My brother! My faithful friend!
The more this prophetic book is going to its end, the more frightened and fluttered the devil is. As even if he is deprived of reason, he knows that he has little left. So if you imagine how God has stretched His sparkling fiery hand against the kingdom of the devil, have the faith to extend this picture and see that all of Satan’s claims are brought down on earth. They were a huge balloon, full of pride, exalting and deception. But here that God’s hand presses the balloon over the earthly hills, and thus it is torn, and the compressed fury of Satan comes out of the pierced places with fearful whistling… You can only guess what evil the satanic streams of compressed deception are capable of! As the verses from “Revelation” give the following comment on this situation:
“Then I heard a loud voice in heaven say: “Now have come the salvation and the power and the kingdom of our God, and the authority of His Messiah. For the accuser of our brothers and sisters, who accuses them before our God day and night, has been hurled down. They triumphed over him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony; they did not love their lives so much as to shrink from death. Therefore rejoice, you heavens and you who dwell in them! But woe to the earth and the sea, because the devil has gone down to you! He is filled with fury, because he knows that his time is short…” (Revelation 12:10-12)
In the very same way this prophetic book is the testimony of a servant, who did not love his life so much as to shrink from death. Thus for all, who dwell in Heaven by faith, the time has come to really rejoice. But for the ones, who live on earth (that is – in the flesh) and in the sea (which is – the world), the moment of bitterness has come. So if you think that the devil will start punishing the men with horrors and revenges, then you must free your mind from this idea as soon as possible.
Not even close, my brother!
Brought down to the earth by God, the devil will stretch his sharp claws for the last time, in order to carry away as many men as possible into hell. So that you fully understand what the devil will do on earth, I want to reveal to you here the vision, which Jesus gave to my heart. As having Kindness and Mercy for all of God’s children, He spoke to my heart, as He said:
“What do you think? What will the devil do, when My Father completely brings his claims down to the earth? As the verses from the “Revelation” warn about a woe over the men…”
“Lord! Satan is an insatiable monster! The closer the time of his binding and condemnation from You is, the more fearful his deception over the earthly men will be…”
“Then let Me show you this satanic deception. As all of you must comprehend it and stay away from it…”
After these words of His Lord touched my head, and thus a vision was revealed before my eyes. Here that I saw Satan, who was walking on the hot sand in the desert, as he approached my Lord. Then, having come next to Him, he told Him:
“Follow me to my mount Ebal! As the Heavenly God has given me the right to come close to You and to show You the things, which will certainly arouse Your interest…”
Here that my Lord followed the devil. Thus the devil led Him to the vision on his mount. There Satan spat out some poison in his cupped hands, and waited for it to crystallize and turn into two glass lenses. Thus the devil raised the lenses with his bony hands and brought them closer to the eyes of God’s Son, so that Jesus may look through them, and told Him:
“I will give You all their authority and splendour; it has been given to me, and I can give it to anyone I want to. If You worship me, it will all be Yours…” (Luke 4:6-7) 
At that moment the entire glory, wealth and prosperity of the nations on earth started going through the satanic lenses. Deceitful rays, similar to snake tongues, tried to pierce the Holy pupils of Jesus. But namely then an omen took place. As the pupils of God’s Son seemed to have become pure gold. As Lord raised His hand and moved away the bony hands of the devil from His Face, He told him in firm Voice:
“It is written: ‘Worship the Lord your God and serve Him only’…” (Luke 4:8)
After these words fiery flames came out of the gold pupils of Jesus, and being smashed the devil shook his head and hurried to take the lenses into his mantle, knowing now that there was no way to tempt God’s Son. As Lord turned to me, He spoke to me:
“Do you see My eyes, Lord’s servant?”
“Yes, Jesus! I see that Your pupils have become just like gold. And fiery flames jump out of them…”
“Then let Me look at you from close distance with My Own pupils, so that you see them and testify for them to My Church…”
Here that Lord came close to my own eyes, as His eyes were looking at mine. Then in the brilliance of the Fire, which tenderly shone from Christ’s eyes, I saw that Christ’s very pupils were two Holy and pure coins. These were the two denarii of the Good Samaritan – God’s Kindness and God’s Mercy. This wondrous omen made me fall on my knees before Jesus and ask Him:
“My Lord! Are these Holy coins really the pupils of Your eyes?”
Jesus answered:
“That is why I came on earth! To look with God’s Kindness to the heart-broken and with God’s Mercy to the bound ones. So that I declare the year of Lord’s Salvation and the entire Love of Father, by which He gave His Son to the world. Do you understand now why the lenses of devil’s temptation could not pierce Lord’s pupils?”
