My dear brother! My faithful friend!
I pray that my Lord embraces you in His Holy Spirit and lets you experience the visions in this book as a salve by which God is powerful to heal your heart from all the damage and evils you have endured for His Faith, His Word and His Example.
For a world in which the increased wickedness reigns the Godliness has become an unacceptable option. For churches in which the retreat has become the model of spreading the gospel the Godliness is worthy of anathema and all kinds of religious scorn. So if someone wants to be inspired by the life of Joseph and find the rays of God’s Great Wisdom that relate the ancient chosen one of Father with Lord Jesus Christ, let such one certainly be ready for the furious opposition of the wicked ones and for all kinds of revenges by the devil.
I will once again ask you to imagine that Egyptian jail, in which Joseph was closed. The biblical chronology shows us that when God’s chosen one was seventeen years old, his brothers sold him as a slave to the Ishmaelites, who in turn sold him to Potiphar. And in the house of Potiphar Joseph remained nine years before he was falsely accused of violating the wife of his master. So from his twenty-sixth year to his thirtieth year the innocent one was behind bars. This was not just a day or two, a week or two, a month or two, but four years in a jail. What accumulated in the heart of the unjustly accused and condemned youth throughout these years? Did he not wonder where God is not to see the great malice that one Egyptian lewd woman did to him? Did he not sigh in the small hours of the night on the wooden plank-bed, as he recalled again and again the wondrous dreams that the Almighty gave to him? How could he relate these dreams to the iron bars of his cell or to the rats that were squeaking in the dark? Or how could he forget that he was visited by a Mighty and Holy God Who cannot lie? If he is Mighty – why is He not freeing him for so many years already? If He is Holy – why are His dreams not coming true?
I must tell you, my brother, that only in a trial that is similar to that of Joseph can you understand what you are made of. If you are a clay brick – you will certainly be cracked and destroyed to the state of dust. If you are full of hesitation and doubts, even a single week in jail will suffice to bring you down spiritually. If you replace the long patience with despair, then you have not only opened a door, but a triumphal arc for the suggestions of the wicked one. But if deep in your heart you remember that God is not a man to lie, then even in jail your peace with Him will be like a river. For true and veracious is the statement that the great destiny is forged by great trials. And the greater God’s vision in your life, the greater the trial that is related to its accomplishment.
I am no longer surprised that I live in a time when men have given up on the supernatural, since they like the natural more. In the natural there are crowds of ordinary men that live their ordinary lives, given over to their ordinary desires and intentions. The sad is that this natural from the life of the heathen was also transferred into the life of the Christians. It became such a curtain of little faith before their heart that if Lord would desire to raise somewhere a generation of Joseph, all those who dare believe will certainly be covered by the entire possible human mistrust and ridicules.
When sixteen years ago I wrote my first book for God, I did not know how deep and blessed my source will turn out to be. I certainly did not put much faith in the promise of Jesus that my reward is exceptionally great and that “Moriah” will be Lord’s Mount for the survivors of Babylon’s oppression. Then I knew for sure that my first steps to the Mount will certainly meet the opposition of the normal Christianity. “Stop yourself! Who do you think you are? Who told you that you can achieve more than this or that one who are the lights for the way before the Church?” I heard such opinions that were fully displays of doubt, yet they did not shake my heart. As to “that one” or “this one” who were “lights” before the Church, I was going to understand very soon that they are no lights at all, but instead are most ordinary merchants that are sufficiently made-up and hypocritical not to be recognized as instruments of the devilish temptation. And when Lord’s scourge was finally unloaded against the merchants in the Temple, all my human faith that I will find my place and vocation in some church instantly vanished, and thus I jealously looked for Christ’s Faith. It was the only one that could preserve my heart and give me the needed daring and firmness in the rightness of my deed. It was the only one that could fill me out with the Holy Spirit, so that I uphold God’s Godliness, regardless of the cost. And this cost me a long jail, furious religious hysteria and one constant demonic waterfall of abuses, lies, disgrace and complete isolation. Without knowing that Father had decided to grant me His granary namely in the jail, I had to turn each of my days into a fight for withstanding. My name had already become a synonym of false prophet and crook, and my deed – the howl of a wolf. My books were torn and burnt. My visions were despised and denied. My messages were blackened by the threats of pastors who said that the one who reads me rebels against God. And all this – simply because I had the Godliness by which I resisted the church merchants and pronounced the Truth that they are the devilish undermining of the Foundation Christ and its exchange with the image of the beast and the deceptions of the false prophet.
