My dear brother! My faithful friend!
I wholeheartedly bless my Lord and God, Who made me endure and overcome all the attacks of the ancient serpent, which is a devil and Satan. Now I tell you to let you know that a price was paid for this Holy prophetic book, which was many times higher than the ones before it. For Lord’s prophet, having written down the prophetic visions, passed through unimaginable evil and death, in order to give you the greatest spiritual liberation possible.
The liberation from the ancient serpent, which is a devil and Satan!
Even two thousand years ago Lord told all of His followers:
“If you hold to My teaching, you are really My disciples. Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free…” (John 8:31-32) 
All the efforts of the devil throughout all the millennia of his rebellion against God were connected namely with this:
The men not to know the Truth and not to be free, but to be bound by chains in his dungeon!
Here that against the chains of the devil, by which he binds the men in the dungeon, Lord has prepared a chain, which will bind the devil in the abyss. Everyone, who believes in their heart, that they are present at the binding and the condemnation of Satan, will be found liberated and avenged by God for all the devilish malice in their life.
I will not calm anyone that after these prophetic visions the Evil on earth will be over. Nothing like that! As the very visions are not looks at the present, but God’s Prophetic Word from the future. But more than ever I am certain that this prophetic book will call powerful God’s jealousy and benevolence in your life. Jealousy and benevolence for which Jesus told Peter once:
“And I tell you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build My church, and the gates of Hades will not overcome it. I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven; whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven…” (Matthew 16:18-19) 
Here, my brother! The gates of hell really cannot overcome the Church of Jesus! As Lord sent His prophet beyond the gates of hell! In order to crush the heart of the devil and to bind him with His chain!
“Whatever you bind on earth will be bound in Heaven!” – this was the promise of Jesus to Peter. Today prophetic word about the chain of the Lord and about His sentence against the devil has come to you! As the climax of the divine revelation, which I will talk about now, is just about to happen. Filled out by immense reverence and sincere fear, I looked at the Eternal Judge in His Court, as I waited for the mightiest vision in my life to be revealed. Here that Lord strung all the gold links on His Sword. Then having taken the crystal salver and the rusty cup, overflowing with poison, He gave a sign to me and to the angel of Father’s Sovereignty to follow Him. Thus, having left the Court, we followed Him to the Throne Room of God Father. At the moment, when Jesus was about to open the doors of the Room, He turned to me, saying:
“Let Me untie your hands from the mantle of the Heavenly herald! As he is chosen to step with Me before the Holy Altar of Father. And you fall on your knees before the Holy Anger of My Father, which will blaze up in His Holy Altar only in a moment…”
Here that Lord untied the bright silk lace from my hands and was already opening the doors of the Throne Room, when I fell on my knees behind the Heavenly herald. At the very opening of the doors a wave of Fire, which I had never experienced, blasted me. It literally inflated the mantle of the angel, as if it was a blast of a quite powerful wind. Thus Lord and the angel stepped forth – to the very Throne of God and Father. Then Jesus stretched His hands to the Throne, as He told the Almighty:
“Holy Father! Your hand has found twelve links from all the Holy and blessed places in Your Kingdom! You have put Your entire Holiness, Love, Truth and Light of Your Heart into twelve links! In twelve links, You, Holy God, declared to the devil that You are Holy and Loving, Wise and Truthful, Blessed and Merciful, Faithful and Humble, Just and Forgiving, Incorruptible and Inalterable! Each of Your twelve links shone and blazed up in the crystal salver of Your Fatherly Righteousness! Yet not one of Your links turned the devil away from his dishonesty, and not one of the rays of Your Sovereignty illuminated his heart! The devil remained a snake, which shoots its forked tongue and spits poisonous words and daring insults against You, against Your Son and against Your Holy Spirit!
Here, My Holy Father!
The cup of the devil is overflowing with his poison and the crystal salver with the gold link testifies against him! Almighty God of Mine, deign in preparing the chain of devil’s condemnation in the flames of Your Anger!”
In response to the words of Jesus, God’s Throne started moving. Having stretched His fiery hands, God Father unstrung the gold links from Lord’s Sword into His right hand and took the overflowing-with-poison devil’s cup in His left hand. Then the Voice of God’s Anger echoed over the entire Heaven and Father Himself spoke from His Throne, as He said:
“I, the Eternal Jehovah! I will quench My Wrath and will punish My enemy with My Fiery Anger! Blaze up Fire in My Holy Altar! Kindle yourselves, fiery tongues! Prepare to devour the poison of the devil, by which He traduced Me and My Heaven! Anger of My Heart – start boiling furiously! Lord’s muscles – prepare the punishment! As a link will join a link and Fire will gush out of them forever! In order for it to burn the heart of the dishonest one, and force out eternal shrieks from his jaws!”