“Yes, my Lord! Now I understand that the devilish lenses of Greed and Avarice have no power against the pupils of God’s Kindness and Mercy. The devil tried to tempt and bribe You, thinking that You look with the earthly look of the earthly men. But at the moment of temptation Your look was Heavenly. And the flames of Father’s Love sparkled from Your pupils…”
In response to my words, Jesus raised His hand to Heaven, and then asked me with divine grief in His Voice:
“How many are the men, who will look at what is above, in order to overcome the satanic temptation? How many are the reasonable ones to comprehend that if the devil is brought down on earth, then it will be namely there that he will run wild with his entire destructive power? At the very least – will you convince someone with the look of Lord’s pupils, if at that moment his eyes are tempted by the lenses of satanic cunning? Will they see the blessings of Zion, when the devil is pulling him with the riches of Babylon? Will such man show Kindness and Mercy, when Greed and Avarice spur him to rob and collect, insatiable for the riches of the devil? But that is why I tell you all:
Deny your earthly eyes, in order to acquire the eyes of the Good Samaritan – the Kindness and the Mercy of the Heavenly Father. As through Kindness and Mercy you store treasures in heavens. But if someone’s eyes are lascivious and ailing, then his entire body will be darkened. Such one, blinded by Satan’s deception, will never become seeing for the Light of God’s Salvation…”
My brother! We are living in a fearful time. So fearful that today the men jostle and die in the desire to acquire a pair of satanic lenses. You will see these men everywhere. You will see them grinning, as they participate in the monetary games on the television. You will see them enter and leave the totes and the bingo rooms. Most of all – you will see them holding money in their hands, and sealing with “Amen” their prayers for prosperity, while the cups for donations hectically go around the rows in the hall. And after that – having remained by themselves with the prosperity – the greedy leaders slobber their fingers, take their calculators and count, and count… As they look at the devil, as to a god, his riches are the only goods that are meaningful. Namely they are the generation, for which “woe” is prophesied in the “Revelation”. As their woe is not in their lifetime, while they bathe in the deception of satanic well-being. The woe is later – in the flames of eternal hell. Remember this vision and do not stop praying to the Lord, until you receive the Heavenly look of His Holy eyes! Now let me get you back to the vision before Christ’s Court. As there my Lord disconnected the last two links. As He took one of them in His hand, He came close to the angel of Father’s Sovereignty, as He said to him:
“My Father is an Incorruptible God, Who loves His incorruptible beings. Take the link of His Incorruptibility, taken from God’s Treasury. As you put it in the crystal salver of His Righteousness, go and test the devil with the eleventh display of God’s Sovereignty!”
Listening to the Eternal Judge, the angel stretched out his hand and took the gold link. Then, as he bowed to the Lord, he placed it over the crystal salver and extended his wings, in order to start flying…
I flew bound to the ends of the mantle of the Heavenly herald for the eleventh time. This time we once again descended to earth and passed through it, as nothing material held us back. Thus having gone down to the gates of death and hell, the angel unlocked them again and they opened in rumble. Here that God’s messenger stepped forth into the satanic dwelling, as He cried out in a powerful voice:
“Show yourself Satan! A messenger of Heaven has unlocked your gates and a herald of the Judge is coming into your dwelling!”
No sooner had the devil heard the voice of the angel and felt the quake from the Heavenly visit, than he nimbly jumped on his iron throne, as he cried out in anger:
“Does not the Heavenly God know, or there is nobody to tell Him that such visits are called burglary? Why does nobody ask for my consent, when they open my gates? Am I a cherub or an insignificant spirit with an insignificant part? How many more times will I have to tremble and wait for visits from above, when I also have other things to do?”
Without considering the angry outbursts of Satan, the angel stepped towards his iron throne. As he raised the crystal salver with the gold link at the height of his eyes, he spoke to the devil, as he said:
“Ancient serpent, which is a devil and Satan! The time for your condemnation is close and the moment of your binding comes soon!
This is what God Father, the Almighty One, tells you:
Bow to the link of My Incorruptibility and admit to the inhabitants of the entire Heaven that you buy the hearts of the earthly men through deception!”
