My brother! My faithful friend!
Blessed be my Lord and God, as He remains unchanged regardless of the circumstances. He is like a white and sparkling Rock on the top of a mount. Men are born, get old and die, but He remains the Same. Men change due to all sort of factors and reasons, but He remains unaltered. Many years of my life passed in service to This God, Who has not had a change, or even a hint of a change. For that time I had to grow weary of the fearful and horrible changeability in the fates of many men. They came and left my life. They came with oaths and solemn promises that they will neither retreat nor be shaken by the wind, but very soon the devilish persecution turned their words to dust. Despite the fact that their explicit changeability added much grief and sadness to my life, I had to continue my service to the Lord. I had to remember the sparks of Heavenly Wisdom, by which God testifies to us all that it is of no significance how a man starts the race for Zion, but it is fateful whether he finishes it. Today, when Lord Jesus has placed me before the greatest deed of my life, I look back into the years and am a bit puzzled. How was that zeal, which gave birth to twenty spiritual and hundred and twenty prophetic books, even possible? How did that become possible – Lord to confirm me as a tree, which produces its fruit each month – without growing tired, without stopping or growing desperate, without breaking or turning yellow from the evil seasons of the devil?
My brother, the truth is that I accepted in my heart the Fiery, the Holy and the Inalterable Spirit of Lord Jesus Christ! And I did not walk the way that had to be walked through Power, or through Might, but through Lord’s Spirit. Today, when Lord’s Sword has pressed the devil into the depths of hell, I feel in my heart that Lord has made me more than victorious over the devil. As not even one of all the visions from hell showed Satan as a worthy adversary or an enemy, deserving respect and esteem. Nothing like that! I saw a slimy, cowardly, cunning and arrogant manipulator, who had lost his entire nobility, initial beauty and great spiritual talents. I saw a personality, which had changed more than all the other personalities in the Universe! As I listened to all the cunning arguments of this personality, as well as all to his poisonous words, by which he abused the crystal salver of God’s Righteousness and the gold links of Father’s Sovereignty, I realized that the devil is daring and insolent, as he has interweaved his demonic existence with the existence of millions and billions of men. He has become their pattern of thinking, their way of expression, their constant rebellion and opposing against God’s Holiness, God’s Love and God’s Truth. The saddest and most horrible in this interweaving of the existences of the devil and mankind is the fact that God’s chain, which binds the devil, will also bind all the men, who participated with their hearts in the accursed scenario of his rebellion.
Imagine this, my brother! Imagine a puppeteer, who has tied with demonic strings the hearts of the men in his own dungeon. Then, by pulling their strings, he made them hate each other, lie to each other, curse each other, kill each other. So that they are wolves in his jungle. So that they are beasts in his existence. But here that the Holy God of Heaven strikes the puppeteer down, as He binds him with the chain of Condemnation. Then a Heavenly angel catches the devil and throws him into the abyss, so that he no longer deceives the nations.
What happened to the puppets, my brother? Where will their end be? Can they exist without the puppeteer, who has always produced their dark existence? Can the changeable ones do without the changing one? Can the obscene ones do without the obscene one? Can the wicked ones do without the wicked one? Can the loathsome ones do without the loathsome one? Has not he always been the target of their entire admiration and the source of all their inspiration? The truth is that behind the puppets of the devil there is one more puppeteer, to whom the dragon will soon give his power, his throne and all of his strength. This puppeteer is the man-Antichrist. As he will get the strings from the hand of his father, in order to finalize his filthy ambitions. Then, at his appearance, the entire demonised Christianity, which has forgotten the most important verses for Lord Jesus Christ, will be gathered around him. They have forgotten the verses, which say this about Him:
“Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever…” (Hebrews 13:8)
Thus, at the appearance of the beast, the Christian-merchants will exclaim enthusiastically to the entire world:
“What have we been telling you? Do you understand now that Lord really is out of business! And in his poverty we were enriched!”
Thus, at the appearance of the beast, the Christian-careerists will exclaim enthusiastically to the entire world:
“What have we been telling you? Do you understand now that Lord has really raised his entire army from high-standing men?”
