My dear brother! My faithful friend!
When I direct my excitement at Heaven and start thinking about the Almighty and Holy God Who has created His creations through fervent Love and boundless Reason, then the earth world around me pales away and nothing in it deserves to be compared with the Presence and the Light of God. At each of the spiritual elevations in which Father let me enter His Sanctuary I realized just how excessively great He is. And how, despite His Magnificence and His Light, He is pouring out His Holy Spirit in order to find us, enlighten us and prepare us for the Eternity.
I realized in amazement that there is nothing that can surprise God or find Him unprepared. There is no event or experience that He has not seen. There is no situation or problem that He has not solved. There is nothing within or without us that He does not know. There is not a single millimetre of the Universe that is not pierced by His almighty Power. And so I invariably came to Father’s Wisdom, through which He governs the fates of all that is visible and invisible – from the commands, the powers, the forces and the rules in Heaven to the least significant being on earth.
Father’s Wisdom, my brother!
This Wisdom that has foreseen, foreknown and outlined beforehand everything from the Beginning to the End! This Wisdom by which Father has revealed His Son Jesus Christ to the world!
I cannot start before the vision of my Lord with any other words, since my spirit is blinded by the rays of Zaphenath-paneah. By that ancient Joseph that seems to be an image and a shadow of the Son of God. Since Joseph was the Salvation of the world in the antiquity, while Jesus is the Salvation of the world for the Eternity. Joseph was sold to the Ishmaelites by the suggestion of his brother Judah for twenty silver coins, while Jesus was betrayed by Judas Iscariot for thirty silver coins. Joseph descended into the prison of Egypt, and Jesus descended into the prison of hell. Joseph was raised to Pharaoh’s throne, and Jesus was ascended to Father’s Throne. If I continue to list the signs of Father’s Wisdom in the spiritual relationship between Joseph and Jesus, I will start revealing the Hidden Manna from all the following visions. But I will stop here, since the purpose of this chapter is the dreams of Pharaoh, which in the spirit of the last Zaphenath-paneah are the mighty Power of God’s Foreknowledge. That is why, let me reveal the words of my Lord, Who had once again descended to talk to my heart. Here are the words He said to me:
“My servant! The Wisdom of My Father is too great to be known by the ones who live on earth. It is a sunny gift only for the spiritual man, that is, for the one who has learnt to think of the things above, and not of the earthly matters. And in the dreams that were given by the Almighty to Pharaoh, My Father placed spiritual messages not only for His ancient Joseph, but also for the last generation of Godliness that must clearly interpret the seven years of abundance and the seven years of hunger. Tell Me then:
How did you interpret these dreams? What did you see in them?”
“Oh, my Lord! Judging by the spiritual symbols of Your Word, I was ready to accept that the wheat which was born in the seven abundant years is the number of the saved human souls to the Moment of the Taking, after which the seven years of the Great Tribulation come. But the last words that my Father told my heart made me more cautious in my thoughts, and thus I gave up this easy arithmetic. For He confirmed to me that I have already spent fourteen years gathering his wheat, unlike the ancient Joseph, who made this with the earth wheat in seven years. And in my case Father had decided to bring my prison and my harvest in one place, so that my harvest is precious before His Eyes. And this gives me the reason to think that the wheat in the dreams of Pharaoh does not concern the very souls, but God’s food for these souls. Since unlike the antiquity, today the periods of abundance and hunger are happening at the same time. And while some are eating the wheat of God’s abundance, in order to survive, others are dying due to the deceptions of the increased wickedness…”
“You are reasoning correctly, My servant! And as My faithful ones know that the Way and the Gate of the Salvation have been narrowed a lot, could they have had the self-confidence to see human souls in the wheat grains? Then at the Moment of the Taking will not half the world rise in the clouds to meet the Lord of Glory? Yet here that I will repeat what you have already said, and namely:
The last period of the generation Zaphenath-paneah is abundant with Zion’s wheat, that is, with the revelations, the enlightenments and the visions of the Holy Spirit that lead one to knowing God’s Completeness in all ways and then dress them in the garment of Godliness.
