My dear brother! My faithful friend!
The long-expected second part of the book about “Zaphenath-paneah” is already in your heart. I will not share in great detail and depth what the writing of these visions cost me, since above me there is one great and wonderful Lord, Who is powerful to confirm the entire suffering of His prophet. I only want you to know that I do not feel sorry for a single second in which I was beaten, oppressed and tortured by the demonic rage. For the enduring of this rage and the withstanding of the devilish revenges is the true price that Lord’s servant is paying for the great privilege of appearing this word to Christ’s Church.
Just as you have already convinced yourself thanks to the first part of the book there is one miracle that God is powerful to carry out in the fates of His Chosen ones. This is the miracle of the joining of the Water and the Salt, of the Blessing and the Sacrifice through which the raising of God’s people in the last period of Joseph on earth will become possible. However, before we are fully convinced in the veracity of God’s miracle, we must come to know on what grounds it needs to take place. Since the Water will not come from nowhere. It has been rising and has been filling out a certain place. The Salt will not appear with the wave of a magical wand, since it also has been accumulating in its place. And by the Power of God’s Foreknowledge these two stood separated until one exact time when Lord will command that they are brought together. Everyone can trace the Water and the Salt in their personal life for God, but in this book I will testify about these by my own spiritual experience. If you have been with ministry “Moriah” from its very beginning, then you will certainly understand both the Water and the Salt. I do not refer here to the very Circles of God’s Holy Presence, to which the prophetic books testify, but rather – the Example that Jesus commanded as the holy principle of my faith. Since, even from the spiritual books that were written in the Circle of Water, I had to sense in my heart the first flakes of Salt, since Lord commanded me to be selfless, that is, not to seek any material or monetary profit from what I am writing by His Guidance and Inspiration. And in order for my trial to be complete, Jesus admitted the religious resistance of the devil that was like a dam in the way of the Water. That is – I wrote and gave away my books like a spring that was powerful to water the people with Living Water, but due to the rising dam I did not receive the honour and blessing that my deed deserved. And the more abundantly my spring gushed, the more the grateful and faithful people decreased, since the wall the devil was raising was getting even higher. I will hardly surprise you, if I tell you that these were Jericho strongholds of the religious delusion in the minds of many. Since a ministry that wants to give freely and receive freely appeared against the church Babylon, in which for quite a while everything has followed the principle “bought-sold” and “consumed-paid”.
“Give, and it will be given to you!” – is what the Lord commanded from the Gospel. But who is listening to some commandment of Christ, when the business requires a different model? “Freely you received, freely give!” – Jesus called again and again from the pages of His Testament. But then the printer took out a calculator to calculate his expenses, the merchant – his per cent, the religious majesty that wrote the book – their profit. And somehow it was unthinkable that the example of one servant of God should wedge in like a “temptation” among the already well-established market economy relationships in the churches. And so the dam of the devil gained not only height, but also fanatical density and infrangibility, so that nobody dares to ruin the demonic status quo, and so that matters continue to flow in the centuries-established bed of trade and self-interest. What was the purpose of this dam of Satan?
Nothing more and nothing less than to bring to despair and pusillanimity both the spring that gives freely the Living Water and the people that are watered by it. That is, its purpose was that the hearts give in to the suggestions below:
“Stop practicing this old-fashioned and antique understanding of the Boon and do not tempt God’s children by your example! Either this Glavchev should print and sell his books by the established regulations, in order to be recognized as one of the thousands that write books in biblical thematic, or his ministry will simply melt away and disappear as one that is strange and intolerable for the modern churches!”
With one such pusillanimity (according to the satanic expectations) the Water of the Holy Spirit had to mix with the salt of wickedness, that is, God’s Boon with the trade of the devil. And the bright garment of Joseph that Jesus had placed upon the spirit of His prophet had to become a filthy rag with holes of moths and worms all over it.
