My dear brother! My faithful friend!
As I know what trials and hardships my Lord has led me through, so that I may come to the privilege of writing a book about Zaphenath-paneah, I want to approach here with the prudence and humbleness necessary. All who decide in their hearts that by the reading of this book Lord will raise them in the world, as He once did with Joseph, will make a serious mistake. For His chosen one paid a price to receive his fate, just as some of us will pay the same price. Not all of us, but just some of us. You have already read the previous chapter and have realized that in the life of Joseph there was one pit and one jail. But except for the pit and the jail, the son of Israel also had Lord’s visions for his life, given to him in the form of dreams. So we once again come to God’s Sovereignty and to the Personal Will of Father to choose men according to His Own intention. And in God’s Call there is one inviolable principle we must all conform to. And this is the principle that the humbleness is a precursor to the Glory, and that the way to the top always passes through the bottom. I am not writing this as a scribe who has learnt by heart a pile of quotes from theology books, but as a witness confirmed by the Holy Spirit whom Jesus has granted the privilege to take part in His trials and to walk His Way. That is why remember the prophetic book about “The worth of the spiritual raising”, since it fits in here most explicitly.
I am excessively shaken by the monstrous dimensions that the deception of the human conscience has reached. Not just in the minds of the heathens, but in the minds of the ones who claim to have been enlightened and anointed by the Holy Spirit to confirm their life in God’s Will. For today all the churches would gladly adorn themselves with the inscription “Zaphenath-paneah”, in order to testify just how great a “salvation of the world” Lord Jesus Christ is carrying out through them. But think, my brother, about that soul that enters a church gathering for the first time and is greeted from the pulpits not by a wave of brotherly love and humbleness, but by the pride and the prosperity of the church leader. Hardly having entered by your feet the Circle of Water and having just been called to repentance by denial of their sins, the new believer must accept that they have not only come to the Throne of Boon, but now must simply expect that great and so eagerly thirsted Glory that the Bible promises. Deceived by the contemporary false teachings about the exchange that kills the Power of Christ’s Example and the Light of the Cross, the infant starts walking one false and deceitful path that promises them everything that Christ never was on earth.
“You will be a king, since Jesus paid for you by becoming a servant!” – the preacher of the reigning screams.
“You will be a millionaire and a successful businessman, since Jesus paid the price for you by becoming a poor man!” – the preacher of prosperity screams:
“Now take from the Cross everything He has paid for! Give Him your wounds and take the healing! Give Him your defeat and take the victory! Give Him your poverty and take the blessings!” – this long worn-out record has been spinning on the large vainglorious gramophone for the last fifty years on this world. However, many did not realize that by listening to this record they became word-for-word executors of the verses from the message of Apostle Paul that say:
“For even though they knew God, they did not glorify Him as God or give thanks, but they became futile in their speculations, and their foolish heart was darkened. Professing to be wise, they became fools, and exchanged the Glory of the incorruptible God for an image in the form of corruptible man and of birds and four-footed animals and crawling creatures…” (Romans 1:21-23)
Do you see how Christ’s Apostle warns us that many will look for an exchange? “… and exchanged the Glory of the incorruptible God…” – says Lord’s servant. That is why a moment has come when the Crucified Lord is regarded as a profitable formula for an exchange. And this formula deceived the hearts of men, and thus it was not in words, but in example and deeds that they declared to Jesus:
“Do not ask from us to carry our cross or to deny ourselves in order to follow You, since the exchange that our leaders have preached to us cannot be seen in this requirement! Since You did not become Crucified in order for us to crucify ourselves for You, but in order for us to find ourselves resurrected and taken to the Wedding!
Do not ask any of us to store treasures in Heaven, since they are very much needed here on earth! Since You remained poor, so that we may enrich ourselves on earth thanks to Your poverty!
Do not ask any of us to serve our brothers, since that is not doctrinal! What royal priesthood are we, if we must stay lower than all men and thus humiliate ourselves? Make us reign, Lord! Since You became a servant, so that we may be kings on earth!
Do not ask us to fill ourselves out with the Image that You once had below! For You paid a price on the Cross, so that today we may have the Image You have above! We want from You only the exchange, and nothing other than the exchange!”
