“The fourth ray of My Mission is with the image of the Son of Man, and by it one enters through the western Gates of the Heavenly Jerusalem. The Gates of Naphtali, Gad and Asher that are the Mighty Wrestle, Fortune and Joy. By these Gates I free the oppressed ones!”

My dear brother! My faithful friend!
Here that I have come to the last fourth ray of the divine mission of our Lord. Even though I wanted the writing of this chapter to pass without any shakes, it was accompanied by such devilish pressure that my heart hurt to the extent of bursting. And I knew that the pain will not fade before I bear the last sentence of this prophetic book about “Lord’s Year”. Sometimes I imagine that as I am writing under the inspiration of the Spirit, Lord will take my soul, so that I may find my end, for which I have worked so much. Then I realized that Jesus never starts something, He will not finish. That is why the visions in this book will be written down, printed and given to God’s household. The wicked one will gnash his teeth furiously, and then will melt away and disappear like a whiff and a shadow. Let me tell you, my brother that the reason Lord admits the resistance of the wicked one against our hearts is so that we understand what we are made of. And as you consider that we are as living stones that are to rise in the Holy Spirit, in order to complete Lord’s entire Year, remember how Apostle Peter wrote to us all:
“If indeed you have tasted that the Lord is good. As you come to Him, a living stone rejected by men but in the sight of God chosen and precious, you yourselves like living stones are being built up as a spiritual house, to be a holy priesthood, to offer spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God through Jesus Christ. For it stands in Scripture: “Behold, I am laying in Zion a stone, a cornerstone chosen and precious, and whoever believes in Him will not be put to shame.”…” (1 Peter 2:3-6)
Do you see that the essential trial for each precious stone is namely that it is not put to shame? Peter had a reason to write these words in his message, because he was attacked by Satan many times, and was put to shame more than once. He was the witness of Jesus related to the Gate of the mighty Wrestle, and Lord freed him from the oppression that had captured him. Recall here Peter’s words to Jesus. Remember how the fisherman told Him:
“Depart from me, for I am a sinful man, O Lord…” (Luke 5:8) 
Then Lord answered him:
“Do not fear, from now on you will be catching men…” (Luke 5:10) 
Let me tell you, dear friend, that the mightiest Struggle that we will experience in our hearts is the clash between the Faith of the Lord and the devil’s doubts, which are furiously kindled by Satan, in order for him to shake us and make us hesitate. And the great mountain to which we have to cry out “Be taken up and cast into the sea!” is the accumulating oppression from the weakness of man that does not want to obey God’s Strength. This weakness that acted in Peter even after the Resurrection of Jesus. For he said to the rest:
“I am going fishing…” (John 21:3) 
If somehow I could enter the Living Gospel, in order for Lord Himself to return me to that time and make me a real participant in the events, I would certainly have told Christ’s Apostle:
“Wait, brother! What fish are you going to catch? Did not Jesus tell you that He has chosen you to be a catcher of men? Will you let Simon come back to life in you, when the vocation from the Lord is meant for the stone Peter?”
Do not think that by such words I am exercising exalting, or that I am a big shot. For two lives will not be enough for me to pay the price for the brilliance of the Glory that now illuminates Peter in the Heavenly Jerusalem. But I ask these questions, if not for you, then for the one next to you, and for all who the wind of doubt would turn into captives of the oppression. For I want nobody to walk the sea waves in order to meet the Saviour, and then fall away and start sinking due to the strong wind. So that, with an extended hand, Lord may tell him:
“You of little faith, why did you doubt?” (Matthew 14:31) 
For all of us need to pass through the mighty Struggle, in order to endure all the possible consequences for their choice. So that we open our eyes and see God’s Choice where others would see shame or disgrace. For if we were at the death hour of Peter, we would have seen that he desired to be crucified with his head downwards, since he did not consider himself worthy of the Glory of the Cross. But even though his executioners thought that the situation with Christ’s Apostle was speaking of shame, Lord from Heaven saw in the crucifixion of His servant the blessing testimony that Peter walked with his feet on the Heaven, in order to complete Lord’s entire Year and pass through all the Gates of the Heavenly Jerusalem. And when you walk with your feet on Heaven, your head always points down. And whether you want it or not – you will accept that the Image of Christ in you will go through violation and a thorn crown. Beating and insulting, bespattering and disgrace, insidiousness and scorn, gossip and slander. Yet, that is why Lord will give you the vision with the western Gates of the Heavenly Jerusalem. So that you may know what the meaning and the purpose of enduring the whole possible persecution for the Name of Jesus are.
