My brother! At the moment, Lord started talking to my heart, in order to reveal to me all six sins of misrecognition, I was able to read too great Sorrow, sealed upon His Face. As I looked at His Sorrow, once again, I felt myself as a useless servant, who has been honoured to suffer only a little bit for the Kingdom of God. That is why, having seen the grieved Face of my Lord, I fell prostrated at His feet, telling Him:
“My Lord! I am not worthy to be called Your servant, since I have not stood even a droplet of the great Sorrow, which You carry. Let me suffer for You, Lord! Let me carry Your Yoke and Your Cross…”
In reply to my words, Lord stretched His hands and stood me upright, telling me:
“Believe Me that the evil, which the last generations of wicked people created against Me, surpasses many times the Evil, which I received on the Cross of Golgotha. I had to be pierced, blasphemed and disgraced by the evil ones in the hearts of My faithful children many times. And My faithful people, who endured My Sorrow, become in everything like Me. Therefore, I tell you that you bear a sufficient part of My Sorrow. In the right vision of this book, you will see your own self. Now, let Me raise you into the Sanctuary to My God and Father. Since, He pointed you to be a herald of His Wrath and to appear the hard sins of misrecognition…”
After His last words, Lord raised my spirit and heart along with Himself, and thus we both found ourselves in the Heavenly Jerusalem. Lord set off for God’s Sanctuary and I followed Him. Here that Jesus was already opening the doors of the Sanctuary, when I felt the heat of unbearable fire. This heat pushed me powerfully, and thus I fell aside. Although Father had given to me access to Himself many times, this time, I could not even imagine to step to Him along with Jesus. Exactly then, Lord stretched His hand to me, saying:
“My Father gives you access to His Anger. And, His Anger is a blazing fire. But you, have no fear! Since, I am the propitiation of Father’s Anger. Come now, follow My steps, and thus, the fire will not touch you…”
With fear and trepidation, I went after My Lord. Suddenly, my eyes could see the whole Sanctuary of God that was blazing with Father’s Anger. Then, Jesus stretched His hands to Father and told Him:
“Almighty Father and My God! According to Your Will and Eternal Choice, You called Your servant to testify about Your Anger. Here, My Father! Your servant is standing in Your presence now and is listening to You!”
After the words of Jesus, the fire in the Sanctuary moved. The Voice of Father resounded with that roaring and rumble, which I had already heard at the volcano Vesuvius. Father’s words started fixing into my heart like flaming arrows; the Almighty was already telling me:
“Son of man! I have accumulated Anger against the whole wickedness of men and demons! I have accumulated Anger against all the sins, by which men refuse to recognize My Son in the hearts of My children. I have accumulated Wrath against the generation of the religious hypocrisy and falseness that deceitfully believes that it was born by My Spirit and enlightened by My Word.
I will pour out this Wrath upon the hearts of the wicked ones! I will make My Anger as a blazing furnace that will devour the whole human and demonic deceit. Since, the sins of the last people surpass the sins of the ancient ones many times. These sins exactly became constant provokers of My Wrath, unceasing incendiaries of My blazing furnace. Here, son of man! My Son will lead you to the place, where the provokers of My Anger are. For, you have to testify about them and warn the last depraved generations on earth about the Anger they accumulate and about the doom are looking for…”
After these last words of Father, Jesus turned to me. He showed me a side place in God’s Sanctuary and told me:
“Let Me lead you to the provokers of God’s Wrath now. You have to see them by your own eyes and testify for every one of My people and against every one of the wicked ones…”
So, Jesus approached a door of black marble and pressed its handle in order to come in…
My brother! How can I describe what I was seeing? By what words should I share the vision from this room, where the provokers of God’s Anger are? The truth is that my eyes could see several objects in the middle of a room, blazing in fire. It seemed that these objects were blowing streams of air out of themselves, and thus were making the fire burst and blaze up by all its power. Here that my Lord stepped further into the blazing room near the very objects, telling me:
“Look at these provokers of God’s Wrath!
The first provoker is the darkened stone and the serpent upon it. The second provoker is the skin full of wine. The third provoker is the purse with the silver coins. The fourth provoker is the dirty rag. The fifth provoker is the table with the oddments. And the sixth, last provoker, is the silver tray with the cut head on it.
Every one of these provokers of God’s Wrath killed My Heart more than once! Every one of these provokers of God’s Anger blasphemed the Holy Spirit many times! Every one of these provokers of God’s Anger killed the divine conception of the Fruit and the Heavenly Light of the Image! Now, I am going to let you touch every one of the provokers of God’s Wrath, in order for you to experience with your heart what I Myself experienced in the hearts of all My faithful children. Here that I leave you alone in this room. And you, you will find and see Me again, when you touch with your hand every one of these provokers…”
After His last words, Lord went out of the room and closed the door behind Himself. Looking at the very objects, I fell prostrated and cried out to my Father, saying:
“My Father! Give me Power to withstand! Let me not lose heart on account of these provokers of Evil that blow up and kindle the Fire of Your Holy Wrath!”

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