My dear brother! My faithful friend!
Of the many books, we could read in our life of faith, I know that one Book will always stand as a sun above all the others, since it enlightens them with its rays and gives birth to them with Its Spirit. This book is the Bible, the Holy Scripture, that has passed through the centuries and the millennia, in order to be a lamp for our feet and a dawn on our path. It does not matter how many inspired books we have read – either through the shared word of a prophet or the word of a preacher, all of them draw from the books of the Old and New Testament. I write all of this not because you do not know it, but in order to spiritually motivate the thoughts which will follow below in this prophetic book.
One of the things we are used to accepting unconditionally is the fact that the people led by one spirit agree with each other and so form communities, which can be small or great. And events and attitudes certainly form up in these communities and lead to a change of the status quo for their separate members. So it all comes to the obligatory communal contract, by which power one of these many becomes a leader, and the rest will let this person lead them. And there will be nothing wrong in this, if the leader has been chosen, anointed and separated by God for the serious responsibility that they will take before the community that is voting its confidence in them. And here, in this line of thoughts, comes the first important moment I want to talk about, while considering first and last authority the Spirit of God’s Word, as well as the very Holy Scripture. For in the entire Bible you will notice that God is never and in any place impressed by communities, and neither does He stake on crowds of people as a whole. Not even close! God is impressed by personalities, that is, by separate individuals whom He grants His Personal guidance and whom He covers with His Own benevolence. This is the reason for the books in the Holy Scripture to speak of the example of personalities much more than of the life of communities. The next very important moment is that between that person who has been separated from God and the community from which they have been separated a conflict takes place. It is inevitable, since it is always based on the community’s impossibility to explain God’s Sovereignty, that is, the Personal Right of God to show Mercy and Kindness to some and appear Himself as a Tester to others. You can easily go further with this true statement and see that this man that has been separated by God will certainly meet the resistance and the negative attitude of the ones from whom he has been separated. For in this very community the people have decided to stick to seeming equality that makes them all equal so that all differences between them are lost. And when the separated one appears from somewhere and becomes too different, such one is already becoming too uncomfortable for the general status quo, though He may have been chosen by God. In relation to this the first significant example of a chosen man of God which caused negative attitude among the ones from whom he had been chosen is the ancient Joseph. He was chosen by God, since he was foreknown by Him with great fate. He was Israel’s favourite son and his father had given him a varicoloured garment that distinguished him from his brothers. He was that innocent and trustful youth that sincerely and spontaneously revealed the dreams God Almighty had given to him. Dreams that explicitly placed him as one chosen to have a fate inexpressibly greater than the fates of all the others. You can guess yourself that when the smallest brother shows the explicit proofs of God’s Choice of himself to his brothers, he will certainly cause great irritation and envy. For the Word categorically confirms the reaction of Joseph’s brothers:
“…“Are you actually going to reign over us? Or are you really going to rule over us?” So they hated him even more for his dreams and for his words…” (Genesis 37:8)
So just as it is true that the sinful thoughts certainly sprout and develop to germs of evil plants and even eviler fruits, so it is true that God’s Choice of Joseph led his brothers to their terrible plan to kill the “dreamer”, since they could not put up with him at all. And in just one of them, Reuben, the stung conscience acted to dull the blade of their hatred, in for order them to not kill Joseph but throw him in a pit, and deceive their father Jacob that a ferocious beast has torn his young son apart.
I will not tell you word for word the biblical story that you have read more than once in “Genesis”, but now I certainly want to reveal to you the spiritual parallels of Joseph’s experience in these contemporary last times. For just as in this antiquity, so today, there is a pride that kills, envy that ruins and insidiousness that is ready to pour out rivers of snake poison. For since those distant past times to this very day God’s Choice is despised in the communities, while the devilish is approved in all ways.
You see, my brother, man is not a master of his own fate to tell it what it should be or to command it to happen the way he wants to. Since all of us experience only what God has seen and foreknown for our life. And it will not be us that will surprise the Almighty with our fates, but He that will surprise us. We will not tell Him what to do, but He will tell us what to do. We will not dictate the Rivers of His Time, but they will carry us in their currents so that we live our life according to His Foreknowledge. Do you understand then that the most pleasing thing we can do is give Glory to God for each Choice of His that concerns His Intention about His Project? But do men give Glory to God, when it is not them but someone else who is the subject of His divine decision? Do they humble their hearts when He decides to expose them that they hide behind the comfy anonymity of the society, but are unwilling to admit that all that has been Holy, worthy and beneficial on this world has come through personalities?