While the angel was talking, the crystal salver turned into a mirror. Here that the devil had to see his eyes in the mirror as silver coins, fixed instead of pupils into his eyes. Then the very gold link blazed up. As it surrounded the reflection of the head of the devil, just like a brace, it started to singe the very coins into his eyes. This made Satan roar out in a beastlike manner, turn his head aside and cover himself with his black mantle, in hope to soothe the pain in his eyes. But just a moment later, having gathered his entire possible strength, he once again revealed his face again and looked with his eyes, smoking with Fire, at the crystal salver and the gold link. Here that with a spiteful laugh the devil shouted out, as he said:
“Ha-ha-ha! Will you Jehovah, Heavenly merchant speak to me of Your Incorruptibility? Is there anything You have given from Your Heaven, without somebody paying a price for it? Do not You want a price to be paid for everything? Has not Your prophet, who peeks behind the mantle of Your angel, also paid a price? Then why are You condemning me for being corruptible, Heavenly God? I am simply imitating You! You have Heavenly treasures, by which you buy the hearts, which trust You, and I have earthly treasures, by which I buy the hearts that trust me! You have two denarii and four kodrantes, while I have hundreds of billions of dollars and pounds, Euros and crowns! You have one Heavenly treasury, while I have a few thousand banks! You have Heavenly diamonds, gold and silver, and I have the earthly equivalents! Is there anything for You to debate with me or for me to debate with You? You want a price to be paid! I also want a price to be paid! You want the Heavenly price, and what is left for me is the earthly price! You expect Abraham’s sacrifice from men, while I am ready offer them his goods! Take a look at the people all over Your earth and see for Yourself who they listen to…”
My brother! The arguments of the devil were possibly the most accursed and cunning interpretation, which could be born in a dishonest heart. While the snake was screaming, splashes of poison spilled over the crystal salver of God’s Righteousness and over the gold link of God’s Incorruptibility. This made the angel of Father’s Sovereignty pull back the salver sharply. Then he said with a voice of fearful punishment against the devil:
“Woe to you, dishonest merchant! Woe to you, incendiary of consciences! As your lawlessness has no end and your rebellion is heavier than the sea sand! Prepare for the abyss, dishonest monster! May your worshippers prepare for the fiery hell! As all of your cunning arguments, are just like poisonous slobber, emitted by your poisonous teeth! Lord will soon bind this dishonest and damned boldness of yours with His chain…”
After these fearful words against Satan, the Heavenly herald left his dwelling. As he locked the gates of death and hell, he stretched his wings aside, in order to raise me to Christ’s Court and into the Holy presence of the Eternal Judge. Thus, standing before the Lord, the angel stretched to Him the abused salver and the desecrated link, as he told Him:
“My Lord! You, Who are an Eternal Judge of the living and the dead! The link of Father’s Incorruptibility was abused, and poison from the snake spilled on the salver of His Righteousness! Even though in the mirror of Truth the devil saw his eyes as corrupted and his pupils, as silver coins of bribery and dishonesty, he still did not admit that he is a corrupt merchant, but dared to abuse the Kindness and the Mercy of Father…”
Listening and gazing angrily with His frowning Face, Lord took the crystal salver and the link from His herald. Then, as He brought out His Sword, He started scraping off the dense poison of the devil into the rusty cup. When Jesus was finally over and had perfectly cleansed and illuminated the salver and the link, He spoke to me in a Voice of fearful Anger, as He told me:
“Go with My two denarii, with My Kindness and Mercy, to all of the churches of Babylon, as you call them to generosity and denial from greed and avarice! Be certain that they will not listen to you, as they are earthly churches, in which earthly shepherds preach to earthly men, according to what they see through the lenses of the devilish cunning. Go with the four kodrantes of Zacchaeus to all the avaricious and trading people in the dungeon. As you call them to Repentance, Self-purification, Self-denial and Self-sacrifice, do not expect even one merchant to bring his street-stand down, or even one avaricious man to give up their bank account, as they dedicate their goods to God’s Holy deed. Be certain that they will not listen to you, as the chain of the devil has tightened around their hearts, and the darkness of the devil has darkened their eyes. As nobody in the dungeon will listen to you, do cry and weep for the generation, which is bound and is held in captivity, from which it will never be freed!
Cry and weep for the mad merchants, as the fire in hell will burn them furiously! Cry and weep for the blind leaders, who will sink in the pit of eternal damnation! Cry and weep for the deceitful lights of the world’s gospel, who were bought by the devil and gathered millions of dollars, which will be of no use to them at all! Cry and weep for the generation, which recognized Me as God, but neither glorified Me as God, nor devoted itself to gathering treasures in heavens, but instead it let the moths eat up its wealth and the burglars break in and steal it! Cry and weep, as this is the last weeping of your soul and the last sobbing of your heart!
After this, I Myself will wipe your tears dry, and will console you from all the evil, you endured for Me! I, the Eternal Judge of the living and the dead, have given these visions to My prophet!”

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