My dear brother! My faithful friend! Be ready to read this prophetic book with the necessary spiritual earnestness and responsibility, to which you have successfully trained your heart. Since, the spiritual truths, spoken here, will be among the most fateful you have ever received by Lord. I will save you no difficulty. And, everything Holy, pure and radical, which Jesus shows to my heart, I will share it with yours.
Let me begin with the fact that there are different periods in one’s walk with the Lord. It is one, when the believer is a baby in Spirit and God feeds them milk, and it is a quite different period, when they start eating food that is solid. The fact that God’s food becomes solid shows unambiguously that our spiritual nature is also getting firmer.
I ask you to imagine that you are walking together with Jesus and that you are one of His followers in the Gospel. Not that it is not the same now (since, all of us, who are in His Spirit, are parts of His Body and take part together with Him in His Living Gospel, i.e. His Good News, by which human souls are saved). So, you are walking along with Lord and your heart delights in absorbing His divine Light, in listening to His words of Eternal Life and in becoming a guardian of all the revelations from God’s mysterious Wisdom.
How long would this walk with Jesus continue? Naturally you would tell me that you want it to never end. However, a moment comes in your life, when the event, which happened to the followers of Christ, will also happen to you. At that moment, the Saviour will speak to you the same words, He told once His disciple Simon, who was called Peter:
“Simon, Simon, Satan has asked to sift all of you as wheat. But I have prayed for you, Simon, that your faith may not fail. And when you have turned back, strengthen your brothers…” (Luke 22:31-32)
Will you be ready to hear these words of Christ? Will your heart be calm at the thought that Satan was given the permission to test your faith and to put you to all the tests possible, which only purpose is to confirm and elevate you above? Since, Jesus, in Whom you have believed, declares that you are one of His precious stones, the devil pretends that this is not true. Whereas Jesus wants you to be confirmed, the devil is on his mettle to break your soul. Whereas Jesus wants to make you a witness of His Name, the devil is instilled with the idea of shaking you and bringing you back. However, Lord insists again that, since you have walked with Him so many years, have eaten from His table and have abided in His Council, you cannot but turn into a precious stone. Moreover, Lord Himself will promise you that He will pray for you that your faith may not fail. I know that you may react by words like these:
“Yes, brother, that is right! However, I have never had the privilege to follow Jesus the way the ancient ones did!”
Let me edit such reaction into other words:
“The ancient ones have never had the privilege to follow Jesus in the way we follow Him now!”
Do you agree with my words, or will you make an angry face? To whom of the ancient ones has Lord personally revealed the deepest secrets and revelations from God’s Sanctuary? To whom of the ancient ones has He been an abundant waterfall of enlightenments and Heavenly blessings? Here, I tell you a secret, and you will see it further in this book:
The last time on earth is the most propitious time for the making of diamonds and precious stones!
This may sound to you strange, having in mind the large scale on which the people are getting more and more stupid and foolish. However, do not go to the other extremity, but better look at God’s Heavenly extremity, which is far above. Since, from this extremity, Jesus poured into your heart a hundred and sixty prophetic books through the testimony of His prophet. So, whether you want it or not, the moment is already coming, when Jesus will test His faithful people for all the words of Eternal Life, they have received from Him. And, if you imagine that every book has been like a layer of Heavenly firmness in the human heart, now, the word is about a hundred and sixty layers…
Do you really think that you will pass unnoticed and go to the Wedding of the Bridegroom? Or do you believe that Lord has sent His prophet to a religious rag-fair with orders to buy every trifle that glitters? Is not this trumpery too cheap for you to believe that its ordered beads are precious stones? It is a true saying that man is easily impressed by colourful shinies, but our Saviour is no man to make a mistake. Lord Jesus Christ has boundless Reason and Perfect Wisdom. He is the Precious Stone of Zion and all the precious stones, which are formed and confirmed by the Holy Spirit, are His. I tell you all this, in order to prepare your heart for the message of this book; and not only the very message, but the last winnowing, which has already begun.
So, my brother, let me write down the words, which Jesus spoke to my heart, since they were my personal consecration by Him. Here is how Lord spoke to me in the first days of December:
“My servant! Do you know what will happen from now on to the people, who accepted in their hearts the prophetic good news?”
