My dear brother! My faithful friend!
We live in a very frightful and terrible time – a time, which carefully hides all the marks of depravity and rottenness with deceitful lustre and affected ease. So, most people of this time have become captives of the satanic deceit that there is no judgment, retribution and punishment for their evil deeds. And the very wickedness, skipping the flesh, has driven itself into the hearts of the men. So, they have become not only skilful, but perfect in the deeds of the absolute evil.
What are the deeds of this absolute evil? What are the devices of the devil to make the last time sealed by multiplied lawlessness?
The truth is that these are the perverted spiritual devices for practicing faith; not faith in God, but faith in the masks of the devil; not faith in God’s Word, but faith in the satanic promises and encouragements!
By such faith, many have made the marks of the visible evil disappear from their life, but have branded their hearts with the marks of the invisible evil. And the power of such branding is fatal, since the marks, caused by the branding, made the man unable to distinguish between Good and Evil, between Light and darkness, between Christ and Antichrist. Exactly then, the branded man falls under the sins of misrecognition. He is already prepared to oppress and wrong the ones poor and simple in Christ and, in the same time, to cry “Alleluia!” and “Amen!” to all his abominations. Pride and haughtiness become a natural behaviour of the man, branded by the devil. By training himself in despising the men, who stand lower than him, such man starts accumulating God’s Anger against his life and destiny.
Lord Jesus had decided to let me see the vision with the ancient Pompeii and the eruption of the volcano Vesuvius namely for me to see the accumulation of God’s Anger that was due to the sins of misrecognition. As a beginning, He descended to me and started speaking to me, saying:
“What do you think? When My Father is speechless and does not seem to react to the agreement between men and demons, is not this the reason for the multiplied lawlessness in the last time? When the deceit is generally accepted like a queen in the human hearts and many hurry to lay the foundations of their life on the places of abomination and desolation, is not this due to His silence and imperturbability?”
While I was listening to the questions of my Lord, my heart bled painfully. I looked at Him with sorrow and answered Him, saying:
“Oh Jesus! You know how much I have wanted from my Father to react to the lawlessness! You know how many times my jealousy has burnt against the deeds of the wicked ones and, with tears in my eyes, I have prayed Father and You to repay to the wicked ones with the whole flaming Wrath of Heaven. And here that, even by now, the wicked ones are flourishing and fading, but the Justice of Your children is oppressed and Your Example is abused and despised. My Lord, why is Father standing speechless and is visibly late? Why is the sentence for a crime so slow and is not quickly carried out?”
The grief in my voice was so immense that it made my Lord look at me with great compassion. Then, He told me:
“You must surely see how an ancient fiery furnace devours the wicked ones. In order for you to understand and tell My brothers and sisters that the accumulation of God’s Wrath is like the kindling of a furnace. In order for you to comprehend that the last furnace, prepared for all the wicked, will be more frightful and terrible than anything, even the bravest imagination would bear. I tell you now that, when the men of today train themselves in the most cursed sins of misrecognition, they have taken the spirit and example of their wickedness from the ancient Rome. Therefore, I am going to lead you back into antiquity, My boy; into the dawn of My Gospel, when the Roman patricians had one motto for their abomination:
“After us – the deluge!”
So, the deluge of My Wrath really came to many of them and buried them alive. And you, follow Me now…”
After His last words, Lord touched my head and my spirit flew after Him. Thus, in front of my eyes, time was transformed into a giant river, which waters were flowing backwards. The faster the waters were flowing, the older the world was turning in front of my eyes. Centuries gave place to the previous centuries, and the previous centuries – to the much more ancient ones. So, the moment came, when Lord and I stepped on a high mountain, at the foot of which man could see a magnificent city with white-stoned strongholds and fortified walls. Jesus pointed at the city and told me:
“Lord Alpha and Omega stretched His hand back in the times. Now, He placed you to observe the ancient Pompeii, only a few hours before its complete destruction and extermination. However, before I show you Pompeii from a short distance, I want you to see God’s Wrath that this high mountain, on which we have stepped, keeps in itself…”
After these words, Lord stretched His right hand to the rock, upon which we had stepped. Here that the rock opened as if cut with a razor and a big crack, under which I could see giant waves of boiling lava, appeared in front of my eyes. The waves were rising up and spilling over, and the molten metal was boiling and bubbling horribly. All this made me raise my frightened look to Jesus. Then, He started speaking to me again, saying:
“Look at the boiling lava and at the flaming waves in this mountain only as to a very slight and insignificant example for the doom of the last generations of wicked men. Since, many of you have forgotten the words, written by My Apostle, who says in his message:
“But the day of the Lord will come like a thief. The heavens will disappear with a roar; the elements will be destroyed by fire, and the earth and everything done in it will be laid bare. Since everything will be destroyed in this way, what kind of people ought you to be? You ought to live holy and godly lives as you look forward to the day of God and speed its coming. That day will bring about the destruction of the heavens by fire, and the elements will melt in the heat…” (2 Peter 3:10-12)
What kind of people ought you to be in your Holy life? What your godliness ought to be as you look forward to the Day of God? And, if the elements melt in the heat, will not all evildoers melt in them, too? You, however, look at the blazing lava in the crater of Vesuvius and tell Me now:
How much fire does it take for this lava to blaze? How much time will these earth bowels need to boil?”
