“The first ray of My Mission is with the image of an ox, and through it one enters the northern Gates of the Heavenly Jerusalem! The gates of Reuben, Judah and Levi that are the Humility, the Praise and the Agreement! Through these Gates I preach the Gospel to the poor!”

My dear brother! My faithful friend!
As I write prophetic books I always realize their risk of falling in the wrong soil, being read by the wrong people, and in the end – bringing wind of persecution and hatred against my heart. This is the most painful part of the price that I am paying for the privilege of declaring God’s Eternal Justice. I do not say this to complain or to seek reasons for retreat, but so that it serves as warning for all those who communicate with the Word of God’s Prophetic Spirit. The books in this Word have always been like beneficial additions to the previous books, and thus one will not understand this last prophetic message, unless Lord Jesus Christ has placed in his heart His earlier revelations. That is why, I will warn you that the book about “Lord’s Year” builds up on the books about “The Gates of Truth” and “The Secrets of the Kingdom”. So if someone has not read these two books – he will feel emptiness of ignorance, related to the names of the Gates of Jerusalem, as well as to their spiritual charge, which is related to the Heavenly virtues of God’s Son. That is why, may nobody fret and wonder why Reuben corresponds to Humility, Judah – to Praise, and Levi – to Agreement, and instead take the right steps, as they read those very books first, and only then commence with the reading of this book. Otherwise the word written in “Ecclesiastes” will be fulfilled:
“What is crooked cannot be straightened and what is lacking cannot be counted…” (Ecclesiastes 1:15) 
Do not be lacking, but instead thirst and hunger for God’s Rightness, in order to earn God’s Perfect benevolence. I am saying all this with my entire earnestness and explicitness, since in the years I have witnessed that many remained lacking, because of their foolishness not to follow the steps of the Saviour, but instead act like hens on the stubble that poke around with their feet, in order to peck this or that. In their selectiveness and choice what to read of the books of ministry “Moriah”, they tested neither their hearts, nor their standing in the Holy Spirit. Instead they staked on vain curiosity, just like mad men who want the worker to build them a new house, but first to start with the roof and the roof tiles, as he lays some concrete foundation here and there, and then to perhaps continue with a window or a pillar. And when the devil comes with his rains, his rivers and his winds, and brings down the barely-built house, they are quick to abuse Stefan Glavchev for writing in a strange, incomprehensible and complicated manner. The truth, however, is that they did not walk the Way from the beginning to the end, but traced their own way on a territory of doubts, bias and strongholds of Babylon. And whenever something in a prophetic message does not please them – they cast it to the side, and look for another to please them. By one such vicious attitude to the Boon and the Light of the Saviour nobody will ever be able to make a single step of Faith in the right direction. Then how could they walk Enoch’s entire Path? Or how are they to let Jesus bring down their human nature, in order to build the divine? Is that not the reason why Lord always fills my heart out with jealousy, in order for me to write whole pages of exposing words, before He Himself lays down His precious revelations?
Do you see how the title above speaks of a ray of the Lord, by which one enters through the Gates of the Heavenly Jerusalem? It is this ray that is God’s overshadowing, or, the Power of the Light by which Jesus wants to save our hearts from the darkness of the devil. In the divine mission of the Saviour there are four such rays, and here I am about to reveal the first one. That is why, from this moment on let the message continue with the words that Jesus spoke to my spirit of moment before giving me His vision. Here is what He said to me:
“My servant! Let your heart rejoice that you are the chosen vessel in which Lord pours out the most precious visions from Zion. For if it is a good thing for someone to find abundance from God, it is the miracle of miracles when a servant receives most abundantly. And I am telling you that I have long made you most abundant for My Church. So that you understand Me, let Me ask you so:
What is the word “pearl” for you?”
“I have long related this word to only one Heavenly meaning. Since for me a “pearl” is each Gate of the Heavenly City, according to the way Your Apostle and prophet John saw and wrote this in “Revelation”:
“And the twelve gates were twelve pearls; each one of the gates was a single pearl…”  (Revelation 21:21) 
“See then My words in the proverb, I left you. For it was a message for Heavenly abundance. And the words of the proverb say:
“Again, the kingdom of heaven is like a merchant seeking fine pearls, and upon finding one pearl of great value, he went and sold all that he had and bought it…”  (Matthew 13:45-46) 
How many pearls does My proverb speak of, Stefan?”
