My dear brother! My faithful friend!
On my knees before my Lord and God I pray now that He fills out each of the people reading this book with the Presence of His Holy Spirit, so that its reading is not just saving, but miraculous. For all of us have come to believe in Jesus, so that He may save our souls and make us transfigured into His Own Image.
For a servant of the Saviour that has spent a large part of his life bending over the writing table, I will hardly convince anybody that in flesh I am one of the most mobile and walking people. Quite on the contrary – my years have passed mostly on a chair and in front of a computer, on which I write the contents of my books. Thus – from aside – everyone could say about me that I have deprived my body of motion. Yes, that is true! That is really so! For there is no man on earth that can write whilst walking or running. But even though in body I remained a tenant in an edge district of the city, in Spirit matters are not so at all. For I do not remember Lord Jesus Christ ever giving rest to my spiritual feet, or me ever not walking after Him.
Perhaps my time for rest is already close in its coming, but it is still not coming. Perhaps one day I will hear my Saviour tell me:
“Enough, Stefan! That was your way and you have walked all of it! Now sit and rest, as you wait for all those I need to bring together on Lord’s Mount!”
It would be great for these words to take place in my life, but they still do not. And may this desire of mine not sound like a pusillanimous confession of a deserter who is quick to escape his vocation. For there is no man on earth, by which I could compare myself and find myself ashamed and second-rate for the Kingdom of Heaven. However, there is one man in Heaven that has truly humbled my spirit and heart. And that is God’s righteous man Enoch. A man who walked with God three hundred and sixty-five years before the Almighty took him to Himself. What are my seventeen years of life for Jesus before these three-hundred-and-sixty-five years of Enoch? Are not his years twenty-two times more? And is not that why my Teacher is making up for my few years with Him with most abundant Boon, so that I may have the encouragement to follow Him? For it is clear as white day that the years of the life of man were cut short by God a long time ago to hundred and twenty, but in reality man usually reaches seventy, and where he has strength – eighty. From that point on life is not life, and strength is not strength. Thus, though I spend my entire faith praying God for more years to my life – I will not change my fate, but He will. For it does not matter how many years man spends on earth, but how he spends them. Since three years of Life in the Gospel of Christ are worth more than a thousand years in the palaces of wickedness. And if in the beginning of this chapter I set aside so much time for these thoughts, it is in order for me to prepare your heart for the quite great and fateful words of our Lord. Words, which are Spirit and Life for our spirit and our life. Words by which we will realize why Jesus called Himself in the Gospel so:
“I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father but through Me…” (John 14:6) 
Jesus is the Way, my brother! And in order for Him to be Truth and Life in your heart – walk with Him, in order to start walking! For only when you walk with Him till the end will you understand why Enoch walked with God three-hundred-and-sixty-five years, before Father took him up into His Home. For walking with God means giving your spirit over to Christ and letting Him walk His Way through your feet, guiding you through His Spirit into His Truth, and pouring Life into your heart through His shed blood. And I am so excited to speak of Him, namely because He also spoke to my spirit, in order to lead me into all the Holy visions of this book. Here are the words that Jesus spoke to my heart, when He descended to me again:
“My servant! Do you remember the words that I told you at the end of the last book that you wrote and gave to My brothers and sisters? Do you remember what I told you, when you exclaimed that you see the glass sea and the players of God’s harps that will sing the song of Moses and the Lamb?”
“Oh, Jesus! Your words are like flaming fire in my heart that will never die out, but will instead kindle my zeal for You! For in that wondrous vision, when I saw Your rejoicing Saints, You said to me word for word:”
“There is no way for them not to rejoice, My servant! Since you are a Faithful friend of My Heart and, by this Holy prophetic book, for which you had to overcome the spirit of the world, I will perfectly carry out My Holy Deed in the hearts of My brothers and sisters. For, I will teach all My Faithful people to walk with their feet on Heaven, upon the waters of the sea of glass which is actually the Holiness and the Firmness of the Saints!”
These were Your words, my precious Saviour!…”
“See then My promise, where I declare that I will teach all My faithful ones to walk with their feet on Heaven, upon the waters of the sea of glass… Is this promise in the past tense or in the future?”
“My Lord! This is a promise for the future, since You are using for Your intention the particle “will”!”
“Well here it is, Stefan! The time is already taking place, since I am Faithful and Truthful! And if through My servant I have promised something to My Church, I will certainly carry it out! Now think and tell Me:
Why did that mountain of Light and Boon that explicitly reminded you of the ancient righteous man Enoch approach your spirit?”
