My brother! My faithful friend!
There is one fearful agony for the one who has fallen into a religious jail. This jail is more oppressing than any earth prison, since it places under a supreme trial the faith, the hope and the love of the spiritual man. A few books earlier at the visions about Bethel I clarified in detail just how great the difference between one prison and the other is, and I hope that the spiritual ones remembered the written word. For one is the jail in which you endure revenges from the religious spirit of the devil that has hardened churches and believers to completely reject your ideas and conviction, and another – the prison of the satanic delusion that has taken hold of the entire world Babylon. In the first jail you will always have visitations by God and mighty testimonies of the Holy Spirit, which you will give to God’s Chosen ones, while in the second one you will be one of those who do not know where they are going, what they are saying and what their fate will be at all.
I will not tell you that I found it easy in this jail, since that would be a lie. For it was and still is horribly difficult. And that is not due to the fact that the thousands of same days become one gray carpet of sorrow which you cannot escape. But it is due to all the horrible revenges of the devil that are related to his oppressing beasts. Beasts that have been pushing, kicking, tearing, clawing, piercing and ruining me hour after hour, day after day, week after week, month after month and year after year. This cannot be documented with a camera, but only through a testimony of Spirit and Truth. Since I have laid my entire confidence in the Spirit of Truth that it will confirm and attest to my words.
Here I would not save you even the anguish by which I have called to my Lord in the last fifteen years to beg Him through tears to lead His prophet out in the wide and put an end to the oppression over my flesh and my soul. But as I know that God has never spoken a single empty word, I bring to my conscience what He said about all of His prophets and messengers. And it is that they will certainly experience suffering after suffering, since this is the fate that the Almighty has written for them. And in the spirit of this prophetic book about Zaphenath-paneah let me remind you the quite truthful words of the psalm that show what the trial was for the ancient Joseph:
“He sent a man before them, Joseph, who was sold as a slave. They afflicted his feet with fetters, his soul came into irons; until the time that his word came to pass, the word of the Lord tested him…” (Psalm 105:17-19)
Imagine, my dear friend, that young boy bound as merchandize on the back of a camel from the convoy of the Midianites. He is moving away from his father’s house, from the white hairs of his father Jacob, from the speech he used to listen to, from the songs he used to sing, and from the root by which he grew up in order to be sold as a slave in Egypt. Now add to this picture of yours the deception of Potiphar’s wife, because of whom the commander of the bodyguard ties the feet of the devout Joseph with chains and throws him into a dark and malodorous underground. What sin has God’s chosen one committed to deserve such condemnation? Where did he take the wrong step to bring about such misfortune into his life? The truth is that Joseph did not commit any sin and never made a wrong step. But from the moment he revealed his dreams to his brothers and his father, he became the true target of the devil. All the horrible things that befell him were orchestrated by Satan – starting with the envy in his brothers and reaching the tempting flesh of Potiphar’s wife and the black deception that followed due to her offended lust.
Here I will neither wilfully compare my life with that of Joseph, nor fit the biblical events so that they bring me some dividends of human admiration. For I have never had brothers in flesh, in order for them to sell me in slavery, nor have I ever become the target of a seducing prostitute. But I will certainly confirm to my friends that my soul too took part and is still taking part in the iron press. Since today this iron corresponds to the common church cooling down and callousness that are due to the increased wickedness. And how hard must this last church iron have become, when from the Internet site of ministry “Moriah” three to five thousand books are downloaded monthly, but for this God’s servant does not receive any support or blessing, not even a single “thank you”. Would not these three or five thousand books have become three or five thousand Euros in the hands of one calculating merchant? And that just for a month! Well what about a year? Or what about ten years? What are these fruitless hearts that are ready to download everything that is given to them without muttering a single word of honour and gratitude? Should I tell you, my brother, that these are the very same plunderers and covetous men that use the very same computers and daily check if Glavchev has published something new, in order to download it that very minute? Has Jesus told them that the price for the writing of these books cannot possibly be paid in a human way and that they cannot possibly understand what price God’s servant has paid to extend Lord’s Sword against all the commands and powers of Satan? Has Lord revealed to them that the ones Faithful to God’s Prophetic Spirit never received a hundred and seventy books at once, but waited for them, showing constant generosity, so that the Deed of God’s prophet never ends? What is this madness of one entering the website of a prophetic ministry and quickly downloading everything that is published, and then applauding themselves for being a big shot, since they have hit quite the bargain? When a thirsty man bends over a spring, do they drink all the water or do they cup their hands to drink just what they need to quench their thirst? When a hungry man enters an eating-house, will they order all the meals from the menu or just that one that they need to sate their hunger? Yet here that this spoilt generation that has been taught by its preachers to be “swift to the spoil” and “quick to the plunder” – believes that by scooping up and reading with telegraphic speed the Holy visions from Zion, it is already dressed in the necessary Holiness of God. Who lied to you, robbers? Who has deceived your hearts so treacherously, Amalekites? Do you not know that the garment of Godliness Father gives only to the people He can approve with His jealous regard? What is the meaning of polishing to brilliance your religious prestige when you have to leave a donation in the church collection plate, but when God’s prophet is calling you to generosity to say to yourselves:
“This Glavchev does not belong to any registered church and has no pastor for us to give him any goods whatsoever! We will not give him a single cent, but will certainly take everything from him, since he is giving it away freely, right?”