My brother! Friend of my heart!
I do not like to boast with other man’s testimonies, or to drink water from other man’s sources at their expense. Lord has blessed the source of my heart abundantly enough, and has admitted suffering in my life, so that I know the exact way to help the oppressed ones. For it was not easy for me at all to start my steps on the thorny way of God’s Salvation. Since the young man that had become the head of a family and the father of two couples of twins, did not find it easy at all to accept the huge challenge that he was going to devote himself to the Deed of God’s Prophetic Spirit. For in that time seventeen years ago I had only God’s promise for Mount Moriah and my faith in Jesus. Nothing more than that! Neither the support of churches, nor the support of leaders. Neither popularity, nor friends in God. Nor a clear idea what will happen in the years to come. Having just arrived unemployed in Dobrich, and already with a second couple of twins, this time girls, we had to seek solutions for our life, since our responsibility for our little children was great.
What was the man Stefan supposed to do at that moment?
To look for a job or to fill himself out with the Holy Spirit?
To go and sign up at the unemployment bureau and knock at the doors of “Social care” or to let Lord sign with His Name the books he writes for the blessing of the Church? Brother, my oppression was terrible! This was an agony of destitution, a horror of needs, a surge of things to take care of! A time in which the doubts violently thrashed my soul, since like a rope the misery was tightening around my neck! What was Jesus asking of me? Why was He not opening doors so that I may start a job somewhere and make sense of my days by ensuring the living of my family and raising my children? Was I not considering that the spiritual realm of the Salvation was long densely occupied and overpopulated by so many churches and denominations? Did not the oppressor come to whisper in the nights his loathsome doubts:
“What have you decided to do? Who do you think yourself for? Will Lord choose you, you failure?”
And when the stigma “antichrist” was added to all this by the anathemas of one theologian in the local evangelical church, my vision from Jesus about the Mount Moriah seemed to be covered with a dark and heavy lid. What was I going to do from this moment on in a city, in which the Christians will regard me with revulsion and disgust, as if I am the most deformed freak possible? How was I going to endure the dungeon of religious denial by which the devil was misled into believing that he had put a stop on God’s plan for my life? Could I, just like Peter, have said that I am going fishing, that is, I am returning to the heathen life that I knew painfully well, or was I supposed to uphold Lord’s Choice by which Jesus had chosen me? I picked the second, of course! And it became the seal of my life.
Regardless of the fact that I was alone – I kept on writing!
Regardless of the fact that the whole world had turned against the Faith by which Jesus had endowed me – I decided to remain faithful to Him in My heart!
Regardless of the fact that I had no idea whatsoever how He was going to supply the needs of my family of many children, I trusted him!
And today, seventeen years later, I know that my choice was excellent! Since it resulted in hundred-and-eighty books that were yielded in five beneficial Presences of God! Books that are Spirit and Life! Books by which Lord found His scattered sheep on the ridges and the valleys of the religious Babylonian spirit, in order to raise them in the Light of Mount Moriah! And may everything I have not succeeded in saying and adding here be confirmed by Lord Himself in the hearts of His Faithful ones. Here and now I will go on with the words He spoke to my heart before the vision with the western Gates of the Heavenly Jerusalem. Here is what Jesus said to me:
“My servant! You have truly passed through the mighty Wrestle of the Gate of Naphtali, in order to leave a testimony to My Church that you are a Stone of the Lord that is elect and precious. According to the Will of My Father the most violent resistances of Satan which are related to his overshadowing power have appeared in your life. Either by demonic or human efforts, the devil used the maximum of his spiritual pressure, hoping to move you from your vocation. Yet, here that you stand, and the wicked one howls in pain with his hurt claws, since he cannot count his losses.
