“The second ray of My Mission is with the image of a lion, and through it one enters by the eastern Gates of the Heavenly Jerusalem. The Gates of Joseph, Benjamin and Manasseh that are the Godliness, the Zeal and the Forgiveness. By these Gates I free the captives!”

My dear brother! My faithful friend!
One great sorrow is pressing against my heart and it costs me great efforts to endure it – not just for days or weeks, but for months and years. And even though Lord has called me many times to delight in the Salvation that He is doing, the reasons for the sorrow appear all the time, just like waters from a never-ending spring. Regardless of whether I want it or not, each day I clash with one and the same oppressive atmosphere that reflects the difficulties and the burdens of generations of Bulgarians. And it seems that these five centuries of Turkish enslavement still have not ended yet, since the servile mentality still has not been eradicated and continues to give birth to its weeds in our attitude of mind and national self-consciousness. So if one decides to eradicate these weeds then this will mean that they will dedicate their life to a lost cause, since they will need not just years for that, but centuries. It seems that the fear from the high-standing ones has become a peculiar gene, and for quite a while the patience has become no longer virtue, but a defect, that is, a tumour in the Bulgarian spirit that seems to fully reflect the words of Apostle Paul:
“For you, being so wise, tolerate the foolish gladly. For you tolerate it if anyone enslaves you, anyone devours you, anyone takes advantage of you, anyone exalts himself, anyone hits you in the face…” (2 Corinthians 11:19-20) 
There is cowardice and pusillanimity, apathy and indifference everywhere, but with us all this has already gained the outlines of a black cloud that is one hundred and eleven square kilometres large (Note: that is the size of Bulgaria). Then how can the second of the divine rays of Christ’s Mission pierce the cloud of the Bulgarian fear, in order to find faithful hearts in which Lord to lay down the lion overshadowing of God’s Power? How much I wish I could answer this question affirmatively! And how jealous I am that the three lions from the Bulgarian coat of arms are not just vain and soulless heraldry, but the reflection of a nation that does not put up with the devil’s violence, but always finds a way to resist it. Unfortunately, the lion in the middle of the Bulgarian coat of arms walks backwards and not forward. It is facing the west, that is, the sunset, and not the east of the sunrise. The left, which is the weaker hand, and not the right – which is towards the Strength. Who decided that the symbol of the Bulgarian state system should look this way and how – that is another matter. I just want you to know that just as in a nation of lions a sheep is an exception, so in a nation of sheep one lion is an exception. Maybe that is why we have only one leonine deacon and apostle – Vasil Levski. In order to celebrate his birth and hanging in one neither pure, not Holy republic.
And where has Lord Jesus Christ remained in all these thoughts? Where has God’s Son, Whose Holy Spirit has given us all we need for life and piousness, remained? Where has that Heavenly City, built on a Mount that cannot be hidden, remained? For God’s Saints had to be namely this City, in order for the Saviour to call it “a light of the world”.