“My Lord! The word is about one pearl only…”
“That is namely so! The abundance corresponds to just one pearl. A pearl so precious that that merchant sold everything he had to buy it. But return to My Heavenly City again and see that the word written there is about twelve pearls. But if one pearl is abundance, then what will twelve pearls be for the one who possesses them?”
“Ah, my Saviour! Twelve pearls certainly correspond to most abundance!”
“Read then the encouraging words of My Apostle Paul in his first message to the Church in Corinth. See the words, where My messenger says:
“Therefore, my beloved brethren, be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that your toil is not in vain in the Lord…” (1 Corinthians 15:58) 
How do you understand the Apostle’s command that you are “always abounding”? Does it call you to abundance, or most abundance?”
“Lord! Paul is calling me to be most abundant!”
“And why is he calling you to most abundance?” – Jesus kept insisting, since He was waiting for the right answer to come out of my lips. So at the following moment I spoke it:
“Paul is calling me to most abundance, since Your Will is that I know not just one of the Gates, but all twelve of the Gates of the Heavenly Jerusalem. And as I pass through them, to testify to your church to their pearly Light and preciousness…”
Lord smiled at my words and embraced me in a friendly way. Then He kept speaking to me in a dear Voice, saying:
“You have already passed through My Gates more than once, My servant! And that is why I made you not just abundant, but most abundant for God’s household. But now I want to give you more of the Hidden Manna, since it acts mightily in your heart. That is why, listen to Me now as to the One Who is Lord’s Year and the Tree of Life. For now I will read to you another of My proverbs, which is:
“But those that were sown on the good soil are the ones who hear the word and accept it and bear fruit, thirtyfold and sixtyfold and a hundredfold…” (Mark 4:20)
What are these numbers, I speak of after the bearing of the fruit? What do thirtyfold, sixtyfold and hundredfold mean?”
The Voice of Jesus had turned mysterious and enigmatic, and so I realized that He was leading my heart to a new Holy revelation from the Hidden Manna. I replied to Him, saying:
“My Lord! You have spoken to me of these numbers thirtyfold, sixtyfold and hundredfold in other books, as well. Thus, I remember from You that thirtyfold was in the left hand, sixtyfold in the right hand, and hundredfold – in the heart. But for a different understanding I will need Your mysterious most wisdom…”
“Well, accept it then! For the gulps from the Manna act mightily in your spirit. And you will only have to open your lips, in order for Me to fill them…”
At that moment pearly Light welled up from the depths of my heart to my tongue and I heard myself say:
“Jesus! Thirtyfold says that Your follower has passed through one of the Gates, and has yielded one of the Fruits of the Tree. For thirty is one twelfth of Lord’s Year, and the Tree of Life yields Fruit each month. Sixtyfold says that Your follower has passed through two of the Gates, in order to yield two of the Fruits of the Kingdom. And in the Spirit of Your Holy revelation hundredfold means that Your follower has completed Enoch’s entire Path and has acted in Lord’s entire Year, as they have passed through all twelve of the Gates of the Heavenly Jerusalem. And this here is the mighty message from Your Hidden Manna!”
I had hardly spoken the words, when I saw Lord excite in His Spirit, and so tears gushed on His eyes. And He started speaking to me again, saying:
“From the time of My Apostle I long to speak with My children, as I speak with you. In that perfect completeness, where the Simplicity and the Purity meet God’s mysterious great wisdom. And now I testify to you that you are truly ready to pass with My rays through the Gates of the Heavenly Jerusalem. That is why let us both rise, so that you see above how My first ray with the image of an ox passes through the northern Gates…”
Hardly having spoken His words, by His Right Hand Lord firmly caught my spirit, and by His Left Hand touched His Heart, and thus the ray of His divine Mission suddenly shone upwards, as it widened into a pearly pathway. Thus Jesus and I flew through this pathway, and it took us to the Heavenly City. Here that there Lord placed me at a comfortable distance from the northern Gates, so that I could contain them within my view, and He Himself kept going forward, extending His hands and crying out:
“God’s angels of the northern Gates! Come up before the Heavenly King and appear for the prophet of Zion the pearly Light of God’s mighty overshadowing that gathers the Humility, the Praise and the Agreement in the image of an ox, so that My Church has the testimony how I preach the Good News to the poor!”
