My dear brother! My faithful friend!
After one long period of speechlessness, in which I had to endure the entire overflowing rage of the devil, who had been crushed by the Truth, I once again faced the white sheet of paper, in order to give you the message that Lord has laid in my heart. I do not know if it will be the last one Jesus is giving to me, or if somewhere ahead in time I will have more revelations from Him. But this does not matter, since I know how mightily and savingly their hearts were enlightened and confirmed in the entire completeness of Lord’s Salvation.
I see the reason for the writing of this book as Lord’s long-expected answer to all of God’s children that want to make sense of their time till the end of the old world by one correct standing and truest spiritual motivation, so that they abide in God’s Will. For the days are going by, the months are flying away, and the years are bringing us closer to the taking of the Church. And in those days, months and years, we must ready ourselves with firm confidence that all follows God’s Foreknowledge and that nothing violates Lord’s plans.
In many of the books, I have written, Jesus not only alluded, but confirmed to God’s household that the Word of God’s Prophetic Spirit is destined to go all over the earth, and that Lord Himself will visit, touch and sift the Christians on the world, so that the approved ones appear and the Chosen ones are raised. The summer of the last year all of us understood about “The generation of Eliakim”, “The Gates of Truth” and “The secrets of the Kingdom”, and if these books are charged with God’s Fate, it will certainly find the hearts by which it will be fulfilled. This comes to encourage us that the change is already knocking at our doors, and that God’s Time will not be late, at all. I am writing about all this with great excitement, since I know from the Spirit that my faithful friends have more than once offered their prayers for the success of ministry “Moriah” and for the elevation of Lord’s servant. But just as it is true that the humbleness comes before the Glory, so it is absolutely certain that nobody can rise to the top, if they have not reached the bottom first. And today I really am at the deepest bottom, due to the excessive weight of the revelations that Jesus gave to my heart.
This leads to some questions, and namely:
What will happen when God’s prophet starts rising from the bottom? What will happen to not just me, but all of God’s sincere children whose faithfulness was the essential reason for ministry “Moriah” to overcome the devilish resistance? Does not Apostle Paul says to us all in his message:
“Therefore, my beloved brethren, be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the Work of the Lord, knowing that your toil is not in vain in the Lord…” (1 Corinthians 15:58)
What does it mean that our toil is not in vain in the Lord? Is not full the opposite of empty? So if we have not remained empty in God’s Deed, but have filled it out with the purpose of all our efforts, will not our fate be a blessing we will not be able to carry and the weight of Glory that is truly becoming to vessels that have been set aside for God’s Holy use?
The truth is that Jesus has subjected us all to His trials, in order to find us approved and tested. For in the fire of His suffering all the human intentions and projects certainly burn away, so that only His Intention remains and so that only His Project is realized. Should I present here the thousands of proofs that have accumulated in the years of Lord’s sifting? Should I remind the reasonable ones that there were times when the big regional cities of Bulgaria had a hundred to three hundred people communicating with us, and thus for the distribution of just one new book ministry “Moriah” used up as postal expenses at least three average salaries? Where did these people disappear then? Where did the great number of followers melt away? Was not what happened in the life of Lord’s servant also a mark in the Life of Jesus? Was not the Saviour followed by crowds of tenths of thousands, when each one in these thousands was seeking their own gain – one to heal their disease, another – to be delivered from their ailment, third – to fill their stomach with bread and fish, fourth – to satisfy the curiosity of their eyes. Yet, a moment came when all scattered away from Jesus, since He showed them the Cross that they would have to carry themselves. A moment came when the earthly bugs were scared, since they were supposed to follow a Heavenly diamond, with Whom there is no profit on earth, since His Light irritates and infuriates the dark prince of the world and the world rulers of darkness. So, in the end, what has happened to “Moriah” to this present time? In cities, in which we had hundreds of friends, only two or three remained that withstood together with God’s servant in all the Circles of God’s Holy Presence. The remaining traitors and retreaters decided in their hearts that they are better off in visible churches with trade and hypocrisy, than in an invisible church of Boon and Light, where each day is a battle with the devil, as well as terrible pain due to the religious-demonic revenges. So whereas most of the Christians visibly changed their attitude to God’s prophet, has the Lord, Who was using him, changed?
Did Jesus decide to hate His servant, just as the shepherds on a pay-roll and labour agreement came to hate me?
Did the Saviour intend to abuse my sacrifice, just as it was abused by men who drunk Water and Wine and ate Bread, Oil and Salt for free?
I know that for them the deed of Stefan Glavchev has melted away like the snows of yester year and has faded away like a vain picture that does not deserve its place in the memories of the brain. Since how many other deeds and pictures have filled them out with joy and enthusiasm?
How many conferences and revivals have the ones who betrayed and hated me experienced?
How many American clowns have raised their self-confidence in the well-played circuses of the great prostitute?
How explicitly have the spirits of delusion whispered to them that this Stefan Glavchev is a false prophet and a turbid spring, since had he been real, he would have been raised and established by God all over the world?
None of the deceived ones considered that in a world, which lies in the wicked one, the devil instantly raises and enriches only the false ones, in order to deceive mankind through them. Nobody took into account the truthful and just words of Jesus that the trees are known not by their crowns, but by their fruit. And as they started gathering “grapes from thorn bushes” and “figs from thistles” the crowds clearly showed what god they want to worship, and what messengers they want to give their admiration to. In fact – the crowds chose the wide gate of the least spiritual resistance, and the wide road that leads to destruction, so I am really free of their blood and unbound from their wicked deeds.
Though the moment of the Taking may happen tomorrow, I know that I will appear before my Creator with a pure conscience – for I have hidden His words neither from the evil, nor from the good. And He will not raise a hand of reproach against me or pronounce with His lips a sentence against His servant, because I have failed to turn the generation of the wicked ones, or bring to repentance the stiff-necked ones. How could I have possibly done that, when the blind and profligate crowds trust in their blind leaders? How could they possibly believe that they are blind, when gathering after gathering and conference after conference they loudly declare that they are seeing? What is it that you see, blind sheep? And how far can you see, blind leaders? Is that from the Alpha to the Omega? Or is it from the Beginning to the End? From Genesis to Revelation or from the original sin to the Day of Judgement? Is not all you see from the diplomas to your bank accounts, and from your luxurious apartments to your expensive transoceanic excursions? Does not the seeing of your sheep extend only to the visitation of just another packed-with-dollars showman, who with a bottle of “Coca Cola” greases his voice for one loud and throaty “Jeeesuuus!”? Does not your seeing extend only as far as a new and shiny building that will fully prove you to the world as leaders of prosperity?
My brother, I once again tell you that I am unbound from the wicked deeds of the churches that have retreated from the Covenant and I am free of their blood. For if a church sees anointed men of God in the showman and the merchant, but bespatters Christ’s sacrificial ox with the entire malice of its own lack of repentance, such a religious woman has died while still living, and has long been chosen for the abomination of her desolation. And my Lord has not placed this huge burden over the shoulders of His prophet for these ungrateful and lecherous communities, but for the others who in Spirit and Truth have revealed themselves as Called, Chosen and Faithful. The pages of this prophetic book will be namely for them, since Lord Himself will call them the generation “Zaphenath-Paneah” that will work for the last Holy Salvation of the world before the moment of the Taking and the Day of Lord’s Coming. The people who will pass through the Gates of Joseph and Manasseh, in order to be truthfully confirmed by Lord’s Spirit as children that are distinguished among their brothers.
I give the entire Glory for this book:
To Lord, Who is powerful to defend!
To Lord, Who is powerful to add!
To Lord, Who is powerful to raise!
Amen and Amen!

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