Let me tell you, my dear brother, that for the last fourteen years my heart was not just sated, but oversated with betrayals, changeability and apathy. All the whispering and gossips, chin-wagging and insidiousness, abuses and evil words. And all this by people who were foolishly daring to call themselves Christians. And all this from cowardly religious hypocrites, who will never have an opinion or a personal worthy position, but just like broken gramophones will play one and the same record of their pastor’s stigmas over Stefan Glavchev. Quite recently a very well-known Bulgarian singer, who had enjoyed my poetry that I write under the pen-name Jasen Vedrin, asked on the Internet for a contact with me. And when most cordially I answered her invitation, as I extended a hand and shared that my name is Stefan Glavchev, my hand remained hanging in the emptiness, since no answer followed… And how could an answer have followed, when the lady at hand is a part of the worship in a capital church where I am declared an antichrist. Perhaps the very next day she “sincerely repented” for reading the “devilish” poetry of this Vedrin, and wholeheartedly thanked God for being mighty enough to keep her from such an antichrist. Perhaps my enemies and evildoers find it very easy to say “Amen” to my disgrace, and to exclaim “Hallelujah”, when my books are torn and burnt, since namely that is the official standing of the official church unions, directorates, alliances and whatever other demonic swamps there are there. But none of my disgracers sensed the devil with the face of a lion, for whom Apostle Peter warned in his message:
“Be of sober spirit, be on the alert. Your adversary, the devil, prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour. But resist him, firm in your faith, knowing that the same experiences of suffering are being accomplished by your brethren who are in the world…” (1 Peter 5:8-9) 
And when one day all these earthly potsherds stand before the Holy Throne of the Eternal Judge, what justifications will they find in their exposed hearts? That their pastor who had an American diploma told them so? Or that they emphasized on a different vowel, and so instead of a Covenant with persecution, they sought a covenant without persecution…
Just how suitable for you! Just how sad! Just how loathsome and hypocritical! Just like in the proverb of Solomon, where it is written:
“The sluggard says, “There is a lion outside; I will be killed in the streets!”…”  (Proverbs 22:13) 
Well, stay inside then, under shelter! But do not even dare think that you have a share or participation in Lord’s Covenant! For Lord promised His people that they will be chased, persecuted and hated for His Name. But He also gave them power to step on snakes, on scorpions, and even power over the entire strength of the enemy. So that the words that once again lie in “Proverbs” come true:
“The wicked flee when no one is pursuing, but the righteous are bold as a lion…”  (Proverbs 28:1) 
Do you understand what I am speaking to you about, my faithful friend? Do you comprehend the sorrow, I cannot escape? Let me tell you that what is the most unbearable for me is not the arrows of the devil, or the rivers of religious wish-wash that poured over my name and my deed. No! What is terrible and unbearable sorrow is watching the people snap their backbones in servile bows due to their insurmountable fear of the high-standing ones. Someone was afraid of being expelled, another – of being anathematized, third – of losing the well-warmed chair in the gathering, fourth – of getting a bad name for himself among the people, fifth – of being targeted by prayers of sorcery, sixth – of someone ending their theological education, seventh – of bringing their career to ruin.
Fear, fear, fear! Oh, wretched captives of the fear! By what words am I to describe you or by how many more tears am I to bemoan you? How is it that you still have not awoken to resist the devil by Christ’s Faith? How is it that you still have not roared out against the wicked lion of darkness through the Voice of the Lion of the tribe of Judah? In the past time how was it that you did not confirm yourselves with the Faith of David, and with the standing of Daniel? When the hirelings of Babylon declared my deed wicked did they scare my Lord, in order for Him to say, trembling:
“Eh, My servant! My guidance to you can only go so far! This campaign against you has scared Me a lot and so now I must take to My heels and run away in the Heaven! And you try to handle the situation somehow…”
Was the Holy Spirit disturbed somehow by the overflowing waters of wickedness, which became the reason for my personal violation, in order for him to tell me:
“I am leaving already, Stefan! I am going! It was nice talking to you and using you, but these waters of Euphrates are just too terrible, do you not agree?”
Finally, was the Holy and Almighty Father of Heaven disturbed, in order for Him to tell me:
“Why did I ever need to excite the spirits with these books I have given to you? What will I do now? How am I to keep the Gates of Jerusalem from the fiendish hordes of the devil? I just cannot think of a way and so, having been crushed, I leave you!”