But twelve years after the appearance of “Chase the merchants away from the Temple” have the merchants left?
Not even close! They stand before their shops and still push the buttons of their calculators!
Have the preachers of financial prosperity, who turned Christ’s Gospel into a lottery that was won only by worshippers with broken backbones and burnt consciences, left?
Not even close! They still broadcast their base shows on their private televisions, and show off before the world their shiny halls, in which you will not find a single worshipper with a suit and shoes that cost less than a thousand dollars!
Have the theologians, by whose world doctrines the churches were likened to cheap prostitutes that are ready to lie down with each spirit of lewdness, left?
Not even close! Their academies and institutes teem with candidates for cheap religious glory and irrevocable brainwashing!
Have the hirelings who were taught by their masters to violate over their sheep and exalt themselves proudly above them, as if they are going to rule eternally, left?
Not even close! As long as there are unconfirmed ones in Christ’s Faith who are impressed by Pilate’s inscription, but hate the clearly outlined Christ, they will remain shiny hits of the human approval!
Then what is God’s servant to do in his jail?
Is he to abort his visions, in order to deny the Blessing One Who filled and overfilled His granary in his heart? Or is he to ask the wicked ones forgiveness for being a painful thorn for their consciences and a constant threat for their dominions? Am I to feel sorry that the great Babylon is so vast and great, while the ones Faithful to the Prophetic Spirit number just a few dozen? Am I to shed bitter tears that I live in a rented lodging and that the generosity of my friends just about covers my needs, while the preacher Benny Hinn is a multi-millionaire and the fee for inviting him to an evangelical show-party is at least fifty thousand dollars? Should my souls be tortured that in a stony, waterless and desert land it is hard to find soils for God’s Holy visions and revelation, so that I may harvest abundant fruits? Should I suffer from the additional sadness in my chains that many read my books secretly and ascribe to themselves revelations, in which they were not exposed, in order to later “shine” before their astounded listeners by their “direct communication” that they seem to have with the Throne of Boon? Does not God know and does not the Council of the Saints see which servant of God was honoured with the privilege to rise to God’s Throne and give Father’s Light to the world? Does not Lord Jesus remember who He has made a guardian too well to be impressed by the fact that somewhere lawless hands steal from the freely given Water, Bread, Wine, Oil and Salt, without even mentioning to the believers that the revelations and the secrets that are being preached to them were mercifully given to God’s prophet, from whom they actually learnt them.
But how could they possibly do that when this accursed name “Stefan Glavchev” is a taboo in the churches? How are they to spoil their religious easy life and self-confidence, when just quoting the title of a prophetic book from Mount Moriah would instantly make them a target of someone higher in the religious hierarchy?
You see, my brother, I am writing all these things, because they concern the trial before the godly ones. Since when once Paul warned Timothy that all who desire to live godly will be persecuted, he knew what he was writing. He not only knew, but saw in his co-worker Timothy one young Joseph that will certainly endure the violent contradiction of being condemned without guilt and being hated for no reason. And when the moment of the raising by God and Father comes, then the true trial of Godliness appears. For the Godliness is not only suffering for God. It is also a supremacy that must shine in an amazing and wonderful way. I believe that you understand what I am talking about. But if you do not – I will return again to Joseph, who had already come out of the jail and Pharaoh was already raising him before the entire Egypt.
Seeing how the Egyptians kneel and bow before him, could the godly man on the Pharaoh’s chariot have signalled to Pharaoh and said to him:
“Oh, Egyptian master! Stop the horses for a moment! For I see among the bowing people two wicked ones that I certainly want to hang!”
