My dear brother! My faithful friend!
If a community gathers together the efforts of faithful hearts and the unanimity of men that are devoted to one project, it could have a significant success. For there is no force more constructive than that of people that agree in one cause and uphold one intention.
Throughout all the years of my serving for Jesus, I believed and prayed to God that the community on Lord’s Mount is confirmed. I used up my whole spirit and very often worked over my strength, in order for God’s Deed to be confirmed and there to be mightier and mightier enlightenment and liberation. The way that I have walked was targeted by the entire possibly demonic resistance, since for each step I had to pay with personal suffering that also left a seal over my books. I do not know if men have realized in fullness what it means for a servant of the Lord to uphold the Godliness with which Jesus has granted them. But it has become certain that the community of the ones enlightened by God’s Prophetic Spirit will never become numerous, simply because of the simple truth that not all go through Lord’s sifting. And unlike all the other communities that can find a way or a possibility to get together in one place, the ones enlightened by ministry “Moriah” were going to be together only in the Holy Spirit of the visions, revelations and messages that are given to God’s prophet. All this involved trials that were not up to everyone, but were a high standard that could be met only by the select and Chosen ones.
Scattered here and there, two or three in the small villages and up to ten in the larger ones, my friends were going to endure the strikes and the misfortunes of one religious intolerance that abuses and disgraces them as “unreliable and fallen away”.
Why “unreliable and fallen away”? Well namely because they were no longer going to take part in the mass religious bacchanalia between men and demons. The church merchant was already losing these souls as potential customers before his shop. The church theologian was losing these souls as potential cadres for a biblical academy. The church leader was losing these souls as sheep whose wool they would no longer be able to shear and whose milk they would no longer be able to steal. Refusing to admit the mediation of the entire possible church hierarchy, in order to find the personal guidance of Jesus, my faithful friends were going to drink the bitter cup of constant religious revenges, in order to uphold the Godliness to which they were called.
My brother, you understand yourself that man needs to be clear about the consequences from the choice they are making. For this choice is a fateful decision that puts to trial the conviction, the confidence and the steadfastness of the heart. There is something too pitiful and false in the ones who are shoved and carried about by all kinds of winds, and so are never capable in keeping the confirmation in a single “yes” or the denial in a single “no”. A significant per cent of the believers wants to have two peace treaties in their pockets. One peace treaty with God, for they have believed in Jesus, and one peace treaty with the devil, so that he does not persecute them and oppress them due to their faith in Jesus. And since it is not possible for these two treaties to be together in one place in the heart, for they are at spiritual enmity, Satan quickly finds a substitute to one of the treaties and brings into the churches the influence of “another spirit, another Jesus and different gospel”. (See “2 Corinthians 11:4”) This “other Jesus” has nothing against the Christians’ peace treaty with the devil. And that is not just a peace treaty, but deep cordial consent with all the deceptions and vile things in the world.
Should I tell you then what is the price of having two peace treaties in your heart?
Here, see it: The devil offers you his peace, but in exchange wants to corrupt your godliness! And so that you do not have heart scruples due to the corrupted godliness, he offers you to stake on faith in one false Jesus, who is the deceitful image of the beast!
After one pays this price (let it not be!) the persecution by Satan ceases by itself, as if by a magic wand. And the persecution is substituted by one fictitious triumph, in which all praise the wonderful “Lord” for giving them the entire victory over the devil at the Cross. Then what is happening with the New Testament and the messages of Christ’s Apostles, who spared us their sorrows and sufferings nowhere, but instead promised that each godly man will be persecuted? What happens to the admonition of the first messengers of God that we will enter God’s Kingdom through many tribulations?
And, in the end, what is the Cross of Golgotha becoming?
The truth is that once you have signed a peace treaty with the devil, all the signs of war will disappear from your life. “The first Christians were persecuted, ha, ha, ha! Well such was the time! There was no democracy then the way there is today! Today you are free to believe what you want! There is no such thing as tribulations for God’s Kingdom! Those were once, when the foundation was placed! Today the Cross is not suffering, but victory, victory, victory!”
Are you preaching victory, hypocrites?
Are you appearing as victors by faith, mad men?