After the call of Jesus each of the Gates’ angels appeared in front of them. Here that the first one, the angel of Reuben, stretched out his wings and pearly rays in which the image of an ox shone left them. Then God’s Humility filled out the image of an ox that was in the harness of a plough, and thus it bent down over the black soil, which his feet stepped on. Then as it exerted its great Strength, it started ploughing, while seeds fell from the Light into the ploughed ground. And Jesus Himself pointed with His Right hand at the ox, telling me:
“In order for My oxen to preach the gospel to the poor ones, they need to be filled with Reuben’s Humility. For it is the Humility that presses the ox against the black soil, in order for its labour to be successful…”
While Jesus was declaring His words, the angel of Judah extended his wings, and thus pearly rays with the shining image of the ox also shone from them. God’s Praise filled out its image, and thus the ox was now not only ploughing, while the Light was sowing, but also fragrance rose from its mouth, as it kept praising and glorifying the Heavenly Father for the privilege which was given to it in Lord’s Salvation. Then Jesus pointed with His Right Hand at the ox, telling me:
“The greater the Praise of My oxen, the more saving My gospel is for the poor ones. For to glorify My Father in heavens, despite the great responsibility that He has given to you, means to give My Faith to My poor ones and make them zealous and unhesitant!”
Here that the angel of Levi also opened his wings, and thus his pearly Light added its rays to the image of the ox. Then a second ox appeared next to the ox, and God’s Agreement filled out their images, and joined their hearts in one heart, one mind and one Heavenly Will. Then the oxen instantly increased their speed, and the lumps of chernozem became bigger and bigger, since the plough of Lord’s gospel dug into deeper layers. And Lord pointed at the couple of oxen excitedly, telling me:
“There is no Power that makes My oxen more successful than the Power of Agreement. They really became one heart, one Spirit, one Will, one purpose, one vocation. And whatever they ask of Me and My Father, they will certainly receive it. And the deeper they plough My Word by the Heavenly Power of Father, the more abundant their harvest will be!”
After His last words Jesus approached me. And as He took me by the hand, He led me to the very oxen that in the vision ploughed the chernozem with the pearly Light of three Heavenly Gates in their hearts, which were as one heart in a beneficial team. As He caressed with His hand His faithful servants, Lord spoke to me, saying:
“See these oxen, Stefan, and testify about them to My Church. For it is the Humility that pushes them down to the chernozem, in order for them to carry out Lord’s Salvation through the Power that is given to them by the Holy Spirit. They will neither ever betray their vocation and choosing from Heaven, nor be shaken or moved by the gold calves of the satanic prosperity, since they will always remember the ray of Jesus Christ that they are anointed to preach the Good News to poor ones, and not to rich ones. They will never be tempted by earth gold and silver, since they know how great their reward in Heaven is, and the Praise in their lips proves them as Faithful and Truthful ones. They will overcome in all ways the seducer and the tempter, since they will always remember and never forget that there is no agreement between God and Mammon, or between Christ and Belial! That is why I tell you all:
My Church! I want to see My oxen in you! I want the My Heavenly Good News for the poor ones who are rich with My Faith! I want servants with the Humility of Reuben, the Praise of Judah and the Agreement of Levi! I want that Heavenly abundance in My Temple by which all of you will make the following word come true:
“Let our cattle be laden without bursting forth and going out, let there be no outcry in our streets! How blessed are the people who are so situated; how blessed are the people whose God is the Lord!” (Psalm 144:14-15)
And you, My servant, expect the next vision by which I will visit you! For, after the Northern Gates of My City I will take you to the Eastern ones, in order for you to see just how wonderful the pearls of Joseph, Benjamin and Manasseh are.
I, the Tree of Life and Lord’s Year, still talk and do not fall silent! Blessed are the people who come to know My months and yield My Fruits!”

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