And this leads to a spiritual counterpoint that says:
The last period of the generation of increased wickedness corresponds to fearful hunger and complete derangement that bring on the abomination of the desolation.
Then let Me raise you again to God’s Sanctuary, since My Father Himself will let you see the last dreams which He has commanded as a spiritual seal over the world till the Moment of the Taking, the Great Tribulation and Lord’s Coming…”
After His last words Lord flew with my spirit, and thus we both instantly rose to Mount Zion and the Heavenly Jerusalem. And when we were already there and were going to the doors of God’s Sanctuary, Lord stopped for a moment, telling me:
“Fill your minds out with triumph and give your heart over to reverence. For you were not chosen by man, in order for your fate to be human, and were not chosen by earth communities, in order for your testimony to be vain. You were chosen by Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, and woe to the ones who are tempted in the choice of the Trinity. For all the remaining choices will stumble and be crushed, despite the abundance of earth wealth, by which the devil wanted to give guarantees for their withstanding. So only Father’s Choice will remain and only His intention will take place…”
After these too sincere and Holy words to my spirit, Lord approached the doors of God’s Sanctuary and opened them, stepping forth to Father’s Throne. Raising His hands, Jesus was already telling Him:
“My Holy Father! According to Your Will I lead Your prophet into Your Holy Presence, so that You make him testify about the dreams of Pharaoh which You have commanded as spiritual seals over the last contemporary world. So that by these dreams the last passing of Your Spirit through the display of the generation Joseph comes true…”
With the last words of the Lord a Cloud of God’s Glory rose from Father’s Throne, flew through the space and stood above my head. And as brilliant lightning came out of the Cloud, it appeared visions before my eyes. And then Father Himself spoke to my heart, saying:
“My servant! I have chosen and selected you to be the guardian of the deepest secrets of My Sovereignty. Here, son of man, the Cloud that in the antiquity descended above the palace of Pharaoh and its lightning bolts revealed My dreams has now descended over you. And the very same lightning bolts are appearing you the first dream, for which Pharaoh said once:
“In my dream, behold, I was standing on the bank of the Nile; and behold, seven cows, fat and sleek came up out of the Nile, and they grazed in the marsh grass. Lo, seven other cows came up after them, poor and very ugly and gaunt, such as I had never seen for ugliness in all the land of Egypt; and the lean and ugly cows ate up the first seven fat cows. Yet when they had devoured them, it could not be detected that they had devoured them, for they were just as ugly as before…” (Genesis 41:17-21)
And after the first dream, the lightning bolts appear to you the second dream, of which Pharaoh said once:
“I saw also in my dream, and behold, seven ears, full and good, came up on a single stalk; and lo, seven ears, withered, thin, and scorched by the east wind, sprouted up after them; and the thin ears swallowed the seven good ears…” (Genesis 41:22-24)
Watch the visions from the lightning, My servant! And let My Son enlightened your mind and your heart with the Hidden Manna of My mysterious Most Wisdom. For these dreams are My last sign for the world that is already passing…”
Father stopped talking, and I dared not raise my head to see the visions from the lightning bolts, since the Cloud of God’s Glory pressed my spirit too much. But Lord took me with His hands and lifted me up to observe. And here that He was already speaking to me, saying:
“My servant, do you see how the waters of Nile appear?”
I looked at the waters of the river in the first of the visions of the lightning bolts. Then I clearly noticed that these were Holy and Living waters from the River of Life. And this made me tell Jesus:
“My Lord! I clearly see that Father has made the waters of His Spirit appear amidst the Nile. And seven fat and sleek cows have come out of the very waters and have started grazing in the marsh grass…”
“And what are these cows? Are they not the communities that are born of God’s Boon, that is, of the seven Spirits of God that come from the River of Life. And do you remember what the seven Spirits of God testified to?”