Well if the Cross is Victory – be victorious against the merchants in the Temple and enthrone God’s Boon! For the merchants serve their father, the devil, who is the first merchant, who was cast from Heaven!
If the Cross is Victory – be victorious against the religious hypocrisy and enthrone the hypocrisy-free brotherly love! For the hypocrisy is the yeast of the Pharisees and the Sadducees that is capable of working through the whole batch of dough!
If the Cross is Victory – be victorious against the pride, the greed, the envy, the malice, the desire for superiority, and instead enthrone the humbleness, the generosity, the inoffensiveness and the serving, for these were the Example of God’s Son Jesus!
If the Cross is Victory – remove the human titles and religious hierarchy, in order to stake on the clearly-outlined Christ on the Cross, Who took the Image of a servant and was humbled to His Own painful death!
If the Cross is Victory – reject and stigmatize the gold cup of the prostitute that is intoxicating the earth kings with the wine of its constant lechery, and give an example to the believers to drink Lord’s Cup, in order to be confirmed in Lord’s Image! For if you do not preach namely the Victory at the Cross, any other victory will be a Pyrrhic victory!
My brother! My faithful friend!
If you decide to preach these last five messages of Victory to people with two peace treaties in their hearts, you will clearly sense that a high and terrible wall separates you and them, or rather – that a deep and black abyss has been dug between you and them. For they were deceived to take the Victory for granted, and for that reason are unwilling to crucify anything of their own, anything personal and anything carnal. They were misled into believing that the Holy God is completely unconditional, for He places no conditions for participation in the Wedding of His Lamb. They were darkened to believe that there are no sins that God cannot forgive and no wicked deeds of which He cannot cleanse them, but have forgotten the serious warning of Jesus that each sin and insult will be forgiven, but the insult against the Holy Spirit will be forgiven neither in this world, nor in the future one. They did not even sense their fall into the pit as they signed the peace treaty with the devil. For the devil grants his worshipper peace, only if the latter takes part in his personal sin and rebellion against Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.
So what comes out in the end? Should you believe that two peace treaties suit you well, when the very thought about this is complete derangement by the spirit of the false prophet? Should you sit comfortably on your chair in the assembly of the trading church, only because some paid hireling on the pulpit is bringing you to a pleasant vainglorious tickle? Should you exchange the white garment of Godliness for a filthy garment that is eaten up by moths and worms or should you instead be quick to obey the Holy verses at the end of the Revelation by which Lord appeals:
“I am the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end. Blessed are those who wash their robes, so that they may have the right to the tree of life, and may enter by the gates into the city…” (Revelation 22:13-14)
Some blind men still do not know what the Tree of Life is, to think that they will enter by the Gates of the City. Others who are spectators, stare through the pink fog of the devilish lenses on their eyes and see in these Gates wide and spacious triumphal arcs, without even considering the fact that the four winds of Satan will not admit a single person to the Gates of the Heavenly Jerusalem, if they have not passed through Lord’s Cross. But I thank my Lord and God for setting up His fates in such a way that not a single wicked or righteous man will be able to escape the fate that awaits them beyond. For in this world it is easy to take a lie for Truth, and even to dedicate your life to it. But at the moment of death, when the soul leaves the body, it goes to a dimension where the Truth is always Truth and the lie is always a lie. There you have neither the chance, nor the possibility to change your personal eternity. The chance and the possibility are now and today. And woe to those who embrace the easy chances and are impressed by the cloudless opportunities. Such ones are always carnal and soulful fish that swim in the sea of the world and very easily bite devilish bait. Bait that promises them everything and requires nothing. Bait that promises prosperity without a jail, crowns without thorns, finding without losing, profit without loss, resurrection without crucifixion, and life without death. So if you would pass by in disgust an old lady that sells lottery tickets, or the district’s totalizer station, since you know that the tote and the lottery indulge the avarice and greed of men, will you make one more step in keeping the Godliness? Will you pass by in disgust the churches that have retreated from Lord’s Covenant, but lure the human souls by offering them a peace treaty with the devil and faith in one false saviour? If the avaricious heathen goes through disappointment as the tote numbers are drawn on TV, or as the lottery’s numbers come out, but they still take out their small coins to continue worshipping Mammon’s sacrificial altar, what will happen to the ungodly one who refuses to lift their cross and deny themselves in order to follow Jesus with undivided heart?
