My brother! My faithful friend!
The Holy Spirit returned me to the fiery room of God’s Anger. Now, my eyes were observing the most detestable provoker of the Wrath, which was the purse with the silver coins – the purse, which Lord had been piercing with His Sword for years; the purse, which was Judas’ salary, as well as the salary of the last generations of merchants and hirelings. However, could I have known that Lord would surprise me with His vision? Could I have known that I would learn things I never knew before? Of course not! That is why, without any delay, I stretched my hand and touched the purse. Then, a painful lash of whip passed through my back and I groaned with pain. At the next moment, my eyes could see my Lord. He was lying beaten in the middle of an illuminated room, and I instantly understood that He was scourged. His robe, torn by the splashes of the whip, was soaked with His Own blood. This view made me bend down to Him, touch His shoulder and say:
“My Holy Lord! Who has wounded Your body so much and why? Who unloaded their whip over You with such fury and malice?”
In reply to my question, Jesus rose and started speaking, telling me:
“When you become strange for the men, you should not expect anything other than castigating. However, follow Me now! For, I am in the heart of My jealous servant. My very jealousy will make him strange in the eyes of those, to whom I send him. So, the words of the King against the generation of the wicked ones will become true:
I was a stranger and you did not invite Me in!”
After these words, Jesus stood up and opened the door of the illuminated room. Once again, the Holy Spirit drew me out in order for me to look from aside. So, I could see the jealous servant of Jesus. Holding God’s Word in his hands, he was already coming into the foyer of a church building, where a church conference was at hand; at the front of the foyer, there were merchant stands, richly arranged. Here that when the servant noticed the stands, Lord Himself came and filled him by all His ardent jealousy, making him tell the merchants behind the stands:
“Take your abominations away from here! Do not turn My Father’s Home into a market-place!”
Having heard his words, the merchants burst into laughter. The richest of them was already telling his colleagues:
“Ha-ha! Did you hear this man? Is he not so strange with his talks?”
Then, he turned to the jealous servant and told him with hostility:
“What do you want to say, you, madman? Where are we to move our wares, when they stand sufficiently well at their place? Where are these strange views in your heart coming from?”
In reply, with greater jealousy, the servant of Jesus told them:
“I am strange for you, but you are also strange for the Kingdom of my Lord! Nevertheless, if you do decide that you are a part of His Church, then, remember the words, written by the apostle:
“Consequently, you are no longer foreigners and strangers, but fellow citizens with God’s people and also members of His household…” (Ephesians 2:19)
However, if you are fellow citizens with God’s people and members of His household, should you do deeds, which are strange for God’s people and for every household?”
“What is it that you find strange in us, man? Cannot you see that you are talking nonsense? We are selling God’s materials here, after all…”
The words of the merchant did not confuse the jealous servant of Jesus at all. With God’s Anger in his voice, he was telling all again:
“Do you usually sell the bread to your children, when you have dinner with your family? Do you reach into the pockets of your sons and daughters, when you want to give them their daily bread?”
Evidently, this question startled the merchants. The richest of them answered with great vexation, saying:
“Your questions are so strange! By what reason should we take money from our own children, when giving them their daily bread?”
The next words of the jealous servant were like a whip for the hearts of the merchants. Since, he asked them:
“Then, by what reason do you take money from God’s children, when giving them God’s Bread? Now, who is the one strange in God’s eyes? Is it me, or you, who sell all these bibles and other books? Will not Lord drive you out of His Temple, as He drove out the whole den of robbers? Are you not tempters and criminals, who are doing everything for the sake of their purses?”
The last words did not please the merchants at all. Then, their superior told one of his people with wild fury:
“Go and call the pastors of this conference! For, this stranger is trying to trip our church business and disturb us with his oddities…”
Here that the merchant went and fetched the pastors. Then, with whips in their hands, the last ones cried out against the jealous servant of Jesus, saying:
“How dare you enter our conference and bring strange teachings into our flocks? Get away immediately, since we are Christ’s substitutes here and we will castigate you this very hour, if you keep tempting…”
However, even these words of the pastors did not disturb the servant of Jesus. With even more ardent jealousy, he answered the pastors, telling them:
“The churches are not yours, but God’s! The souls are not your possessions, in order for you to detain them in the abomination of this den of robbers! Either teach everybody to give freely, after they have received freely and live under God’s Grace, or get away from the pulpit yourselves, since you do not serve the Living God!”
Obviously, the last words added too much oil to the flames, because the pastors were telling each other with wild screams:
“What else are we still waiting for? Let us punish this blasphemer! Such men like him must be driven out of the Temple!”
After these words, the pastors jumped over the servant of Jesus. They bound him and began to scourge him, screaming:
“Who is the strange one now? Who is the non-doctrinal one? Come on, utter prophesies! Who has not dealt according to God’s rules? Can you tell something in your defence?”
Enduring all the painful lashes, caused by the pastors’ whips, the jealous servant turned to his heart and quietly told Jesus:
“My Lord! Guard me! If these church leaders found me strange, how would they accept You? How would these beasts live the vigorous words of Your Love? For, these words say:
“Give, and it will be given to you! Freely you have received, freely give!”
In reply, Lord spoke both to His servant and me, saying:
“Here this is the third from the sins of misrecognition – to find the Lord strange, when in full degree, the strange one is you! I wanted to reign in the churches, but the earth kings wished to reign instead of Me! I wanted to give, but they preferred selling! I found them strange for the Life of My God – they found Me strange in their life! Therefore, in the Day of God’s furious Anger, I will declare against the pastors-hirelings and the merchants-criminals:
Depart from Me, you who are cursed, into the eternal fire, prepared for the devil and his angels! Since he, the devil has been a merchant from the beginning, and his own have been merchants from the beginning, too! Depart from Me, you brood of hell! For, I was a stranger for you, but you did not invite Me in! Not only did I drive you out of My Heavenly Temple, but you also drove Me out of your earth temples! Go ahead, then, and complete what your ancestors started!”
I was looking at Jesus and I was coming to realize at that very moment that He is really the Strange Lord, Who the last churches scourged and drove out, and that instead of Him, enthroned avarice and greed!
I was also looking at the servant of Jesus and I came to realize at that very moment that the servants of Christ are always strange in the eyes of all the earth men! Since, they live further above any earth commerce and any cursed business! Amen and Amen!

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