“Always eat My Bread with Love for My Word and never forget the breads of My Presence!”

My dear brother! My faithful friend!
Over and over again, the devil clings to my body and his painful arrows cause too great suffering and oppression over my soul. Over and over again, Lord Jesus speaks to my heart and gives to me fateful visions. As you understood from the previous vision, our Lord is jealous for His Presence and is not ready to allow in it impure and unrepented hearts. And, if so far God’s children have had the confirmation that they are reading the books of God’s messenger, this has not been just the well-written visions or the biblical argumentation of my whole reflection. The Truth is that there has been the confirmation by the Presence of Jesus. Actually, Lord Himself has spoken in the hearts of His followers and has confirmed to them that the Word is inspired, blessed and spoken by Him. It is always wonderful when a presence confirms a presence, and the Holy Spirit clearly and categorically shows us where we can find ourselves. However, I want you to be very attentive here, because there is not only periphery in God’s Presence, but also a centre. If two men find themselves in different circles of God’s Presence, they may not find agreement between themselves, even though the Holy Spirit mightily touches on each place of God’s Presence.
Now, before continuing with the next vision, let me pay attention to this matter. I still remember the manner, in which I took the way of Christ’s Faith eighteen years ago. The Presence of God’s Water appeared before my feet, as well as before the feet of all the Christians. When I was washed and purified, the Spirit abundantly watered my heart, and thus the spring gushed out of me. One always knows, when a spring starts gushing out of their hearts. Then, the human heart suddenly overfills with revelations, enlightenments and all kinds of spiritual blessing. The Holy Spirit Himself makes one’s thought fluent and free-flowing. And, according to everyone’s gift, they either preach, proclaim the good news, or write…
So, at the beginning, by God’s Living Water, I wrote twenty four spiritual books – to begin with “Jesus is in you” and reaching to “Revelations from the Book of Life”.
During those first years, it was somehow easier for me to be perceived and even approved in everything I wrote. Since, most Christians are there, in the first circle of God’s Presence. However, they all have a problem since they do not want to pass further into God’s Presence. They feel comfortable enough to always be washed, cleansed and watered; so, they remain just like the little children, who, once on the beach, are brought out of the water with difficulty.
And here that, according to God’s Perfect Will, my life changed. Jesus Himself came personally to my heart. I say “personally” and I will ask you to accept this as the most important mark for the second circle of God’s Presence. Then, those, who remained in the Water, were suddenly tempted in me. The books I wrote became incomprehensible for them. Why was it so? It was so exactly because the Bread already testified to God’s Presence in a different way. It is not like Water. For example, remember the way I wrote the first prophetic book which reveals a lawsuit against a spirit of Satan. How did it happen? It happened exactly through the Bread! An angel by the Lord came to my spirit and gave to me a small flat loaf, which I had to eat.
For my heart, it was the Bread Christ, even though, at that time, I did not have the divine revelations about the circles of God’s Presence, yet. This Bread mightily appeared in the next books, too – in the book about the last prophetic harvest, called “The Church-Ruth”, as well as in the book “About the dogs and the leavings”. This Bread kept speaking to me and using me mightily, by giving to me dozens of prophetic visions and making me pass together with Him across the pages of the whole Gospel, reaching to “The Bread, cast upon the waters” and going on through the whole various Blessing of God.
As you may suppose, wherever Jesus mightily appears, the devil also comes to oppose furiously. He misleads many into abusing and ruining the prophetic books and thus they expel themselves from God’s Presence. The spiritual dodger and manipulator tried to create a conflict between two circles of God’s Presence, even though such conflict is impossible, because God cannot be divided against Himself. However, the ones, who believed that the conflict was possible, darkened their hearts and did not understand at all the function of the second circle of God’s Presence, which is the Bread of Dedication. As to those, who remained Called, Chosen and Faithful, Lord Jesus Christ now will speak again for them. Since, spiritually I kept abiding on Lord’s Mount, and Lord’s Right Hand was stretched over us. Here that the Saviour was already telling me:
“My servant! As you clearly consider in your reasoning, there really is total unawareness of the circles of God’s Presence. This is why the prophetic books, I gave you to write, met with such cruel resistance. However, there is something, related to Lord’s Bread, which you could not see, even though you had to see. Here – the day and the hour has come for Me to show it to you. Therefore, see how the Son will call His Father and will unfold the second scroll of Lord’s reminder…”
After His last words, Lord raised His hands above, telling Father:
“My Almighty Father! Lower Your hand upon Your servant and let him see the second of the scrolls, which is rolled around Your ring-finger!”