“Oh, Jesus! I believe that You will care for all of them, and that You will elevate them to Yourself on Lord’s Mount, in order for them to be Your fragrant virgins…”
“Yes, that is right! This is namely what I will do. You, however, think and tell Me:
What will Lord’s action be in the life of the Called, Chosen and Faithful ones? And, what signs will accompany the spiritual elevation of God’s people to the Rock on the Mount?”
“Oh, Lord! It is not for nothing that the Holy Spirit gives me to see You as the Rock on the Mount. For, I know that the elevation to You will cost the children of God supreme trials and hardships. Since, the way to the Rock is so rough that the one who rises to You really deserves Your Name, Your Glory and Your Word…”
“You have rightly notice this! Indeed, nobody who rises to Me, will disgrace God’s Name, but will shine with My Light and will testify to My Firmness. Now, let Me warn My followers again that one most important spiritual verification is at hand, by which My Father will test their hearts. This verification corresponds to the winnowing that is imminent. You, however, do you know what winnowing means?”
“Jesus! This is a test, related to the whole possible resistance, which the devil would show, in order to bring back the hearts that try to follow Lord’s Way…”
“And, why would My Father let the devil put up his whole resistance possible? Was not it due to the fact that I poured out from Heaven the whole possible Word that was necessary for your confirmation upon the Rock? And, if Satan has pretensions, does not My Father have to silence him by the Heavenly example and the Heavenly Firmness of God’s children? Did I not tell all of you that you will gain your lives namely by your Firmness?”
“That is right, Lord! You endowed us with Yourself abundantly, so that nobody may have any excuse for their retreat or for their pusillanimity…”
“Then, see that while I was pouring into your heart all the secrets of the Heavenly Kingdom and was giving them freely to My Church, some people missed to use the opportune time they were endowed with. They not only missed to equip and confirm themselves, but made something even more fatal – they went away from the Rock, which is on Lord’s Mount, and preferred to come nearer to the sea shore.
Tell Me then:
What is there on the sea shore that so many churches decided to settle and remain there?”
“Oh, my Saviour! The sea shore is the most unenviable and risky place, where one would decide to build their future. Since, there is only sand upon this shore…”
“Then, imagine that thousands of churches have forgotten the proverb of your Lord. They are no longer satisfied with the building of houses upon the sand, but have begun to build whole sand palaces. Who deceived these shallow-brained Christians that they started building their future upon the sand and how did they do it? Who attracted thousands upon thousands that they started staking on what is worldly, perishable and transient, and so lost what is Heavenly, imperishable and Eternal?”
“Oh, Jesus! This impostor was the devil. And the false prophet, who is the spirit of Antichrist, deceived the churches, who had retreated from Your Covenant; so, they started building not only upon sand, but namely by sand. Indeed, they did not remember Your words that the wise one builds their house upon a Rock, in order for him to remain unharmed by the events of the devil…”
“Then, come with Me to show you the vision at the sea shore, which I have never given to you before. Since, sea is the world that lies in the evil one. And sand is the vanity of all the earth passions and inclinations, related to money, goods and insignificant worldly gains…”
After these words, Lord touched my head with His hand, and thus the very vision appeared in front of my eyes. I could see many palaces of sand, built along the seashore. Skilfully built, in order to attract the eye, these palaces were deceiving the earth people with terrific power. They had attractive terraces and beautiful columns. Having chosen the most persuasive words from the Bible, they impressed with the superscriptions upon their arches. “Salvation”, “Living Water”, “Eternal Life”, “Oasis”, “Bethesda”, “Zion” – these were only a small part of the effective names. And, it was natural that, impressed by their brilliance and magnificence, thousands of people crept along the sea shore, contented to choose any of the palaces and become a part of its inhabitants. From time to time, my eyes also noticed small piles of darkening pebbles, which were visibly thrown out of the palaces, as if they were outsiders, who should not discredit the seeming welfare and shine of the sand palaces. This fact impressed me, and thus I asked my Saviour:
“What are these darkening pebbles, Lord?”
Then, Jesus answered me:
“After a little while, I will let you understand everything. However, notice now that the whole possible worldly prosperity is collected in these sand palaces. Notice also that the sand is deceitfully mixed with gold dust in order to attract and impress even more…”
Indeed, in accordance with the words of Lord, the palaces were shining with the gold dust, mixed with their sand. This lustre was surely bringing along an even greater crowd of people, who desired prosperity and happy existence. Here that Lord frowned and asked me, saying:
“Do you see how many people go out of the waters of the sea, in order to fill the sand palaces? Does not this event come to show you that these palaces want to deceive the heathens that they are something different than the sea of the world?”
