My dear brother! My faithful friend!
In my life I have hardly written a book, more sorrowful and sadder than the book, in which Lord shows to my heart the deadly sins of misrecognition. The truth is that if we all abided together with Jesus in Heavenly places, then, there would be no one unable to recognize Him and to serve Him with reverence and awe. Unfortunately, a great part of the men accept in their life the motto: “God high king away.” (a Bulgarian proverb). However, it would be better for one to say that not God is high, but the people are very low; that it is not the King Who is far away, but the men stand too far away from His divine principles and virtues.
That is why when I stood again in the fiery room, in order to touch the fourth provoker of God’s Wrath, I felt waves of grief and sorrow. Looking at the dirty rag, I unwillingly stretched my hand to touch it. Then, an icy chill and freeze passed through my whole being and my eyes could see my Lord, standing in an illuminated room. This time, He seemed as if He had just been taken off from the Cross of Golgotha, and Joseph of Arimathea had not come yet to wrap His body in clean strips of linen. Some bitter frost and cold was trying to freeze the whole room. This made me approach Jesus and take His hand, asking Him:
“My Lord! Why are You bare? Why was nobody willing to dress You, in order to protect You from this terrific cold?”
In reply to my words, Lord spoke to me, saying:
“I am bared, Stefan! For, My faithful children live in the time of the greatest chill and hatred between the men. When all the men had to seek the warmth of Love and keep it between them, it happened so that most of them gave them over to the cold, which possessed and filled them. So, the sin of misrecognition appeared, due to which I told the evil ones:
“Depart from Me, you who are cursed! For, I needed clothes and you did not clothe Me!”
What do you think, My boy? Can you dress your Lord by any robe? Does not Lord prefer His Own Robe, just as every man usually puts on their own clothes?”
“That is right, Jesus! You want to put on Your Own Robe, since Your Spirit would not accept other, but would reject it…”
“Then, let us go out through the door of this heart, in order for you to see one of My bare children that is freezing. For, it stands on the pathway, leading to the Transfiguration, and is stretching a hand with the hope to find someone, who would descend from the high mountain and would give it My Robe. Since, My Robe is the fine linen of the Gospel, bright and clean, but the men prefer wearing other clothes, created by other spirits…”
After these words, Lord opened the door of the illuminated room and the Holy Spirit immediately drew me out in order for me to look from aside. So, I could see a half-bared boy that was sitting crouching upon the snow path. The wind was blowing against him and, due to the snow, his hands were purple with cold. While the boy was peering further with hope, he saw an itinerant church preacher on the snow way. He stretched his hand to him and told him:
“I entreat you, man! Help me, since I am dying of cold! Give me the robe, which Jesus left us as an example on earth! Only by it will I survive in this snow and frost…”
Having heard the scream of the boy, the church official turned aside of the snow path and stood next to him. Then, he raised his forefinger in a preceptorial manner and began to instruct him, saying:
“Do you see what the lack of obedience leads to? Do you see how far such men like you will go after leaving the bosom of the holy apostolic church? Come on, kiss my hand now and I will give you my cassock; otherwise, there is a chance you may freeze…”
Looking at the stretched hand of the church official, the boy noticed that it seemed as if it had just been taken out of the deep-refrigeration freezer. So, he turned away from it, telling him:
“How am I to kiss your hand and take your cassock, when your hand is colder even than the ice, I am sitting on? I have made a mistake, man! I do not wish your robe! For, it is not as bright and as Holy, as Lord’s one at the mountain of Transfiguration…”
The words of the boy made the church official knit his brows. Then, he took off his cassock and told him:
“Is this the robe that is not Holy? Is it my hand that is not warm? How many tapers has your hand kindled in order for you to condemn mine? How many times has it made the sign of the cross, in order to show that Lord moves it?
Oh, child, your soul is darkened!
Let me cover you in order to hide you from the evil one!”
So, with skilful movement, the preacher threw the cassock upon the bared back of the boy. Exactly then, Lord Jesus stretched His hands out of his heart, touching his back. Here that, holes, as if made by moths, appeared on the very cassock. It could not remain upon the back of the boy, but fell onto the snow like useless rag.
Having seen the sign with his cassock, the church official jumped back, screaming to the boy:
“What did you do to my robe, you, sinful and foolish man?”