So if Joseph was among the patriarchs of Israel, did not the chosen Moses come after him? Did not Joshua come after Moses? Did not the judges come after Joshua? Did not the kings come after the judges? Did not Father choose His servant David just like Joseph, since His benevolence was upon the smallest of the sons of Jesse? Did not the serving of the prophets appear amidst the kings – of Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Daniel, Amos and Hosea, Zephaniah, Zechariah and Malachi?
How many splendid and wonderful vessels of God’s Choice! Would the Bible have been written down and would it have existed the way we read it today without them? Of course, not! Yet, here that millennia later the communities once again stumble in God’s Choice. They not only stumble, but in their minds have turned God into a Personality That does not have the right of Personal Will and Personal Sovereignty. For many have crossed out God’s Sovereignty and have replaced it with their human rules and religious doctrines, church careerism and vainglorious graduation. And depending on the religion they belong to, one become bishops, others abbots, third pastors, fourth – magistrates and doctors. And each of these religious bugs will trumpet to the left and the right that it is one and only, since it did not climb the ladder of Bethel, but the steps of the religious Christian careerism. What loathsome and disgusting status quo! To watch how someone rises in the church hierarchy by all efforts necessary and then sit on their throne imperturbably and give out decrees and decisions by which they control the human fates. You can confess most truthfully that God is not active in this model, for it was neither appropriated from the Throne of Boon, nor inspired by the Holy Spirit.
However, what happens when even in that time of increased wickedness God decides to exercise the Choice of His Own Sovereignty? What happens when Jesus decides to choose and raise a servant that has neither made himself up with theology in the American academies of Jezebel, nor has graduated as a wolf of Korah in order to violate Lord’s flocks? Above all, what happens when one chosen by God refuses to admit the supremacy of Babylon’s market and declares a war of life and death against the merchants in the Temple? Will the communities which are soaked with dust and worms put up with him? Will the religious pigpens that the devil has created in his own image and likeness accept him? Will the church leaders whose hands are full of bribes and whose hearts overflow with wickedness applaud him? Will the theologians that hatch viper eggs but are like true whitewashed tombs before the communities delight in him? Will the brainwashed people who were taught by Babylon to say an Amen to each other sentence of their paid hireling and to say Hallelujah to each well-dressed showman, who came to advertise just another three-day revival, applaud him?
No, my brother!
God’s chosen one will be sated with all the evils that all of God’s chosen experienced before him. The entire possible human-demonic envy, rage and insidiousness will pile up like a furious whirlwind in his life. And do you know which will be the most biblical sign for the complete rejection of God’s chosen one?
Remember that this sign will be the pit of Joseph!
Once they start following God’s Choice in their life, Lord’s servant will certainly fall in this pit. Not in order to die or to lose their vocation and choosing in excessive sorrow, but in order to be confirmed in the sorrow and shine even more due to the irrevocability of God’s choosing.
Such was the pit that came in my life for Jesus!
And I do not regret that I was pushed into it by the church pastors and their evil communities. I do not regret that my name was covered in disgrace, and my deed in all kinds of abuses and lies. Since everything that the ones who hated me achieved was increasing many times the Jealousy of Jesus Christ in my life.
Since, though when you are in the pit there are not any spiritual people to lean against, since dust surrounds you from each direction, God’s providence still found men with Spirit of Lord’s Spirit, who gave me their faithfulness, generosity and love. Though, in this very same pit I had to experience months and years of truly terrible oppression, thanks to God’s Faithful I was not left to the chance of fate, but found adherents and followers, by which to continue on my quite thorny path. Though the malice and the envy were like overflowing rivers against my heart, it was Jesus, Who is Faithful and Truthful, that made a bridge over the black rivers, so that I may pass on it and continue the walk in my vocation. If that is not a miracle, I do not know what else I would call a miracle.