Such dialogues can certainly exist only in the pink dreams of the devil. But in reality in his existence there is one Horror and ultimate Nightmare! The Horror and the Nightmare for which Apostle John wrote:
“The reason the Son of God appeared was to destroy the works of the devil…” (1 John 3:8)  
If someone wants to partake in the Victory and the Triumph of Lord Jesus Christ – let such one be hungry for more persecution! And as they endure the persecution – by Christ’s Faith to glorify their standing in God’s Eternal Righteousness! But if someone else wants to remain a religious commentator, in order to be enraptured by the rats that leave the sinking ship, let them keep their “holy” doctrines, until they are completely deprived of individuality in order to look just like their inspirers. I have no ambitions to draw to Lord’s Mount crowds that stretch like pig intestines and are ready to burst with anxiety. Since the stench from such people is indescribable, and their cowardly nature – worthy for disgust. But for all those Faithful, unhesitant, daring and fearless friends of mine I will now continue the vision before the eastern Gates of the Heavenly Jerusalem, which Lord gave to my heart. Here are the words He spoke to me, when He descended to me again:
“My servant! I see the sorrow by which your heart is overflowing and tell you that it can easily be removed from you. Namely that is why I will continue to call you to rejoice in My Salvation. For your state will always correspond to the regard of your spirit. If you look at the things above – you will see how in the City of God and Father there is joy and celebration, festivity and triumph. If you look at the things below – the sorrow will take the place of joy, for it is like the waves of a big river. And how could I tell you that you will not experience sorrow, when I personally witnessed all the abandonment and treacheries you experienced for the sake of My Name? When you sighed, I sighed with you! When you cried, I cried with you! When you suffered, I suffered with you! For I was not outside, but inside – in your heart! So each strike against you, was a strike against Me! Each thorn, fixed in your head, was a part of My thorn crown! Each nail by which the wicked ones pierced your giving hands, and your illuminated feet, was My Golgotha for your spirit!
But here, My servant! You live according to God’s Providence and Foreknowledge, and Satan has not found a single useful move against the Word of Mount Moriah, and has not invented a single weapon against the Lord’s prophet. May namely this comfort you and fill you out with My Peace! For I will do My Deed through your heart, and am mighty to track out and illuminate the people for whom I have written all the prophetic books in the time of your serving to Me.
Now look above, to Heaven. For I will embrace you with My Right Hand again, and with My Left Hand will touch My Heart, in order for the second of the rays of My divine Mission to appear…”
After His last words Lord hugged me, and a pearly ray shone from His chest and turned into a sun pathway. We instantly rose by the very pathway, and thus we reached the eastern Gates of the Heavenly Jerusalem. And there, just like in the first vision, Lord placed me so that I may see the three Gates. Then He Himself moved forward and raised His hands, crying out:
“God’s angels of the eastern Gates! Come up before the Heavenly King and appear for the prophet of Zion the pearly Light of the almighty overshadowing by God and Father that brings the Godliness, the Zeal and the Forgiveness together in the image of a lion! So that My Church has the testimony how I free the captives!”
Having heard the Voice of the Lord, the angels came up – each one before his Gate. And here that the first of them – the angel of Joseph – extended his wings. Then pearly rays came out of them that contained the brilliance of the image of a lion. Then God’s Godliness filled out the lion, and thus its mane shone as if it was of the sun, and the lion itself bent its forepaws, bowing down to Heaven. This made the Lord point to me what was happening and tell me excitedly:
“My servant, do you see how the lion’s mane became sunny and brilliant due to the Presence of the Holy Spirit? Here, I tell you, that this is due to the Godliness of Joseph! Each one who wants to be anointed as a lion in Heaven, needs to pay a price by their godly life, without fearing persecution. For there is no lion in Heaven that would fear the devil’s violence on earth. Quite on the contrary – the beasts of the wicked one run far away the moment they spot the bearing of a lion of God, since the Light shines in the darkness, and the darkness cannot understand it! See also how the sunny hairs of the mane descend from the head, in order to make the entire body of the lion Holy. This is how the Godliness appears as a bond between Me and My Church! And it is a sacred duty of each godly man to keep themselves unstained by the world, by visiting the orphans and the widows in their distress! Only so can the great secret of the Godliness make you noble and ready for God’s use!”
