My dear brother! My faithful friend!
Do not be surprised by the fact that in the last prophetic books Lord lets me reference books I have written in past years. The purpose of one such reminder is namely this – that the knowledge we have received from Jesus is confirmed and reconfirmed, so that we may thus gain even more confidence. I want to believe that the spiritual distance which I have walked as a servant of the Lord is the same as that which all those Faithful to Christ have walked as well, despite God’s various Boon. Since the final limit of the efforts of our Faith will always remain the Heavenly Jerusalem and its Gates. That is why the verses from God’s Word tell us all:
“Blessed are those who wash their robes, so that they may have the right to the tree of life, and may enter by the gates into the city…” (Revelation 22:14)
I do not want to even consider the fate of the people in whose hearts Lord did not lay down desire for His Heavenly Home, but who were instead perverse enough to seek Babylonian palaces and earth prosperity. They are now consuming their share, and it will be all they will remain with. They are now the smiling and happy ones that drink the width of the devil’s cup, while God’s children are going through the sorrow of each persecution and oppression for Christ. But just as I wrote in “Gethsemane” – Lord’s Cup is narrow on earth, and wide in the heavens, whereas the devilish one is wide on earth, but becomes horrifyingly narrow in the depths of the fiery hell. And today everyone chooses which cup to drink, in order to determine their fate for the Eternity.
Just as you have understood from what you have read so far, there is one Year of the Lord that does not fit the human and earth understandings at all, since it is a spiritual and Heavenly Year. Referring to the earth calendars and ways of measuring time each man will tell you that the year is nothing other than three hundred and sixty-five days, which planet Earth needs to make a full circle around the Sun. And here the earth mind will be done with its understanding, since it has already exhausted the answer of its knowledge. Yet, here that in His Gospel our Saviour speaks of one “favourable Year of the Lord”, to which He has devoted His entire divine mission. Stop here and expand your heart to the limit, so that the Holy Spirit pours His Heavenly Light into your spirit. For had Jesus had in mind earth years, and not a Heavenly one, Jesus would not have defined it as an Year of the Lord, but at least as three years and a half, since that is how long His ministry went on from river Jordan to the Cross of Golgotha. But Lord said namely what He says:
“…to proclaim the favourable Year of the Lord…” (Luke 4:19) 
And if the words that have been spoken by Jesus are Eternal, in consent with His words that Heaven and Earth will pass, but His words will not pass, then this “favourable Year of the Lord” will continue throughout the entire human history of Salvation with Faith, until the Moment Comes for the Taking and the Second Coming. For He defined Himself in “The revelation of John” as “the Beginning and the End”, and these are signs of time that speak of a “Year of the Lord”. By such divine wisdom, that is, with the mind of the Spirit, all of us will understand that under “Year” Jesus meant Himself. And not only Himself, but the example of the ancient Enoch, who walked with God three hundred and sixty-five years, before God Father took him up into the Heavenly Jerusalem. And if we read the biblical verses about Enoch in the Light of the Holy Spirit, we will certainly notice other details in the written word:
“Enoch lived sixty-five years, and became the father of Methuselah. Then Enoch walked with God three hundred years after he became the father of Methuselah, and he had other sons and daughters. So all the days of Enoch were three hundred and sixty-five years. Enoch walked with God; and he was not, for God took him…”  (Genesis 5:21-24) 
Do you see that before God took Enoch, he “had sons and daughters”? Does not that come to show you that God’s righteous man had fertile seed, since he left a generation after himself? And if in the Holy Spirit of these Heavenly Revelation we see Enoch as the Spirit of the Taking, then what else should God expect from us, other than to also give birth to the generation to which we have been called? Did not Father promise us all that before the great and fearful Day of the Lord He will send us the Spirit and the Power of Elijah? And was not prophet Elijah the second of the men in the Antiquity that were taken up without seeing decay? This certainly comes to show us that he also walked Lord’s entire Year, and Father was Faithful and Truthful to grant him the fate of Enoch. And to this very same Elijah Lord’s angel gave a cake of bread and a jar of water, as he told him:
“Arise, eat, because the journey is too great for you…” (1 Kings 19:7) 
Which journey was too great for the prophet? The earth or the Heavenly one? The human way of a lonesome wanderer who settled in a cave, and later passed with Elisha through Bethel, Jericho and Jordan, or that Path of Enoch, by which Elijah was to complete Lord’s entire Year? The second one, of course! But that is knowledge which is too lofty and Holy, and therefore I can preach it only to men who have come to know the Mind of the Spirit, for only He is the one to search God’s depths. For the rest the Way of Enoch will remain hidden and incomprehensible. For they will never understand and comprehend that Lord’s Year is God’s Son Jesus Christ, whereas each of the months of This Year is one of the Gates in the Heavenly Jerusalem, and one of the Fruits of the Tree of Life.