But now let me go even further. Since once Joseph’s matters did not end in the pit. He was sold as a slave in Egypt by Midianite traders, and thus found himself in the house of Potiphar, who was Pharaoh’s officer and the captain of the bodyguard. In the house of this chief of the Egyptian police Joseph was noticed and desired by Potiphar’s wife. And on a suitable occasion she temptingly clutched her hands in the garment of God’s chosen one with only one intention at mind:
“Lie with me!” (Genesis 39:7)
So if I decided that this is just a desire for sexual satisfaction in one Egyptian at heat, I would not be able to transfer Joseph’s trial into the contemporary last times. But I will certainly capture the Spirit of God’s Word and will continue my thoughts, listening to Him. For, enlightened and filled out by God, Joseph surely knew just how terrible consequences yielding to this tempting call would bring. In the end, turning his eyes to the past, he remembered that it was namely Ishmaelites that sold him as a slave in Egypt. (See “Genesis 39:1”) And Ishmael was born of Abraham’s imprudence to lie down with the Egyptian Hagar. Was Joseph going to conceive a new Ishmael, or was he going to preserve his godliness? Is not his father, Israel, son of Isaac, over whom God’s benevolence abides? Was not this why Joseph quickly pulled away and ran from his temptress, leaving his garment in her clothes? So if in the Holy Spirit of Father and the Son we are posterity of Abraham today, should we let Potiphar’s wife tempt us, when we have the example of Joseph, who resisted her temptation? But how many of us have the regard of the Holy Spirit to rationalize and discover this single appeal of the Egyptian woman:
“Lie with me!” (Genesis 39:7)
How many have the godliness of Joseph, in order go to the end of the message that Apostle John left us and read there the too truthful words of Christ’s servant:
“We know that no one who is born of God sins; but He who was born of God keeps him, and the evil one does not touch him. We know that we are of God, and that the whole world lies in the power of the evil one…” (1 John 5:18-19)
The whole world lies in the power of the evil one, my brother! I do not want any of the readers of this book to be as blind and as earthly as to not discover that in the Spirit of God’s Word the wife of Potiphar is the very world that lies in the evil one. The world has been lying together with the snake for quite a while. And the only desire of the world is namely this:
That all the churches that still do not lie with him, just as it lies in the devil, lie down!
“Lie with me!” – the world will tell you through the stands of the church merchants, and will then add:
“I make love with the prince of the world through the seed of trade! Let this seed into your heart, so that you are impregnated by my celebrated lover! For he raises all the merchants over the earth and makes them great in their time!”
“Lie with me!” – the world will tell you through the diplomas of the church theologians, and will then add:
“I make love with the prince of the world also through the seed of education! Let it into your heart, so that you are inseminated by my celebrated lover! For he raises the righteousness of all the Pharisees and scribes on earth and makes it honoured in all the churches!”
“Lie with me!” – the world will tell you through the crowns and the thrones of the church leaders, and will then add:
“I make love with the prince of the world through the seed of careerism and the rise through the hierarchy! Let this seed into your heart, so that you are impregnated by my celebrated lover! For all who are loath to serve, but long to reign, he turns into kings and courtiers all over the earth, by giving them a share that nobody else can give to them!”
“Lie with me!” – the world will tell you through all the world models of church union, be it conferences, congresses or seminars, and will then add:
“I make love with the prince of the world through the seed of politics and religious control! Let this seed into your heart, so that you are impregnated by my celebrated lover! For all who want to control are turned by him into delegates, politicians and rulers! So that they are given the levers for control and ruling, without which nobody can control and rule!”
Let me stop here with the world-demonic offers. Since I could expand them more, but that is not the purpose of my thoughts. It is another, and namely:
What will happen to that servant of God who, filled out by the Spirit of Joseph, prefers the godliness of the Spirit to Satan’s temptations? Will the prince of the world let him live undisturbed? Will the devil let a godly man be a thorn in his eyes? Nothing like that! Just as the Egyptian woman lied shamefully and reproached her man Potiphar for bringing Joseph into their home, in order for the latter to violate her, so the last worshippers of Satan will seek and find all kinds of reasons against the godliness, in order to revenge the one who possesses it and keeps it. This is how Apostle Paul has warned us, too, as he wrote in his message to Timothy:
“Now you followed my teaching, conduct, purpose, faith, patience, love, perseverance, persecutions, and sufferings, such as happened to me at Antioch, at Iconium and at Lystra; what persecutions I endured, and out of them all the Lord rescued me! Indeed, all who desire to live godly in Christ Jesus will be persecuted. But evil men and impostors will proceed from bad to worse, deceiving and being deceived…” (2 Timothy 3:10-13)
Is it not terrible to let yourself be deceived and to start deceiving yourself in order to ensure for yourself one seeming calmness among the churches that are corrupted by the world spirit? Is it not fearful to see how God’s Boon is turned into lust, and how a big and heavy padlock of hypocrisy weighs on your mouth and thus you dare not breathe a word against the church merchants, politicians and criminals? Do you not know that one day in His Fearful Judgement the Judge will ask you personally the most fearful question for all those who have retreated from God:
“Why did you pierce and crucify Me a second time in your heart?”