This reading of the Gospel by all the Babylon fools was absolutely tempting, but also very cheap. Since the Image of Jesus that is above is in the power of imperishability. There He is the King and the One sitting on the right side of the Power! And it is not becoming for the perishable on earth to compare itself with the imperishable on Heaven, or to desire equality with it. Since it is written:
“Now I say this, brethren, that flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God; nor does the perishable inherit the imperishable…” (1 Corinthians 15:50)
Then why has the perishable desired the Glory of the imperishable? Why has the perishable desired the reign of the imperishable? Why has the perishable desired the exchange at the Cross, but has refused to willingly pierce itself for Jesus and accept the nails in itself in order to be likened in one Image with God’s Lamb? Apostle Paul is telling us that the carnal ones have done this because they “became futile in their speculations” and “exchanged the Glory of the incorruptible God for an image in the form of corruptible man”. And what was the Glory of the incorruptible God? At all, where did His Glory start? Did it not start from the Cross, where God’s Son nailed the sins of the entire world in His hands and feet? Did not this Glory start with the Resurrection in the third day, when Jesus openly triumphed over death and hell? And which glory is the infant in Jesus to lay in their heart? The glory of the unchangeable pastor who wears custom-made expensive suits, drives a new car and lives in a luxurious apartment, or the Glory of the Spirit of Jesus Christ Who endured in a scourged and broken body the redemption of the human souls?
My jealousy for the Lord is too kindled for me to watch calmly how millions of vainglorious sheep are going to a Babylon slaughter without even suspecting that they are souls that have been traded to the devil. Souls that do not have the eyes to read “Galatians 2:20”, not to speak of living Paul’s confession. Souls that prefer the shiny packing of the delusion that presents itself to them as Truth. Souls that cannot turn the apostolic example into their own example, and the suffering of God’s prophets into their own personal suffering. For such people there is no evil and no devil, since they have been deceived to see themselves and the world through the pink clothes of the satanic cunning. For such souls there is neither furnace of affliction, nor Nebuchadnezzar’s furnaces. For such souls only the following exchange exists:
“Lord, I give you my nothing, now You give me Your everything! That is what You died for, right!”
My brother! Do not be grieved by my words, since I always write what is at my heart! If there is a reason for me to swing the Sword before the vision with the Secret of Zaphenath-Paneah, it is to scatter the festive fog my enemies are swimming in. For they will certainly decide that they may somehow get to be a part of the generation Joseph. “What a bargain, God! Lots of money, a gold throne, unlimited power!” Not even close, religious fools! Zaphenath-paneah is a dear territory of God Father that is too Holy for dogs to confuse it with their vomit, or for swine to believe that it corresponds to their slime. God’s servant has walked after his Lord from Glory to Glory for fifteen years. And Jesus deigned in revealing to him the secret about Joseph only at the very end. Only after I came to the point of abiding as a Sacrifice in the Circle of Salt for a fifth year already, and after twice as much had gathered in the prison after my pit. Thus, if Lord decides to deliver His servant from the prison and raise him in the fate of Joseph, this fate will be shared only by the ones who were tears of my tears, sorrow of my sorrow and example of my example. As to the rest – I want to neither consider them, nor torment my soul with them. For I am certain that a day will come when packs of hypocrites and false people will be quick to the plunder and swift to the spoil, as they look for a share from ministry “Moriah” and for a way to get what they can from God’s blessings. But then Father Himself will stumble, overthrow and confuse them , and their masks will fall off. And I am certain that Lord will not delay this time, since the granary in the serving of His prophet is already bursting with the entire possible Heavenly fertility.
And now let me finally reveal to you the very vision that Lord showed my heart. Having ascended to the Heavenly Jerusalem, we were already walking and approaching God’s Sanctuary when the Heavenly King slowed down His pace, telling me:
“Do not let it bewilder you, My servant, that this mighty vision for Zaphenath-paneah is coming at a moment, when you have already written and given to My Church everything I had laid in your heart. For here, I am telling you a secret that no previous generations of the New Testament were allowed to become Zaphenath-paneah of their time. Since My Father has decided in His Inviolable Sovereignty that until the establishment of Lord’s Millennium there will be only one last period of Joseph. And the ones who take part in it will be the last mighty wave of the Holy Spirit that will end with the Taking of the Church. And in this period of Joseph that is called Zaphenath-paneah lie hidden the deepest gulps of the Hidden Manna, as well as the holiest rays of God’s mysterious most wisdom. That is why certainly let your heart rejoice, for you have paid a price that is much greater than the price that all the earth people pay, in order to find yourself worthy of entering God’s Sanctuary and in order for Father Himself to choose you as the guardian of the holiest of His Secrets…”
After these words Jesus was already stepping before God’s Sanctuary and was opening the door. So I fell on my knees behind Him due to the Glory that was overshadowing me from beyond the very doors. Here that my Lord stepped to God and Father, telling Him:
“Almighty and Holy Father! According to the Will of Your inviolable Sovereignty I now lead the prophet of Zion into Your Presence, so that you choose his heart and determine him as the guardian of Your Holy Secret that is related to Your distinguished Joseph!