Two years ago could I have even dreamt that after the wonderful and anointed visions, related to “The Gates of Truth” and “The Secrets of the Kingdom” Jesus would give me the privilege of knowing Him as the Year of the Lord? Could I have even guessed just how deep the gold jar with the Hidden Manna is? Of course, not! After all, is not my heart every single time like a student before the Teacher, and as Bartimaeus before the Healer! Yet that is why, my dear brother, accept the most wonderful knowledge and Heavenly revelation that Jesus is the Year of the Lord. A Year that neither passes into another, nor can ever end, since it is in the dimension of Eternity.
Now let me go on with my following thoughts, and namely the ones about God’s overshadowing. It is not possible for one to have followed Lord’s prophet at least from the last years of the past century without them making the clear spiritual relationship between this last book and the first books that Jesus let me write and give to His Church. Since in that distant 1998 I wrote four books against the overshadowing faces of the fallen cherub Lucifer. These were the books about “The gold calf of the church”, “The gold lion of the church”, “The gold eagle of the church” and “The gold human image”. Even in the first book about the gold calf, Lord warned me as He said:
“Tell My brothers and sisters that the last time is a time of battle between images. My Image against the image of the beast. The Truth against the lie. God’s Anointment against the satanic overshadowing…”
At that moment I probably did not understand His words as completely as I understand them today. For I did not know that Jesus was arming me with the rays of His divine Mission, in order to crush the wicked heart of the devil. But even in ignorance I obeyed Him by Faith and wrote these books. After that my anointment from the Heaven grew many times, since what followed was crushing visions with three Heavenly cases against the spirits of Jezebel, Korah and Mammon. Then what else can I say but confess that my life has been completely reflected by the wonderful verses of the psalm that says:
“He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will abide in the shadow of the Almighty…” (Psalm 91:1) 
And what was the Roof the Almighty? Was not that His benevolence to grant me access to His Home, so that I give Heavenly Bread to His children? What was the Shadow of the Almighty? Was it not Lord Jesus Christ, the Glorious Overshadowing One of Father Who comes to ruin the deeds of the devil? Was not This Shadow active, as the Early Church spread the Good News? Did they not bring out sick and crippled ones along the Way of the Apostles, and so they were healed as they came in contact just with the Shadow of Peter? Behold, my brother, the true Glory of God at the clash between God’s and Satan’s overshadowing! And if you need to go back in the years, certainly seek the prophetic book “From the Shelter of the Most High to the Shadow of the Almighty”, in order to see there just how the infant sparrows become eagles on the Rock. And is not the eagle one of the rays of Christ’s Mission that is related to the recovery of the sight of the blind ones? Let me tell you that on this world there has always been a clash between God’s and Satan’s overshadowing. Ox against calf. Lion against lion. Eagle against vulture. The Image of a Servant against the image of Herod. The sad part in the years of my serving for Jesus was the fact that in the sight of the violent clash between Mount Zion and the prostitute Babylon many Christians chose to remain heartless spectators. Such were the spectators at the clash between prophet Elijah and the false prophets of Baal at the foot of mountain Carmel. They did not desire to stand as support for God’s servant, because they had no Faith. They first waited for the proofs for God’s Power, and only then made their choice.
Oh, wretched and mad blind men! Do you not know that your sin of religious hypocrisy is heavier before the eyes of God, than the sin of Baal’s false prophets? Have you never read in the Gospel how Lord commanded His disciples to keep from the yeast of the Pharisees? And does not little yeast work through the whole batch of dough? How can you remain spectators before the clash between Zion and Babylon? How is it possible for you to justify the merchants, the careerists and the doctrinaires, without even considering that in a Sacred battle there are no spectators and there cannot be. “He who is not with Me is against Me; and he who does not gather with Me, scatters!” – these are the Holy words of Jesus that will be your judgement and most terrible exposing. For you wanted to enter God’s Kingdom gratis, without a single scratch or a minute of suffering for the Crucified and Resurrected One. For you the gate of your local church and your chair in the gathering have always cost more than any Gate in the Heavenly Jerusalem. But let me tell you that everyone who refuses to become a weapon of God’s overshadowing in Lord’s hand has long become a cracked stone and broken fence, which the beasts of the cunning one skip over quite effortlessly. For it was nothing other than the satanic overshadowing itself that frightened and crushed you. You did not put your trust in the Lord, in order for Him to deliver you from ruinous plague or raise you on eagle wings, but instead just like worms and moles you hid in the holes of the earth, and in the flesh of your carnal way of thinking. The name Gehazi fits you, and the name Saul fits your pastors. For you warp like an unfaithful bow, in order to add to the measure of your fathers.