“Another draw – another chance!” – the heathen will say to himself and will write the numbers of the tote again or will buy a ticket from the state lottery. But what tote and what lottery are we talking about at the Moment of the Taking? Will Lord come for His Church a thousand times or will He come just once? Should the Christian trust in chance or in Lord’s Holy promise that demands before God’s Altar their entire faith and love for God? So if someone justifies themselves that they have remained without Reason and Wisdom from on high, will they not condemn themselves by the words of their mouth? Has not Lord’s prophet stood ten years in the breach for their soul too? Has not the servant of Jesus become a sacrificial ox, in order to give them Light in the darkness, and in order for their eyes to be enlightened, so that they may see where they step and learn to test the spirits?
What more can I say, or what other words should I write, in order for men to understand that there is a Spirit Who talks to me and a Master Who is using me? When they failed to sense This Blessing Spirit in my free giving away, how did they try to recognize Him with great satisfaction in the books of those vainglorious majesties who gilded themselves by their trade? When they failed to recognize my Master, Who opened the doors of His treasury in Zion to enrich us with Wisdom and Hidden Manna, why did they spontaneously seek His Presence in the conferences of venal and hypocritical showmen like sheep to the slaughter? When they did not cry with the tears of the White Dove and did not look for Salvation in Its Wings, how could I possibly recognize them as a generation of Jacob and Joseph? How could I rejoice that they desire the white garment of Zaphenath-paneah more than their own life? How could I be happy that the Faithful ones overcome the devil by the Blood of the Lamb and by the Word of their own testimony, since they did not love their life so much as to shrink from death? The truth is that Jesus has sent me to no other than the ones who were hewn off the Rock and who will return with Him into the hewn grave upon the rock. I am neither sorry, nor sigh that God’s prophet was not followed by trains of people or crowds of curious onlookers. And now the book will certainly go on with a vision for these Chosen ones – the Godly ones to whom Lord Himself will command to preserve His Body till the Moment of the Taking.
Here are the words that Lord spoke to my heart a moment before He showed me the too Holy vision that was related to the last Joseph period of the Church:
“My servant! Do not let your heart suffer because the community of God’s Prophetic Spirit is sparse and because the Faithful ones are going through great persecution for the books I have given to you. But instead bind yourself with the rope of the forthcoming joy, for you are a servant that has completed his path. Now follow Me! For I will once again lead you into the main Sphere of God where I want to show you the entire period of Joseph…”
After His last words Lord took my hand and led me from the house of Joseph to God’s Sanctuary. Thus we passed through the Sanctuary and I once again saw the door to God’s main Sphere which was incrusted with sapphires and diamonds. And when we entered my eyes were amazed since I was observing a view that Jesus had never shown to me before. I saw the Baby Immanuel that was wrapped in a white diaper, and over the very diaper the Waters of the Holy Spirit in the first Circle of God’s Presence agitated. But, apart from the Baby, my eyes also saw Christ’s Body that was taken down from the Cross and dressed in a white linen cloth. Under the very Body there was a huge pile of Salt that fully displayed the last fifth Circle of God’s Presence. And while I was still watching bewildered, Lord spoke to me, saying:
“Here, My servant! Now you see the Body of your Lord through Father’s very Pupils. As you can see by yourself – this is once the Body of the Baby Immanuel that is wrapped in a white diaper in the Circle of Water, and a second time – the Body of the Crucified and Murdered One, wrapped in a white linen cloth in the Circle of Salt.
Both in the Water and in the Salt, it is Me! But not with My Personal resurrected Body of Lord in which My Spirit lives, but My spiritual Body on earth that is My Church!
And as you see these two Circles, tell Me:
What is My Father’s Will about these two Bodies in the two Circles? Does Father want the Body of His Son to be divided – once small and in the Image of a Baby, and a second time – mature and in the Image of a Crucified and Murdered One?”