Deign, My Father, in blessing the hands that have zealously and tirelessly gathered the seeds of Your Holiness, so that Zion has today one last Heavenly granary that is ready to feed and enlighten all Your children over the face of the entire earth!
Deign, My Father, in confirming the feet that have unswervingly walked the Way of Righteousness, though they were bloodied by all kinds of demonic and human resistances!
Deign, My Father, in fondling the head in which the thorns of the human malice and ingratitude were fixed, when Our servant expected comfort and blessing!
Deign, My Father, in comforting the heart that endured the cross pains of Your Son and drunk the bitter cup in the fearful Gethsemane of Your Christ!”
In response to the words of Jesus, the Voice of Father came out of God’s Sanctuary as the flames of one mighty and inextinguishable Fire that were already touching my spirit and filling me out with waves of overflowing Fatherly Love. And Father Himself spoke to my heart, saying:
“My servant! Let Blessing from My Breath fill out your heart for you have laid down your life for the Holy Deed of My Son and have become a sacrificial ox among the oxen on My Altar! For seven years My servant Joseph gathered wheat in Egypt’s antiquity, in order to save the world in the years of hunger! Two times seven years you gathered the Holy seeds of the Spirit and have made Christ’s Image come to life from the pages of the books by which you fed My household! So whereas in the life of the ancient Joseph first came the pit and the jail, and then the raising to Pharaoh’s throne, in your life I have gathered the jail and the harvest in one place, so that you are too precious for Me as a Sacrifice of the Lord.
From My Holy Heaven I have looked down to earth to find oxen that want to lay down their life for My Kingdom and endure each pit and jail for the Light of the Eternal Life! From My high clouds I have extended My righteous right hand, full of goods, to see if there is anyone who wants to make their heart a heart of Jesus Christ and freely give away the goods of the Father to all His children on earth!
Here, son of man and servant of the Lord! You have had a heart for Jesus and jealousy for the Kingdom! You have humbled yourself in My Hand and have sunk in the jail, in order for the ones who wished to know Me to rise! You have preserved the Salt of the Sacrifice and never let the Salt desalt itself! That is why a Gift from Me will come in your life, and I will make your deed memorable, since I already can see no other granaries on earth that have remained unsold and no other Salt that has preserved itself in the increased wickedness!
All the earth pastors have betrayed Me altogether and all the preachers have thrown their salt together in the waves of the world, though I gave them goods from My Hand!
But one prophet did not betray Me, and one preacher did not throw his Salt in the waters of Euphrates!
All the sowers have sold My seeds altogether, and all the harvesters rushed together into the granaries of Babylon, though they had received proper seeds from Me!
But one sower did not sell Me, and one harvester did not gather My sheaves in the granaries of the devil!
That is why now I will make you a guardian of the deepest of My Holy Secrets – so that you proclaim it to the Church of Jesus Christ and so that through it I Myself separate Joseph’s descendants for the last passage of the Spirit of the Lord over the face of the earth, before the seven years of hunger, sorrow and terrible despair come!
Follow Jesus, servant of My Faithfulness and witness of My Holiness! And let Him write upon the tablet of your heart the Secret Zaphenath-paneah! The secret by which I am powerful to bring together the near and the distant, the Salt and the Water, the Sacrifice and the Blessing, for the last Salvation of the world!”
Father had stopped talking to me, and I was still burning up in His words, and His flames were filling out my heart, when Jesus approached and gave me a hand to help me rise on my feet. Then with great excitement in His Voice He spoke to me, saying:
“Follow Me! For now we will enter God’s Sanctuary, in order for Me to lead you into one of the rooms of God’s Mysterious Most Wisdom! For namely there I will reveal to you how the impossible with men becomes possible with My God and Father!”