What else can I say about all the other representatives of the demonised Christianity? What else can I say about the idolaters, theologians, teachers according to the human passions, the followers of Diotrephes, the virus-men and the bacteria-men, the fungus-men and the microbe-men, the tumour-men and the leprosy-men? Have not they all been the desire of the devil to change the entire humanity according to his own demonic image and obscene image?
Yet here that even if the entire humanity hugged the increased lawlessness, in order to be changed according to the expectations of the devil, there will remain enough faithful God’s people, who will certainly be inalterable.
Inalterable – as they have believed in the True God, in Whom there is no change, or even a hint of a change! Inalterable – as they have inclined their hearts to the prophetic word, which cleanses them and confirms them! Inalterable – as they have already condemned the changing ones and have recognized his entire deception and cunning! Namely for them, I will now go on with the vision, concerning the link of God’s Inalterability. As I was still in Christ Court, waiting with huge benevolence for the Lord to take the last of the links of God’s chain. Here that He really did it. As His hand stretched to the ruby table and His fingers took the last gold link. Thus Lord approached the angel of Father’s Sovereignty and gave him the link, as He said:
“My Father is an Inalterable God, Who loves His unchanging creations. Take the link of His Inalterability, taken from amidst the Book of Life. As you put it in the crystal salver of His Righteousness, go and test the devil with the twelfth display of God’s Sovereignty!”
Listening to the words of the Judge, the angel took the link from His hand. As he bowed to Him, he put it in the crystal salver and stretched out his wings, in order to start flying… For the twelfth time, my hands tied to the ends of the angel’s mantle, I was flying together with the Heavenly herald to the dark dwelling of the devil. Thus we both with the angel were once again situated before the gates of hell and death. Here that the angel brought out the keys of death and hell, and unlocked the gates. Then he pushed them with his shining from Light hands and thus the gates were opened in creaking and rumble. Then the angel stepped into the tarry darkness of devil’s dwelling, as he cried out in a powerful darkness:
“Show yourself Satan! A messenger of Heaven has unlocked your gates and a herald of the Judge is coming into your dwelling!”
As with all the other exclamations of the Heavenly herald, this time the hell space was once again shaken by his voice, as the rocks split and bits from them started falling into the darkness. Having heard the voice of the angel, the devil hurried to crawl out of the darkness and sit on his iron throne. So poisonous words gushed out of his dishonest mouth once again, as he told the angel:
“Have you not grown tired of doing this vanity of the Heavenly God? Have you not grown tired of saying the same words? Have not your wings begun to hurt from this wandering from up there to down here? What else do I have to discuss with you, when I see that you are hopelessly dedicated to Heaven? How many more gold links do I have to bespatter, in order for Jehovah to comprehend the feelings, which I have for Him?”
In response to the devil, the Heavenly herald approached his iron throne. As he brought the salver right in front of his disgusting face, he cried out in an authoritative voice:
“Ancient serpent, which is a devil and Satan! The time for you condemnation is close and the moment of your binding is coming soon! That is why God Father, the Almighty, tells you for the last time:
Bow to the link of My Inalterability and admit to the inhabitants of the entire Heaven that you are a changing creature, which deceived the men at every place and time!”
While the angel was saying his words, the crystal salver in his hands turned into a mirror. Here that willingly or not the devil had to see in the mirror all of his deceitful transformations, which were lain out one after the other. From the eastern images of Buddha, Jina, Krishna, Vishnu and Shinto, through the Egyptian images of Amun-Ra, Osiris and Isis, through the Roman images of Jupiter and Mercury to the Greek images of Zeus and Apollo, and even to the images of Allah, Sabaoth, Christ and the Virgin Mary. Every time any of the images changed, one of the skins of the snake fell off, as too many withered skins were gathered under the wide-open jaw of Satan. Then the gold link of God’s Inalterability blazed up in Fire, as it started eating up the withered skins that burst into flames like straw and crackled from the fiery tongues. All of this made the devil cry out in horror and start twisting convulsively, without finding rest for his body. Then the angel of Father’s Sovereignty asked him in a fearful voice:
“How many more skins do you want to change, devil? How many more deceitful images do you want to impose through your demons to the world? Are not you a changing creation, in which there is nothing that is True?”
The words of God’s herald made the Fire over the devil blaze up even more, as Satan cried out in a piercing howl:
“Stop, stop, stop! I can no longer stand this! If you are asking me a question, at least let me answer!”
