My dear brother! My faithful friend!
Faithful to be our mighty support till the end of the old world and Truthful to guide us in each Rightness of His Word, Lord once again came to my heart, in order to enlighten me in the deepest secrets that He Himself has kept hidden for the last times. I myself hope a lot that the echo from the last book about “The Patience and the Faith of the Saints” is still too powerful and blessing in the hearts of God’s children, since the visions in this book will start namely where the previous book ended. And may everyone see and perceive this as a sign of perfect guidance and abundant Kindness from Heaven.
Before I step into the visions in this most blessed and Holy book, I want, figuratively speaking, to splash some water on the eyes of all who are still sleepy and thus cannot make the true reading of the last events that are taking place in the hot spots of the world.
Do you see, my brother, that the globalism is already acting all over the world? Do you comprehend that the devil, who divides and rules, has already started transferring his power and authority to Antichrist, who will come out of the abyss? Do you think that these social agitations that are sweeping the Arabic countries are something other than the merging of the western and the eastern sea? Just like dominos there the dictatorships are already crumbling under the pressure of the common indignation, and once set into motion this scenario will not stop soon at all. What is happening in fact? What is happening is that the peoples from the eastern civilisation are tempted by the democracies of the western civilisation through the active part of the global network the Internet. The Muslims now want to choose themselves how their state is governed. For it is one matter when you are ruled by a sheikh that has been established for life or by an emir with his family and his heirs, and a completely different matter when that is someone who has been chosen according to the public spirits. It is a different matter however that due to the complete sorcery of the prostitute Babylon the new leaders of the East will become even easier to handle and control than the leaders of the West who have in Africa and the Middle East their economical, political and openly satanic interests. And the ambition of the devil is namely the following – to bring the nations of the entire world under the power of the beast, that false and sham Jesus who will realize his global control, so that everyone is under its shadow.
The eastern and the western sea merge! It does not matter whether we like this or not! The racial, religious, political, social and cultural differences between the East and the West will be erased more and more, either at the cost of horrible quakes and agitation of the people, or at the cost of economical exhaustion and political ultimatums.
Where will we find ourselves? And what will happen to all of us who are Called, Chosen and Faithful ones of Lord Jesus Christ? Will our fates and lives sink amidst the rise of destruction, or will we succeed in getting raised to a place where the dark trinity has no authority and power?
I tell you the Truth, my friend, that ever since Jesus let me throw His Anchor into the sea of glass, and my spirit experienced the turning, so that I may step spiritually in the heavenly places, I have no worry whatsoever about my personal fate and destiny. Quite the opposite – my heart started experiencing in fullness some of the most ancient biblical verses, which I felt as a wondrous reward from the Lord. And the very reward was a door for such abundant revelations and secrets that an entire mountain of Light and Boon appeared before me. And the very verses said:
“Enoch walked with God; and he was not, for God took him…” (Genesis 5:24)
Do you see how the word is about “walking with God”? But what does it mean to walk with God? Does one start walking with God just like that? Do not they first need to turn their hope into a strong and unshakable anchor that enters beyond the curtain? Should they not walk with their spiritual feet in heavenly places, since they are full of the Holy Spirit? I will not lie to you that it was only in the last prophetic book that I started stepping in the heavenly places, since my steps in God have been going on for seventeen blessing years. But I will certainly rejoice that Jesus Himself attested this to His Church in one most wonderful divine way. For, if we are to be participants in the Taking, all of us need to become the generation in the Spirit of Enoch, so that we do not experience death. For words are written in “Hebrews” about that ancient man of God:
“By faith Enoch was taken away so that he did not see death, and was not found, because God had taken him; for before he was taken he had this testimony, that he pleased God…” [ (Hebrews 11:5)]
What is the taking up? Is it not like moving to another place to live? And what does it mean to “not be found” at a place, because God has taken you up? Is it not the explicit proof that you have abandoned the dimensions of the existence on earth, in order to live eternally in the Heavenly Existence of God Almighty?
Know then, my brother, that my very reward from Jesus, that is, that mountain of Light and Boon, was Enoch. Not just the name “Enoch” or the few verses in the Bible that mention him, but the Spirit of Enoch! That Spirit by Which a follower of Christ can pay the price of God’s ancient servant, in order to also receive his fate. And if someone decides to say that the pieces of information about the Spirit of Enoch are too scarce, then let them fall silent and cover their mouth with a hand this very hour. For a mountain of God’s mysterious most wisdom cannot be scant, but is instead abundantly precious. And the Gold Jar of the Hidden Manna will certainly turn out much deeper than I have ever thought or guessed. For throughout all the years that have passed from the Circle of Salt my kind Teacher and Saviour let me drink from it more than once. And if the devil is quick in this present time to submerge the world in devastation and destruction, let us not think that Lord stands idle. Quite on the contrary – He has said to us all in the Gospel:
“Unless those days had been cut short, no life would have been saved; but for the sake of the elect those days will be cut short…” (Matthew 24:22)
How are days cut short, do you know that? The answer is that they can be cut short only by Power from Heaven. For the great Power will give God’s people mighty acceleration in their rise to the Throne of God and Father. And as it is known – the high velocity reduces the time from the first point to the last. Apostle Paul encourages us all in namely this way. Here are his words:
“Do you not know that those who run in a race all run, but only one receives the prize? Run in such a way that you may win…” (1 Corinthians 9:24)
What is our Prize? What is it actually about? Read the answer below and lay it as a seal in your heart forever:
The Spirit of Enoch is a Reward for the Called, Chosen and Faithful ones!
Each line and sentence from this prophetic book will be soaked and sated with the Spirit of Enoch! All the visions will reveal before your heart the greatest Heavenly requirements of God and Father, so that namely we may be the generation that will not pass through death, but will be taken up alive, so that we may join Lord in His Glory!
And if the faithful ones of Lord Jesus Christ followed His prophet in the last seventeen years, in order to mature in the completeness of the Oneborn of Father, then may the prophetic visions in this book be for them sealing in the generation of the Taking!
May the Eternal and Glorified One Who is Amen and True witness of this Heavenly message raise His Faithful ones in the dazzling light of His Own mysterious most wisdom! So that they are the generation in the Spirit of Enoch and the Power of Elijah! Amen and Amen!

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