My brother! My faithful friend!
I do not know if you can imagine how great a privilege it is to be one of Lord’s judges throughout the Millennium. However, I tell you now that this privilege simply cannot surprise God’s enlightened people. Apostle Paul wrote all of us even in “Corinthians 1”:
“Or do you not know that the saints will judge the world? If the world is judged by you, are you not competent to constitute the smallest law courts? Do you not know that we will judge angels? How much more matters of this life?” (1 Corinthians 6:2-3) 
When Christ’s servant declares that we will judge angels and matters of life, he says namely what we read. We do not need to strain our minds a lot to comprehend that the angels, we will judge, will have become demons, under Satan’s leadership, a very long time ago. These are the demons and the fiends that simply cannot put up with the writing of this prophetic book. Not just the regular demons and fiends, but also the commands and powers of the wickedness, into which the world has been submerged. So when Lord has promised to make us judges that will stand on gold thrones, what should our life for Him be before we receive this Heavenly privilege? What should our faith be in order for us to enter into the Joy of our Master? Let me tell you that the reason for Jesus to admit into our lives great suffering and fearful persecution can be only one:
We must become witnesses of Zion and accusers of Babylon!
Do you know what it means to become an accuser of Babylon?
This happens when the deeds of your faith in God accuse the church apostates and sting their unclean consciences. This is when you are like a thorn for their vainglory and self-righteousness, and for that reason they cannot stand you. This is to pay with your physical life, if necessary, just to find yourself in the righteous verses from “Revelation” that say:
“Woe, woe, the great city, in which all who had ships at sea became rich by her wealth, for in one hour she has been laid waste!’ Rejoice over her, O heaven, and you saints and apostles and prophets, because God has judged your judgment of her…” (Revelation 18:19-20) 
You cannot accuse many in your life in retreat and concealed Satanism, and expect no reaction from them. You cannot desire the luxury of living undisturbed by demons, if Lord has already laid in your heart the word, by which He will judge them and condemn them during the Millennium. Yet, that is why today Jesus will grant you blessed access to His hidden manna. For all the prophetic books, you have received from Mount Moriah, are the Sacred accusation of the Eternal Judge against the prostitute Babylon, as well as against the entire demonized earth Christianity, which bowed to the dragon, the beast and the false prophet, calling them “Father, Son and Holy Spirit”.
Now, my brother, let me reveal before you the very vision, in which Lord let me once again drink from the Gold Jar with the hidden manna. Here is what He told me:
“My servant! Write down My words in a book. And let all, whom I feed, raise and confirm in the Word of God’s Prophetic Spirit, open their hearts. For though I have said in previous visions, I will repeat again here that you are the strongest and firmest generation against the devil that has ever appeared on earth. You are born in the hardest time of increased wickedness, in order to be precious and immovable stones next to the Stone of Zion. You have been chosen as the front wing and the first line at My coming, when I will certainly punish the world for its evils and the wicked ones for their entire wickedness. And if I have certainly seen you as victors, be ready to accept My divine promise:
“To him who overcomes, to him I will give some of the hidden manna…” (Revelation 2:17) 
As you follow Me and My servant, write down in your hearts all the precious words and visions in this prophetic book. For they are given for the priests of God and Father, as well as for the judges that will take their place next to the Eternal Judge…”
After these last words Lord stretched out His hand and touched my head. So, I spiritually moved to His room, where my heart once again saw the Gold Jar with the hidden manna. Standing on the cedar table, it pulled me closer by an invisible force. Then Jesus smiled and spoke to me, saying:
“I know you expect Me to let you drink from the Gold Jar. But before I do that, I want you to see first what I will bring out from My mantle…”
Here that the Saviour reached into His mantle and brought out a Sword. Then, He raised it in His right hand, brought it down and pierced the very wood of the table as the very strike even made Heavenly sparks shoot aside. This surprised me sincerely and I opened my mouth to exclaim. But then Jesus reached into His mantle again and brought out a second Sword, which He raised again and fixed upon the table, making even more sparks fly to the sides. While I was incapable of giving an explanation to His action, He reached into His mantle a third time and brought out a third Sword, which He raised high above His head. Then as He folded His two hands around the hilt, He brought it down against the table, too, this time not only spreading sparks, but also lighting a fire. Only then did He take the Gold Jar and presented it into my hands, saying:
“Servant of Mine, drink from the hidden manna of your Lord! Let that, which is Holy, in the Jar enlighten your heart and open your eyes, so that you may understand what the Swords of the Judge, prepared for His Judgement, are…”
I excitedly took the Gold Jar in my hands, lifted it and drank from it. Here that manna with a smell of honey and coriander seed spilled in my whole spirit and filled out the depths of my heart. A blast of Light spread in me, and thus I felt myself dissolve in the Holy Truth and Eternal Justice of Zion. My pupils, as enlightened as never before, once again looked at the Swords of the Judge. Having seen my spiritual transfiguration, Jesus raised a hand and pointed at the table, asking me:
“What do you see, Stefan?”