Yes, but no! Since Lord’s prophet refused to obey the established order of Babylon and kept on writing books which he did not sell, but gave away freely, even though he fell into total church isolation and his name was covered by all kinds of insults and disgrace. Thus the Salt, that is, his personal self-sacrifice for the Kingdom became greater and greater, and the Water behind the dam rose so much that the devil panicked in horror. This fallen and wicked merchant of souls knew that sooner or later a moment will come when his dam will no longer be able to keep the Water at bay. And one of his detestable spirits, called Korah, even confessed his fears in a vision from a case that when Lord delays His answer, then the effect of the overflowing water certainly comes. And by this effect Jesus is powerful to punish the devil by letting His servant know the true weight of the Heavenly blessings, which earth equivalence was held back by ingratitude, callousness and most open displays of envy and hatred.
Do you understand my thoughts, my brother? Do you understand that Lord is too Faithful and Just not to give what the self-sacrifice of His prophet deserves? But if He, the Holy One, once commanded His servant Abraham to rise on Mount Moriah to make a burnt offering of his only son, was I not going to face my trial on the very same Mount of the Holy Spirit? Was not Jesus going to bring together on this Mount the true children of Abraham, who by Faith continued to work in the Holy Boon of God and never agreed to submit to the salt of the devil or to let the spirit of the world into their hearts? Was not this going to be also a Mount of the generation Joseph, of the witnesses of the Godliness that are powerful to carry out in Spirit and Truth what Apostle James has written:
“Pure and undefiled religion in the sight of our God and Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their distress, and to keep oneself unstained by the world…” (James 1:27)
And what else were the stands of the merchants before the entrances of the churches, and even from their very pulpits, other than stains of the world? Sinful madmen! For how many dollars did you buy Jesus that you are selling Him? Or for how many dollars have you been sold the Holy Spirit that you want to buy Him? What were your fees for biblical academies and institutes, other than cunning silver coins for viper eggs and expensive tickets for whitewashed tombs? What else were the pay-roll ledgers for the salaries of pastors, their wives and their personal surroundings of deacons and presbyters, other than purses of Judas that were prepared for worshippers of Judas? What else were the generous church reliefs that arrived from abroad, other than the deception of feeding the flesh of the community, so that it does not grumble in spirit? So when the pure and immaculate Godliness has disappeared in the churches of the increased wickedness, will not very soon heated women of Potiphar be enthroned in them with the spirit of Jezebel controlling in their shadow? And who is the spirit for which it is written in the Revelation that she “teaches and leads My bond-servants astray so that they commit acts of immorality and eat things sacrificed to idols”? Did not the woman of Potiphar desire an act of immorality with Joseph? So if the spirit of Jezebel stands behind the immorality, which spirit stood behind the things sacrificed to idols? Is not the money the most terrible idol? Are not the avarice and the greed the most loathsome display of idolatry, just as Apostle Paul warned us? Are not they the origin of each evil? And what other spirit is to dictate the church merchant to sell, other than Mammon? And what other spirit is seducing the pastor to take a shiny pen in his oily hand and sign for a fat salary?
My brother! I do not write these things, because you do not know them, but so that your disgust for them becomes complete. Since today the worst has come and the time is of factions. Since there is no tragedy in the increased wickedness more terrible than this – to exchange the Living Water of God and Father for the salty waters of the world.
As to me – either in life or in death – I will finish my path and will keep my faith, and will not have an accuser and a slanderer against my soul in the Day of Judgement. Here, I am sharing a secret with you, since my Saviour is too jealous of it:
The entire purpose of the increased wickedness by which the devil has flooded the world and the worldly churches is just one:
All that an enemy of God that has been deprived by Lord Jesus Christ of the claims of the Cross can do is resist by trumps! The devil has lost claims, but has won many trumps! And you, my dear friend, know what happens in a card play, when a player gets powerful trumps! They observe the situation carefully and surprisingly take out a trump, and then a second one, a third one, a fourth one… This is the player’s way of collecting his profit. And the most terrible tragedy for a heart that believes in God is namely this one:
That it is sealed by some of the trumps of the devil!
I will warn all who read this last prophetic book of mine that the most powerful trumps of the devil in this last time are the signs of the increased wickedness. This is the salt of Satan, his trade with the immortal souls, as well as with everything that is pure, Holy and godly. This is the deception of the sly one to deceive the Christian that they stand in God’s Presences by their trades, by their hypocrisies, by their sorceries, by their fruitlessness, by their callousness and above all – by their shameful idolatry and that the Holy God of Zion has nothing against their walk of life.
