My dear brother! My faithful friend!
If there is a reason for the wickedness of the wicked to increase many times today, this undoubtedly is their impunity. I do not know if you can imagine what impunity is like, but I ask you to accept that it is the narcotic God has set for the hearts of the wicked ones. The more unaccounted-for wicked deeds a devilish worshipper does, the more they get carried away in doing them. So, what is present is an addiction to Evil, by which the wicked one deceives their heart that their evil deeds will never be accounted for. It is exactly then that the narcotic of impunity works at its full power. In the mind of the wicked one it crosses out the most fateful words, which are “judgement” and “fate”.
In fact – the very word “impunity” is deceitful. One cannot do evil and remain unpunished. However here act certain verses from the Bible that say:
“Because the sentence against an evil deed is not executed quickly, therefore the hearts of the sons of men among them are given fully to do evil. Although a sinner does evil a hundred times and may lengthen his life, still I know that it will be well for those who fear God, who fear before Him openly…” (Ecclesiastes 8:11-12) 
I will not tell you that it is easy reading these verses and agreeing with them. Quite on the contrary – one just indignation would rise in the heart of everyone, who sees how the sentence against the evil ones is delayed.
“Why is God delaying?” – some men ask.
“Why does He not punish the wicked ones for their evil deeds?” – others sigh. The answer to these questions is the statement below:
God delays the sentence over the wicked ones, because He is Eternal! And an Eternal Judge can pronounce only eternal sentences!
I ask you to comprehend this. I ask you to elevate your mind high and to put no equality sign between the judges on earth and the Heavenly Judge, between the earth courts and the Heavenly Place of Judgement. Whatever sentence the earth judges decide on, it will not be eternal. They could condemn a hardened criminal for life in jail or to death. But even then their sentence would remain only temporary. On the other side God’s sentences are eternal and unchangeable. And unlike the earth judges, who declare one’s sentence after meeting the jurors for one last time, God has declared the verdict against the wicked ones in His Word and through the testimony of His servants, the prophets.
Then why do the wicked ones persist eagerly in their Evil? Why are they touched neither by the Holy warnings in the Bible, nor by the Personal messages, by which the Heavenly Judge sends His servants?
The truth is that the wicked are not touched, because they do not believe the verdicts of God concern them. Satan tolerates them well and keeps them from any retribution, they would receive on earth. So, whereas I could say for the heathen wicked ones that the lack of faith is a thick curtain before their hearts, since they deny God and His existence, what do I say about the church wicked people? What do I say about the ones, who enlarged the prostitute Babylon and made her sigh lasciviously for all kinds of demonic orgies and perversions? What do I say about the false earth Christianity that was filled out with ruinous heresies, fiendish teachings, cults and idols, false gods and sects, vainglory and avarice? Did they not know what there is God in heavens? Had they really never read the serious words from the message of Apostle James:
“You have lived luxuriously on the earth and led a life of wanton pleasure; you have fattened your hearts in a day of slaughter. You have condemned and put to death the Righteous Man; He does not resist you…” (James 5:5-6) 
Do you see the terrible contradiction, my brother? The ones, who were supposed to tremble before God’s coming Judgement, instead condemned and put to death Jesus, and He refused to resist them.
“How have they condemned Him and how have they put Him to death?” – you may ask. And you will even add:
“Is not Lord in Heaven? How can someone condemn and kill Him?”
The truth is that the wicked ones of the church condemned and murdered the divine presence of Jesus in the hearts of men! They condemned and murdered His Love, His Sincerity, His Jealousy, His Boon! They condemned and rejected each divine display of our Lord through the Holy Spirit in the hearts of men. As they replaced His teaching by loathsome orders and decrees, they got their accursed businesses and interests going in order to enrich and confirm their own earth kingdom and family churches. But that was why Apostle James wrote the following words in his message:
“You too be patient; strengthen your hearts, for the coming of the Lord is near. Do not groan, brethren, against one another, so that you yourselves may not be judged; behold, the Judge is standing before the doors. As an example, brethren, of suffering and patience, take the prophets who spoke in the name of the Lord…” (James 5:8-10) 
Behold, the Judge is standing before the doors – James tells us! However, how many opened to Him, so that He may enter? How many realized that where there is a Judge, there will certainly be Judgement? And where there is Judgement, there will certainly be condemnation!