And then – having jumped from the stopped chariot to approach Potiphar and his wife, and to say between his teeth:
“Have you not stolen four years of my life? Are you not, oh, profligate woman, that heated with lust Egyptian woman that begged me to have intercourse with her? Was not that why you pulled my garment and deceived your man Potiphar that I had actually abused you? And you, Potiphar? Do you really think that you will remain unpunished and that the providence will let you live? Why did you not doubt your life, when you knew her passions better than me? Why did you doubt a noble servant who was like a decoration of your house and a blessing of God for your estates? Did you not throw me in jail only and only to defend the impure conscience of your wife, who would otherwise have stained your name before the Egyptians? Now I will hang you both as an instruction for the entire Egypt, since you are guilty of sin against Zaphenath-paneah!”
Could Joseph have spoken these words (I mean in a human way)? Would Pharaoh have denied the retribution due to his just anger? Of course, not! Joseph had the full right to require retribution for his blackened youth. But if he had lived in the jail with the thought of retribution, would he have had the fate of Zaphenath-paneah? This here is the more important question! Since in the Egyptian jail it was the Word of the Lord that was testing God’s chosen one. And when Father Himself pointed at him and found him fully approved, He raised him.
Should I then relate these matters to my own jail? Should I live with each beat of my heart for that moment when I will get to punish all who hated me and increased my suffering? No, my brother! I live in my jail to serve Jesus and God’s household! For each additional thing that comes into my fate, I will give the Glory to God and Father. Since only God is the Judge, while now and today I remain just a useless servant. And do not let these words of mine seem harsh, since they are the sincerity of my heart. For – though I was hated and despised – they did that to the One Who sent me. Though they ruined my dignity and could not tolerate my anointment for envy – they did that to the Dignified and Anointed One of Father. Though they tore my books apart and incited the human hearts against my name and my deed – they did that against the Name, the Word and the Deed of Lord Jesus Christ. This is the reason why to this very day I have not lost Lord’s Peace, though my suffering increased many times in the last years. And that the Godliness yields Perfect Fruits is something that my Lord will convince you. Since with my spirit I was still with Him and before God’s Sanctuary. Here are the words that Jesus spoke to my heart:
“My servant! You have brought joy to the Heart of your Lord, for in your words I read and see the Spirit of Joseph. And it could not have been otherwise, since you are mightily enlightened and touched by the Cloud of My Father! Now what else am I to do, but take you into the Heavenly home of Joseph, in order to show you the Garment of Zaphenath-paneah that all of you must put on? Rise, Stefan! Let us go the house of the Godly one!”
With excitement I followed my Lord, Who hugged me with His right hand, and thus my spirit grew faint with joy. Thus we walked for a while, when my eyes saw a wonderful marble house, upon which outer walls wheat ears were chiselled out. The windows of this house shone festively and it attracted in a blessing way everyone that might look at it. So Jesus entered through the gate of this house and ascended its stairs, standing before the first of the rooms. And as He opened its door, Lord gestured that I go in with Him…
My brother! My faithful friend!
This truly was the house of Zaphenath-paneah, for on one of the walls I saw hanging the gold necklace of Pharaoh, and next to it – the ring and the gold cup of God’s chosen one. In my heart, I knew that these objects were not material, but spiritual and did not try to comprehend them at all. And while I was still examining everything with admiration, Lord raised His hand and gave me a sign to pay attention to His words, as He was saying:
“Everything in the house of Joseph is desirable, My servant! But most desirable remain the varicoloured tunic of Joseph that Jacob made and the white mantle of Godliness that Father gave to the spirit of Joseph. That is why watch what I will do now. For first I will show your heart the varicoloured tunic, without which the white mantle would not have been possible…”
Lord was talking too wondrously and captivatingly for me to be able to understand His deep words at first. Yet, here that He extended His hands to a beautiful hanger in the room and took the varicoloured tunic of Joseph from there. And then, as He extended it to my eyes, He asked me:
“What do you think? Why did Jacob make a varicoloured tunic for his son? What is the power of this tunic?”
“Oh, Jesus! I remember the visions from the first book about Joseph that You gave to my heart. There I realized that by this varicoloured tunic Jacob puts his trust in God, that He may be the only Shepherd of his son Joseph. And it was varicoloured in order to remind of the miracle when the flocks of Jacob increased, and the flocks of Laban decreased…”
“You have remembered the vision well!” – Jesus smiled and continued:
“But now the Hidden Manna will give you one deeper spiritual regard than the first one. For see and understand that whereas the varicoloured tunic is sewn by black and white strips, the mantle of Godliness is completely white. And whereas the varicoloured tunic helped Joseph in the dungeon, his mantle was the one that helped him with Zaphenath-paneah. Do you remember how in the dungeon Joseph won the favour of the jailer, since Lord was always with him? What are the people that get in jail, My servant? Are these just good men like Joseph, or also evil ones?”