“Oh my Lord! Such fire is not easily kindled! This takes a long time!”
“Then, do you understand why My Father remains speechless, while the wicked ones accumulate Anger? Have I not said to all of you how the furnace of God’s Wrath is heated? How many of you remember or comprehend My words? For, I warned all of you:
“The ax is already at the root of the trees, and every tree that does not produce good fruit will be cut down and thrown into the fire…” (Matthew 3:10)
And, if the tree is undoubtedly faith, do you understand now that each act of faith, which cannot give birth to Me and My presence, will be thrown into the fire in order to heat the furnace of the coming Wrath of God? Since, the Day of My judgement has already come and is knocking at the door on the threshold of the last time. It is a Day, about which My prophet Malachi wrote:
“Surely the day is coming; it will burn like a furnace. All the arrogant and every evildoer will be stubble, and the day that is coming will set them on fire, says the LORD Almighty. Not a root or a branch will be left to them…” (Malachi 4:1)
You, however, follow Me, for we will both descend into this beautiful white-stoned city; you must see what its inhabitants have done in order to provoke God’s blazing fury…”
After the last words of Jesus, the crack of Vesuvius closed and Lord and I took the way to the city of Pompeii. I do not know how long we were walking, but finally, we entered the city gates. Then, my eyes could see a very picturesque babel of men, clothed in white togas and tunics. They were all over the city – at its fountains, in its gardens, on its streets and in its halls. One mark seemed to be sealed upon the faces of all the citizens of Pompeii. This mark was the freedom from care. These were care-free men, convinced in their hearts that they would live forever. I raised my hand to point at them and ask my Lord:
“Jesus! Are not these Roman patricians too carefree? I cannot read even the slightest mark or shade of embarrassment or fear upon their faces…”
“You rightly call their state freedom of care. Now, let Me show you from a short distance what abomination and madness the human freedom of care is capable of…”
Here that Lord took my hand and we both entered a spacious hall. Inside the hall itself, I could see men, who evoked supreme disgust in my heart. They were taking a bath, washing their well-fattened bodies in a marble pool. In the same time, they were raising jugs of wine and were tearing the clothes of young slave women with unceasing lust, ready to profane the bodies of the girls and to commit insatiably all kinds of fornication and impurity.
“Oh, Dionysus! Your wine is delicious!” – some were crying.
“Оh, Eros! Your love is fresh!” – others were groaning.
And here that, in the very abomination of the patricians, Lord let me see demons, possessing the flesh, corrupted by luxury, fornication and drinking. These demons were holding trees, growing out of the hearts of the very patricians. They were picking from them the fruits of each evil and were feeding their hearts with pleasure. All this made me turn my head and tell Jesus:
“Ah, my Lord! Do not let me see this abomination any longer! Here that the demons in the hearts of the patricians hold trees, which had grown up by their own faith. They eat the fruits of evil and triumph in their wickedness…”
In reply, Jesus urged me with a firm Voice, saying:
“On the contrary, My boy. I am giving you this vision and you must see this Bacchanalia. In this very way, you will understand how God’s Anger flames up…”
Indeed, after the words of my Lord, angels of God with sharp and shining swords flew into the hall, at the very marble pool. They descended upon the very patricians, and thus their demons shrieked in horror and ran aside. After that, every one of God’s angels cut off the tree from the heart of the patrician, pointed to him by God. So, the angels collected the cut trees, ascended from the hall and flew to the top of Mount Vesuvius. Then, Jesus spoke to me again, saying:
“Every tree that does not produce good fruit will be cut down and thrown into the fire. Now, do you understand it better? Do you understand how the furnace of God’s Anger flames up?”
“Yes, my Lord! I understand now that when the faith of man turns into an evil tree that yields evil fruits, then, Father shows His angels this evil faith; so, they take it off the human hearts in order to throw it as a testimony into the fire of God’s Wrath…”
In reply, Lord said:
“Here in this way, the trees of all the carefree men, who commit the sin of Sodom, will be thrown into the fire of the last Anger of God. Let nobody of My people say that they cannot recognize the last Roman patricians on earth. Standing in their pools, such patricians drink the wine of Babylon and turn their own churches into prostitutes, by violating over them and defiling them with the seed of the religious spirit. You, however, follow Me now, for the sins of Pompeii do not end with these acts of fornication…”
Here that Lord took my hand again and we both went out of the hall with the marble pool. Then, He showed me something like a market-place, at which many people were crowded. There, my eyes could see a fattened and well-fed patrician, who was holding slaves, bound in chains. He was swinging a whip over the bodies of the slaves and was crying out:
“Buy these handsome men! Powerful, healthy and tenacious! Since, the kingdom of Jupiter Victor is based on such men! The power of Jupiter Conservator and the retribution of Jupiter Versor are based on such men…”
His words provoked a momentary exclamation among the rest of the citizens of Pompeii. Having raised their purses, they began to bid for the very slaves. Then, Lord approached the well-fattened patrician and asked me:
“Do you know what the exclamation of this merchant means? Since, he gave the glory to Jupiter Victor, Jupiter Conservator and Jupiter Versor…”
“Oh Lord! In my view, this patrician is a real worshiper of the devil. Since, who else could the god Jupiter in the Roman Empire be?”