I am too jealous for my Lord to make Him wait before the door of my heart. I love Him too much to allow myself the thought that His Judgement should remain undisclosed and mysterious for the hearts of men. Since I felt His blessed presence, I fell to my knees before Him and said to Him:
“My Lord! I sense You with my whole heart! You have once again come to speak to Your servant! Here, Jesus! I stand and listen to You!”
In reply to my words, Jesus spoke to my heart, telling him:
“My servant! Burdensome prophecies and deep mysteries have been revealed to your spirit in the last few months. I saw what suffering you were subjected to due to My words and My visions, by which I appeared the hidden manna to My Church. But now I tell you that you will once again have to drink from the Gold Jar and appear one last prophecy, the kind of which God’s family has not received before. This is the prophecy about the Day of Judgement. Not just about the Day, but about the three fateful stages of God’s Judgement that My God and Father commanded. Since in the times past I have more than once let you testify about the fate of the wicked ones. And in the last book I also showed My Church the lake of fire that burns with brimstone.
Then what do you think? Can I show the entire punishment, but save you the entire condemnation? Or can I show the eternal prison of the wicked ones and remain unexpressed as the Eternal Judge? Here that I have really taken you quite far – even beyond the boundaries of My Millennium, where the old heaven and the old earth come to their end, so that you may see the fate of the wicked ones, condemned in the Day of Judgement. However, I tell you now that the Judgement starts much earlier than you would consider. My Apostle James warned you very clearly about that:
“…behold, the Judge is standing before the doors…” (James 5:9) 
So if I really stand before the doors of the hearts of men, it is in order for Me to enlighten them in relation to the Judgement of the Judge. This very enlightenment is a Heavenly gift, Hidden Manna, prepared for those, who will sit on thrones in order to be judges together with the Judge. Then go back seven years and recall the words, which the angel, I sent, spoke to you, when you were led into the case against the spirit of Jezebel…”
I listened to the words of Jesus, and the words of Lord’s messenger emerged in my memory, saying:
“Stand up and eat this word. For you have a fate, assigned to you by the Eternal Judge, to prophesy to the churches and to give Christ’s brothers and sisters a prophetic vision for the conviction of the spirit of Jezebel. By eating this loaf, you will find yourself as a witness of the case against the spirit of Jezebel. Do not be scared or confused even by the confessions of this spirit, at all, for Jesus has chosen you for a judge, who one day will sit on a throne. Your fate will be shared by all who believe the prophetic vision in this book and accept a prophet in the name of a prophet…”
I had hardly recalled the words of the angel, when Lord once again spoke, saying:
“My servant, can I forget the fate, by which I commanded your birth and which I wrote in your heart in advance?”
“Oh, Jesus! You are Truthful and Veracious! If You have commanded fate for Your servant, it will certainly come true the way You pronounced it and wrote it down!”
“Yes, Stefan! That is so! You are not only a prophet, but certainly also one of God’s judges that will stand next to the Judge and be one of the main accusers against the prostitute Babylon and against the spirits of the abomination, which causes desolation! But for that Heavenly privilege one pays a price of horrible persecution. You have been paying it throughout all the years of your service to Me. Reason then and understand that what is most important for a judge is to know all the Heavenly details of Lord’s Judgement. And not only to know them, but to arrange them correctly in time according to their power of fate. That is why I have come to you now as a Judge, in order to lead you once again into the Ark of the Last Noah and let you drink from the Gold Jar with the hidden manna. So that your heart is enlightened and you give God’s children prophetic visions about the Day of Judgement. Now follow Me!”

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