“Jesus! I believe that You have prepared this mountain of Holy revelations, since in some wondrous way my life has come close to the fate of Enoch…”
“That is namely so, My servant! It was namely the vision with My Anchor, when I made the turning of your spirit in order for it to walk on the Heaven, that brought you close to the fate of Enoch. And this fate is too Holy and glorified for it to remain mysterious and unrevealed for My Church. For I tell you that it is namely the one that contains the deepest gulps from the Hidden Manna. Gulps so deep that no mind has conceived them and no heart has discovered them. They are Zion’s most precious gift for the Called, Chosen and Faithful ones! Since this is the Gift of the Taking that is kept for the generation that will not pass through death. And the very Gift is the Reward for the Patience and the Faith of all My Saints!”
The heavy words of the Lord poured into my spirit like a river, and thus for a moment I staggered before Him, not being able to say anything due to the excitement I was going through. And as He stared with the crystal regard of His pupils into my heart, He caressed my head, telling me:
“Confirm yourself in Me! For I know that you will withstand the completeness and the weight of My revelations! For the more your filled yourself out with the knowledge I gave to you, the more your spirit matured with the Strength that you received from My Father! And finally – accept that this is the Way that I walked through your spirit as I exercised My Own Spirit. And not only through you, but also in the hearts of all those who believed in Me and followed Me through the prophetic word that was given to you. And now follow Me into the vision that I will give to you, since it is a vision about the Path of Enoch…”
After His last words Jesus embraced me with His hands as He raised me in His Spirit, and thus we both flew up. So, in the blink of an eye, we found ourselves before the Gates of the Heavenly Jerusalem and there Lord started speaking to me again, saying:
“My servant! See My City and its Gates, and then tell Me:
Can anyone enter the City of Father and the Son, without first passing through the very Gates?”
Listening to my Saviour, I looked at the pearly Gates of the City, and then at the Heavenly magnificence that could be seen beyond them. And the sight made me answer Jesus, telling Him:
“My Lord! Nobody can enter Your City, without first passing through some of its Gates. The Gates are a must for everyone who wants to enter Your City!”
“That is namely so, Stefan! One really enters My City only through the Gates! But consider the righteous man Enoch, who walked with God three-hundred-and-sixty-five years. And in your thinking let this man of God seem to you like an extraordinary exception for the Heaven. What happened in the life of Enoch that he did not go through death, but was taken up into the Eternal Life of God and Father?”
“Oh, Jesus! By his life the righteous Enoch was exceptionally pleasing to the Heavenly Father. It was namely his exceptionality that became the reason for the exception of taking him up to Heaven. Since the very exceptionality led to an exception from the Heavenly rules. The rules by which Father said to the first man Adam that he is dust and will return to the dust of the earth from which he was taken. Yet, here that what God said was not valid for one of Adam’s descendants. And namely then the exception took place…”
“And what is the very exception, My servant? Or how do you explain the biblical verses in which it is written about the expulsion of Adam:
“Then the Lord God said, “Behold, the man has become like one of Us, knowing good and evil; and now, he might stretch out his hand, and take also from the tree of life, and eat, and live forever” –therefore the Lord God sent him out from the garden of Eden, to cultivate the ground from which he was taken. So He drove the man out; and at the east of the garden of Eden He stationed the cherubim and the flaming sword which turned every direction to guard the way to the tree of life…” (Genesis 3:22-24) 
Can anyone have Eternal life, without first eating the Fruit from the Tree of Life? Or how would they reach the very Tree, when the Way is guarded by the cherubim and the swinging Flaming Sword? What happened to Enoch, in order for him to receive Eternal Life from God and Father? Did not God’s righteous man find a way to overcome God’s Perfect defence, related to the cherubim and the Sword?”
“Of course, he made it, my Lord! Otherwise he would have had the fate to be dust and to return to the dust of the earth, just like all the other descendants of Adam…”
Jesus smiled mysteriously at my words. And then went on asking me, saying:
“And where do you see the success of the righteous Enoch? Or how do you explain that? Are not the biblical verses about him too scarce for you to find the answer to My questions?”