“Oh, Jesus! Father does not want Your spiritual Body divided! He wants us all to attain to a mature man, to the measure of the stature which belongs to the Your fullness, just as Your Apostle Paul testifies this to us. And You gave us the too great revelations about the generation of Eliakim namely so that we rise and mature in all ways in You…”
“It is so! But the sight in God’s Sphere stands and is too truthful not to be true! Now notice that both the Baby and the Crucified One have a white garment. With the Baby these are the diapers, and with the Crucified one – the linen cloth! What are these white clothes, My servant?”
“Oh, my precious Lord! These white clothes correspond to Godliness! For You are godly both in the Infant and in the Crucified One!”
Jesus smiled mysteriously at my words. Then, pointing at the vision in the Sphere, He asked me again:
“Will you devote yourself to your Lord? Will you lay down your life for Me, so that the Baby rises with Its diapers and Its Waters and spiritually unites the Crucified One and His linen cloth? For the Joseph period for My Church will commence namely then!”
The words of the Lord made me fall in His feet and embrace them, saying:
“My life is yours, Lord! Give me Strength to devote myself to Joseph’s period!”
At the following moment Lord raised me with his hands and spoke to me in a dear Voice, saying:
“Of course, you will devote yourself, My servant! For you have been chosen and selected by Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit as the guardian of the Secret Zaphenath-paneah. But see now how the period of Joseph will commence for the Baby Immanuel. And as you extend your hand – touch His diapers…”
With excitement I bent over God’s Sphere to touch the diapers of Immanuel that shone through the Water of the Spirit. And as I touched them Joseph the carpenter, who was sleeping on his litter, appeared before my eyes. An angel of the Lord was standing before the godly one, telling him:
“Get up! Take the Child and His mother and flee to Egypt, and remain there until I tell you; for Herod is going to search for the Child to destroy Him…” (Matthew 2:13)
My excitement was too great for me to understand just how Holy and wondrous the sacrament in which Jesus was initiating me was. So, having mustered up breath in my mouth, I hardly managed to tell Him:
“Ah, my Lord! Here that Joseph the carpenter will save Immanuel from Herod’s fury. For he will listen to Lord’s angel and will flee to Egypt with the Child. And he will be led namely by the Spirit of Zaphenath-paneah…”
“Of course, he will be led, My servant! For the Word of My Father is inviolable! And the following word written about the Baby will certainly come true:
“Out of Egypt I called My Son…” (Matthew 2:15)
But how are My people to understand that the godly Joseph must flee to Egypt with Immanuel? How are My Faithful ones to understand that the only Salvation for Immanuel from the rage of Herod is the escape in Egypt?”
“Oh, Jesus! Herod represents the ferocious religious spirit of the devil! Today the spirit of Herod has overtaken all the churches that have retreated from Your Covenant! And the very Herod is the spirit of the false prophet that is powerful to pierce the divine conception of the Holy Spirit! But I know that you will preserve Immanuel namely through the godly Joseph! For today Egypt corresponds to the world, and for Immanuel it is much safer to grow in the world, than in the churches of the religious delusion! Since the people in the world are not with burnt consciences like the ones who pierced You more than once!”
“Remember your words, for they are the fruit of the Hidden Manna in your heart! And let all of Mine know that Father will call His Son namely out of Egypt! And the very call of Father corresponds to the Moment of the Taking, when Herod’s death will have taken place completely among the entire Christian religion! But not the death as the physical end of flesh, but the death as the deception of the false prophet that spiritually deadens the ones who do not love the Truth, but the lie! That is why I will strictly command all who know My Voice:
Do not leave Immanuel under the power of the loathsome Herod, but flee to Egypt in order to preserve My Godliness! For namely this is obeying Father’s call:
“Come out of her, My people!” (Revelation 18:4)
Do not let the false teachings of the false prophet strike your hearts, for if someone’s Child is pierced, then they have no way of getting to the mature Christ! The Child must grow in Egypt until Herod’s death, in order to be protected by all the sharp blades of the accursed church Babylon! For when you find yourself in Egypt – there Father will certainly grant you with Zaphenath-paneah! And, as brothers of Joseph, you will have for comfort the land of Goshen where you will bring up the Child and will feed Him with the precious Word of Zion! Brothers of Joseph who will certainly pass through the Gates of Truth, so that the years of Zion’s race are completed!
Blessed are the reasonable and enlightened ones who understand what their Lord is telling them through His prophet and remember the prophetic visions to which I return them!