His words made the angel stretch his hand over the crystal salver, as thus the mirror stopped acting, and the link stopped burning with fire. As the devil enveloped himself in his mantle, in order to extinguish his smoking body, he shrunk into a ball over his iron throne. And when I thought that he had no power to open his mouth, he opened his mantle out of nowhere and screamed out as powerfully as he could:
“Ho-ho-ho! Is the memory of the Heavenly Judge really so short that He sees a changing creature only in me? Did not He, Who put a Testament according to the Law, change it later with a Testament of Boon? So if the Inalterable altered, why should not I follow His example? Here, You really are pressing me too much, Heavenly God! But look by Yourself and see that the changing men in the world look for changing gods for their souls! I was generous to give them to them! But know that I will not bow to Your gold link and I will not give up my changeability! Even if You wait for another thousand years – I will simply throw a thousand new skins over mankind! As I hate You, hate You, hate You! I hate Your Holiness, I hate Your Truth, I hate Your Heaven! This hatred makes me alive! It is the meaning of my existence! It is the flight of my wings!”
While Satan was saying his words through his clenched teeth with unimaginable malice, the poison from his jaws spilled on the crystal salver of God’s Righteousness and over the link of God’s Inalterability. This made the angel pull the salver back from the iron throne of the devil, and then tell him:
“Woe to you, ancient serpent, which is a devil and Satan! As by the words of all of your poison against God you have tied yourself, as nobody else could have tied you! All the gold links will seal for eternity what you said against God and Father! And the crystal salver of God’s Righteousness will always stand before the Face of the Almighty One, in order to remind Him that you are a Heavenly enemy, and an enemy of the Lord! A monster, for which there is no place in the new Heaven and the new earth! A monster, which will not be honoured with the centuries of God’s Renewal! A monster, which will pierce the abyss with the shrieks of its doom! Your trials are over, Satan! From now on expect your sentence!”
After these words the angel withdrew from the dwelling of the devil. As he locked the gates of death and hell, he extended his wings, in order to raise me to Christ’s Court and into the Holy presence of the Eternal Judge. Here that the angel was already stepping into the Court with the salver stretched forth. He said to Jesus:
“My Lord! You, Who are an Eternal Judge of the living and the dead! The link of Father’s Inalterability was abused and the poison of the snake spilled on the salver of His Righteousness! Even though the devil saw all of his deceitful reincarnations as withered skins in the mirror of God’s Truth, he still did not admit that he is a changing creature. Even though he felt the corroding Fire of God’s Anger, he still dared to abuse and soil the Holy Name of the Almighty One…”
Listening to the words of His herald, Lord came close to him and took the abused crystal salver and the gold link soiled with poison. Then, as He put them on the ruby table, He gave me a sign to come closer to Him together with the angel. Then, having brought His Sword out, Lord started scraping off the snake poison, as He told me:
“Look at how I am filling the rusty cup of the satanic lawlessness. As you look at it – tell Me:
Will I succeed in pouring all the poison of the snake into the cup?”
I looked at the rusty cup and was horrified. It was overflowing and there was no room to pour into. That is why, as I bent my head down before my Lord, I told Him:
“Jesus! The cup of the devil is overflowing! What will You do now?”
As Lord looked at me strictly, He said to me:
“Now I will take the rusty cup with the overflowing snake poison together with all the gold links that were abused. As I go to the Holy Altar of My Heavenly Father, I will pour the poison into the Fire of His Anger, and the links into the flames of His Sentence! And I will tell all of God’s children today:
At no other time and to nobody else of God’s prophets have I given this Holy privilege – to see the binding and the condemnation of the devil! But to you – My last generation, which will take part in the taking, I say:
By faith become witnesses of God’s Furious Anger, in which flames My Father will unite the links of the chain. As He welds them together and seals them, so that they never again are disconnected, He will send His angel to Satan’s dwelling for the last time. In order for the angel to capture him and bind him. And as he binds him – to throw him into the darkness of the abyss, which the devil will not leave for a thousand years. Then the angel will throw him, and lock and seal above him, so that he no longer deceives the nations! I, the Eternal Judge of the living and the dead, have given this Holy privilege to My prophet!”

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