My dear brother! My faithful friend!
I want you to regard the time, Lord has intended for us on this earth, as a great credit, He has given to us. Why a credit? Why credit? Namely because He has let us come into this world, become people and live a life, which pleases Him. For the hour and the moment will come when we will have to answer before God for all of the deeds, we have done in our body – either for good or for evil. Before I reveal to you the vision, concerning this theme, I want to share with you that for years I have lived ignorant of Christ’s Judgement Seat. The matters got more and more confused in my mind, since I lacked Lord’s enlightenment to separate the Judgement over God’s family from the fearful Judgement, which is promised for the wicked ones. I seemed to be reading the words of Apostle Peter’s First Epistle, but they somehow escaped my understanding. Let me remind you these apostolic words, before I go on:
“If you are reviled for the name of Christ, you are blessed, because the Spirit of glory and of God rests on you. Make sure that none of you suffers as a murderer, or thief, or evildoer, or one who oversees others’ affairs; but if anyone suffers as a Christian, he is not to be ashamed, but is to glorify God in this name. For it is time for judgment to begin from the household of God; and if it begins with us first, what will be the outcome for those who do not obey the gospel of God? And if it is with difficulty that the righteous is saved, where will the godless man and the sinner appear? Therefore, those also who suffer according to the will of God shall entrust their souls to a faithful Creator in doing what is right…” (1 Peter 4:14-19) 
Do you see how even two thousand years ago Peter declares that “it is time for judgment to begin from the household of God”? When one of the most enlightened servants of Jesus declares that that time had come even then, we should not doubt his words. On the contrary – we should keep paying attention to what the apostle warns about:
“…and if it begins with us first, what will be the outcome for those who do not obey the gospel of God? And if it is with difficulty that the righteous is saved, where will the godless man and the sinner appear?”
Here that Peter really is capable of startling us with his words. He does not say that Salvation is easy and that Christ’s Judgement Seat is like Paris’ Triumphal arch. What he says is different, and namely that “it is with difficulty that the righteous is saved”. Together with saying that, the apostle also asks the fearful question:
“…where will the godless man and the sinner appear?…”
It is clear that the children of the wicked will appear at another place of Judgement, which does not concern the righteous ones, but the wicked ones. However, here and now, I want us to reason above all about Christ’s Judgement Seat. Let us not only reason but go into the depth of the following words, Lord Jesus Christ spoke:
“Make friends quickly with your opponent at law while you are with him on the way, so that your opponent may not hand you over to the judge, and the judge to the officer, and you be thrown into prison. Truly I say to you, you will not come out of there until you have paid up the last kodrantes…” (Matthew 5:25-26) 
So, my brother, who is the opponent you should make friends with quickly while you are with him on the way to Christ’s Judgement Seat? Do not think that this is the devil, for God has no agreement with Satan, and it is God’s explicit command that we always resist the devil and never make friends with him. Yet, the verses of the gospel speak of making friends with an opponent. Furthermore – Lord warns us that unless we make friends with this opponent, he will hand us over to the Judge, and the Judge in His turn will throw us into prison until we pay up the last kodrantes. I know that quite reasonably you may remind me here of the prophetic book “Zacchaeus”. Yes, it is so! The matter at hand is the same. However something much deeper is also concerned. For, the opponent we must all make friends with is the first Sword of Lord’s Judgement that spoke to my heart in the previous vision. There I saw it fixed in a stone, in order to test the firmness of God’s children. But what does it mean to make friends with this Sword? The truth is that when it pierces us, we should neither protest, nor escape its blade, but grow humble and let it pierce us to the end. It is namely our humbleness and our patience when we get pierced by the Sword that represent our making friends with the opponent. For it is through this Sword that the Judgement begins from God’s household, that is, God pierces us and cuts us, so that we put to death our old self, which is corrupted by deceitful desires, and renew ourselves with the New Self, which is created according to the Image of Jesus, in Justice and in the Holiness of Truth.
Do you understand now more clearly what Christ’s Judgement Seat is? Do you start to comprehend that this Judgement Seat has been acting constantly throughout the last two thousand years on this earth? The ones, who pass through the Judgement Seat, are approved and their names are confirmed in the Book of Life, while the ones, who do not make friends with the Sword, are handed over to the Judge, Who throws them into prison.
Now let me go on in the Spirit of this deep and fateful theme. I know you may react with the following words:
“Brother Stefan! The title of the book, you have given to me, is “The Day of Judgement”, but now I see that you are diluting the theme a lot. Speak to the subject! Tell us about the Day of Judgement, and not about Christ’s Judgement Seat!”
Oh, friend of mine! Let me convince you that I have not moved a whit away from the theme, but still write everything the Holy Spirit dictates in my heart. Do you see where the ones, who do not make friends with the Sword, appear? The Word says that the Judge hands them over to His officer, who throws them into prison! There in that prison, is it Day or night?