“Yes, Jesus! I remember God’s Spirits from the wonderful visions, related to the Symbols of the Precious Stone, Which You Are. The first Spirit testified to Your Power and Authority! The second Spirit – to Your Suffering and Sorrow! The third Spirit – to Your Crucifixion and Resurrection! The fourth Spirit – to Your Taking! The fifth Spirit – to Your Immaculacy and Purity! The sixth Spirit – to Your Serving and Humbleness! And the seventh and last Spirit – to the Flame of Your Gold Lamp that is God’s Love!
The cows that were born of these Spirits were the churches that were faithful to Your Covenant! Under Your guidance they really walked in the marsh grass of the world, that is, among the sinful and declining ones, in order to graze them, that is, to take them into the inner Light of God’s Salvation…”
“Blessed are your eyes for being able to see, My servant! For these truly are the fat and sleek cows in the first dream. But see what will happen in the vision. Since the dream is continuing to unfold…”
In the vision I once again looked at the lightning bolts, when I noticed that the waters of the Nile instantly darkened, and thus there was not a single trace of the Living Water. Then seven gaunt and ugly cows with bloodied and malicious eyes came out of the Nile. Having seen the fat and sleek cows, the gaunt ones leaped against them. And as they opened their mouths, filled with iron teeth, they instantly tore them to pieces and ate them. The sight was too scary and terrible for me to endure it. Yet, everything in it was absolutely real and true. And as I could not keep my tears in due to my excessive sorrow, I said to my Lord:
“Oh, Jesus! The waters of the Nile have become spiritual streams of hell. And seven gaunt cows with sharp iron teeth came out of them and tore apart the sleek cows and ate them. Now how can I but see that these seven gaunt cows were led by the seven worms of satanic cunning? How am I not to see that these are the seven more wicked spirits that return to the emptied house? How am I not to guess that these are Edom and Mammon, Korah and Jezebel, Moab, Amalek and Molech? Are not these namely the powers and the commands of the increased wickedness that led to the last retreat of the churches from Your Covenant? Are they not the monsters with the sharp teeth that tore apart the fat and sleek cows?”
“Yes, My servant! Such is the Truth!” – Jesus replied to me and went on: “And which other prophet could I give the privilege to testify about the first of the dreams of My Father? By what other servant have I ever exposed the seven gaunt cows of the increased wickedness, as I have done this through you? And by what other prophet am I to finish what I have started? Have not all the contemporary self-proclaimed prophets come namely from the dark waters of the Nile with all the deception of the satanic cunning? Were not they the ones who taught the believers to trade, to believe in money, to make up themselves with worldly theology, to look for a share from both worlds, and to worship in all ways the spirits of abomination and desolation?
Do you already see their fearful hunger, My people? Do you finally understand that the main reason for the evil cows to tear apart the good ones is namely their insatiability that is due to vacuum? And does not the vacuum appear where My Father has withdrawn the Presence of His Holy Spirit?
But see, My servant, the second of the dreams of My Father! For it is even more fateful than the first one. Do you see how seven wheat ears, full and good, have come up on a single stalk?”
With excitement I looked at the second vision when my eyes saw the revelation of the wonderful Menorah of God, that is, the Gold Lamp with the seven Spirits of God, with each of the Spirits as one ear. This made me tell Jesus in words of enthusiasm.
“Ah, my precious Lord! Father’s mysterious Most Wisdom is truly great and wondrous! Here that my eyes see now God’s Menorah, which was supposed to be the true wheat of the Church! And each of God’s Spirit was to be a wheat Ear That gives us wonderful knowledge about God’s Completeness!”