I looked at the Sword and quickly replied to the Lord, telling Him:
“Oh, Jesus! I see how the first Stone is fixed in a stone, the second Sword is fixed in water, and the third Stone is fixed in fire…”
“That is namely so, My servant! But now stretch out your right hand and touch each one of the Swords, starting with the first one. So they will speak to your heart and show you their duties to the Judge…”
My heart started overflowing with bliss due to the most wondrous benevolence of Jesus. He just smiled and nodded His head affirmatively. His eyes insistently suggested that I should carry out His command. So, I stretched out my hand and touched the first Sword, which was fixed in a stone. Then sparks ran along my fingers, and the Sword spoke to me, saying:
“I am the Judgement of the Holy Spirit and God’s Word! I am Christ’s Judgement Seat, and through me pass all, who should be approved for God’s Salvation or rejected and stigmatized as ones that have retreated from God! The ones that pass through me and get approved confirm their names in the Book of Life! The unapproved ones, I condemn, are erased from the Book of Life! And I stand fixed in stone, since I test the Firmness of God’s holy ones!”
Obeying the Holy words of the Sword, I fell to my knees to bow before it. Then I stood upright again and touched the second Sword, which was fixed in water. Here that sparks ran through my fingers again. The Sword spoke to me, saying:
“I am the Judgement of the Judge Christ and of the ones He has chosen for judges during the Millennium! All the angels that did not keep their dignity, but abandoned their eternal dwelling place in Zion, in order to be kept for the time of their condemnation, will pass through me! I stand fixed in water, for through me the Judge will punish the entire wickedness of the great river Euphrates, as well as all the other rivers and waters of the worldly and satanic wickedness!”
I fell to my knees a second time and bowed before the Sword due to the too Holy and great words, which came out along its extent. As I stood upright, I stretched out my right hand to the third Sword, which stood fixed in fire. This time it was not just sparks, but a fiery flame that passed through my fingers. Through this flame the Sword spoke to me, saying:
“I am the Judgement of God Father! The fearful Judgement after the old heaven and old earth pass away! I am the Judgement that will judge the dead ones, gathered together before the Throne of the Almighty! I am the last Judgement, through which all that is old ends before Father gives His Tabernacle to men, so that they are His people, and He is their God! The ones, I justify according to the word, written in God’s Book, are written down in the Book of Life! The ones, I have condemned according to the word, written down in God’s books, are thrown in the lake of fire that burns with brimstone! Blessed are all men, who are justified by the first Sword, in order to not wait for the time of the last one!”
The heavy and fiery words of the third Sword pressed me down and so I fell on my face in Lord’s presence and at His feet. Then, Jesus took me with His hands, stood me upright and spoke to me, saying:
“Have you understood now what the three Swords of Lord’s Judgement are, My servant?”
“Yes, Jesus! I understood everything! God’s Judgement starts with God’s family through the first Sword of Spirit and Word that is Your Judgement Seat! God’s Judgement goes on with the second Sword throughout the Millennium, when You and Your judges will condemn the demons and the fiends of Satan! God’s Judgement ends with the third Sword after the thousand years, when Father strikes down the old heaven and old earth, and death and hell give over their dead ones, so that they are judged according to the word written in God’s books…”
Jesus looked at me, and His eyes were full of such divine strictness and responsibility that I hardly withstood His rays. Then He spoke to me, saying:
“Of all the fateful visions, your heart has received, this last one is the most fateful. In it the Judge will let your heart know the times and the fates of His Judgement. For each time of Lord’s Judgement is a Day, in which the deeds of demons and men are displayed. From the Day of Christ’s Judgement Seat till Doomsday.
Now I tell you that I will personally lead you to the Day of each of the Swords, so that you testify through the hidden manna of Christ’s Judgement Seat about the Judgement of the Millennium and the fearful Judgement of My God and Father.
Blessed are the people, who pay attention when the Judge speaks to the doors of their hearts. Blessed are the people, who have no reason against the Sword of the Judge, and against whom the Sword has no reason, too! They will really be called Lord’s judges! One last queen of the South and the last men of Nineveh that will condemn the world for its wickedness, and the fallen angels for their violence and cunning. Now, My servant, abide in prayer before My Face, so that the hidden manna may renew your mind even more and enlighten your heart in relation to the deep fates of your Lord and God!
I will certainly visit you and will let you see how the Swords of Lord’s Judgement act! You will describe the first two in this book, and the last one – in a new prophetic book!”

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