And to all the Called, Chosen and Faithful ones who to this day are a firm foundation that has been laid down by God, in order to stand, I will say:
My dear friends! There is only a little longer before Lord gives all of us the Crown for which we endured thorns, abuses, treacheries, evil and insidious deeds, reproaches and all kinds of persecution! Then we all will rejoice in Lord’s Glory and will understand that not just each day, but also each minute and second of our sorrow for God were worth it.
So I come to the last matter for which I want to share my thoughts in this book, and namely – Zion’s race. That race for which God let Isaiah prophesy to us all in his book, where it is written:
“For My sword is satiated in heaven, behold it shall descend for judgment upon Edom and upon the people whom I have devoted to destruction…” (Isaiah 34:5)
“For the Lord has a day of vengeance, a Year of recompense for the cause (in the Greek version it is “race”) of Zion…” (Isaiah 34:8) 
Do I need to write here again who is Edom, in order for him to be the main target of God’s Anger? I have written and said so much about him that it would be unforgivable for one to forget that this is the spirit of the scorned birthright and that it embodies the generation of Babylon that has retreated from Lord’s Covenant. The generation of Jacob’s brother Esau, who gave up his birthright for a meal of red stew. But as ones who are Faithful to God and Father what is more important for us is God’s statement that for the Lord the destruction of Edom is “a day of vengeance”, “a Year of recompense for the cause (race) of Zion”.
How are we to understand this? What is the Day here? Here is the answer:
The day of vengeance will certainly be at the Second Coming, when Lord Jesus Christ will strike the beast and his armies in the battle at Armageddon!
More questions follow:
What is this “Year” in Which the very race runs? Is that not Lord’s Year, Which is Lord Jesus Christ Himself?
Let me tell you, dear friend, that Father has chosen to speak of this race only in the prophecy of Isaiah, as He has related it to His Sacred Anger against the generation of Edom. Then do I need to remind you again the visions from the book about “The Secrets of the Kingdom”, where the Saviour revealed to us all the clash of the four winds of the devil with the Gates of the Heavenly Jerusalem? Was not there vengeance of God against all the demonic hordes of Satan? Were not namely the Saints of Lord Jesus Christ the “contestants” that worked for the good fight of Faith?
Here, I will remind you once again the words of Apostle Paul to all the “contestants” who want to adorn themselves with the Crown of Glory:
“Do you not know that those who run in a race all run, but only one receives the prize? Run in such a way that you may win…” (1 Corinthians 9:24)
The Faith in Jesus is a race! Remember it! Forever!
A man cannot win this race! Only God’s Christ can win it (if we have given birth to Him and have matured Him in our hearts in the measure and the height of His completeness)! Each resistance of ours against the Babylonian wickedness is a step of this race! Each minute, day, hour and week of our confrontation with the religious wickedness of the prostitute, are steps of running in the very race! Each abuse, mockery, rage, malice, dishonesty and hatred against our Faith are additional beneficial signals that we are running against the spirit of the whole world and that we are making Satan’s losses indescribable. A contestant may say to himself:
“I have already run my share! Now I will sit and rest, and Jesus will certainly consider my running!”
And who told you that the race is the desire to run a bit? Do not all the contestants have a “start” and “finish” line for their running? So if at the start one begins with Faith, will not this be one much more confirmed Faith at the finish line? If at the start one begins with the Infant, will not they be with the Resurrected One at the finish line? So if the beginning is with the Pioneer, will not the end be with the Perfecter?
I tell you, my brother, that I am running at the limit of my spiritual exhaustion and still the moment for me to drain the last droplet of the Power that God has given to me is still not here. And even if someone pats my shoulder in a friendly way and tells me:
“You can stop already, brother! You have gained serious lead and so you should not give yourself much strain!”
…I will tell such one:
“I will not stop, since woe to me if I stop before I see the finish line! For the finish line is not in this world, but in the one above! There where the upper vocation from God and Father in Jesus Christ is!”
I may no longer write prophetic books with the speed I gave birth to them ten years ago, but still I will continue the race – as long as I breathe, and as long as my heart keeps beating for the King of Zion!
For in these three – Lord’s Year, God’s overshadowing and Zion’s race – I see the entire possible meaning of my life!
Let my thoughts end in this way, in order for the book to go on from this point on with the rays of Christ’s Mission and the Gates of the Heavenly Jerusalem. So that I may appear to God’s children the blessed Way of Enoch! Amen and Amen!

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