I know you may say:
“It is a night, brother, for it is dark!”
See then what Day and what night Jesus was preaching about in the Gospel:
“As long as it is day, we must do the work of Him Who sent Me. Night is coming, when no-one can work…” (John 9:4) 
and more:
“You are going to have the light just a little while longer. Walk while you have the light, before darkness overtakes you. The man who walks in the dark does not know where he is going…” (John 12:35) 
Do you understand now that Christ’s Judgement Seat is a Day of Judgement that is not one bit less fateful than the one that will take place after the Millennium? Why “Day”?
Namely because Christ’s Judgement Seat is the Judgement of the Holy Spirit and God’s Word, the Judgement of Light over darkness. For the reason why the Spirit of the Father and the Son was poured out onto earth was so that the written word may come true:
“When He comes, He will convict the world of guilt in regard to sin and righteousness and judgment: in regard to sin, because men do not believe in Me; in regard to righteousness, because I am going to the Father, where you can see Me no longer; and in regard to judgment, because the prince of this world now stands condemned…” (John 16:8-11)
Then how are we supposed to live in order to escape the conviction of the Holy Spirit? Should not we make friends with the Sword at any cost while we are on the way to the Judgement Seat with it?
When the Sword fixes into the stone, we should really show and prove that we are precious stones, related to the Stone of Zion! Let nobody fool you any longer into regarding Christ’s Judgement as an event, which date is set to an exactly predetermined day. For this Judgement Seat is not the Day of fearful Judgement for the wicked ones, but the Judgement for God’s household. So if you would think that passing this Judgement is easy, I will tell you that it fully deserves to be called “Fearful”. Let the vision, which will be revealed in a while before your heart, convince you in this.
So, my brother, I was once again standing in the presence of my Lord, when He took the first Sword into His hand and spoke to me, saying:
“As I have already promised your heart, I will certainly initiate you, so that you see the Judgement of the Spirit, the Judgement of the Son and the Judgement of the Father. Therefore, follow Me now to see what the Judgement of the Spirit represents…”
After these words Jesus touched my head and so we both found ourselves on Lord’s Mount. Here that Jesus raised the Sword with His two hands and fixed it into the Mount itself, saying:
“Holy Spirit! Appear My Judgement on My Mount! Carry it out with Your Holy presence and be an accuser of the world – for sin, for righteousness and for fate! Now let two doors open to Lord’s Mount! The ones, who make friends with the Sword of the Judge, are to enter through the first one! The ones, who are unwilling to obey My Word and hate My Image, My Example and My deeds are to enter through the second door!”
While Jesus was pronouncing His words, an omen took place. For, Lord’s Mount was covered with Light that resembled a Heavenly lid. Here that at the end of the lid, which descended into the valley below the Mount, two doors appeared. As Lord pointed at them, He spoke to me, saying:
“Let us go down to the two doors of My Sanctuary! So that you see them from a close distance and discern them!”
So Jesus started walking and I followed Him. The more we approached the doors, the more the details that became perceptible. So I saw that the first door of the Judgement Seat was guarded by swords, which were just like the Sword, which Jesus fixed into the Mount. There were no swords before the second door, but instead gold crowns, gold rings and gold necklaces were suspended. Here that Lord finally stood at the middle of the Place of Judgement. As He sat on a marble Throne, which was made for Him, He stretched out His right hand to the door with the swords and His left hand to the door with the gold trinkets. So, turning His face to the right, Lord called out in an authoritative Voice:
“Holy Spirit, send the servants of the Judge to call God’s entire household to My Judgement Seat! Let My sheep that inscribed My Covenant in their hearts and chose to be faithful to Me to the death pass through the Door of Justification and Redemption!”
Hardly having pronounced these words, Jesus turned His Face to the left, and shouted with an authoritative Voice:
“Appear before the Door of Condemnation and damnation, Satan! As you deceive, tempt and attract, quickly gather your goats that insulted My Covenant with their mouths, trampled down My Blood through their deeds, and denied Me in all of their thoughts!”
I was listening with awe to the words of my Lord, when He stood up from His Throne, brought out a gold trumpet from His mantle, gave it to me and commanded:
“Quickly take a step to the right Door of the Place of Judgement! As you come out through it, start blowing the trumpet and so call God’s household! When they ask you, who you are, do tell them that you serve God’s Prophetic Spirit and that you come from Lord’s Mount. For, the Holy Spirit, Who saves the souls and the hearts, is certainly called God’s Prophetic Spirit, when He serves the Judge in His Judgement Seat – either to justify or condemn!”