Here that the left hand of Father was already throwing the rusty cup with its poison into the flames of His Holy Altar! Then as if the Altar exploded, as the Fire was heated to that hue of the white, which can only be seen in a shiny lightning. Only a moment later the right hand of Father stretched over the flames and threw in it all the twelve gold links. Thus the flames started going into the gold links, and then they connected them and welded them together, as thus no power would ever be able to disconnect them or break them. When the chain was completely connected, God Father stretched His hands, as He took it by its two ends. Then He told the angel in a mighty and just Voice:
“Servant of My Sovereignty! Take the fiery chain from My hands and go catch the devil in his fiendish dwelling! Also take the crystal salver of My Righteousness, over which I have written certain words by Fire, which you must display to Satan! Also take the key of the abyss together with the fiery seal, which will make it inaccessible for a thousand years! Bind the ancient serpent, which is a devil and Satan! As the time for his condemnation has come, and the moment of his binding is now!”
Here that the angel took the fiery chain of Father, but his hands were not burnt at all. Thus he took the crystal salver, together with the key and the seal for the abyss, which he brought into his mantle. When he did this, Father spoke to Jesus, as He told Him:
“Once again bind the hands of Our servant to the mantle of My angel. So that he watches and sees everything. And when he sees it – to testify for the binding of the devil!”
After these words of Father, Jesus came close to me. When He stood me upright on my feet, He told me:
“Have no fear! As the benevolence, you have from My Father, is too great! Instead, just stretch your hands to Me! So that I bind them to the mantle of the angel again! In order for you to go with him, and see how he will catch and bind the ancient serpent, which is a devil and Satan!”
As if in a state of being half-awake I stretched my hands to the Lord. He removed his shining silk lace from His Own mantle, as He bound my palms to the ends of the angel’s mantle. Then, pointing with His right hand downward from Mount Zion, Lord Jesus commanded the angel, as He told him:
“I, the Eternal Judge of the living and the dead, send you to bind the devil with the chain of his own condemnation! As you bind him – unlock the doors of the abyss and throw him into it! Then – as you seal the abyss – return to your place in the Throne Room of My God and Father!”
Listening to the words of the Eternal Judge, the angel bowed to Father and Jesus. As He stretched his wings, he started flying down from Mount Zion… My brother! My faithful friend! For the last time I was flying, with my hands bound to the ends of the angel’s mantle. Here that the dark realms of the devil were approaching irresistibly. Thus standing in front of the gates of death and hell, the angel unlocked them. Then he pushed them with great power, as they opened with fearful noise. Then God’s herald stepped forth, as he held the gold chain, from which the flames of Anger were shining. Unlike our previous visits, the devil was not quick to sit in his throne, but cried out in a wild voice, as he said:
“What?!! Have you come to bind me? Do not you know that I am the one, who binds, and who can never be bound? Do you really imagine that I will let this chain fix into my body?”
Here that the devil spread his monstrous wings, as he tried to aim a demonic whirlwind against the Heavenly herald. But then the angel extended the crystal salver of God’s Righteousness, with God’s fiery words, written on it, against the whirlwind, and thus the whirlwind turned against the very devil and shove him as a rag into the black walls of the rock. Having seen that he will not succeed with his wings, Satan cried out to the angel again, as he told him:
“I am a proud cherub and do not accept defeat easily! Will you chase me to the last circle of hell? Will you dare to do this?”
To these words the angel replied to him authoritatively, as he said:
“One chases a bird, which has wings to fly! You no longer are a bird, devil! You are just a snake!”
After these words of the Heavenly herald, fiery lightning bolts shot out of the crystal salver and reduced the wings of Satan to ashes. Thus, having remained only with the skeleton of his wings, the devil collapsed powerless next to his iron throne. As the devil approached him and took his black body, he started entangling him in the fiery chain, at which the devil twisted convulsively with beastlike shrieks, which pierced the entire hell. When he was completely entangled, and his body hissed and smoked from the fire of the gold links, the angel bent the crystal salver of God’s Justice over his head, as he told him:
“The Almighty God Father, the Sovereign God of Heaven and earth, tells you:
“Ancient serpent, which is a devil and Satan! The time for your condemnation has come and now is the moment of your binding! These are the words, which I pronounce, in response to all the poison you bespattered against the links of My Holiness and My Love:
“Satan! Lord’s Enemy!
I, God Father, am a God of Holiness!
And you, Satan, are a corrupted devil!
I, God Father, am a God of Love!
You, Satan, are a hater of men!
I, God Father, am a God of Wisdom!
And you, Satan are a wicked monster!
I, God Father, am a God of Truth!
And you, Satan, are a liar and the father of lie!
I, God Father, am a God of Boon!
And you, Satan, are a calculating merchant!
I, God Father, am a God of Mercy!
