lawlessness.
Here is how, my brother, in reflection over my personal destiny as a prophet of God, I felt that the end of my Deed in Bulgaria had come. An end not as a refusal of God’s servant to do what his master entrusts him with, but an end as a lack of any further perspective on my present mission field. Since, whatever branch or denomination of Christianity I would visit with my books, I will surely run upon the rocks. Under “rocks” you should understand the religious strongholds of many prejudices and preconceived ideas by which a layman, a catholic, an evangelist or a Pentecostal Christian will reject my messages as heretical and false… What happens is that I step with my feet in one large and spacious field – a field that is overgrown with thick weeds which are ready to prickle me by their thorns, or with luxuriant nettles which would rather sting my hands and my feet to death, than ever deny their dogmas and doctrines.
How should I continue to live amidst this field? Or, how should I endure the grief and the tears of my few faithful brothers and sisters who have to defend their conscience and to uphold their faith at the cost of abusing, contempt, isolation and most arrant religious hatred and intolerance? Will the idols of the idol-worshipers or the wares of the merchants ever come to an end in order for me to decide that Lord has in store one new favourable time for the Bulgarians? Will the Amalekites stop plundering and the Nicolaitans stop devouring souls in order for my soul to rejoice that the Almighty God has removed the reproach from those who insolently call themselves by His Name? Will the Birth of Christ ever stop being mixed with the festival of Santa Claus or Bethlehem with Santa Claus in order for me to triumph that the net of Babylon has torn and can no longer hold with its deceit the human hearts?
I have been withstanding in my field for twenty years, kindled with blazing jealousy for the Name, the Word, the Example and the Deed of my Lord, but by the faithful ones I have gathered I cannot fill even a village square! Two hundreds of books were born by the Guidance and the extremely abundant Blessing of my Holy Saviour, by which He wanted to embrace every heart and enlighten every soul. My brother, are twenty years few or many? Are the hundreds of visions by which Lord let me plough the deepest and most precious layers of the Holy Scripture few or many? Are the tears, the sighs, the troubles, the embarrassments, the oppressions, the thorns, the sorceries and the abuses which I endured for the sake of His Holy Name few or many? Have I sown few seeds of revelations, instructions, admonishments, lessons and enlightenments with a dash and power by God, only to be able to rejoice that Lord has the plants of His Heavenly Rightness and Holy Teaching? Are the gulps of Hidden Manna which I had been giving to the victors in the Name of Jesus Christ few or many? Who is that author whose written books number more than his friends?
Here, I tell you the Truth, that even to this very day my persecutors hate me and keep splitting hairs to find reasons against me… They wish, if possible, to fan up any plot in which the prophet of God may be compared to a hired agent or a spy who has secret intentions and about whom there is something fishy… Of course! This Glavchev cannot possibly have spent so many years pouring out his writings without the help of a serious sponsor. Furthermore, he has a numerous family, he has raised four children… How is this job possible without money?
This job is possible through selfless generosity, thankfulness and constant spirit, which of course simply cannot come to the minds of my enemies and haters. Since, everything is impure in the eyes of the one who is impure! So, neither the weed will change its nature and turn into a lily of the field, nor will the nettle give up its iron, so that the violator and the avenger may no longer harden it.
Such were the sad thoughts that filled my heart, my brother! Thus, many of my days turned into a sobbing to my Lord and God, because I really sensed the end of my Deed. Since, I know that there is no place for change in the desecrated hearts of my abusers and persecutors. They will not repent for the dirty plots and abominations against my life, since they consider them a sacred debt before the worms which they serve and obey. My long stay as a Sacrifice of the Lord before God’s Holy Altar was interpreted by them as an absolute lack of engagement on God’s behalf to His servant. They perceived His long silence as an encouragement for their evil deeds and as a green light for my total disgrace. Of course! If God had stood behind the Deed and the name of this Glavchev, would He not have reacted by now to the negative campaign against him? Therefore, since God does not react, this means that the impostor in question is nothing but a scribbler of deceits by which he himself has imagined that Jesus speaks to him! Ha ha ha! He he he! This guy really is a big wretch!…
That is right! I really am a big wretch, because I experienced too much pain and persecution because of Jesus! There is no way for me to call the wretchedness “happiness”, as much as I would like this! There is no way for me to call the thorns, which are stuck into my head, violets or dandelions! There is no way for me to call my bad suffering a comfort, or to forget that My Lord’s Soul was also overgrieved to death in the garden of Gethsemane. Still, if there is something about which I have to warn all those who hate me and who mock at my wretchedness, this is the fact that Lord will start speaking very soon, and that His servant will become silent. I will become silent not for a day, a week or a month, but till the end of this age. Since, it is only proper for my end to wait till the other end which is prophesied by Christ in the Gospel. Since, it was namely about His prophesied end that He lowered to my heart again and started speaking to me, saying:
“My Good and Faithful servant! I see the overflowing grief which has filled your heart and I know how sorrowful the balance you have drawn up after twenty years of tireless activity in My Gospel-preaching is. Nevertheless, I advise you to confirm yourself in My Holy words that in Me no labour is vain. It may see vain only at first look, but the first look is never a perfect witness to the Heavenly Truth.