At that moment the words of the Lord poured inexpressible zeal into my heart, and thus I cried out fervently:
“Jesus! In order for you to ask Your servant this way, there must be an answer. Otherwise You would not press me against the wall of the absolute ignorance, since one cannot elicit anything from it other than wrong conclusions. And I think that the answer lies hidden in two things that are known about Enoch. The first fact is that he lived three-hundred and sixty-five years, in which he walked with God. And the second fact that he was seven generations after Adam…”
“Your thoughts are correct, My servant!” – Lord smiled at me, and went on:
“Now let Me bring out of My mantle the gold jar with the Hidden Manna, so that you drink its deepest gulps. Then your spirit will certainly find the entire completeness needed for the answer to My questions…”
As I saw Jesus bring out of His mantle the gold jar, I was overexcited, since I had drunk from it many times in the past years. And as He handed it to me, He said with great Kindness and Love:
“Drink the deep gulps of My mysterious most wisdom, in order to comprehend the Glorious Way of Enoch. For Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit deign in you exceptionally. And you have been chosen by the Council of Saints to be the one bearing the secrets about the Taking…”
My heart overflowing with awe, I extended my hands and took the gold jar with the Hidden Manna, as I raised it to my lips. And here that liquid that tasted like honey and coriander seed spilled like Light to the depths of my spirit. And the very image of Enoch emerged in front of my conscience. And one Heavenly hand touched my forehead, and thus that touch spilled Holy Oil upon my hair, cheeks and beard that anointed my lips as well. Thus I found myself full of words that welled up and pressed to be spoken. And as Lord smiled kindly and looked at me, He said:
“Pronounce the words that fill you out, Stefan! For they contain My answer!”
“Oh, my precious Teacher!” – I called out – “These three hundred and sixty-five years of Enoch equal one entire Year of the Lord before God and Father! This Year is related to the Tree of Life that yields Fruit each month. And the fact that Enoch is the seventh after Adam spiritually corresponds to God’s Rest, in which all who exercise Faith enter. Now I understand that Enoch’s Path was this one – to pay the price to eat all twelve Fruits from the Tree of Life, in order to thus complete an entire Year of the Lord…”
At that moment Lord extended a hand to His City, telling me:
“These twelve pearly Gates that relate to the names of the sons of Israel are spiritually related to the Path of Enoch. It took Enoch three hundred and sixty-five years to pass through all of them and to taste the Fruits that corresponded to each of the Gates. And when God’s righteous man had already completed Lord’s entire Year, he paid the price to gain Eternal Life and not taste death, but be taken up to Heaven forever. But now I want to take you to the Tree of Life that is beyond the Gates, so that you experience in Spirit and Truth the completeness of Lord’s Year, and understand yourself what it is…”
At the following moment Lord touched my head, and thus another vision revealed before my heart. I was already before the Tree of Life and knew perfectly well that this Tree is Jesus. Here that Lord spoke to me from the very Tree, saying:
“I am He Who gives Fruit every month, in order to bless the Faith of the Saints that pass through the twelve Gates of My City! And just as the month corresponds to a full moon, which is a Moon that is illuminated by the Sun, so the fruit from a Gate is equivalent to thirty years from the Path of Enoch. And Lord’s entire Year corresponds to the perfection of the Saints in the height of My completeness! Then what is Lord’s Year itself, My servant?”
“Oh, Jesus!” – I cried out – “You are Lord’s Year That gathers in Itself the entire completeness of the Deity! The one who walks the Path of Enoch will know You twelve times through the twelve Gates in twelve blessing Fruits of the Eternal Life! Only then, having completed Lord’s entire Year, will they have the mighty testimony that testified to Enoch, as well, according to the written word:
“By faith Enoch was taken away so that he did not see death, and was not found, because God had taken him; for before he was taken he had this testimony, that he pleased God…” (Hebrews 11:5) 
At the following moment after my words Jesus transfigured into His Appearance of the Lord, and thus approached me, saying:
“The words that you just spoke to Me do not belong to you, but to the Perfect Holy Spirit That is filling out your lips. And now I tell you to follow Me to the Flaming Sword and to God’s cherubim, in order to understand the even deeper secrets, related to Lord’s Year. For the entire divine Mission of your Lord in His time as the Son of Man on earth was related namely to them…”
As in a dream I took the hand of the Saviour and followed Him through the garden of the Lord. Thus we went to the east, where my spirit saw the Flaming Sword and God’s magnificent cherubim. I had seen this Sword several times in my life for Jesus. The first time – in the distant 2000, when I wrote the book “The flaming Sword”, and the second time – when Lord placed me in the Circle of Salt with the first salty prophetic book – “Eloi, Eloi, Lama Sabachthani”. But now the vision was not given to me as to one that is just entering the Kingdom, but as to one of God’s Enlightened ones in the very Kingdom. Here that Lord started talking to me again, saying:
“My servant! Two years ago I let you write the books about “The Gates of Truth” and “The secrets of the Kingdom”, and so the things I will talk about now will not be new for you. But you will certainly find new and most wondrous the revelation that you will receive now. That is why see first one of the cherubim, and then tell Me how he looks…”
Listening to Jesus, I looked at the glorious cherubim before me with reverence, and thus noticed that he had four faces that were facing the four Heavenly directions. The very faces were embraced by two of his wings that were lifted up, whereas two other wings descended from his breasts and as they passed along his body they concealed him entirely. Here that Lord spoke to the cherubim, telling him:
“Ancient Guard of My Heavenly God! Take the swinging Flaming Sword and charge it before My servant with the overshadowing Power of My Father!”