“That is right, My boy. However, see that when Jupiter is Victor, then the god of Rome is victorious. When Jupiter is Conservator, he is a protector of the Roman army. And, when Jupiter is Versor, then, he drives back the enemies of Rome. So, what do you think? Who could be the enemy of Jupiter but your Lord? And, will not an angel by the Lord appear here in order to cut off the tree of the Roman pride and haughtiness, which grows out of the heart of this merchant?”
How could I contradict Jesus, when my eyes saw the ugly and evil tree of the Roman pride and haughtiness that was visibly protruding out of the heart of the merchant? Moreover – a wolf-demon, belonging to the subordinates of Korah, was delighting in eating from the fruit of the pride. Exactly then, Lord’s angel appeared at the very market; this event made the wolf jump out with a howl and hide amidst the crowd. The angel stretched out his sword to the merchant, cut off the tree from his heart and picked it up in order to bring it to the top of the Mount Vesuvius. Here that Jesus started talking to me, saying:
“There is nothing new under the sun! Just as slaves were sold in that ancient time and the merchants glorified the devil with one of his many names, so in the last time on earth, the merchants had no other task and duty before the evil one, than selling slaves to him. So, Mammon, who is the treasurer of Satan, bought millions of consciences, souls and hearts, making them an army of the satanic wickedness. And, just as this merchant of souls yielded evil tree with evil fruits, so the last merchants in the Temple yielded their evil trees with their evil fruits. However, let Me bring you back to the top of Mount Vesuvius. For, you must see what happens when the angels of My Father throw the evil trees into the fire of God’s Wrath…”
After these words, Lord embraced me round my waist and we both flew to the high mountain. Then, He stretched His right hand again and a crack opened into the mountain, letting me see the boiling lava and its immense fiery waves. While I was looking at the boiling volcano, angels of God with cut trees in their hands appeared over it. They threw the trees into the lava; when the lava swallowed them, the fire in the volcano became brisker and more violent, and thus the volcano began to roar terribly and shake the whole mountain. Due to the horrible heat and the additional fire, the lava swelled up much more and began to rise to the surface. At this moment, Jesus gestured me to look and told me:
“The inhabitants of Pompeii are either too carefree to hear the horrible roar of the volcano, or are too drunk to react, or are simply sound asleep. So, the freedom from care, the drinking and the sleep are their own sins of misrecognition. Therefore, I will lead you out of this place, in order for you to look from afar at God’s Anger, boiling against them…”
At the next moment, Jesus took me further, taking me a respectable distance away. Thus the Mount Vesuvius was clearly visible. Only a few seconds later, the top shook and giant clouds of ashes, dust and smoke rose into the sky. Amidst the ashes, dust and smoke, the whole firmament was illuminated in red by the erupted geyser of lava, which splashes were flying to the Roman city. The geyser itself did not stop gushing out; with terrific pushes, it erupted thousands of tons of lava, which turned into a fiery stream. Here that, in front of the very stream, a tempestuous whirlwind of ashes and dust rushed to the city of Pompeii. The whirlwind reached the fortified walls of the city and instantly swept them, attacking the houses, the fountains, the halls and the markets. After that, the fiery stream came very quickly, in order to finish what the whirlwind had begun. The tongues of flame were already amidst the ruins, attacking everything. Although thousands of people were running in attempts to escape the fiery hell, they were instantly singed and turned into glowing embers…
It was a picture of terrible doom, caused by the even more terrible Anger of God. The lava was turning into a bed and a fiery coffin for all the inhabitants of this city.
No one from the city of Pompeii had succeeded in escaping the ruin. No one from Pompeii was prepared for the Wrath. Nobody had survived. Then, with a very serious Voice, Jesus started talking to me, saying:
“The eruption of Vesuvius and the ruin of Pompeii are Father’s reminder from the antiquity about the retribution over the last generations of wicked people.
Since, My Father is the last Vesuvius and His Wrath will become a blazing furnace for all the worshipers of the devil! This world is the last Pompeii! Since, the wicked ones, who accumulate Anger and do evil, live in it. In the Day of My Anger, I will point at these wicked men and will tell them:
“Depart from Me, you who are cursed, into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels! Since, from among all the transgressions, which the men commit against God, you have committed the hardest sins – the sins of misrecognition; the sins to call yourselves Christians, even though you left your Lord hungry and thirsty, strange and needing clothes, sick and in prison!”
However, the fire of the last Vesuvius is already kindled too much. If you want to escape it, then, hurry to extinguish it by the tears of repentance and the grief for God. I will show My servant how many have provoked God’s Wrath and so, I will call them to repentance! Blessed are the men, who turn away from the sins of misrecognition! Cursed are the men, who, over and over again, blaspheme My visions and My words, by which I visit My servant!”

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