Listening to His words, Father lowered His hand, and so His ring-finger came near the Lord. Here that Jesus simply unfolded the second parchment scroll. Then, just as the first one, it also started shining with God’s Light, and words, inscribed by sunrays, shone along it. While I was observing it with admiration, Lord brought the scroll closer to my face, saying:
“Read the word, written on the parchment! And, see what Father’s reminder about the Bread of Dedication is…”
Indeed, I could already read what was written there; the words declared:
“Always eat My Bread with Love for My Word and never forget the breads of My Presence!”
I had hardly read the written words, when this parchment also shone, and a vision emerged into view behind its words. Then, Lord spoke to me, saying:
“Let us both pass through the vision of My Father, and let His Spirit elevate us to the second circle of God’s Presence. For there, you are to see things, which astonish…”
While we were still speaking, Lord embraced me and the vision enveloped us, and so we found ourselves before the Throne of God in the second circle of God’s Presence…
…My dear brother! My whole being was overfilled with admiration at the view of this circle. Beginning just after the circle of the Water, it was its very opposite. The circle was entirely Fiery. Powerful flames of God were blazing all over it; these flames raised their sparks to the top of Mount Zion. While I was looking at God’s Fire, Jesus spoke to me, saying:
“Without any doubt, I know that you will ask Me why you find Fire in this second circle, when Bread is to be there. However, I will answer you that Bread is born only where there is Fire. And you, as you look at the Fire, can you suppose what it serves for?”
“Oh, my Lord! Without any doubt, Fire is Love. That is why there is much Love in this second circle…”
“Of course that it is Love!” – Jesus confirmed and smiled. Then, He kept speaking to me, saying:
“However, I want you to understand what this Love is and how Bread is created through it! Therefore, let us now approach one of God’s flames, in order for you to see how it blazes…”
With excitement, I followed my Lord, Who approached one of God’s flames. Then, I could see with astonishment that it was a human spirit. It had spread the Word of God over its spirit, and thus flour dropped and fell into the waters, with which this servant of God had come from the previous circle. So, the flour joined the water and turned into dough. And the very flame of God turned it into Bread. The more the servant increased his Love, the more categorically the Flame formed the Bread in their heart. That is why, without any doubt, I spoke to the Lord, telling Him:
“Oh, Jesus! The answer to Your question was present even in the reminding scroll of God Father. Since, the Fire in this circle is the Love for the Word, which You Are! Everyone who comes to love You as Word receives You as a gift in the form of Heavenly Bread…”
Lord looked at me with such Love in His eyes that my heart melted with bliss. With Kindness, deep and unfamiliar, He spoke to me, saying:
“Kneel at My feet, My servant! Let the Fire from the Holy Altar of My Father blaze up now in your heart, too! So that the Bread, Who you have always given to God’s household, is born…”
Breathless, I knelt at Lord’s feet, when His hand touched me. And here that the blessing Fire blazed in my heart, too. Then, the Word-Spirit, by which I had filled myself throughout the years, started sprinkling flour into the hot waters of my spirit. The very excitement of my spirit kneaded the flour and turned it into dough. And the Fire, this sweet and unexplainably powerful Love for the Word, started turning the dough into Bread. So, the Bread was now baked and hardened, and His Aroma spread in my whole heart. Finally, Lord spoke to me, saying:
“Now, when you are truly confirmed as one of the breads of God’s Presence, come with your Lord in order to descend onto His Mount. For, He will send you to feed the people from the valley with God’s Bread…”
After His last words, Jesus simply embraced me with His hands, and thus we really found ourselves on Lord’s Mount. Then, the Saviour unfolded again the Heavenly scroll and told me:
“I remind you, My servant, not to forget the words of My Father:
“Always eat My Bread with Love for My Word and never forget the breads of My Presence!”
Now, touch your heart with your hands and take the Bread, in order to give It to the people in the valley…”
Listening to Jesus, I touched my heart and took the Bread. Suddenly, I felt that the Bread was fiery-hot, as if I had just taken It out of a blazing furnace. There was, however, one difference: the bakers usually use long wooden shovels, but instead I was holding the Bread upon my palms. This made me imprudently tell my Lord:
“Jesus! Let me wait until the Bread cools down a bit and only then descend into the valley!”
My words made the Son of God look at me quite bewildered and tell me:
“Do you hear what you are saying to your Lord? How is it that you want for My Bread to cool down? Do you not know, or do you not have the wisdom to comprehend that Lord’s Bread never becomes cooler, but always remains fiery and burning? Otherwise, how is Father’s commandment to remain eternal and unchangeable? How will the Love for the Word be active if the Bread gets cooler and is deprived of the presence of the Fire?”
Feeling ashamed, I bend down my head, because I realized that I had reacted like an earth man, and not like a Heavenly one. However, then Lord had pity on my mind and spoke to me again:
“Do not be grieved, but go into the valley now and give My Bread to the people, you meet…”
Leaving shame for zeal and eagerness, I ran to the valley, Lord’s Bread in my hands. In no longer than just a while two men approached me. As they saw the Bread in my hands, they immediately reacted. The first of them spoke to me, saying:
“Greetings, brother! You are undoubtedly a messenger of Jesus, since sweet fragrance permeates from the Bread in your hands. Will you give us from This Bread, in order for our hearts to eat and to eternally live in God’s Presence?”
