Can you feel the breath of the Hidden Manna, my brother? Can you feel that great joy and hope that Lord has chosen us to be decorations of His Glory and select jewellery for the Heavenly Jerusalem? Here, I sincerely testify to your heart that I enjoyed this last mouthful from the Hidden Manna more than all the previous. Since, I know in my heart that Lord is giving the Heavenly secrets to His victors.
Therefore, let nobody complain any longer, when they sense the fiery trials and the whole possible pressure of the devil in their life. For, the words of the apostle that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him are the complete truth. “I am under the pressure of the devil, brother!” – somebody tells me. If so, rejoice, brother! For, this is a pressure, which is intended to turn you into a diamond. “I will burst, Stefan!” – another tells me. Okay, this is exactly the purpose! Otherwise, how would the new order of all your thoughts and the confirmation of the Heavenly priority in your heart be created? Apostle Paul talked to all of us about the goal of winning the prize for which God has called us heavenward in Christ Jesus. When would you be able to see this goal: when your heart is black graphite or when it is a bright diamond? “Of course, when it is a diamond!” – you would answer.
Well, then, simply be ready to drink the Cup of Jesus and endure upon your spirit all the resistances of the devil, according to the way God has allowed them to come into your life. And, instead of complaining, rejoice that your spirit shines inside like a precious stone with every other trial. For, the time will come, when all of us will fall on our knees and thank the Heavenly Father for allowing all the persecutions in our life, in order for Jesus to be depicted in us. And, if today somebody tries to escape the trials and is afraid of facing the devilish persecution, such man shows by all their heart that they prefer remaining a black coal to shining like a brilliant diamond.
I will say a second time, and a third, if necessary, that the fate of Christians is to be living and precious stones, which build themselves into the Rock, in order to be a Holy dwelling of God. Unless the ancient and Holy Faith, by which the first followers of Jesus laid their life upon God’s Holy Altar, is confirmed in us, we are playing Christianity in vain.
For, the large road, which leads to destruction, is now overcrowded by tourists with cheap and vain faith; people, who visit a church only because the others visit it; ravenous people and spongers, in whose eyes a kilo of sugar, two packets of pasta and a suit of second-hand clothes are more desirable than all the promises of the New Testament. Let me tell you that the time of this world is running out just like the particles of sand spill through the thin hole of a sandglass. All those, who are sand, will be caught in the lower part of the sandglass. And only those, who have turned into precious stones, will remain in the upper part. Thus, when the Taking of the Church happens, only the precious ones will be taken to Heaven, because the rest have already received their reward and have chosen their future fate by their free will. They have neither paid attention to Lord’s words, nor had in their hearts the love to Jesus, by which they would raise to God Father the praying words of the psalm:
“From the ends of the earth I call to You, I call as my heart grows faint; lead me to the Rock That is higher than I…” (Psalms 61:2)
This is what your expectation should be, my brother! To be led by the Holy Spirit to the Rock That is higher than you. Not only somebody, made of flesh and blood, to lead you to a church, a seminary of a conference, but Father Himself to choose you and raise you to Lord’s Mount. For, Jesus Himself is waiting for us on this Mount at this moment. He is the One, Who spoke to my heart again, saying:
“My servant! I will send you to testify before My Church about the greatest miracles, she must expect from Me! For, they are not related to healings, supernatural supply of needs or any earth blessings. In reality, I tell you that the great Heavenly miracles are related to the birth of the precious stones and their confirmation upon the Rock. Since, at the very day the whole Church gathers in Heaven and the Wedding of the Lamb comes, none of what Lord has given to you on earth and for earth will be up there. You will bring to Heaven neither your houses, nor your cars, nor your bank accounts, nor your beautiful clothes or expensive jewellery. The only thing, by which you will shine on the Wedding of the Bridegroom, will be your spiritual natures, which will have taken the form of living and precious stones.