“Yes, My servant! The dream is the display of God’s Menorah! The Lamp of the Pioneer and Perfecter of Faith that you had to embrace with all your Love for Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit! Well, what if this loves cools down? What if the people do not want to love the wheat Ears of Father? Do you remember My warning to the one who would abandon his first love? Do My people remember how in the Revelation I said to one of My servants:
“But I have this against you, that you have left your first love. Therefore remember from where you have fallen, and repent and do the deeds you did at first; or else I am coming to you and will remove your lampstand out of its place – unless you repent…” (Revelation 2:4-5)
What will happen if someone refuses to repent when Lord is exposing them through His prophet? What will be the fate of all those unrepented pastors who were hardened by the prophetic word and refused to repent? If Lord takes to Himself the stalk with His seven Wheat Ears, understand the seven Spirits of God, will not this open the way for other ears and other spirits? Will not the continuation of the second of the dreams of My Father come true? See this continuation, prophet of the Lord, and attest it to My Church…”
With a sinking heart I looked at the vision of God’s lightning bolts when I saw how seven other ears, withered and thin, came up. And east wind that was coming from the abyss burnt with flames of demonic ruin the grains of the wheat ears, and so my heart flawlessly recognized the activity of the false prophet and the influence of the man of sin and son of destruction. Then as the thin and burnt wheat ears devoured the good wheat ears, I cried out excitedly to Jesus:
“My Lord! Are You not letting me see God’s very Anger upon the generation of the wicked ones? For I know that it is not possible for a satanic spirit to devour a Spirit of God. But if God is angered by a community and withdraws the influence of His Spirit, then the word written by Apostle Paul will certainly come true:
“For this reason God will send upon them a deluding influence so that they will believe what is false, in order that they all may be judged who did not believe the truth, but approved wickedness…” (2 Thessalonians 2:11-12)
“Namely that is taking place, My servant! And let each of the Called, Chosen and Faithful ones remember forever God’s dreams, for they are the Perfect seal of God’s Foreknowledge.
A seal for which the prophets have prophesied!
A seal about which My Apostles have warned!
A seal of which I speak today to the prophet of Zion in this holiest and last prophetic book! For today you live in a time of mixed periods!
In one period you will find God’s Abundance – the granary of My prophet that is full of select and life-giving seeds of Zion!
In the other period you will see the hunger that makes the mad ones eat everything that one may offer as food to them – tars and poisons, worms and impurities, emissions and vomit!
The question is:
What are you hungry for today? Are you hungry for God’s Eternal Justice – so that you are abundantly fed and blessed? Or are you hungry for all kinds of demonic and human vain talk that is poison for the spirit and a curse for the heart?
Here, hear the words that My Father will say to His prophet in relation to the generation that We will preserve for the Moment of the Taking…”
After these words of Jesus I saw the Cloud of God’s Glory rise from my spirit and return to God’s Throne. And the lightning bolts with the visions withdrew within it. Then Father spoke to my heart again, saying:
“My servant! Your eyes will not close till the end, and your heart will certainly endure the heavy burden of Zaphenath-paneah that I have let you carry. For I will let your serving take care of the good cows and the good ears that will be a share of the generation of Joseph. And I will command your enemies and adversaries to grow emaciated with hunger until their ribs sag and their skin tightens inwards. They will be willing to eat My wheat, but I will command that it does not remain in their hearts! They will extend hands and open mouth to feed themselves, but I will make what they have devoured consuming fire that will shake them unceasingly until it fully destroys them! And in the Day and the Moment when you return to Me, in order to enter to your share and inheritance, you will understand that Father Almighty has preserved His granary perfectly, and thus not a single grain has been scattered or born in vain!
And now, son of man, go with My Son! For He will reveal to you the deepest and most blessing visions of God’s mysterious Most Wisdom that are related to Zaphenath-paneah! And let them be Holy and fateful dressing with the Garment of Godliness for My children!
I, the Holy Father, have spoken from My Sanctuary!
Blessed are those who know My Voice!”

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