Listening to my Lord, I started running with all the jealousy of my heart to the right door of the Sanctuary. When I was already passing through it, Power and anointment rushed through my spirit. The Holy Spirit Himself spoke to me, saying:
“From today till the end of the old world at Doomsday, you are one of God’s judges, and one of God’s prophets, sent to God’s household! Do not stop blowing the trumpet, Jesus has given to you, a whit! Do not stop calling the people to abandon the prostitute Babylon a whit! Do not let your heart fall away a whit from the furious persecution of the false christs and the antichrists! Do not let your soul fall away a whit due to all the treachery and abandonment, you will live through. For, just as Peter wrote to you, it is really with difficulty that the righteous are saved. Remember that! With difficulty!”
Filled out by the Holy words of the Spirit, I came out by the swords and started blowing the trumpet. But, as I blew it, I noticed how the devil immediately gathered false prophets around himself. As he gave them the gold crowns, rings and necklaces, he roared out to them with his entire rage:
“Quickly tempt the Christians! Do you hear me! Give away crowns, rings and necklaces generously! Let everyone, who wants prosperity and easy life on earth, go through this second door I send you from! Mention no other name in your sermons and testimonies, but the name of Jesus! Let the people accept that there is a “Jesus” more beneficial that the One, Who will pierce them with His Sword as a Judge. Let us see then which door will have more visitors – His or mine…”
Listening to the loathsome words of the spiritual nonentity, my jealousy for Jesus flared up, and so I started trumpeting loudly. Then, due to the sound of the trumpet, men started gathering before the right door of the Place of Judgement. At first – they were only few, but then they started getting more and more. Having seen the trumpet in my hands, they instantly started asking me:
“Who are you? What do you do? Who sent you to blow this trumpet?”
I spoke to them, saying:
“I am a servant of Lord Jesus Christ and a messenger of God’s Prophetic Spirit! Lord has given me this trumpet and has commanded me to assemble you at His Judgement Seat! Here that now the door is open! Pass through it and make friends with the swords, in order to be justified!”
Listening to my words, the people attempted passing through the doors. But namely then the swords immediately started swinging and so cut and pricked them. This made everyone pull back. As they writhed due to the cutting and the pricking, they shouted at me, saying:
“Who authorized you to tempt us? How can this door be God’s door when there we feel judged! We are saved Christians and nobody has the right to judge us, do you hear us? What is this Prophetic Spirit of God? We have neither heard anything about Him, not have been prophesied by Him!”
In response to the groans of the people, I replied to them, saying:
“This Jesus, in Whom, you say, you have believed, has sent me to remind you His words:
“I have come as Light into the world, so that everyone who believes in Me will not remain in darkness. If anyone hears My sayings and does not keep them, I do not judge him; for I did not come to judge the world, but to save the world. He who rejects Me and does not receive My sayings, has one who judges him; the word I spoke is what will judge him at the last day…” (John 12:46-48) 
That is why, I tell you:
Choose to pass through Christ’s Judgement Seat now and let Lord’s exposing words pierce and cleanse you. For, whoever rejects the Sword of the Spirit, will meet the Sword of Father!”
My words had the opposite outcome over these people, for they started shouting at me as one, saying:
“Will you, a wretched man without a church or a shepherd, accuse us of being sinful? Will you, who are not aware of the church doctrines and have not read a single line of theology, be the one to send us to hell? Should we listen to you any more or should we instead curse you as a tempter this very hour?”
“Curse him, curse him!” – the servants of the devil started shouting from the other door. Then, as they suspended in their hands the gold crowns, rings and necklaces, they said to the enraged people:
“Come to us and to Jesus! We are his servants unlike this wretch! Come and take the crowns that Jesus is giving you so that you are his royal priesthood! Come and take the rings, he is giving to you, in order for you to wed him! Come and take the necklaces, he is giving to you, so that you are called a chosen bride!”
Having taken a look at the servants of the devil, the people glanced at me with indescribable contempt. As they bespattered my trumpet, my garment and my face, they rushed to the servants of the devil in order to pass through the other door. Then the Holy Spirit once again spoke to me from the door, saying:
“Blow the trumpet again! Keep blowing it even for just one or two! For it is a time of increased wickedness and the number of the saved ones has diminished too much!”
I once again started trumpeting and so more and more people started coming. But this led to the same outcome. The swords pierced them and they showed no desire to make friends with the enemy. When I had already lost hope that someone would pass through the door of the Spirit, people appeared and hugged me. As they swept their tears, they said to me:
“Man of God! We have lived long enough to have Lord send us His prophet! We will certainly pass through the door, regardless of what it costs us. For this world is not our home, since we desire to gain the Heavenly fatherland and the lights of Zion!”
Here that the few men of God were already passing through the door, when the swords started cutting them and piercing them. Having fallen on their knees before the door, they shouted together to Jesus:
“Our Lord! Punish our flesh, but save our hearts! Pierce us until no reason remains in us against You and until no reason remains in You against us!”