“Oh, Jesus! All kinds of people get in jail – both evil and good!”
“And does not My Father love both the evil and the good? Does He not pour out rain for both the righteous and the unrighteous? So if in Father’s Spirit the evil are black, and the white good, what is the varicoloured tunic of Joseph?”
The Hidden Manna from the words of Jesus had already subdued my heart, and so I replied excitedly, saying:
“Oh, Jesus! This garment is our desire to be perfect, just as our Father in heavens is perfect! This garment is the Spirit of Your words which You once declared in the sermon on the mountain:
“You have heard that it was said, ‘You shall love your neighbour and hate your enemy.’ But I say to you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, so that you may be sons of your Father Who is in heaven; for He causes His sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous. For if you love those who love you, what reward do you have? Do not even the tax collectors do the same? If you greet only your brothers, what more are you doing than others? Do not even the Gentiles do the same? Therefore you are to be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect…” (Matthew 5:43-48)
When we love the people by this varicoloured tunic, then in our spirit there is love both for the evil and the good.
With the black stripes we could embrace the evil ones!
With the white stripes we could embrace the good ones!
And by this varicoloured tunic we could prepare ourselves for the wonderful elevation by God and Father. Since in our elevation we will remain magnanimous and inoffensive just like Joseph…”
My words made Jesus hug me and press me against His chest powerfully. Then He told me in a very dear Voice:
“This is the first of the great secrets of Godliness, friend of My Heart! The secret – to love the evil ones and the good ones, and to bless the ones who persecute and kill you! Since namely so are you preparing your spirit for the white mantle, in which folds the Blessing and the Sacrifice meet. That is why let Me now unfold before your eyes the mantle of Godliness, so that you see the signs that will take place in this home of Joseph…”
After these words of His Jesus hanged the varicoloured tunic on the hanger, and took off the white mantle of Godliness from it. And when He unfolded it before my eyes a miracle happened that left me breathless. Since the Water of the Spirit appeared on the left side of the mantle, and the Salt of the Spirit on its right side in the form of a white stone. And while I watched, Lord spoke to me again, saying:
“See how the Water and the Salt meet at the folds of Godliness! And as you extend your hand to the mantle, first touch the white stone on the right side, so that the biblical message is revealed to you…”
With great reverence that overflowed me in waves I extended my hand to touch the white pebble. Here that Joseph appeared as Zaphenath-paneah before my eyes. He was holding in his hands his firstborn Manasseh, saying:
“God has made me forget all my trouble and all my father’s household…” (Genesis 41:51)
While I was still watching, several tears rolled down Joseph’s face. And as Jesus extended His right hand in the vision, He gathered the tears in His cupped hand. Then, touching the tears with the index finger of His other hand, He said to me:
“See what the Fire of God’s Love is powerful to do! See how the Fire will dry up Joseph’s tears, so that only the Salt remains! And as you watch the Salt from the tears, tell Me: Why did Joseph name his son Manasseh, which means forgetfulness?”
“Oh, Jesus! Manasseh was the Fruit of Godliness which was born of the Salt! For God’s Love which filled out Joseph’s heart made him fully forget the evil his brothers did to him! For when we forgive the sins of our debtors with the Fire of Father, then the Fire dries up our tears, and the Salt testifies to the mantle of Godliness…”
The following words of Jesus were too inmost and personal for me. For He was already telling me:
“That is how I want you to also forget the evil that churches and believers in your homeland did to you!
Despite the wounds that pastors and traitors dealt to you – forgive them!
Despite the oppressions to which enchanters and abusers subjected you – forgive them!
Despite the thorns that ungrateful and barren men fixed in your head – forgive them!
Despite the terrible jail in which your enemies and haters placed you – forgive them!
When you have won Me, you have nothing to lose!
When you have born Manasseh, you have nothing to cry about!”