How will the contemporary grinning church businessmen reply to Him? Will they find a verse in the Bible to defend their accursed church trade? How will the earth religious kings justify themselves before His extended rod, when their only passion was to grow rich, to be first and to tempt? What words will the descendants of Judas Iscariot find in their defence, when in a fashion similar to their inspirer they have stuffed into their purses much more than thirty silver coins? Then, will not the Egyptian jail turn out to be many times more desirable than living in peace with the devil? Who is that Holy and humbled servant of God that would compromise their bright garment and give it to the moths of the fallen prince, in order to appear at the Wedding in the Day of the Wedding Supper of the Lamb with huge holes of wicked deeds in their souls, and with worms in their hearts that remained hidden in the deception of their wicked deeds? Whenever the servants of God became thorns in the eyes of Satan, did they not find pits and jails in their life? Were not Jeremiah and Daniel in the pit? Was not John the Baptist in the jail? Did not Christ’s Apostles find the very same jail? But how does the question with the jail stand today? Why is it a taboo in the churches? Why do thousands of thousands giggle and exalt themselves, when they were supposed to fall prostrate and weep bitterly for the sins of their teachers? Is not that because with them the carnal man has grown too much at the expense of the spiritual one? But namely this – enduring the prison – means showing Lord what you are made of. Since to this present day I remain thrown in the prison and the day to come out of it has still not come. And this prison of mine does not have one, but hundreds of reasons, since I have become fatefully a part of the spiritual war, and there is not retirement in this war. So if you go back in the years, you will certainly recall one very precise book – “Depart from Me, you who are cursed!”. In the last time of this book Lord has shown me the prison in which I stand. And not only the prison, but the spirit that prevents the people on the outside from communicating with God’s prophet. So if someone decides to feel sorrowful due to my suffering or to bemoan me bitterly, I will tell such one that the prison in which I stand is the most accurate place, from which God raises His servants. So, I am not the one to be bemoaned in my prison, but these are the ones who sit on thrones that are certainly not becoming to them and who hold in their hands power that God has not given to them. Since when you are at the bottom the only possible way out is up – regardless how much it may be delayed or put off in time. But days and years of complete ruin will come for those religious majesties that now reign on the top. And they will certainly not be ready to meet the bottom, and will not have spirit in their hearts to survive their terrible fall. And it was namely at this bottom and in this dungeon that Lord spoke to my heart again in order to give me His deepest revelations about the generation Joseph that will be the last “Zaphenath-paneah” on earth.
Here are the words that Jesus spoke to my heart:
“My servant! The burden on your shoulders has reached the maximum you can carry. That is why confirm yourself fully in My Peace and fill your heart with the coming triumph, when I will let you enter into the Joy of your Master. For no suffering of any man of God in prison has been in vain, but has certainly become Power for the Salvation and Redemption of human souls. And every time someone somewhere fills their heart out with My messages from the books I have given to you, the devil comes to abuse you and furiously violate your soul. But since I know what you are made of and know perfectly your spirit, I tell you that you will certainly endure. And just as I have said to My people in the last but one vision from the book about Bethel, so I will confirm to you now that you will leave the prison, for it is only for a time. Since no other, but the vision for your life will require before God and Father that you continue and finish your vocation. And in this vision there is one last Salvation of the world, one last mighty wave of God’s Prophetic Spirit that will go all over the earth.
Think then and tell Me:
What is the reason for your current suffering for Me to exceed many times the suffering you had for your Lord in the first years of your serving?”