As if in a dream I followed my Lord, since I could not endure the truly great Glory that filled out God’s Sanctuary. Thus Jesus and I really reached a room, which door of inlaid sapphires and diamonds absorbed my entire sight. And when the door opened and I entered, my amazement climaxed. I saw all of God’s five Presences on a smaller scale, even though Lord had already shown them to me in completeness at the writing of the book about “The scrolls of Lord’s reminder”. Furthermore – beyond the boundary of God’s Presences started the presences of the devil, of the dark forces, of hell, and of the abyss. While I still watched in amazement, Jesus started talking to me, saying:
“Do not regard the presences in this room as some model, but rather accept that now your Lord has led you into God’s main Sphere that is the Sight of Father’s pupils over the entire spiritual world – the one of the Light, as well as the one of the darkness. Now, as you watch the Sphere, tell Me:
Do you notice the spiritual order in the presences of Light and darkness?”
“Yes, Jesus! I notice that the presences of the darkness are similar to the presences of the Light, with the difference that they are reversed. Thus the Circle of Water is touching a dark circle of dark water. And after that dark circle of the dark water begins a dark circle of dark bread that is followed by a dark circle of dark wine, after which come dark circles of dark oil and dark salt…”
“You have noticed correctly!” – Jesus said to me, and then went on with another question to me:
“Now think and tell Me! If Father is touching the earth with the outermost Circle of Water, is not the devil doing the same thing? Is not he touching the earth with his dark waters? So whereas the Water of Father is powerful to cleanse and lead to Repentance, what is the power of the satanic waters? For namely there – in the clash of the first circles – the fate of the world is decided. The remaining circles are inner and cannot come into a conflict with their antipodes…”
“Oh, my Lord! The satanic waters must certainly deprave and soil the world! They must corrupt namely the human conscience, for it is the one that is touched by the Water of the Spirit, in order for man to experience repentance…”
“That is truly so, My servant! But that is not the complete answer! That is why, let Me do something wondrous before your eyes, and you obey Me and have faith!”
After these words Jesus surprisingly reached into His mantle and brought out a wood cup. Then, as He extended it to the dark waters, He scooped up some of them with the cup, filling it. Then He handed it to me, saying:
“Take it and drink from it, My servant!”
“Oh, Jesus! Let it not be…” – I tried saying, but Lord’s insistent eyes were telling me that it must be and that it will be. So I took the cup, brought it to my lips and drank from its contents. At the following moment one terrible taste of salty sea water struck my tongue, and thus by great efforts I swallowed what I had drank, telling the Saviour:
“My Lord! Do not let me drink any more of this dark water! It tastes disgustingly, for it is not sweet, but saline sea water! It is not good for drinking…”
Jesus smiled at my reaction, and then His Voice turned serious, as He was telling me:
“Of course that the water is disgusting! But see that the reason for its loathsomeness is namely its saltiness. In fact – you have just drunk from the spirit of the world. Of that world that lies in the evil one.
And now let My words become deep, just as God’s Mysterious Most Wisdom is deep, and just as the Gold Jar with the Hidden Manna is deep. And you listen to the Voice of the Spirit, in order to answer Me:
If the Salt of your Lord corresponds to His innermost circle, where the place for the sacrificial oxen is, what is the salt of the devil? For, notice that unlike your Lord Who does not mix Water and Salt, the devil has done namely this in his own circles – he has mixed water and salt, in order to have his own sea that is the spirit of the world. What is the salt of the devil, Stefan?”
The question of Jesus was the deepest possible question my Lord had ever asked me. And while I was still listening to Him, the Hidden Manna acted instantly in my heart, and thus I heard the Holy Spirit tell me:
“The Law, servant of the Lord! The answer lies in the Law!”
At the following moment I opened my mouth excitedly, saying to my Lord:
“Jesus! You became a Perfect Sacrifice, in order to answer all the requirements of the Law! The Law required that You are Salt! And namely that is why all Your sacrificial oxen are in the Salt! But if the Law is powerful in the Salt, the devil will oppose it with his own lawlessness. So no answer remains other than this one:
The lawlessness is the salt of the devil!”
The smiling eyes of Jesus showed that He was perfectly satisfied with my answer. Here that His words became very dear, for He started speaking to me again, saying:
“Do you understand now why the Circle of Salt is the most detestable one for My cunning enemy? Do My people realize that only the Salt of God can preserve you and save you from the salt of the devil? This is not the Law, given to Israel for carnal observance and religious decrees, but the Law that is written on the tablet of the heart. That Law for which My Apostle wrote to all of you:
“For the law of the Spirit of life has set you free in Christ Jesus from the law of sin and of death. For what the Law could not do, weak as it was through the flesh, God did: sending His own Son in the likeness of sinful flesh and as an offering for sin, He condemned sin in the flesh, so that the requirement of the Law might be fulfilled in us, who do not walk according to the flesh but according to the Spirit…” (Romans 8:2-4)
So if I warned you that today you are all living in the time of increased lawlessness, how salted must the waters of the devil have become? So if the Fire of God’s Anger falls to dry up the salted waters of the devil what will remain after their drying up?”