In response the cherubim bowed before the Lord and then extended his wings that were before his four faces and took the Sword with his hands. And then mighty lightning bolts of God came out of the faces of the glorious creature, as they filled the Sword with Heavenly Power, and so the Sword not only burned, but blinded. Here that Heavenly images of ox, lion, eagle and the face of man shone amidst the flames of the Sword and sharpened each of its four cutting sides…
While I watched breathless the magnificent sign that was taking place before me, Lord took the Heavenly Sword from the cherub, telling me:
“Did you see how the faces of the cherubim displayed Father’s overshadowing upon the Flaming Sword?”
“Yes, my Lord! And the images from the faces of the cherubim appeared upon the cutting sides of the Sword!”
“And, My servant, what will happen, when this Sword strikes you with one of its cutting sides?”
“Oh, Jesus! Then my spirit will be subjected to a test by Father’s overshadowing! And the Holiness of Father will desire to find me in the image by which the Sword has cut me. You Yourself gave me this knowledge by experience, when I wrote the book about “The Flaming Sword”…”
“Yes, it is so, Stefan! But I did that for one who was still a youth in the Faith! And the vision was short, just like a morsel of Bread! But am I speaking to a youth now, or to a father in the Faith of Abraham? To a fledgling Christian, or to a servant who has come to the point of being highly revered in the Council of the Saints?”
“My Lord! Do not let me be the one to say who I am, for I would be wrong in my words. But you know best my spiritual growth and standing before You. That is why, lead me according to Your benevolence!”
My words made Jesus smile. And as He still held the Sword, He started speaking to me again, saying:
“Look at the Sword in My hand and know that it is perfectly related to Lord’s Year and the Gates of the Heavenly Jerusalem. For, nobody can approach the Gates, without passing first through the fiery trial of Father’s approval. But notice that the cutting sides of the Sword are exactly four or just as many as the faces of Father’s overshadowing in His cherubim. So you certainly realize that whereas the faces are four, the Gates are twelve. Then how are the faces supposed to correspond to the Gates, prophet of the Lord? For if you answer this question to Me, you will understand the Mission of the Son of Man as Year of the Lord…”
While Jesus was still asking me, the Hidden Manna shone on my lips, and thus I cried out, saying:
“Oh, Jesus! My precious Teacher! The Gates in Your City have four sides – northern, eastern, southern and western. And each of the sides has three Gates. Thus I understand now that each of the cherubic faces in the Flaming Sword corresponds to three of the Gates in the Heavenly Jerusalem, since the very faces of the cherub were facing each of the Heavenly directions. Thus Father’s overshadowing which You brought to earth as the Son of Man will attract us to each three of the Gates that are spiritually related to the Flaming Sword and the faces of the cherubim. It is namely in this way that we can walk the Way of Enoch, in order to complete Lord’s entire Year…”
I had hardly spoken the words of the Hidden Manna, when the Saviour stared in my eyes with His entire earnestness and divine strictness. Then He said to me:
“Seal forever in your heart the words by which you replied to Me, for they are the entire possible meaning of the Faith by which you believe in Me. And let My entire Church follow Me now into My Gospel, in order to see namely what My servant spoke. For in the reply of My prophet lies the cherubic Power of the Holy Spirit. That Power by which you become a generation of victory and triumph over the fallen cherub Lucifer and over the sinister faces of the devilish overshadowing. For through the image of an ox you will be successful against the gold calf of the devil. Through the image of a lion you will be firm and unhesitant against his violence. Through the image of an eagle you will overcome the pride and the exalting. And finally – through the Image of a Son of Man you will overcome the image of the beast, who is the man of sin and son of destruction. Was not that why thirteen years ago I gave you the first prophetic books that My servant wrote? And you, Stefan, see now the vision in My Gospel, where I appeared namely as Lord’s Year, in order to call everyone to the Way of Enoch…”
A moment after His words, Jesus touched my head with a hand, and thus I found myself with Him in a Hebrew synagogue, where with a veil on His head He was unfolding a parchment scroll. And as He unfolded it fully, He started reading to the ones that had gathered, saying:
“The Spirit of the Lord is upon Me, because He anointed Me to preach the gospel to the poor. He has sent Me to proclaim release to the captives, and recovery of sight to the blind, to set free those who are oppressed, to proclaim the favourable Year of the Lord…” (Luke 4:18-19)
After reading the prophecy, still remaining in the vision, Jesus commanded me, saying:
“Extend your hand to the scroll of Isaiah, from which I read My words. And as you track with your index finger the word written from the beginning to the end, read My words again and see the sign that will happen to you…”
With excitement I extended my hand, as I contracted all of my fingers but the index finger and with it I pointed at the words of Isaiah, which I started reading. And so when My lips spoke the first sentence:
“The Spirit of the Lord is upon Me…”
…the very Flaming Sword came out of the parchment and shone in its fiery power. But my index finger went on with the following words, which said:
“…because He anointed Me to preach the gospel to the poor…”
…and then a lightning appeared from the Sword that had the image of an ox. I went on with my finger to the next words of the Saviour, which said:
“…He has sent Me to proclaim release to the captives…”
…at which a lightning with the image of a Lion came out from the Sword. Thus I continued further, as I pointed the words after that and started reading. And they said:
“…and recovery of sight to the blind…”
…at which a lightning with the image of an eagle appeared from the Sword. Finally, as I pointed at the words before the last ones, I read the written word:
“…to set free those who are oppressed…”
…and then a lightning with the Image of the Son of Man came out the Sword. But with that the sign was not over, since my index finger was already at the last shining words from the parchment:
“… to proclaim the favourable Year of the Lord…”
At that moment the Flaming Sword brought the four images together in its brilliance, and there they transfigured into a Tree of Life, Which Holy Fruit was the Glorified Heavenly Image of the Oneborn of Father. Then, having fallen prostrate, I embraced the feet of my Lord, telling Him:
“Ah, my blessing Saviour! Your servant was blind not see before now that through this word of prophet Isaiah You have called us to walk the Way of Enoch! That is – having been approved by the Flaming Sword to come to the Tree of Life, in order to complete Lord’s favourable Year! And now I see that each of the four fateful faces of the Sword is perfectly related to the Gates of Your Heavenly Jerusalem, through which we have to pass, in order to be fellow-citizens of the Saints and members of God’s family…”
In response Lord stood me on my two feet, telling me:
“My servant! In this book I am pronouncing My most fateful words. The one who is reasonable will certainly preserve them in their heart. That is why, I tell My entire Church:
God’s people! I had four Saving rays in My Mission on earth and they are related to Father’s overshadowing against the devil!
The first ray of My Mission is with the image of an ox, and through it one enters the northern Gates of the Heavenly Jerusalem! The gates of Reuben, Judah and Levi that are the Humility, the Praise and the Agreement! Through these Gates I preach the Gospel to the poor!
The second ray of My Mission is with the image of a lion, and through it one enters the eastern Gates of the Heavenly Jerusalem. The Gates of Joseph, Benjamin and Manasseh that are the Godliness, the Zeal and the Forgiveness. By these Gates I free the captives!
The third ray of My Mission is with the image of an eagle, and through it one enters the southern Gates of the Heavenly Jerusalem. The Gates of Simeon, Issachar and Zebulun that are the Obedience, the Reward and the Living. By these Gates I recover the sight of the blind!
The fourth ray of My Mission is with the image of the Son of Man, and by it one enters the western Gates of the Heavenly Jerusalem. The Gates of Naphtali, Gad and Asher that are the Mighty Wrestle, Fortune and Joy. By these Gates I free the oppressed ones!
Here, in My Heavenly Kindness and Mercy I will let My servant pass the entire Heavenly Path of Enoch, in order for him to reveal Lord’s favourable Year to you. And so that, in visions that are related to My four Saving rays you all pass spiritually through the Gates of Righteousness, having been approved by the Flaming Sword and full of Father’s overshadowing!
Whoever listens to Me and follows Me from the beginning to the end I will write down and seal in the generation of the Taking, since it is a promise only for the ones who will find themselves in the Spirit of Enoch – the seventh from Adam. And if a day before your Lord is equal a thousand years, think – are you not namely the seventh from Adam, the generation on the seventh day for which the following word by My Apostle Paul will come true:
“For the Lord Himself will descend from heaven with a cry of command, with the voice of the archangel and with the trumpet of God, and the dead in Christ will rise first. Then we who are alive and remain will be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air, and so we shall always be with the Lord…” (1 Thessalonians 4:16-17)
I, Lord and God of the righteous Enoch, still talk and do not fall silent! Blessed are the people that walk with God, in order to fill out Lord’s entire Year! They will certainly be glorified in My Spirit, in order to meet Me at the moment of the Taking! Amen, they will meet Me!”

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