My dear brother! My faithful friend!
If a man is the target of God’s Benevolence and choosing, then they will certainly carry out everything, for which they were chosen by God. The circumstances and the concussions on the way are of no significance. The resistances of hundred, thousand, million or billion men will not have any effect.
What matters is only God and His Holy Foreknowledge!
When nearly ten years ago I wrote the book about “The way to the river Kishon and to the top of Carmel” Jesus declared some words which then seemed fearful and very hard to understand. At that moment Lord said about His servant:
“Come here to My prophet, because he is the one I ordered to rebuild the fallen tabernacle of David! Come here to My prophet and turn your eyes away from the false prophets of Jezebel. For, the false prophets of the sorceress will continue to deceive your hearts with their diplomas, conferences, vainglory, with their sin, pride and haughtiness. But that one who will rebuild the ruins will do it by Power of My Father. Power that will confuse all the servants of the devil. I know well the wile and the malice of Jezebel’s servants; that is why, I will allow all the malice, fury, injustice and sorcery to pour out upon the ministry of My servant Stefan…”
For a servant who had carried out seven years of his serving for Jesus, I could not believe that I was only about to face demonic resistance against my ministry. Perhaps deep in myself I hoped that the hour of the evening offering had approached in my life, and that it was a matter of a week or a month before I took part in the so eagerly awaited raising by the Lord. And immediately after the book about the Path of prophet Elijah, the Spirit humbled my heart by confirming to me that I will have to endure not only the pit, but also the jail of Joseph. And I testified about this in the following prophetic book about “The life of Joseph”. In fact – it was namely the jail that was going to become the fieriest trial for my faith. And there I was going to spiritually acquaint myself with a cupbearer and a baker. But now let my Lord tell you about all this. Since He had once again descended in my jail, in order to speak to my heart. Here are the words by which Jesus started His conversation with me:
“My servant! Do you remember how fifteen years ago My Father told you with His Spirit that in the world there are two types of books in biblical thematic?”
“Oh, Jesus! I remember these words! For then I learnt from Father that just as there are books written by men for God, so there are books that are written by God for men. And I had to choose in my heart which books to stake on by my faith. For, by the first books that are written by men for God I would have found spontaneous acceptance in the churches, but by the second books that are written by God for men I was going to be completely rejected and violated…”
“And did you have the enlightened eyes of the Spirit by which to realize that My Father was preparing you in advance for the jail of Joseph, in which you will certainly see one cupbearer and one baker?”
“No, Jesus! Then I was at the very beginning and my heart was not as mightily enlightened as it is now at the end. Even six years after my first conversation with Father, when I wrote the visions about the life of Joseph, I still stopped before his jail and was not granted this abundant Light that You are giving me today…”
“Everything comes with its time! Then you were at the beginning of your path and vocation, still unaware of the Circles of God’s Holy Presence. But think again over the words of My Father when He placed this fateful choice before your heart. Why did you choose to devote your life to the books that are written by God for men, and did not desire the quick and cheap glory of the books that are written by men for God? Why did you desire the suffering of a prophet, instead of the glory of a theologian?”
“Oh, Jesus! At that time the Spirit of Father told me that by the books which are written by God for men I will find abundant access in Heaven, and by the other books – applauses by the people on earth. How could I have desired something other than the Heaven, in which You are King? How could I have even considered staking on one cheap and earthly glory that is passing? No, my Lord! I have made my choice and do not feel sorry for a single second of the time in which I served You, as well as for all the days, months and years in which I will serve you…”
Lord smiled at my words, and then fondled my head, saying:
“This is the pledge of Godliness, My servant! And to pledge to Godliness without fearing the religious persecution and satanic rage means that you have chosen the fate Zaphenath-paneah. Since Zaphenath-paneah is the Godliness that is born of the bond between the Blessing and the Sacrifice!