“Oh, my Lord! Salt will remain…”
“Not just salt, My servant, but pillars of salt… Did I not tell you all to remember Lot’s wife? How many had the Wisdom of the Spirit to reason and see that if God is punishing the waters of Sodom’s lawlessness and the ones who love Sodom become pillars of salt, then the very salt must certainly be the lawlessness of the devil? But let Me continue with questions, and you answer Me, so that we both may reach to the Secret Zaphenath-paneah.
Why did the devil fall from Heaven? What was the reason for My Father to get angry and take His Fire out of him? What was the reason for the devil to sweep away a third of the heavenly stars with his tail?”
There was no way for me not to answer Jesus, because His question returned me to the first pages of the first of the three books against the merchants in the Temple. Then I spoke to Him excitedly, saying:
“Jesus! The lawlessness of the devil was his trade in Heaven. He traded his anointment as a cherub, and deceived a great number of Heavenly angels to become his tail! For where there is trade, there is a queue! And Father spoke of all this to prophet Ezekiel, who wrote down His words against the fallen one:
“By the abundance of your trade they filled your midst with violence, and you sinned; therefore I have cast you as profane from the mountain of God. And I have destroyed you, O covering cherub, from the midst of the stones of fire…” (Ezekiel 28:16)
At the following moment a frown appeared upon Lord’s Face, and His Voice turned angry. Thus, with flames in His eyes, He asked me:
“Then what water should the churches on earth, which claim to believe in My Name and keep My Covenant, drink? The sweet waters of the Spirit or the salty waters of the spirit of the world? Have not the foolish ones realized that the main reason for the sweetness of the Water is in the Kindness of My Father? And what was the Kindness of My Father? Was not it this – to give you the Holy Spirit, so that you have giving hearts, just as His Heart is giving? Does not Boon mean namely the giving of good things? Then why did sea-water springs gush forth in the churches in order for them to water with it the unconfirmed souls of the infants? Why do their pastors preach the spirit of the world, instead of the Spirit of Father? Why do they call seminars and conferences, just as the spirit of the world does that, but did not wish to elevate God’s flocks to the assembly of the firstborn in Zion and through the Gates of Truth? Why did they let merchants occupy the pulpits and tempt even from the entrance the ones who are taking first steps to God’s Salvation? Do these criminals remember the message of My Apostle James:
“Can a fig tree, my brethren, produce olives, or a vine produce figs? Nor can salt water produce fresh…” (James 3:12)
Do My people understand what blinding wisdom My lips pronounce? If the salty water cannot yield sweet, then can churches that are based on trade step even into the first of the Circles of God’s Holy Presence? Will Father’s sweet Water put up with the salty waters of Satan? Will it mix with them? Will Father make an agreement with the devil so that they are not an obstacle to each other through the presences?
No, My Church!
My Father will not mix any of His Presences with the dark presences of the devil! My Father will do something else instead, for He has already done it a long time ago! Since against the increased wickedness in the contemporary churches on earth He opposed the Salt of His Sacrifice of the last time – of the prophet of Zion who is mightily confirmed and proved in Spirit and Truth!