The Heavenly Truth about your serving before Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit will confirm to you that My Father and I sent you to stumble many, in order for just few to be saved. The books which I let you write removed the peace between the devil and the prostitute, and thus her kings went mad altogether, and her merchants, one and all, became furious. You, Stefan, were the sharp sickle of the Lord which cut off the wicked ones, so that at the end they may be collected in heaps for burning. Therefore, your suffering was very great – because seven worms of Satan incited their whole dust against your Deed. And the churches in which the retreat from My Covenant was registered proclaimed you a tempter and heretic, in order to succeed in retaining by all means their peace with the devil. Did I not show this to you in the book about Gideon where you saw yourself destroy the sacrificial altar of Baal and the asherah pole of Jezebel? Do you know what it is for a prostitute to lose her peace with the devil? Do you know what it is for seven worms to scratch in the seared consciences of the church leaders, bringing them fear that they may lose their bounties and privileges if they do not stigmatize you categorically as a false prophet? Do you know what the feeling is when the devilish ultimatum makes a pastor justify the commerce of Mammon and the make-up of Jezebel, thus violating the Blessing of Father and the Spring of Zion?
Is it easy for one to dance in a circle, in which the hands of the dancing people are bound with iron chains, from which they cannot free themselves because of the compromises they have made in the increased lawlessness? Do such lawless people come to repentance, when the very thought that they would show themselves sinful before their flocks rebounds against the wall of their pride and self-esteem? Have not all people sealed with “Amen” their abuses and evil detraction against the prophet of God? How then can the sealed “Amen” turn into “Let it not be!”? Is this possible, My servant?”
“Ah, my Lord! I understand from Your words that the word is about a fatal predestination which will pursue all the kings of the great prostitute. And, if any church leader has publicly abused Your servant, calling him “false prophet” or “heretic”, he will also say the abuse for the second and then for the third time namely because of the iron chains by which he is bound. This is how I explain to myself the fact that in the course of twenty years neither any of my abusers asked forgiveness for having abused me, nor will they do it till the very end…”
Lord was listening to my words with attention; then, He continued to speak to me, saying:
“If My Wrath would be freed against your abusers according to the measure of their iniquity (in one entirely human expectation), a kilometric queue would form before your home very soon – a queue of terrified wicked people who by all means look for a way to appease Lord’s Anger, asking complete forgiveness from the prophet of God.
However, My servant, I have another more terrible Anger for those who called Me “devil” and “Satan”, and thus blasphemed the Holy Spirit. And My Sacred Wrath will repay them not in this world, but in the future one. Not here, but beyond! Since, the forgiveness, the correction and the restoration are possible for the sinful one only in this life – until there is breath in their mouth and tears in their eyes.
Beyond, everything is sealed for Judgement, Stefan!
From the first to the last second of the human life!
All the wicked thoughts, words and deeds which have not been covered by the Blood of the Lamb remain sealed for one last reading by the Eternal Judge in the Day of His Judgment! And, much more frightful and terrible than the evident sins and crimes of the wicked ones are their secret sins and crimes!
Then, where will be the place of those who declared from their pulpits in everyone’s hearing that it is the devil who speaks to you, in order for them to thus please the worms in their hearts? Will they erase the memories from their wicked hearts, just as somebody erases with a rubber the text which is written in pencil? Is not My Blood the only thing that erases thus the sins and the crimes from the hearts – My Blood which they have violated? How will they bear the Angry and Sacred Voice of the Judge, Who will ask them:
“Am I devil and Satan that you abused the visions of My servant as devilish and satanic?
Is My Holy Spirit a lawless spirit that you blasphemed Him and called Him “a cheat”?
Is My Father, the Loving One, a spring of darkness and lie that you forbade your flocks to drink His Water and His Wine or to eat from His Bread, His Oil and His Salt which He generously poured into the heart of His prophet?”
How will the blades of Jezebel, Korah and Mammon answer Me? Will there be any breath left in their hearts after the consuming Fire of My Wrath? How will those foolish people answer Me – the same who hurried to say “Amen” to every pastor’s blasphemy, without testing the spirits at all? Will they not be then extremely terrified that they are bound in one chain with their blind leaders? Here, I am telling you that I came to you from Zion in order to inspire you to write one most anointed and Holy book in which I will let My Church know about the End of the Age. That End about which I talked in My proverbs. That End about which all of you must know. That End at which the trumpet of My last Gideon will become not only roaring, but thunderous in its power, with the hope of turning the wicked one away from their iniquity, and the lawless one – away from the path of destruction.
I, Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End, the First and the Last, am still speaking and do not fall silent!”

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