The Swords kept swinging and cutting for a while, but in the end stopped and the people passed through the door. Then the Holy Spirit spoke to me again, saying:
“Servant of the Lord! Enter the Place of Judgement and go to the Judge! So that you see what will happen to the ones, who passed through My door, as well as the others, who passed through the door of the devil…”
Excitedly I passed through the door and started walking to my Lord. He spoke to me in an excited Voice, saying:
“Do you want to understand why My Judgement Seat is not Judgement less fearful than that great Judgement of My Father that will happen after the Millennium?”
“Yes, Jesus! I want to comprehend this!”
“Then see and understand that the people, who entered through the door of the devil have already been convicted by the Judge as apostates and antichrists! However, since the devil has deceived their hearts and they hear in them only the voice of the ancient serpent, they will not hear the sentence of the Judge, at all…”
After these words Lord stood from His Throne and pointed with His index finger at the worshippers of the devil. The moment He pointed at them, pitchblack darkness covered them and enveloped them completely. Jesus spoke to them in a fervent Voice, saying:
“Woe to you, children of the devil! You have not made friends with My Sword and I hand you over to Satan, for you are his – in spirit, soul and body! Remain in this prison, you love so much, in order to come to the Judgement Day of My God and Father!”
“Oh, hallelujah, hallelujah!” – the worshippers started shouting, covered in darkness. As they placed the crowns on their heads, the rings on their hands, and the necklaces round their necks, they went on dancing. The Judge kept speaking to them, saying:
“Woe to you, wicked ones, for the entire dishonesty by which you abused My prophet! Woe to you for the spittle, by which you bespattered his trumpet, his garment and his face! For this spittle will certainly become waves of fire that will burn you in the eternity!”
“Amen, Jesus! Amen, Amen!” – the worshippers shouted. But this was not an “Amen” to the words of the Judge, but to the deceitful promises, by which the devil was lying to their hearts. The Judge kept talking to them, saying:
“Woe to you, traducers! For you have traduced the Holy Spirit and have called Him a devil! These insults of yours will be forgiven neither in this world, nor in the future one!”
“Glory, glory, glory!” – the worshippers started shouting as they got possessed even more. Then mighty and terrible demons that resembled worms jumped into view behind the mantle of Satan and sneaked into their hearts, pulling them closer and closer to the depths of hell. As I observed the fearful vision, I already fully realized that Christ’s Judgement Seat is fearful Judgement for the ones that retreat from God. It is fearful namely because none of the convicted had the heart or the reason to comprehend that they have already been convicted. So, here that Lord spoke to me, saying:
“Turn your eyes away from the vile and accursed ones. For I have just erased their names from the Book of Life! Instead take a look at these blessed brothers and sisters of Mine that had the hearts to accept that the punishment by the Judge is worth more than the bounty of the devil! For your Lord punishes each child, He loves, and scourges everyone, He accepts! On the other hand, the devil enriches each wicked person, he deceives, and gives wealth to everyone, he kills!”
I turned my head to the door at the right, where my brothers and sisters had already entered. Here that Lord stood up and approached them. Then He reached into His mantle and brought out of it white garments, while He was already telling the people:
“Put off the old garments, for I have cleansed you with My Sword! And as each of you takes from Me their white garment, put them on and so abide before Me!
I, the Judge of Zion, have already justified you! I have initiated, enlightened and illuminated you in the Day of My Judgement and before My Judgement Seat!
You are blessed for believing in the prophetic word, which was meant to lead you to repentance and turning to Me!
You are blessed for passing through the door of God’s Prophetic Spirit without finding temptation in My servant or giving in to the temptations of the devil!
Here, My people! Now you are stones, in which the Firmness carries out its deed perfectly! Now you are precious to Zion, and the Sword of the Spirit goes through you, in order to fill you out with My Light and My Boon!”
After these Holy and sincere words, which were spoken to the justified and redeemed ones, Lord spoke to me again, saying:
“My servant! You have been given a deep and Holy vision from the hidden manna! Quickly write it down in a book as a testimony for My entire Church, and as a warning to My small remainder in this last time!
I am the Judge, Who calls everyone to pass through My Judgement Seat! To pass by faith and expectation that you will be pierced, cut and led through all kinds of trials for the Kingdom of Heaven! To pass through by the faith that there will be no other Judgement for you, but the passing through My Judgement Seat! To pass through by having faith that the Judgement starts in the lifetime of God’s household, due to the really great Kindness and Mercy, My Father has for you!
So, even if you are saved with difficulty – you will find yourselves redeemed and justified! As for those, who did not make friends with My Sword, but rejected the Judge and abused My servant – the Day of the Judgement of My God and Father waits for them at the end of the old heaven and the old earth!
I, the Eternal Judge of Zion, have given this vision to My prophet!”

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