Yet that is why, My servant, My Father blesses you now to become a guardian of His Holy Secret that is related to the wonderful Joseph. And to the Salt of the Sacrifice, which you have become, He Himself will add the waters of Father’s blessings! That is why watch the sign that I will do before your eyes! For it is time for Zaphenath-paneah to start shining in your fate…”
After these words of His, Jesus stepped before the very Presence. And as He poured out the remaining sea water from the wooden cup, which He had given me to drink, He touched it with His index finger, and thus Fire came out of Christ’s finger and perfectly dried up the cup. Then Jesus shook off the scales of dried salt and bent down to scoop up from the Water of the Spirit. And then as He brought the cup into the very Circle of Salt, He started pouring it into it. Thus He once again scooped up some of the Water, and once again poured it out in the Salt. And in the end He gestured that I should approach Him, telling me with a very dear Voice:
“Stoop down, kneel and watch, servant of the Lord! For now I have done the impossible – I have mixed the Water and the Salt. And as you know and remember that the white pebble is the hardened Salt of the Hidden Manna, bent down and see the sign that happens to the Salt due to the presence of the Water…”
With great reverence and love for my Lord I bent down to take a look. Then I noticed how a tender shroud had appeared upon the very white pebbles from the Circle of Salt and had enveloped them in cocoons. So the salty pebbles did not dissolve in the Water, but brightened up perfectly and shone wonderfully. The enthusiasm had filled out my breath, and thus I could not speak, much as I tried. And Lord urged me on again, saying:
“Extend a hand through the Water, and touch just one of the white salty stones, in order to understand what is its shroud that keeps it in a cocoon…”
With excitement I extended my hand and touched with fingers the shroud of one of the stones. Then lightning passed through the entire extent of my hand, and thus my eyes saw the white garment of Joseph’s spirit, and I could see him in sunny magnificence and great Glory. I let go of the shroud for a moment, and then touched it again, and so the vision repeated again. So, having mustered up my excitement, I hardly succeeded in telling Jesus:
“My Lord! The secret lies in godliness! The white shroud over the white pebble is Joseph’s godliness! It preserved his heart, when Father raised him as Zaphenath-paneah, so that his eyes grow heavy with neither the brilliance of the Glory, nor the power of wealth…”
“Namely the godliness, My servant! For it is the Secret of Zaphenath-paneah! Do My people understand now what “Salvation of the world” means, as this is how the ancient name, given to Joseph, is translated?”
“Oh, Jesus! Through godliness we must save the world from itself! Since “Salvation of the world” means saving the citizens of the Earth from the increased lawlessness, so that men come to love the Spirit of Father more than the spirit of the world!”
“That is namely so, My servant! But think now over these seven ancient years, when the wheat crops were more than wonderful! What water is needed for crops? Sweet or salty?”
“Naturally, that is sweet water, Jesus! The salty water would kill the wheat ears! And in the end it is namely due to the delta of the sweet-watered Nile that the Egyptians yield crops…”
“And what about when the crops are harvested, My servant? What is necessary, in order for these crops to be preserved? The water has already played its part, so think:
How do you preserve a wonderful harvest from the spirit of the world? How will you preserve it from greed? How will you preserve it from envy? How will you preserve it from the wicked ambitions of the very devil and Satan?”
“Oh, my Lord! I would preserve the harvest through Father’s Salt! For where the Salt of Father is, there His innermost Presence is! Thus the devil has no way of getting his hands on the harvest that is kept safe by the Holiness of the Almighty!”
Having heard my last words, Jesus hugged me and pressed me powerfully next to His Heart. Then speaking in the most blessing Voice in which He had ever spoken to me, He said:
“You have brought too much joy to your Master! For now I tell you that all the possible crops of Zion with all the wondrous and saving seeds of God have sprouted and were born in your heart! And the more your wheat increased, the more I was in a hurry to take you into the Circle of Salt, so that you preserve everything that has been given to you. This is the main reason for the overflowing satanic rage against your life.
Satan failed to desecrate your granary of visions and revelations of God, as he had done that with all the other corrupt people who had received from Father’s Right Hand. For, being Salt for the Lord, you remained incorruptible, unshakeable and blessing! And Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit will never forget this!
Now I am telling you, My friend!
I have hungry ones that have not come to know Me, but whom I will feed through your serving!
I have blind ones who are still unseeing, but whom I will enlighten through your gift!
I have lame ones who still have not started walking, but whom I will heal through the Hidden Manna!
As to the rest – whether they are self-proclaimed prophets, preachers, writers or all kinds of scribers – in the Day of Judgement the prices of their books will testify against them, that they were tools of the increased lawlessness, salt from the salt of the devil, water from his waters, bread from his bread, wine from his wine, tar from his tars, that is, oil from his oil!
As to you, I will soon take you to the time of the ancient Joseph, so that you see all the signs that Father’s Secret, Zaphenath-paneah, is powerful to do, and describe them in the second part of this book, in order for them to be a great privilege for God’s Chosen ones! And to all of Mine I will say now:
Gather, people of God, before the Gates of Joseph and Mannasseh! For Salvation is shining out of their pearly pillars, and blessed are all those who I will enlighten in the Spirit of the distinguished one from the antiquity!
I, Lord of Zaphenath-paneah, still talk and do not fall silent!”

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