Then, should you pray Me to give to you the things, which pass away, or should you instead dedicate yourselves to the Rock with the whole eagerness and obedience of your hearts? Should you ask from your Lord to give you as the world gives, or should you instead desire the imperishable treasures of the Holy Spirit?
Is it gold, silver and piles of money that I should pour into your fates, in order for you to be bound with additional earth ties, or should I unbind you from all the evil spirits and elevate you in Perfect knowledge of the Rock? Should you be lamps of the world, which scatter the satanic dark from the human hearts, or worldly lamps, which go from one formal event to another and from bank to bank?
Here, I remind all of you that what people value highly is detestable in God’s sight, because it is sand from the desert of the world, and not a jewel from the treasury of Zion!
And for those, who really want to be God’s jewels, I will lead My prophet now into one of the Holiest and most blessed visions, which Father has ever given to His servants!”
After these words of His, Lord touched my head with His hand and told me:
“My servant! Let Me raise you now to the Throne of God, so that My Father reveals to your heart the great secret, related to the precious stones of the Kingdom…”
Here, Jesus was already raising me along with Him to the heights of Zion. Very soon, my heart noticed the Holy Heavenly City, which was shining like a native diamond. When Lord and I passed through the gates of the City and stepped upon its golden streets, my heart noticed saints like jewels, who were glorifying Jesus and whose hearts were filled with inexpressible Heavenly rapture. Thus, still on our way, we stood in front of God’s Palace of Holiness. Jesus stepped ahead, opened its door and made some more steps inwards. After that, having raised His hands to God and Father, Lord spoke in a powerful Voice, saying:
“Holy Father! According to Your Will, You chose Your prophet, and with Your Perfect Spirit, You appeared him before the world, as a guardian of Your Heavenly secrets and revelations! Now, My Father, I led Your prophet before Your Holy Throne, in order for You to give him access to Your deepest Eternal intention – to build all Your precious stones into the Rock of Your One and Only Son.
Deign, My Holy God, in receiving Your prophet in Your Presence! Deign in revealing to him the secrets, which have been silent since the creation of the world! Here, Your prophet is standing at Your feet and is listening to You!”
While my heart was being filled with the blessing words of Jesus, I fell prostrate and covered my head with my hands, since a Cloud of Glory, which I was unable to stand, was rising from the very Throne of God. Here that the words of God Father resounded to me from the Cloud; these words were so heavy that it seemed to me that an immense stone mountain had begun to speak with the majestic tone of its Firmness. And Father was telling me:
“My servant! Son of man, who I have chosen even before the creation of the world! I formed you and appeared you to the world as the prophet of Zion, in order to proclaim through your service all the revelations of My mysterious wisdom. You have really come as far as to stand at the end of the way and be a stone from the Rock, as one who is built upon Lord’s Holy Mount. Now, I will let your heart see how your Almighty Father and Most Wise Creator has prepared the stones for the Glory of His Son even before the creation of the world.
Times and years will fly back! Centuries and epochs will return to the womb of the Creation! So, you will see the Rock at that initial moment, when the Ancient of days leads it into the Universe and tell all its creations:
Worship Him, powers, authorities and forces! For, it was through Him that I created everything that is visible and invisible! Worship Him, billions upon billions upon billions of stars and suns! For, it was the Word, through which I breathed the Life into My creations! Worship the Rock, which is from Eternity and which will abide in Eternity! Look at the Holy stones that will be cut out from It! For, they are the human spirits of Zion, the precious stones of Rightness, which since the beginning I have written down for Salvation and Eternal Life!
Here, son of man! A scroll of the Lord will spread before My Holy Throne! And, the Heavenly words from the scroll will return you together with your Lord to the dawn of time!”