See then the jail in which you stand now, for, in a while, I will let the cupbearer and the baker appear in it spiritually. Not the ones from the antiquity, but the contemporary last ones. They will not only appear in this jail, but will speak to you, the prophet of the Lord. And as you remember and know that Lord is the One Who raises, do not think of Pharaoh as of worldly power, or as of a human governor, but see in this very Pharaoh God’s Sovereignty, that is, Father’s Will to control the fates of all of His creations…”
After His last words Lord stood at the end of the dungeon, raised His hand and opened a door, through which the cupbearer and the baker entered. Here that in a fashion similar to the biblical story of Joseph the cupbearer approached me, saying:
“Servant of the Lord! I know that you are not in this dungeon by accident, but because of the Deed you are doing. Please show me what this dream, God and Father has given to me, means. For it is the following:
“In my dream, behold, there was a vine in front of me; and on the vine were three branches. And as it was budding, its blossoms came out, and its clusters produced ripe grapes. Now Pharaoh’s cup was in my hand; so I took the grapes and squeezed them into Pharaoh’s cup, and I put the cup into Pharaoh’s hand…” (Genesis 40:9-11)
While I was listening to the words of the cupbearer, waves of Love of God for him filled out my heart. And as I hugged him, I spoke to him, saying:
“This Vine that you have seen is Lord Jesus Christ Himself Who is even now with us in the jail. The three sticks of the Vine are the Called, Chosen and Faithful ones, and their grape clusters are the Fruits for the Heavenly Kingdom. This Cup that your hand held was the Heart of Jesus Christ that is ready for a Holy sacrifice before God and Father. Behold – Lord has given us an example by His Sacrifice, so that all the grapes that are squeezed into the Cup may become Wine that we will offer to God and Father! Then Father Himself will raise us in our time, since we have come to desire the innermost part of His Sanctuary! And together with us He will raise all these sticks of the Vine that yielded its fruits in order for God’s Name to be glorified…”
While I was still talking in excitement to the cupbearer, the baker looked at me with contemptuous pride, saying:
“Since you are so full of eloquence and seem to interpret so well, what will you say about my dream that is not a bit less impressive than that of the cupbearer? Hear my dream and prophesy according to the glory that I fully deserve. For my dream says the following:
“…I also saw in my dream, and behold, there were three baskets of white bread on my head; and in the top basket there were some of all sorts of baked food for Pharaoh, and the birds were eating them out of the basket on my head…” (Genesis 40:16-17)
While the baker was still talking to me, Lord frowned next to me and His eyes filled with flames of Sacred Anger. Then as I opened my mouth, I prophesied in full accordance to Lord’s Anger over the dream of the baker:
“The pride of your heart has deceived you, wicked baker! For here that the three baskets with bread on your head correspond to the false word of the dragon, the beast and the false prophet. And birds from the den of abomination peck from the uppermost basket of the false prophet, who teaches the human souls to worship the dragon and exchange the Image of the Lord for the image of the beast! You have paid little attention to Lord’s Word and did not give the Church books that were written by God for the people, but only human vain talk, false visions and religious jabbers. Lord will not raise you to His Throne at all, but will certainly hang you, due to the wicked ropes by which you have been bound to deceive the people with the word of the entire satanic delusion…”
Listening to my words, the baker lifted his hand maliciously and desired to strike my mouth, but then Lord extended the double-edged Sword from His mouth between me and him, and cried out to him in a fearful Voice:
“Loathsome and mad wicked man! Take your hand down and wither from the roots up in your own jail! Do not reach against the mouth of My prophet at all, for I will reduce you to ashes in My Anger! Do not deceive yourself that you are magnificent and raised-by-God, since you are bound by the devil and have no share with the jail of My prophet. For the jail of My servant is prophetic suffering that brings Redemption for My souls, whereas your jail is a deception of the false prophet that brings abomination and desolation for the worshippers of the devil. My Father has already hanged you spiritually, and so you are deader than the dead, eviler than the evilest ones and more sinful than the most sinful ones!”
While Jesus was pronouncing the words of His fiery Anger, a rope with a loop appeared above the head of the baker, fell on his head and tightened round his neck. Then the rope rose and thus the baker passed away and disappeared from my sight. After this sign Lord instantly changed His Voice. Overflowing with Kindness and Mercy, He spoke to the cupbearer, telling him:
“I am the True Vine, and My Father is the Gardener! And you, cupbearer will certainly be the Example and the Representation of the Called, Chosen and Faithful ones who will preserve their Godliness at the cost of terrible persecution. And when their grapes are crushed in order to become Wine, and Lord’s Cup is filled to the end, I Myself will reveal them at My Wedding as the last and most glorious generation of Zion that was confirmed in the Godliness of Joseph. The generation Zaphenath-paneah…”
After these last words of the Lord the cupbearer rose in the Light of the Spirit, finding his place among the sacrificial oxen on God’s Holy Altar. And Jesus spoke to me again, saying:
“Let each of Mine place this vision in their heart for eternity. For today all will be forced to choose between the cupbearer and the baker! And their fate will be according to their choice! If someone decides to stake on the wicked baker, from whose baskets the religious demons from the den of abomination peck, such one will not escape at all Lord’s Anger and the Day of Judgement! But if someone else accepts to suffer due to the Godliness, becoming conformable in My sufferings, such one will certainly appear with a full cup of Wine at the Wedding Supper of the Lamb! And let nobody of those who have suffered for Me be surprised, or grumble that God’s answer is long delayed, since My Word is testing you in namely this way. For, if you read the biblical text about Joseph, you will certainly see that the cupbearer forgot about God’s servant and did not mention him to Pharaoh two whole years. In the very same way My Father admits that you are forgotten when you are crucified together with His Son, since through Father’s forgetfulness you enter the Circle of Salt, where the words “Eloi, Eloi, Lama Sabachthani” are pronounced by all the sacrificial oxen.
And you, My servant, follow your Lord, Who will give you a vision with the dreams of Pharaoh. Since in these dreams God’s perfect Foreknowledge starts shining.
I, Lord of Zaphenath-paneah, still talk and do not fall silent!”

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