“I did nothing to it!” – The boy answered and continued:
“The faith, by which I am seeking Jesus, is what revealed the real state of your robe. This faith whispered to my heart that my Lord does not seek hands that make the sign of the cross and kindle tapers, but hands that carry His Cross and kindle human hearts. If your hands carried the Cross of the Lord and kindled the human hearts with Love, I would delight in kissing them, since I would recognize in them Jesus’ hands. Besides, if you had climbed up the mountain of Transfiguration together with Lord, then, your robe would not have been eaten through by moths…”
The last inspired words of the boy forced the official to skilfully make the sign of the cross. After that, he picked up his rag and shouted:
“Anathema to such men like you! Anathema, anathema!”
The very words, pronounced by the church official, were like an icy whirlwind that rushed to the heart of the boy with the intention to entirely benumb him. Once again, Lord stretched His hands and protected His bare boy. So, I kept observing the vision, when I saw how an affected gentleman, who was walking like a ballet-dancer, appeared on the snow path. In contrast to the former official, this one was wearing soft silky clothes, under which one could see a well-nourished body. For a second time, the boy stretched his hand, telling the gentleman:
“Help me, man! Give me a warm garment, because I can no longer stand in this frost and snow!”
In reply to this cry, the gentleman approached the boy. Then, he told him with astonishment:
“What frost and snow do you have in mind? I cannot see any frost and snow! On the contrary – the sun shines so wonderfully. So many birds are singing, so many little flies are buzzing. Do you not see by yourself that my garment responds to the beautiful weather? Could I not but praise God and be thankful to Him for the wonderful life He has given to me? Could I not but rejoice that He has made me righteous?”
Looking at the gentleman with astonishment, the bare boy hardly succeeded in asking him:
“How did Lord give you this wonderful life? How did He dress you in these soft clothes? Why is there a severe winter for me, and a warm summer – for you?”
“It is very simple!” – The gentleman continued – “I have professed him as a god of prosperity, and you have remained far from his life-saving power. And here that now, it is a good day for salvation! Profess him and be rich! So, winter will go away and you will be no longer bared!”
After these words, the gentleman took off his soft garment and was about to cover the bare boy with it, when he raised his hands to Heaven and shouted:
“Jesus! I confess that I want to be rich with Your Faith and so to put on me Your Holy Robe…”
“Wait, wait!” – The gentleman cried out and continued:
“I should have led you into the prayer and told you how to pray. What are these words of yours? Who told you to confess that you want to be rich in Faith? I have brought you the good news about the prosperity on earth! Money, prosperity, possession! Otherwise, how will the winter go away from your life and how will you be dressed and no longer walk bared?”
At this moment, Lord filled His bare boy very powerfully. With Spirit and Truth in his voice, he answered the gentleman, telling him:
“I understand now why the life is a winter for me, and a summer – for you. You have believed in another Jesus, who the world can neither hate, nor despise. As to me, much bare as I am, I have confidence in my Lord, because He let me see that you are much unhappier, poorer, blinder and barer than me. Your soft clothes are for those, who dwell in royal palaces on earth, and not in the Palace of the King in Heaven.
Go away from me, sir!
You cannot wrap me with your garment. Since, this is not the robe of Transfiguration, which can warm my Lord in my heart…”
The last words of the bare boy obviously put the gentleman on his mettle. He removed his soft garment and tried to cover the back of the boy, saying:
“Lord is one and you do not need to oppose me. Just as he has dressed me, so he will dress you, too…”
However, once again, Jesus stretched His hands against the garment of the gentleman. Then, worms appeared upon the very silk, and thus it darkened and wrinkled as if kindled by fire. Having seen the sign with his robe, the gentleman ran away, saying:
“God, keep my path so that I may never chance on such a cursed man…”
Here that Jesus began to speak out of the heart of His bare boy, saying:
“In whatever direction I turn My eyes in this last time, everywhere there are earth men with demonic clothes. Some of them – as black as the dark of the religion, by which they have been possessed. Others – as soft and as silky – as the fraud of the vainglory, by which they are destroyed.
Oh, foolish men, who hated the Robe of the Lord and left the Lord bare and without warmth! This wickedness of yours will not be purified for as long as you call the Good – Evil, the Evil – Good.
I will surely repay you!
For, despite all the clothes that are put on you, you have remained more bared than My barest children! Having forgotten that I come as a thief, you have not dressed yourselves in the imperishability of Love and Holiness, but have put on yourselves the rags of abomination.
Depart from Me, you who are cursed!
Since, your entire righteousness is a dirty rag before My eyes!”

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