After these words of the Saviour, the second of the angels – the angel of Benjamin – extended his wings. Here that the pearly Light coming from him soon turned into fiery flames that joined the rays, as they soon filled out the mouth and the eyes of the lion. And God’s Zeal, more powerful than ever before, made the lion open its glorious jaws and roar out with its entire power. Then a streaming jet of fire came out of the lion’s jaws, and his eyes became like hot embers. And with one wonderful exclamation Lord called out to me, saying:
“A lion has roared! Who will not fear? The Lord God has spoken! Who can but prophesy?…” (Amos 3:8) 
Watch, My servant! And write down in a book this glorious moment, when God’s Zeal is coming out as fire from the mouth of the lion! For only so can My Church carry out the written word:
“Its roaring is like a lioness, and it roars like young lions; it growls as it seizes the prey and carries it off with no one to deliver it…” (Isaiah 5:29)
Have I not made you fishers of men, so that by My Zeal you deliver the souls from the captivity of the violator?
What dungeon will not be shaken by the mighty roar of the Zeal, and what iron bars will withstand the Fire which is kindled by the Heavenly Father?
Will a wolf disturb you, in order for you to run from hirelings, or will a bear scare you, in order for you to fall away due to sorcery?
Will a leopard bare its teeth at you, in order for fear of Antichrist to overcome you, or will a tiger startle you, in order for you to yield to Abaddon?
Here, I tell My people that there is no beast or terror against the Lion of the tribe of Judah, and no prison or barrier, where the devil can hold the captives of Zion, when Heaven has sent against them fire-breathing lions with manes of Godliness. A thousand wicked ones will scatter due to the roaring of one righteous man, and ten thousand will fall away completely due to the Fire in his mouth!
Be zealous, My Church! Break the irons of the devil’s dungeons and return to My Bosom the captives that Babylon put down!”
Lord had hardly spoken His words, when the third angel – that of Manasseh – stepped before His Gate, as well, extending his wings. Then smooth pearly light that was like a blanket or rather a covering of comfort came out of them. And God’s Forgiveness that shone from this covering, soon entered the front paws of the lion, making them smooth and fluffy. And there, in the presence of the lion, a lambkin appeared which fleece was quite soiled. But that did not anger the lion at all. Quite on the contrary – having raised its mighty paws, it caressed the fleece of the lambkin, and thus it started weeping with guilt in the lion’s embrace, in order for nothing of its impurity to remain. Then, with tears in His eyes, Lord pointed at the lion, telling me:
“That here, Stefan, is what separates God’s lions from the devil’s ones! The devil’s ones always turn the power into violence, whereas God’s ones turn their power in Forgiveness! Namely that is what lets them stay noble, since their embrace takes away the power of sin and condemnation, and covers the feeble ones with My Peace and Boon!
My Church!
I want My lions among you! I want these coveted servants to whom I will have the reason to repeat the words I said to My Apostles:
“Receive the Holy Spirit. If you forgive the sins of any, their sins have been forgiven them; if you retain the sins of any, they have been retained…” (John 20:22-23)
For only so will you learn to distinguish victims from executioners, captives from captors, prey from beasts!
Forgive the sins of the victims and the captives, for they need God’s Comfort and Forgiveness! Retain the sins of the executioners and the captors, for they are the target of God’s Furious Anger, and have long been chosen for their wicked deeds!
At the end of this Holy vision I will once again call everyone to let go of the pusillanimity and the fear, which are the main councillors of the betrayal and the retreat, in order for you to embrace the fearlessness, the courage and the love for your fellows, by which to confirm God’s overshadowing in your hearts. So that you pass through the Gates of Joseph, Benjamin and Manasseh with Godliness, Zeal and Forgiveness!
I, Lord’s Year and the Tree of Life, still talk and do not fall silent! Blessed are the lions of Heaven that free Zion’s captives! They are certainly with Spirit from the Spirit and Power from the Power of the Lion of the tribe of Judah!”

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