Nothing like that, deceived souls!
God has used up fifteen years from the life of a servant of His to declare to you that you are in great deception about the peace and the calmness that you show off! God has sent spirits of delusion to work among you, so that you believe a lie and be condemned, since you hated the Truth! God let the devil take into his sleeve the most terrible trump possible that one day will be your sentence for the lake of fire – and this is the trump that you did not believe the prophetic Word that was given to you freely from His servant, but instead hardened yourself to God’s Eternal Justice due to the gold ministries of Babylon’s false prophets that preached peace to you namely when you had already accepted to refer to the dragon, the beast and the false prophet as to “Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit”. So you crossed out a hundred and seventy books that were full of Boon and Truth, in order to avoid the persecution by the religious-demonic power of the devil. But here you stumbled, in order to never rise again, and darkened yourself, in order to never be enlightened again ever! Since who is the mad man that believes that they can cross out the Breath and the Light of the Almighty by the scream of their denial? Is not such a freak crossing out themselves? Are not they willingly denying the Blood what was shed at the Covenant by abusing the Holy Spirit of the Eternal Salvation? Should you call God “a devil”, in order for the devil to become your god, brood of vipers? Should you join in the dance of Antrichrist, simply because the devil paid others before you to play it? Should you stake on your notorious doctrinal way of thinking, because the horror is not letting you admit that the hirelings of Babylon have traded your souls for several years of reign, eating, drinking and cheap glory? How was there not a single Gamaliel among you to tell you that if a Deed is of God, it cannot be overthrown, but has the Power to overthrow, it cannot be bound, but has the Power to bind, it cannot be destroyed, but has the Power to destroy, it cannot be condemned, but has the Power to condemn?
God is there and is still there – in His Holiness and Light!
The devil is there and is still there – in his vileness and darkness!
God has not exchanged His Holiness for the devil’s vileness and will never do that!
The devil has not exchanged his vileness for God’s Holiness and will never do that!
Then who is the mad and accursed deceiver that will mix pure with impure, Holy with obscene, giving with selling, Boon with trade, sweet water with salty water, spiritual with carnal, and God-pleasing with accursed? Who is the loathsome and depraved man that will cross out with a black marker the Holy words of Lord’s servant:
“Do not love the world nor the things in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him. For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh and the lust of the eyes and the boastful pride of life, is not from the Father, but is from the world. The world is passing away, and also its lusts; but the one who does the will of God lives forever…” (1 John 2:15-17)
Who is the spawn of the dragon, the beast and the false prophet that by their personal temptation will make the believers read one false gospel that says:
“Love the world and the things in the world! If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is in them! For all that is in the world – the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes and the boastful pride of life – is from the Father and will return to Father. For this world is not passing away and its lust will abide forever…”
“Ah, brother! Do not write such things!” – someone pious will say. But I will encourage such one to spit at the masks of the religious hypocrites who have turned God’s Home into a den of robbers. Yes, I repeat it! To spit at the masks of the godless and in the stands of the greedy ones! For in a time when many should have been lights of Zion and sacrificial oxen on the Altar, most embraced the deceptions of Jezebel, Korah and Mammon, in order to create for themselves a disgusting semblance of Christianity that is full of the entire heathen filth and impenitence. In a time when the Gates of the Heavenly Jerusalem shine in the pearly Light of God’s Most Wisdom, and God’s Saints raise voices of intercession for the survivors from the oppression of Babylon, the church businessmen can neither give rest to their calculators, nor find comfort in the digits of their bank accounts. I do not want to speak of them anymore, since in the time that has passed Lord has fully written His sentence against Babylon and His Sword has been extended against the lawless ones. But to all who have followed Lord’s servant to this last book with an unhesitant and constant spirit, I will say now:
Rejoice, children of God! For you will be led out with joy, and will pass through the Gates with peace! And Lord will give the deepest gulps of His Hidden Manna for all of you – so that you know the Godliness of Joseph and be ready for the generation of God’s Triumph!
The generation Zaphenath-paneah!
Amen and Amen!

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