“Oh, Lord! Each of the palaces has its own inscription, which is intended to attract people for this goal, has it not? In the last reckoning, the word is about the sea shore, and not about the very sea. So that everyone, who has been found upon the shore, to be glad that they will never again drown amidst the waves and the depths, but will go to live in the palaces…”
“That is right, My servant! Here is where the deceit of the devil is most persuasive. His demons whisper to the people, who are drowning into the sea, telling them:
“Stop drowning in your pagan existence and leave the waves of this sea! Here, there are palaces of salvation and eternal life upon the shore…”
Listening to the deceitful whisper of the demons, the drowning men abandon the abomination of the sea, in order to fall into the even more lethal abomination of the sand palaces. Does this remind you of something?”
“Yes, Jesus! This reminds me of the fact that the heathens leave the world in order to become a part of the great prostitute Babylon. They simply become fateful executors of the verses from “The book of prophet Isaiah”:
“Fear and the pit and the snare are upon you, oh inhabitant of the earth. And it shall be that he who flees from the noise of the fear shall fall into the pit, and he who comes up from the midst of the pit shall be caught in the snare…” (Isaiah 24:17-18)
The waves of this sea evoke fear in the heathens and they seek salvation upon the sandy shore, without being aware what pit the devil has prepared for them there. And later, when they want to leave the pit, they will surely be bound into the snare of the coming Antichrist…”
“Your words are just, My servant! Therefore, see now the demonic sign, which will befall all the sandy palaces. For, it is namely the wave of the devilish winnowing before the appearance of the man-Antichrist…”
After the last words of the Lord, something really striking and terrible happened. A tremendous billow rose from the sea to the shore. Its height was stunning and exceeded hundreds of meters. At this very moment, Jesus raised me far above the billow, in order for me to examine its effect, when it was unloaded upon the sea shore. And, the water of the billow was really unloaded with tremendous power. Then, all those sandy palaces washed away and melted amidst its waters, after which the billow swept away the palaces together with their inhabitants into the sea depths, even to the very hell. Only the piles with the darkened pebbles remained there, on the shore. Here that Jesus lowered me to the shore and told me:
“Everything, which has come from the sea, returns to the sea. Such is the fate of all the sandy palaces of Babylon, the prostitute. They are born by the devil and he is powerful to take them back. Now, look at the darkened pebbles and tell Me:
Why are these pebbles upon the sea shore? Is there place here? Should they not rise to Lord’s Mount at the Rock of Eternal Salvation?”
“Oh, Lord! My heart shrinks at the view of the stones. However, why are they not above, at Your place, but remain upon the sea shore?”
Then, with sadness in His Voice, Jesus spoke to me, saying:
“These are all those people, who left Babylon, but did not pay the price to abide in Zion. They saw the abomination of the Babylonian churches and the deceit of the sand, but could not find in themselves the necessary firmness and spiritual power to rise and join the Rock. Therefore, they darkened in their pusillanimity and compromises with the world and were found at the disadvantage of leaving Babylon, without coming into Zion.
Should My people be like these dark pebbles? Should they forget the words of their Lord, which are promised to all who are victorious? Here, let everybody remember My words:
“Whoever has ears, let them hear what the Spirit says to the churches. To the one who is victorious, I will give some of the hidden manna. I will also give that person a white stone with a new name written on it, known only to the one who receives it…” (Revelation 2:17)
Is it white stones that you see upon this devastated shore, My servant?”
“No, Jesus! These stones have darkened and cannot testify to You…”
“Neither will I testify to them! Since, the sin of Lot’s wife is their burden. They left the abomination, but turned to look back, instead of going on ahead and rising to the Rock of Israel.
However, if somebody wants to be one of the white stones of the Lord, let them be ready to obey Me. And, after obeying Me, let them follow Me to the very end! For, I tell all of you that the last fateful winnowing has already begun. And, one tremendous billow of devilish wickedness will flood the worldly churches, in order to bring them back into the world, by whom they are born, and in whom they trust.
I tell all of you again:
Where your treasures are, your hearts will also be there!
Where your foundation is laid, your destiny will also appear!
And, if somebody wants to find the Rock, to trust in the Rock, to stand upon the Rock and to be perfectly confirmed in the Rock, let them follow Me in the other visions of this Holy prophetic book!”

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