I tell you, Stefan, that you are now more than victorious in My Name, since your way was marked by the greatest spiritual clashes between the devilish and God’s overshadowing. With each other prophetic book I made you walk from Glory to Glory, and from Presence to Presence. There are no commands and powers of wickedness that Lord has not struck down through the double-edged Sword of His lips. There is no height or depth that I have not let you see and testify to My Church! And namely here lies the Glory for My Kingdom, servant of Mine! Since the Word that has been given to you is active and living. It turns fates and opens eyes. Heals wounds and brings down strongholds. Raises the spirits of men in the Light of the Holy Spirit, and confirms the hearts in God’s Eternal Justice. And few are capable of this Deed!
Tell Me then, a moment before I raise you to the western Gates of My City, what is the Image of the Son of Man on earth that appeared in your life?”
“Oh, Jesus! Your words are too precious and blessing for me. Since they bring me the peace and comfort that my zeal for You was worth it every second of my life. And I came to know Your Image on earth as a Holy Face and Head that is bloodied by a thorn crown. I came to know the most violent contradiction, and had to endure it in my heart. The contradiction of being hated for no reason, and being blamed without blame. I experienced the horror of being called an evil-doer, without doing evil to any of Your children, or to any of the members of my family. I was Your ox on God’s Holy Altar that never dared place a price tag on Your books, but nevertheless that did not touch my persecutors, who called me a wolf in their newspapers. I devoted myself and my entire family for Your Holy use, and my faithful wife and my son Emanuil dedicated themselves to translating Your Glorious prophetic visions, but once again that did not move my abusers, since they flooded with wish-wash and abuses the Holy family love between us, by creating lies that I am financing the Deed of God’s Prophetic Spirit by procuring and prostitution.
I, Lord, became the most deformed monster for all the churches in Bulgaria, only because I had the zeal to love You and listen to only Your Voice. A horrendous thorny crown was tautened round my head, and the curses and the sorceries showered upon me in buckets. My books were burnt by pastors in front of their assemblies, and my Deed was stigmatized as one that is malodorous and satanic.
I spent a long time drinking Your Cup in Gethsemane, Jesus! And the amount of snake poison that tried to harm me to derangement and absolute horror was too much. Yet, here that today my mind is sound, and my heart has not stopped beating. But I would be lying to you, if I say that I am not tired, cause my last steps with You strain me to the limit…”
At that moment Lord caressed me with His hand, and tears gushed forth from His eyes. Then He spoke to me with a silent Voice, saying:
“I know all that you are sharing with Me, My servant! For your life is for Me plain to see. But now I tell you that any other development of your fate would have been lie. And you, who tasted death with the Lord, in order to give Life to His children, had to find yourself equivalent with His Image! Since that is why the last two Gates of Gad and Asher are the most desirable Gates of the Heavenly Jerusalem. The Gates of Fortune and Joy. But who could possibly reach them, without first experiencing in Spirit and Truth My words that I bequeathed to you in the Gospel? Did I not tell you all that:
“Whenever a woman is in labour she has grief, because her hour has come; but when she gives birth to the child, she no longer remembers the anguish because of the joy that a child has been born into the world. Therefore you too have grief now; but I will see you again, and your heart will rejoice, and no one will take your joy away from you…” (John 16:21-22) 
Do you understand your grief now, My servant? And do you understand that through you today I am giving birth to the generation of the Taking, which through this book will be filled out with the Spirit of Enoch? Were not the prophetic books I have given to you as five beneficial Circles in Lord’s Year? Here, I am sharing with you that several years ago a heart asked me in a gathering of prayer:
“Lord, what is the Deed that Your servant Stefan is doing to You?”