“Oh, Jesus! In the first years I served you in the first of the circles of God’s Presence, which is the Circle of Water! I was embraced by God’s Mercy there, and the Water itself hid me from the all the strikes and revenges of the devil! However, throughout the years You made me pass through all the Circles and remain in the end in the Circle of Salt, which is the Circle of Lord’s Sacrifices that are salted with fire. And where there is Fire, there is no Water. And the very Salt cannot join the Water, since the Water will lose its sweetness, and the Salt its saltiness. And You have clearly warned Your servants with the words:
“Blessed are you when people insult you and persecute you, and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of Me. Rejoice and be glad, for your reward in heaven is great; for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you. You are the salt of the earth; but if the salt has become tasteless, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled under foot by men…” (Matthew 5:11-13)
The verses I quoted made Jesus smile and speak to me again, saying:
“You have certainly understood just how great the distance from God’s Mercy to God’s Will is. For in His Mercy My Father accepts you the way you are, but in His Will He wants you the way you should be. Thus in the Circle of Water there is cleansing, washing and repentance, while in the Circle of Salt there is using-up, sorrowfulness and crucifixion. And just as you have noticed correctly – Water and Salt cannot mix. Since once the Water accepts the Salt it will become sea water, and then it would be difficult to distinguish it from the spirit of the world. And if the Salt is dissolved in Water, it can no longer testify to the Fire of the Sacrifice. And in order for this to become even clearer for My brothers and sisters, let Me ask you another question and you answer Me:
What would have happened to you and your fate, if Lord your God had decided to bless you for each of the books you have written in accordance with their real weight and significance in the Holy Spirit? Or what would have happened in your life, if I had decided to add to the spiritual value of the prophetic books their equivalence in earth blessings?”
“Oh, Jesus! Then I would surely have been the richest person in the world, since You would have gifted me with all the treasures of Zion! But then my sacrifice for the Kingdom would have lost its entire meaning, since the Salt would have been desalted due to the waters of the great earth blessing! And God’s servant cannot be a Sacrifice and blessed at the same time! Since the very purpose of the Sacrifice is in the denial of the earth blessing, so that the Heavenly increases. And You Yourself have shown us the way to the Circle of Salt, commanding us:
“Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys, and where thieves do not break in or steal; for where your treasure is, there your heart will be also…” (Matthew 6:19-21)
Thus, in accordance to Your words, I do not see a possibility for the Water and the Salt to exist together and in proximity. They must be separated, in order to preserve their saving Power…”
In response to my words Jesus caressed my head with a hand, and then spoke to me in a sincere Voice, saying:
“Here that by your words you have come to the boundary Zaphenath-paneah. A boundary, of which I neither ever spoke to you in the last years, nor enlightened your heart about it, since you had neither walked the path, nor paid the price for one such revelation. That is why, to begin with, let Me remind you certain words of Mine that I told to My disciples. Remember these words from My Gospel, since I told them once:
“How hard it is for those who are wealthy to enter the kingdom of God! For it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God…” (Luke 18:24-25)
And to these words of Mine some reacted, saying:
“Then who can be saved?” (Luke 18:26)
And I attested to them the words:
“The things that are impossible with people are possible with God…” (Luke 18:27)
What is impossible with people, Stefan? Is it not namely that – to join the Water and the Salt, so that neither the Water is salted, nor the Salt desalted? And if for My Father really everything is possible, will not the secret of God’s possibility be sealed namely in the life of Joseph? Was not Joseph once in the Egyptian prison, just as you are today? Did not Father lead His excellent servant from the bottom of the prison to the gold throne of Pharaoh? Did not Father make Joseph the most blessed man in the antiquity? And how did Joseph succeed in keeping together in his heart the great waters of God’s blessings and the salt of his own selflessness? How did he succeed in controlling Abaddon, Mammon, the iron furnace of Egypt and even the very devil and Satan? How did not the brilliance of Pharaoh’s gold necklace or the power the Egyptian ring on the forefinger of his hand grow heavy in his heart? Here, My servant, all this that is impossible with men is possible with My God and Father! That is why I will now certainly raise you to God’s Sanctuary and lead you into the Sanctuary of the Almighty! So that you hear the words of Father’s benevolence, by which the Heavenly God anoints you and chooses you as the guardian of the holiest of the Secrets of His Sovereignty – the Secret Zaphenath-Paneah that most miraculously brings the Water and the Salt together, in order for the Water to answer for the Power of the Salt, and the Salt – for the Power of the Water…”
After these too Holy and dear to my heart words, Lord raised me above, to Mount Zion, in order to lead my heart into the unsealing of the most hidden of the Secrets of God’s Sovereignty. Amen and Amen!

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