The tears were already gushing from my eyes, and I was not trying to hold them back at all, since Jesus was taking them in His cupped hand. And as the fire of His index finger dried them up again, my own flakes of salt whitened in the hand of the Saviour. Then He spoke to me again, saying:
“And now, My servant, extend Your head and touch the Water on the left side of the Godliness! And see the vision that the biblical message will reveal to you…”
Having remained almost breathless, I extended my right hand a second time, this time to the Water on the left side of the mantle. Then once again Joseph appeared as Zaphenath-paneah before my eyes, holding in his hands his second son Ephraim, as he said:
“God has made me fruitful in the land of my affliction…” (Genesis 41:52)
While I was still watching, Lord spoke to me again, saying:
“It would be easy for someone to be fruitful in the land of their wealth and joy! But let such one try being fruitful in the land of their suffering, in order to have the power to give birth to Ephraim, who is the Fruit of Godliness! I tell you, Stefan, that your reward is exceptionally great, since you have turned the suffering into power for birth, instead of power for killing! Thus you attested to My Church that you bear the mantle of Godliness! Since the purpose of the Fruit is to glorify My Father in heavens! And My Father is glorified by this, that you bear much Fruit! Thus you crush the dark heart of the devil who wants your suffering to yield a bitter root, instead of sweet Fruit.
But see now the last of the signs with the Fruits of the Godly one, as you extend both your hands – the left one to the Salt, and the right one to the Water. And as you bring them closer – touch the very mantle of Godliness, in order to understand the third of its great secrets…”
My excitement from the most wondrous words of Jesus was already getting the better part of me, but smiling He invited me to carry out the command of His lips. So I extended my two hands – the left one to the Water, the right one to the Salt. And as I brought them closer to each other – I touched the mantle of Godliness. Then a vision with Israel who was crossing his hands, when he had to bless the children of Joseph, appeared before my eyes. And my heart heard Joseph say to his father:
“Not so, my father, for this one is the firstborn. Place your right hand on his head…” (Genesis 48:18)
But, having been visited by the Light of Father, the wise Israel spoke to his son, saying:
“I know, my son, I know; he also will become a people and he also will be great. However, his younger brother shall be greater than he, and his descendants shall become a multitude of nations…” (Genesis 48:19)
While I was still listening, Lord asked me:
“Why did Israel cross his hands? Why did he make the second son of Joseph greater than the firstborn?”
At the following moment Light from the Hidden Manna filled out my heart, and thus I said Jesus:
“Ah, my Saviour! Few are God’s chosen ones that go through a prison and stand as sacrificial oxen in the Circle of Salt! But many are the hungry ones that must be fed with the Fruits of the Kingdom! Thus I believe that Joseph has called his firstborn Manasseh, because God first wiped his tears clean, and only then blessed the crops in the land of Egypt!
But whereas the tears are the personal suffering of the Godly one due to his personal standing before God, it is the Fruits that are the common blessing for many!
In the Day, when You will take us to Yourself, few will remember my salt, but many will remember my Fruits! Few will care how much sweat, tears and blood these prophetic books cost me, but many will delight in knowing You and in being raised in the Light of Your Spirit! For Father is glorified by this – that we bear much Fruit! And this is what it means to obey Israel and his crossed hands!”
In response to my words, Lord Himself crossed His hands over my heart, telling me:
“Remember the words that you have spoken to Me, My servant! For I will call them memorable for My Heart, having been spoken by an excellent spring of Mine! The Salt will remain between you and Me, but the Fruits will abide in the hearts of all the others! The sweat, the tears and the blood will remain between you and Me, but the Fruits will save many and will confirm them as a generation of Godliness!
Since in the antiquity nobody remembered Joseph as the one who was abused and closed in the dungeon of Egypt, since in the hearts of all who were saved by the hunger he remained Zaphenath-paneah!
Write down My Holy words in a book! And let all of Mine be inspired and enlightened for the Fruits of Joseph! For only by these Fruits do you become worthy of being the generation Zaphenath-paneah! And when you write down what you have experienced in the house of Joseph, follow Me again! For I will bless you with too great a vision about the last period of Joseph on earth!
I, Lord of Zaphenath-paneah, still talk and do not fall silent!”

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