After the last words of God Father, mighty Light passed through me like a hurricane. Jesus came closer, passed me His hand and stood me upright, saying:
“Follow your Lord, in order to read the Holy words of Lord’s scroll, which have already been given to a prophet of God and proclaimed as Light to the world…”
With great excitement and unceasing reverence, I followed Jesus. He approached the Throne of God and took the scroll from the blazing Hand of God. He unrolled it before my eyes and spoke to me again, saying:
“Lord’s servant, read the word, written by prophet Isaiah!”
I looked at the sunny words, which were written upon the scroll, and they declared:
“Listen to Me, you who follow after Righteousness, You who seek the Lord: look to the Rock from Which you were hewn, and to the hole of the pit from which you were dug….” (Isaiah 51:1)
I had hardly read the written word, when the space beneath my feet disappeared. Then, Lord stretched out His hand and took a good hold of me. Here that times and years started flying back, and centuries and epochs were returning to the womb of Creation. These events kept happening for some time, but I could not say just how long that was. Finally, when we were in one initial point of the time, Lord Jesus spoke to me, saying:
“Let the vision you are to receive be according to the Will of the Heavenly Father! Since you, Lord’s servant, must look at the Rock, from Which you were hewn at the beginning of time, as well as at the hole of the pit from which you were dug at the end of time. Now, observe, Stefan! Observe and write down on paper all that you see…”
After these words, Jesus went away from me. As He did so, a miraculous transfiguration happened to Him. All of a sudden, my Lord shone in the nothingness as a Holy and Perfect Rock. It was more immense than I could imagine. Actually, I dare say that it was as if my heart was observing the whole Heavenly Jerusalem in one initial state. Here that the blazing hands of the Almighty appeared there, at the Rock. And, Father Himself spoke to His Son, telling Him:
“My Beloved Son! Out of Your Rock, I hew all the precious stones, which I will endow You with till the end of time! Each of them will be spirit from Your Spirit, a heart from Your Heart and light from Your Light! I will make each of them like a blazing tablet of Your Covenant, which You will enter with the people! I will scatter the stones all over the earth, which I will create! And, after scattering them – I will choose them! And, after choosing them – I will take them back, in order for them to be Your Eternal Glory and splendour in Heaven!”
After these words of Father, a Blazing Sword appeared in God’s right hand; this Sword started hewing the stones out of the Rock. And every stone, hewn by His right hand, fell into the cupped left hand of God. It seemed that the vision continued years and years. And here that when even the last stone had already fallen into God’s cupped hand, Father spoke to the Son again, telling Him:
“You Are Alpha and Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End! It was from You that all the precious stones were born in the Beginning, and it will be to You that all the precious stones will gather together in the End! Each of them will be a blazing tablet of Your Covenant, and the Word You Are, will be written by Fire upon every precious stone!”
After these words of Father, Lord approached me in the vision. He smiled at me with Heavenly Kindness and asked me, saying:
“Do you better understand now the words of Apostle Paul, who wrote in his message:
“Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, Who has blessed us in the heavenly realms with every spiritual blessing in Christ. For He chose us in Him before the creation of the world to be Holy and blameless in His sight. In love He predestined us for adoption to sonship through Jesus Christ, in accordance with His pleasure and will…” (Ephesians 1:3-5)
“Yes, Jesus! I understand now that Your people were hewn from You in the beginning, in order to return to You in the end. For, it must have been the Will of God, Who leads many sons into Glory – to make us perfect through sufferings, just as He perfected You as a Son of Man…”
Listening to me with attention, Lord spoke to me again, saying:
“Then, read again the words from the Holy scroll of God! For, they show not only the Beginning, but also the End. And, if the Beginning is in the words:
“…look to the Rock from Which you were hewn…”,
The End is in the following words:
“…and to the hole of the pit from which you were dug…”
And, if you surely saw and understood that the hewing happened above, in the Heavenly Firmament, before the creation of the world, then, where will the digging happen at the end of time?”