Well, as I am giving away freely, am I not in expectation to receive freely according to the Holy words of my Lord:
“…give, and it will be given to you…” (Luke 6:38)
“…freely you received, freely give…” (Matthew 10:8)
Have I not staked my entire confidence in that Holy Boon that teaches with Apostle Paul’s faithful words:
“The one who is taught the word is to share all good things with the one who teaches him…” (Galatians 6:6)
And when I do not have an earth church and an earth pastor, since I serve the Heavenly Church and its Eternal Shepherd, why do you download my books with such eagerness? Am I not impure according to your own theological doctrines? Then why do you touch unclean, in order to desecrate yourselves? Or why are you ready to feed in one eating-house, but give the fruit of your gratitude in another? Do you not know that this is loathsome wickedness before the Face of God and Father? Why have you desired to do this? Is not this because your other eating-house is visible and all the believers there see you, as you enter the gathering? You find it uncomfortable to stay fruitless when the collection plate passes by you, right? But just how much easier it is to enter anonymously God’s treasury of ministry “Moriah” and download anonymously the books of Lord’s prophet, in order for you to read them anonymously, so that nobody reproaches your “reliability” to the church, you belong to! And finally – just like in the exposing of the psalm to clap your hands and say to yourselves enthusiastically:
“We have tricked that one, the crazy from Dobrich who is giving his books away! Ha, ha, ha! Who knows us, who sees us?”
Lord Jesus Christ knows you and sees you! And one day when you stand before His Holy Throne, He will not ask you all how many books of His prophet you have downloaded and read, but when you had humbleness before Him and reverence before His Spirit, in order to bring your goods into God’s store house, so that there is food in His House.
When were you sticks of the Vine that yielded Fruit, so that Father Who is in heavens is glorified? When did you conceive the Blessing Immanuel, in order for the Holy Spirit to whisper to you that This Infant grows and matures through constant and selfless giving, since He is the Perfect Fruit of God’s Boon? Have you ever fallen on your knees before God and Father, in order to ask Him the simplest, but most fateful question of Faith:
“Our Father! Why have You given us Your Holy Spirit?”
And He Himself to reply to you:
“I have given you My Spirit, so that you learn to live a Life of giving! Since I am a God of Love and My Love is giving! Giving that increases with every other day, I bless, so that it becomes even greater and greater until it turns in the end into a Holy self-sacrifice before My Altar!”
Does the church iron have ears to hear these words of Father and repent? Does the church iron have eyes to half-close them before the Blessing Father and to start crying? Does the church iron have Reason and Wisdom to understand that the Christian becomes conformable to Christ, when they crucify themselves on His Cross and give their life for their friends, thus carrying out the Command:
“Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends…” (John 15:13)
“That one lay down his life…” – do you accept this, my callous enemies? Do you believe it? Do you confess it? Do you live it? I do not expect you to answer me, or to be startled by my words, since the prince of darkness has darkened your eyes, so that you do not see, has deafened your eyes, so that you do not hear, and has filled your hearts with madness, so that you do not repent…
Here, my brother! Everything that I have written above was the iron press over my soul! The iron of which the nails of Rome are made in order to be fixed in the hands and the feet of each sacrificial ox! The iron which hardened in ingratitude tens of thousands of believers in Bulgaria, in order for them to violate the visions that are feeding them and augur ill to the heart that Jesus turned into a Spring of Zion. The iron which fearful spikes I had to endure in my hands and my feet, in order to fully liken my spirit in the Image of a servant and in the suffering of being crucified together with my Lord. Now what else are my lips to say or my hands to write, other than the words of my gratitude, by which I tell the Saviour:
“My Holy Lord! My soul magnifies You, and my heart raises gratefulness to You, for saving Your prophet neither Your cross pains, nor the gulps from Your Cup! Deign, Jesus, in confirming my spirit, so that I may endure to the end in the Deed that You have commanded me to do! Deign, Lord, in preserving my heart from the scum of the wicked ones and in covering with the Mantle of Godliness Your servant, as well as all of Your Faithful and humble children! Amen and Amen!”

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