“Greetings from the Lord, dear people!” – I answered and added:
“Jesus sent me from Lord’s Mount, in order for me to carry His Bread to those, who are hungry for His Righteousness! Now, what else are you still waiting for? Stretch your hands and take a piece from the Bread of Dedication, in order for you to understand how kind and loving our Lord is…”
While I was still speaking, the second of the fellow-travellers stretched his hands to the Bread and tried to break off a piece. Suddenly, he jumped back, withdrew his burnt hand and screamed to me:
“Are you mocking us? Why did you not let the Bread become colder first, and only then give It to us to eat? Why did you mislead me so slyly, in order for me to touch this Bread and to burn my hand?”
“Oh, brother!” – the other answered him – “If Lord’s Bread has not just left the Fire of God and Father, what Bread it is? And you, why do you want now for the Bread to cool down? Do you not remember that Lord has told us in “Revelation” not to be cold?”
To these words of his companion, the second reacted irritably, saying:
“Why are you giving free interpretations and confide in this strange man? Do you not see that he wants to make laughing-stock of us? We have eaten bread at conferences many times, have we not? You yourself remember and know that the bread was not unbearably hot and that we could even take it in our hands. And this one here offers to us Bread That is touched with difficulty…”
To these words of the second man, his companion spoke to him, saying:
“You have eyes to see and a heart to accept that this messenger of Lord holds the Bread by his own hands, have you not? If we have eaten cold bread by now, it is only for our own loss, because we have not trained our hearts in fiery Love for God’s Word. Is it not so? Have we not mistakenly eaten in the meetings cold worldly bread, produced by human idle talks, instead of eating Bread of Fire and Dedication?”
“Be silent!” – the second one screamed to him – “Do you not feel that you suddenly have become non-doctrinal? Where is your respect to theology? I will not touch this hot Bread at all! If this messenger claims to be sent by the Lord, let him cool the Bread and make It edible! If not – let him go to hell, since he seems to have come from there…”
After these words, the second man simply looked at me with contempt and went away. As to the other, he knelt before the Bread and raised his hands to Lord’s Mount and to Jesus, telling Him:
“Forgive me, Lord, for I have eaten cold worldly bread, when I actually had to seek the Bread from Your Sanctuary! Forgive me that, while I was visiting a church, I had forgotten about You! Here, I am praying You now to endow me with Your Fire, in order for me to be worthy of Your Bread and to taste It with glorious joy and admiration before You…”
Listening to the prayer of the man, Lord descended from Lord’s Mount and stood next to him. Then, He took his hands in His hands, telling him:
“Since, you have truly loved My Bread and have not let It become cold, but have sought My Fire, from now on, let Fire fill your heart and let Fire blaze in your hands! Just as you have loved the Word of Lord your God, so let the Bread belove you now and make you stand in God’s Presence! Be from now on one of the breads of My Presence!”
After these words to His servant, Lord turned to me and told me:
“Now, let Me lead you to see the doom of that wicked man, who treated with contempt Lord’s Bread and who preferred the cool worldly reading of the Bible to the Fire of God’s Prophetic Spirit and the leadership of the Lord!”
After these words, Lord embraced me and we both started flying down into the valley. Here that I could already see the very apostate, who had staggered and sunk into a muddy swamp. Moulded bread in his hand, worms, creeping through it, he was eating from it and repeating to himself:
“As long as I eat bread, I will not die, but will live! Yes, I will live!”
Then, Jesus spoke to me, saying:
“Here that such are the confessions of the people, who have spiritually died, though physically still living in the world. They will chew over the mould and the worms from the word of the false prophet until they die, since there is nobody to draw them out of the world, to which they are given over. So, if somebody wants to trust in cold worldly sermons about prosperity, careerism and church politics, let them keep eating from this bread until the worms entirely corrupt them.
However, to those, who want to be fiery, I say:
Lord’s Bread is the second circle of God’s Presence!
It is only with sincere and undisguised love for the Word of the Lord that one can enter this Presence! It is only with double respect to the breads of Lord’s Presence that one should abide in this Presence! For, these breads show you the Word of Life!
If somebody wants to have Fire in their heart and hands, let them train their heart in thankfulness and their hands in generosity and constancy in sowing! Only thus can you hold the Bread in your hands and yourselves become Breads of the Presence of Lord your God!
Here, I appeared to you the second circle of God’s Presence!
Blessed are the people, who have passed through the Water and the Bread, in order to follow Me even to the third circle, which is Lord’s Wine! Now, I will lead My prophet into it, too!”

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