My brother! My faithful friend!
Only Lord can confirm to your heart what it cost me to stretch my hand to every one of the evil provokers of God’s Anger. From the moment I saw them, I already hated and despised them by all the power of my heart. However, one way or another, Lord wanted me to touch them. Therefore, remaining alone in the flaming room, I bent down over the first of the provokers, that is to say, to the darkened stone and the serpent, coiled upon it. When my fingers touched the stone, I felt sharp and piercing pain inside my heart. A moment later, my eyes could see my Lord, sitting in the middle of an illuminated room. In contrast to all the other visions, in which my heart had seen Him, this time, Lord seemed different. He was very slim and thin – so thin that His Face was pinched and His cheek-bones – protruding; besides, there were dark shades beneath His eyes. Being unable to say even a word at the view of my Lord, I fell next to Him in the room, and my lips could hardly utter one and only question:
“Why do You look like this, my Lord?”
Jesus looked at me with the sharp regard of His eyes and answered me, saying:
“I am hungry! However, no one wants to feed Me and I am pining away…”
“But where are You, Lord, and why have You remained hungry?” – I asked again. Then, Jesus raised His hand, pointed at the room and said:
“This room is the heart of one of My humblest witnesses. He has opened to Me by Faith and I have entered him. However, this man of God had the destiny to be born in the time of the cruellest chill and stone-heartedness. So, having faith in Me, he has sought and has wanted to receive Mercy from evil men. Now, it is time for you to remember what you touched by your hand in the fiery room of God’s Wrath…”
“Oh, my Lord! I touched a dark stone, upon which there was a coiled-up serpent. Then, a severe pain pierced my heart and I found myself in this illuminated room, where You are…”
After my last words, Lord stood up. He pointed at the door of the room and told me:
“Now, I will appear Myself out of the heart of this simple brother of Mine, and you will watch from aside. As all My people have to understand what the first of the terrible sins of misrecognition is – a sin, because of which I pronounce My words against the wicked ones:
“Depart from Me, you who are cursed! For I was hungry and you gave Me nothing to eat…”
Here that Jesus opened the doors of the room and the Holy Spirit drew me out of the very room, placing me to observe from aside. So, I could already see my Lord, Whose presence had filled God’s man. The man himself seemed as lean and as languished as Jesus in his heart was. Meanwhile, I noticed much more details in this vision. Except for the simple and lean man of God, my eyes could see lots of well-fed and obese men, who were sitting at the richly arranged table and were eating with pleasure. Here that the humble witness of Jesus approached the table with the feasting men. So, Lord Himself stretched His hands out of his heart, telling through the lips of His witness:
“Have pity, my brothers! Give to me, the hungry one, a piece of bread from your table and a boiled egg. I am in need and you have enough from God’s goods. Just some bread and an egg, I am begging you!”
In reply to his request, the well-nourished men at the table looked at him with contempt. The fattest one of them grunted, telling him:
“You are in need, are you not? Then, where is your faith in God, Who is powerful to supply every need of yours? Should you communicate with us, taking into account that we are experienced in faith, and you – are not? Most probably, you are so lean due to the fact that you are lacking in faith…”
In reply to the evil words, the humble witness of Jesus stretched his hand to the obese men even more insistently, telling them:
“My brothers! I may not have faith as powerful as yours. However, I still beg you in God’s Name to show me Mercy – the Mercy, for which our Lord said in the Gospel:
“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened. Which of you fathers, if your son asks for a fish, will give him a snake instead? Or if he asks for an egg, will give him a scorpion? If you then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in Heaven give the Holy Spirit to those who ask Him!” (Luke 11:9-13)
Here, my brothers! By this faith and these words of Jesus, I am begging you to give me, and I knock at the doors of your hearts in order for you to open them for my need!”
The words of God’s witness did not please the fattened men at all. Then, the fattest one of them stood up. He took a piece of bread and an egg from the table and was about to throw them with disdain to the hungry man, telling him:
“Is it us, you have decided to call evil by this quotation? Is it us, you have decided to judge by these words of Lord? Here, eat the bread we are giving to you and the egg you have begged from us. Had it not been us, the compassionate ones, such wretched men like you would have died by starvation…”
So, the obese man threw the bread and the egg to the witness of Jesus; when they fell at his feet, the bread instantly turned into a dark stone and the egg changed into a serpent. And here that, out of the heart of the hungry man, Lord turned to me, asking:
“Should I eat the stone of this fat and obese man? Should I swallow his serpent?”
“No, Jesus! You will never do this!” – I screamed with tears in my eyes. After that, the jealousy inflamed my lips and I kept speaking, saying:
“This well-nourished man threw the bread and the egg to the hungry man, and in his giving, there was no love, but rather hard-heartedness. In his gesture, there was no mercy, but disdain…”
In reply, my Lord spoke again out of the heart of His humble witness, telling me:
“Here with such disdain and hard-heartedness, many will condemn themselves in this last and cold time. Since, their bread always turns into a stone and their egg – into a snake! Oh, madmen of all kinds of luxury and gluttony! I have not seen the end of your feasts and banquets! I have seen neither the end of your contempt to the hungry ones, nor the end of your swell-headedness and luxury. You have not recognized Me, in order to serve Me with awe and reverence; therefore, I will not recognize you in My Day, too! I was hungry, but you gave Me nothing to eat, since your bread was not Bread of Love, but a stone of hard-heartedness; your egg was not an Egg of Life, but a serpent of disdain! That is why I found you cursed before Me and strange to the Life of God!”
After these words, Jesus looked at me and told me:
“Come back again to the fiery room and touch the second from the provokers of God’s Anger…”

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