Then I replied this heart with the words:
“The Deed of My prophet is two hundred years!”
By this answer I wanted to attest to My Faithful child that you are doing work that without the increased Boon would have taken two hundred years. But since Lord has increased the Boon, He has cut short the time. And if now you would ask Me the same, but from the position of the zeal that you have shown so far for Me and My Father, do you know what My answer will be? Here, I tell you, and you remember it:
“Your Deed has long passed the time of three hundred and sixty-five years!”
Namely that is why this book about Lord’s Year was appealing in the Spirit to be written. Since through it Lord will bring all the other books together, in order to tell His Church that it is time for it to be taken, without seeing decay. You have worked mightily for the race of Zion, prophet of the Lord, and that is why I Myself have made you visible to the Heavenly Saints and highly venerable among the perfected righteous ones. Now what else am I to do, other than to raise you to the Gates of My City?”
After His last words Lord embraced me with His Right Hand, and touched His Heart with His Left Hand. And then a pearly ray came out of His chest and mightily brightened, turning into a sunny pathway. Thus the Saviour and I passed along the pathway, rising more and more until we found ourselves before the western Gates of the Heavenly Jerusalem. And there, having placed me a fair distance away, Lord approached the very Gates and raised His hands, calling out:
“God’s angels of the western Gates of My City! Come up before the Heavenly King and appear for the prophet of Zion the pearly Light of the almighty overshadowing of God and Father that brings together in itself the Wrestle, the Fortune and the Joy in the Image of the Son of Man! So that My Church has Lord’s confirmation how I give freedom to the oppressed ones!”
After these Glorious words of the Lord God’s angels came up, each one before his Gate. Here that the angel of Naphtali extended his wings, and pearly rays shone out of them, as the Image of the Son of Man appeared in them with a thorny crown that was tautened round His Head. And God’s Wrestle appeared as radiance over the Image, and thus He started getting uglier and uglier, as droplets of Blood started leaving long furrows on the forehead, the eyes, the cheeks, the lips and the beard of the Saviour. While I was watching, Lord pointed at Himself in the vision, saying:
“Do you see what God’s Wrestle did to the Image of the Son of Man? Do you see how Father gave His Son over to violation and most terrible suffering, so that the following word written in “Hebrew” may come true:
“But we do see Him Who was made a little while lower than the angels, namely, Jesus, because of the suffering of death crowned with glory and honour, so that by the grace of God He might taste death for everyone. For it was fitting for Him, for Whom are all things, and through Whom are all things, in bringing many sons to glory, to perfect the author of their salvation through sufferings…” (Hebrews 2:9-10)
But did the Son refuse to obey the Father in the suffering, or to confirm Himself in His Faithfulness? Did the Son reject the thorn crown, because He deserved more a real one? Or if all of Mine have come to believe in the Pioneer, will they really refuse to liken themselves to Him, in order for Him to become their Perfecter? Will you not quickly gather My droplets of Blood, in order to turn it into the Strength to carry out the written word:
“…let us run with endurance the race that is set before us, fixing our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of faith, who for the joy set before Him endured the cross, despising the shame, and has sat down at the right hand of the Throne of God. For consider Him Who has endured such hostility by sinners against Himself, so that you will not grow weary and lose heart. You have not yet resisted to the point of shedding blood in your striving against sin…” (Hebrew 12:1-4)
Do you see, My servant, how in this Gate of Naphtali that is related to the mighty Wrestle there is a ray that leads to the Gates of Gad and Asher? Do My people see this ray? Do they see the written word:
“Who for the joy set before Him endured the cross, despising the shame, and has sat down at the right hand of the throne of God…”