Woe to the people who find Egypt more fearful than Babylon! For such ones have already been pierced by the blades of Herod and will not find the Godliness of Joseph, but the ferocity of Benjamin! So Rachel will truly bemoan her children, for she has lost them! But Mary will preserve her Baby to the end, because she was led out by the Godly one! For though the world may seem fearful, Father will still act over the Chosen ones by the Prayer of His Son, Who has told Him:
“I do not ask You to take them out of the world, but to keep them from the evil one…” (John 17:15)
And now, My servant, extend Your right hand to the Circle of Salt, where the Body of the Crucified One is wrapped in white linen cloth. Touch this linen cloth and see the second sign of the Joseph period…”
With reverence that I cannot describe or find words for, I extended my hand to the Circle of Salt and was already touching the linen cloth of my Lord. Then the godly Joseph of Arimathea appeared before my eyes, pouring oil over the bloodied Body of Jesus and anointing Him with spices. And as he wrapped Him up in the white linen cloth, he laid Him down in a Grave that was cut out from the rock. Tears welled up from my eyes and blurred my vision, and the view seemed to grip my throat. As I watched, I hardly managed to tell Jesus through my weeping:
“Ah, my precious Saviour! I once again see the Spirit of Zaphenath-paneah at Your Body! Since the godly Joseph of Arimathea has made sure that You are not violated in Your own Death. And as he anointed Your Body with spices and fragrances, he wrapped it up in a white linen cloth, in order to preserve Your Godliness! And then he laid You in the Grave on the rock!”
“Joseph did something more! Something that My last godly ones will do for Christ’s Body, for they will have the power of Zaphenath-paneah. For see how the evangelical story tells you:
“Joseph of Arimathea came, a prominent member of the Council, who himself was waiting for the kingdom of God; and he gathered up courage and went in before Pilate, and asked for the body of Jesus…” (Mark 15:43)
What does it mean to gather up the courage today to face the last Pilate and demand Christ’s Body? Have you come to that Holiness of the Godliness, in order to carry out what Joseph did? Who is the last Pilate of the Church, of whom I spoke to you through My servant? Is not that the Christian religion that has become a prostitute due to Pilate’s inscription and has come to hate the clearly outlined Christ? So what is gathering up the courage and exacting My Body from Pilate? Here, My lips pronounce blinding wisdom, and may the godly ones remember it well:
The people who will take part in the last Joseph period of the Church will certainly be Zaphenath-paneah, and with Power, Strength and Authority from God and Father will exact Christ’s Body from the Christian religion, in order to anoint it with Holy Oil and spices, and lay it down in the Grave on the rock, where It needs to wait for its Resurrection, which is, the Moment of the Taking! For so the written word that the ones hewn off the Rock will return to It is fulfilled!
If you are with the Godliness of Joseph and have been chosen for Zaphenath-paneah by My Father and God you will certainly exact My Body, and Pilate will not contradict you at all! And when My entire body is gathered in the Grave on the Rock, then the Moment for the Wedding Supper of the Lamb has certainly come!”
After His last words Jesus took my shoulders with hands, saying:
“Just as I have told you in one of the visions about the generation of Eliakim, so I will now confirm to My Church that you have been crucified together with your Lord on His Cross, and thus as a Holy nail will certainly endure the weight of the period of Joseph! The weight of the Child That must survive in Egypt, and the weight of the Crucified One Whose Body must be exacted from Pilate! And to all of Mine I will say the words, by which I finish:
My Father, the Holy and Most Wise One, covered the Beginning and the End of My earthly Life with the Godliness of Joseph!
At the Beginning I was preserved by one godly carpenter, who came into the Circle of Water like a tree firmly planted by streams of water, so that I may mature in Egypt!
In the End I was preserved by a godly counsellor who had come into the Circle of Salt in order to anoint Lord’s Sacrifice with fragrant Oil, wrap It up in white line cloth, and place It in the Grave on the rock!
The entire period of Joseph is your maturing and gaining of manhood from Joseph the carpenter to Joseph of Arimathea with the white Garment of Godliness! So that you are the last Zaphenath-paneah till the Moment of the Taking!
I, the Lord of Godliness, still talk and do not fall silent!”

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