You, Satan, are unmerciful and your heart is as solid as the lower millstone!
I, God Father, am a God of Faithfulness!
And you, Satan, are unfaithful and your heart is poisonous and treacherous!
I, God Father, am a God of Humbleness!
And you, Satan, are insanely proud and your heart is deceitfully exalted!
I, God Father, am a God of Forgiveness!
And you, Satan, are malicious and poisonous, and your heart lacks the power to forgive!
I, God Father, am a God of Incorruptibility!
And you, Satan, buy through deception the hearts of the earthly men!
I, God Father, am an Unchanging God!
And you, Satan, are a changing creature, which deceives men at every time and place!”
After these Sacred Father’s words, the angel caught the tied devil with one hand and extended his wings, as he raised him from his dwelling. Then, having descended to the very bottom of hell, he found somewhere out of the way the door of the great abyss. As he unlocked it and was ready to drop the devil into the darkness of the bottomless precipice, he told him once again:
“Ancient serpent, which is a devil and Satan! Hear your sentence from the Eternal Judge! As it will fill out your entire existence throughout all of the long thousand years of your punishment, as well as in the eternity after them:
“Satan! Lord’s enemy! You have chosen darkness and your existence will be darkness for eternal centuries! You have chosen insanity and insanity will be your end! You will decay and hiss in the abyss for a thousand years, but even they will not enlighten your heart. You will be horrified in each of My links and each of My links will burn you forever! At the end, after the thousand years, I will release you on earth again. As I am a Judge, Who does His deed in front of many witnesses. And you will once again harp on the same string. You will bring out all of your vileness, in order to deceive the nations and the tribes, the Gog and the Magog, for the war against the city My Heart loves. So that My Fire falls from Heaven and eats you up. And as I bind you forever with My chain – I will throw you in the fiery lake, which will burn with fire and brimstone…”
These were the last words, spoken by the Heavenly herald. Only thanks to his mantle, which deafened the satanic shrieks, did I succeed in hearing them and writing them down. And when the sticky and dense darkness of the abyss literally sucked in the presence of the devil and he disappeared in it, the angel of Father’s Sovereignty locked the door of the abyss. Then he put a seal of eternal corroding fire over the lock. Thus having done everything that was entrusted to him, he rose to the gates of death and hell for the last time, as he locked them. Then he extended his wings, in order to raise me to Christ’s Court and into the Holy Presence of Jesus. Here that standing before the Eternal Judge, His angel bowed to Him, as he said:
“My Lord! You, Who are an Eternal Judge of the living and the dead! The sentence over the devil is carried out! And the gold chain will burn his dishonest heart, his dishonest bones, his dishonest tongue and his dishonest head for a thousand years! Deign, Lord, in relieving the earth with the Glorious phenomenon of Your coming and with the shiny dawn of Your magnificent Millennium! As by Your chain the traducer of men, the murderer of the Truth, and the father of lie was bound!”
In response to the words of the angel Jesus smiled and His Face started shining from indescribable and most glorious joy. Then, as He untied my hands from the mantle of the angel, He caressed my head tenderly, as He told me:
“My good and faithful servant! You have done the deed, you were chosen for by Me! The deed – to see visions from My Court and to tell about the binding and the condemnation of the ancient serpent, which is a devil and Satan! A deed – to overcome his poison and all the arrows of his revenges!
That is why this prophetic book will become a wreath of God’s Righteousness over your head! A wreath, by which you will remain marked by My God and Father for eternal centuries! As I found you, chose you, confirmed you and anointed you to hold the polished Sword of the Lord! A Sword, which you have swung throughout the years, in order to slay commands and powers, worms and demons, screech-owls and eagle-owls, bats and moles! A sword, by which you have reached the climax of God’s vocation – to bind through prophetic visions the very devil and Satan! Now I tell you that few are the men, who can carry the burden of My Sword in this hardest time of increased lawlessness. You are truthfully confirmed by Heaven as one of them! To all of My people, who offered their prayers and their goods for the deed of My prophet, I say:
My people! Called, Chosen and Faithful to the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit! You are more than triumphant over the devil! As I filled your hearts out with Heavenly triumph over him! Remember this book more than all the others, in which your Lord has pierced the devil! Remember it, just as you remember your rebirth! As the war of heavens is coming to its end soon, and the Heavenly Judge will certainly take a step towards everything, His prophet has announced in visions! Fearsome battle was lead in the spiritual world for the appearance of these visions! A battle, in which My prophet prevailed through My Faith, My Zeal and My Spirit! Blessed be all, who are filled out by such Faith! Blessed be all, who are set on fire by such Zeal! Blessed be all, who abide in such Spirit!
I, the Eternal Judge of the living and the dead, have given these visions to My prophet!
I have spoken them! I have pronounced them!”

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