The world will try to deceive you that it is shameful to wear thorn crowns without getting back at your persecutors. The devil will try to oppress you excessively by reminding you that you put up with contradiction from the sinful ones and will offer you to stand against this contradiction! But you remember that you have a ray to the next two Gates of the Heavenly Jerusalem! Remember the forthcoming joy, so that you may endure the Cross and despise the shame! Since the angels of Gad and Asher will come up at the same time, and will extend their wings together. Then, namely this will happen…”
In full confirmation with the words of the Lord the angels of Gad and Asher came up together. And as they extended their wings, they united their pearly rays together. Then pure and bright fine linen that was carried by God’s hands in its very ends flew over to the bloodied Image of Jesus. And Father’s hands that were called Happiness and Joy approached the Head of the Saviour, as they removed the pricks fixed in it and were already putting them on the fine linen. Then a miracle happened, since the thorn crown amidst the bright fine linen turned into a gold loop. The droplets of Christ’s blood that had soaked into the white cloth transformed into a mighty Heavenly message that said:
“Let us rejoice and be glad and give the glory to Him, for the marriage of the Lamb has come and His bride has made herself ready. It was given to her to clothe herself in fine linen, bright and clean; for the fine linen is the righteous acts of the saints. Then he said to me, “Write, ‘Blessed are those who are invited to the marriage supper of the Lamb.’” And he said to me, “These are true words of God.”…” (Revelation 19:7-9)
My excitement was so great that I fell on my knees, and tears choked my heart. Then, as Lord approached me, He said:
“Do you see how My Father extended His hands over the pearly rays from the wings of the angels, and so took the fine linen from them, in order to lay down in it the Grief and the Suffering of His Son? And so if the thorn crown turned into a gold loop, and the droplets of blood – into a matrimonial message for Fortune and Joy, then what else could My people do other than to endure the violation and overcome the oppression?
Behold, My Church, I am showing you My last three Gates, and tell you to remember the words of Your Bridegroom:
Your Fortune and Joy are in the wedding fine linen from the Gates of Gad and Asher, but the ring Your Faithfulness comes from the Gate of Naphtali! And nobody can become fortunate and happy, before being first found Faithful and Truthful in the Image of the Son of Man…”
After these last and most sincere words Lord stood me up on my feet. Then He spoke to me again:
“Stefan, My friend! Rise now even higher with Me! Above the Walls and the Gates of My City, so that you may see it with My Father’s Own Regard! So that you see nothing other than the cherubic Power in the Holy Spirit! For My Father laid down His Glorious overshadowing, and the Son the rays of His divine Mission on earth namely in this Power!”
Lord was already raising me above the Heavenly Jerusalem, when I saw it as an exquisitely shining square. And here that God’s mighty rays appeared upon the Walls of the City – those of the ox, the lion, the eagle and the Image of the Son of Man. Seeing my huge admiration, Jesus spoke to me again, seeing:
“The Perfect Will of My Father for each of the precious stones of Zion is the following:
Just as the Heavenly Jerusalem defends His Walls through the Gates, since Father’s overshadowing strikes the devil’s winds coming from north, east, south and west, so each precious stone should acquire the Heavenly rays within, in order to be successful against the fallen cherub and all of his fiends. Namely so each of your walls will be as each of the Walls of My City. And this you can acquire this only when you complete the Path of Enoch and pay the price for Lord’s entire Year! Since just as the Heavenly Jerusalem stands in Its Power, so should each of its precious stones!
Here, just as I clearly spoke to My first Apostles, so I clearly speak through My prophet to My last Called, Chosen and Faithful ones! I give you power over the entire force of the enemy! So if Lord’s enemy is a fallen cherub, you should be precious stones that are full of the cherubic power in the Holy Spirit!
The power of the ox – so that you are My bringers of the Good News!
The power of the lion – so that you are My liberators!
The power of the eagle – so that you are My pupils!
The power of the Son of Man – so that you are My witnesses!
I, the Tree of Life and Lord’s Year, have illuminated the Path of Enoch for My Church through the holiest visions from the Heavenly Kingdom that I have given to My servant Stefan!
I have spoken them! I have pronounced them!”

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