“Oh, my Holy Lord! The digging will be out of the hole, out of the earth, and mostly, out of the deep religious pit Babylon, from which You saved us through the Holy Spirit…”
At this moment, Lord looked at me with the deepest and innermost look of His eyes. It was a look, which let me feel the whole Perfect Love and Holiness of the Rock. Then, He spoke to me, saying:
“Let us both go from the beginning of time to the end of time. And, from the vision with the hewing of the stones out of the Heavenly Firmament, let us reach the vision with the digging of the stones from the hole of the pit…”
After these words, Jesus caught me and we both started flying through the time. Time and years flew ahead, and centuries and epochs went out of the womb of the Creation. Finally, my eyes noticed the land and the world of today. Then, Lord simply descended to the earth and the world together with me. When we came closer, my eyes really saw the hole of the pit, from which the precious stone were to be dug. Having come deep into the hope, we stood in front of the stones. Then, Lord asked me:
“Do you remember how Father hewed His stones out of His Rock in that initial vision? Now, as you look here, into the hole, tell Me: is it precious stones that you see now?”
I looked at the stones with a sinking heart, but they were all black coals. That is why I spoke to the Lord, telling Him:
“Oh, Jesus! The diamonds have turned into coals!”
At that moment, Lord shouted in an ardent and jealous Voice, telling me:
“What else are you waiting for? Start digging these stones out of the pit of Babylon! For, what happened to them is that they had been led by blind men. You, however, stretch out your hands and fight for them! Sacrifice yourself for them! Dig them out with the Blazing Sword, which My Father has given you to brandish in your hands! Turn the stones back to Me! For, they had been hewn from the Rock and they must be returned to the Rock!”
At the next moment, Lord thrust His hand into His mantle, took out a Blazing Sword and passed it to me. Without any delay, I took it in my hands and started digging the stones out of the hole of the pit. Then, being touched by the Blazing Sword, the coals started glimmering in Fire and their spiritual natures began to change. With every hit of the Blazing Sword, they were getting lighter and lighter until they became like diamonds. This event made Lord smile and speak to me again, saying:
“Now, you already know what it is to be a servant, who works for the Holiness of the Rock. For this here – to dedicate yourself to the Holiness of the Rock – means for you to start drawing the captives out of the hole of Babylon’s pit and to raise them to Lord’s Mount.
Not everybody will listen to you and accept the Heavenly Light of your prophetic testimonies, because not everybody has been hewn out of the Rock! However, I tell you that there will be no stone, which is hewn out of the Rock and which will fail to return and build itself upon the Rock! Here, it is for this Holy deed that My Father pointed and chose you! For, it is impossible for the Word of God to fail to come true and for the expectations of the Creator to come to nothing! Since, the Veracious and Holy Bible of My Father says that:
“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens: … a time to scatter stones and a time to gather them…” (Ecclesiastes 3:1,5)
It is My Father, Who hewed the stones out of His Rock and Who scattered them all over the earth – so that each of them is born in due time! It is again My Father, Who, together with His prophets, will gather His stones, in order for them to be built upon the Rock!
Here, I gave My prophet the deepest and Holiest vision from the Throne of God! It is a vision, by which I command to all My enlightened and precious stones to descend into the hole of the pit, out of which they have been dug, in order to collect and enlighten even the last stones, which have been written down for Salvation and Eternal Life, before the end of everything comes!
I, the Rock on Lord’s Mount, am waiting for you to build yourselves into Me! And, as I testify mightily to My prophet, I am calling all of you – today and now – to stop being black coals, but to become Holy tablets, upon which My Father has written by Fire My whole New Testament! You have My Fire, Holy people! You have My visions, God’s people! You have the benevolence of My Father, precious stones of the Heavenly Rock! Work audaciously for the Rock, in order for you to deserve your Everlasting dwellings!
Confirm My Deed and My Example! Yes, confirm them!
I, the Rock of Eternal Salvation, gave these Holy visions to My prophet! I pronounced them! I spoke them!”

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