My dear brother! My faithful friend!
Having mustered up all my spiritual efforts and having kindled my jealousy to its limit, I once again stand in the presence of the Holy Spirit and in deep initiation for my Lord and God. I will not tell you that I found it easy in the time that passed and will not deceive anyone that I considered the revenge of the devil insignificant scratches. Quite on the contrary. The reaction of the devil was a vengeful whirlwind that was charged with really violent and painful arrows, which fixed in my stomach, my chest, my head, my kidneys and my bones. Through these arrows Satan did not simply try to kill me, but desired to turn horror into the advisor of all my thoughts and excitements. Day after day the snake fixed its poisonous tooth in me and I had to experience constant agonies of pain and convulsions, stabs and shudders all over my body. Each arrow tried to deceive me that it was the cruellest problem of my body. The ones in my heart poisoned my thoughts that I would be struck by heart attack. The ones in my chest and ribs – that pneumonia had turned my lungs into a bloody mess. The ones in the stomach and the kidneys – that I have inner dismemberment, rupture or complication of important organs. The ones in my head – that my brain is so poorly perfused that I will have a stroke.
In fact – it was the devil that had certainly been struck by heart attack, convulsions and a stroke, and the pitiful liar had decided to transfer his own feelings over me. He did it in order to revenge me for the last books, which the hidden manna had given birth to. In them Lord’s Sword shone like a lightning and its sharpness evidently outmatched all the previous prophetic visions.
So, pricked all over by all the possible painful arrows of the devil just like a pin-cushion, I will simply go on with my calling. For that Gold Jar in Lord’s dwelling is filled with more hidden manna, which the wars and the victors in the Name of Jesus need.
As you can tell from the title of this prophetic book, in it Lord will speak to us of the Day of Judgement. The Day that the Holy and Merciful Father shifted year after year, century after century and millennium after millennium in order to stretch throughout this time His hands, full of Mercy and Kindness. The Day for which God’s Anger and God’s Fury against the entire generation of the wicked ones, both demons and men, are stored. My purpose is not to convince you just how horrible the fate of the children of the wicked is, since the last prophetic book, related to the lake of fire, is the most explicit testimony from the Holy Spirit about the gravity of that subject. However, here and now, I want to share with you just another one of the times I am disgusted by the demonic spectacle in Bulgaria, which purpose was to deceive the Bulgarians, (as well as the entire world) that religion serves God’s interest only.
So, my brother, a certain day comes in each year that the world knows as Easter, since the Resurrection of Jesus Christ is celebrated on it. At that time, people, who never thought of God in the other weeks and months of the years, eagerly knead Easter cakes, boil eggs and set their tongue to the excited pronunciation of the following call:
“Christ is risen!”
And when their own ears hear this exclamation from other celebrating people, they support it automatically:
”Indeed He is risen!”
I do not know if you have ever been challenged to find verses in your bible that speak of the resurrection of Jesus so that you may indeed convince yourself that the religious greeting follows inseparably the biblical justice. Then you must have found reason to think and see that this greeting follows only the tradition, passed over from one religious generation to the other. So that the people may find an earthly church temple, buy an earthly candle, stand before an earthly idol, painted by the hands of men, make before it the sign of the cross and kiss it. So that they stand before an earthly pulpit, breathe earth incense, listen to earthly liturgy and with all that end the twenty-four-hour period of the entire year, when they can be in debt to God for anything. Why is there not even one reasonable and jealous for Jesus among these religious worshippers to hear their call – “Christ is risen!” – and ask them:
“So what if Christ has risen? Have you risen together with Him in order to spiritually settle in Heaven? Will Jesus be any less resurrected if you stop greeting each other? Will not Lord say to all of you, who in words try to bring yourselves closer to Him, His just words from the Gospel:
“You will seek Me, and will not find Me; and where I am, you cannot come…” (John 7:34) 
Why did you, pretending to be very pious and knowledgeable, fail to open your mouth even once to pronounce before Heaven and earth one very different greeting, which is upheld not just one day in the year, but your whole life on knees before God? Why did you not exclaim before the entire world and the festively decorated churches:
“We, the followers of Jesus Christ, have escaped the death of sin and have moved into the Life of the Holy Spirit! We have resurrected for Jesus with the Power, by which He resurrected for each of us! Yes, we have really passed from darkness to Light, and from death to Life!”
My dear brother! Be certain that if this world has to experience another thousand years of Easter celebration, throughout these thousand years eggs will be painted thousands of times, Easter cakes will be kneaded thousands of times, bells will ring thousands of times, and people will scream to the left and the right thousands of times:
“Christ is risen!”
However, their heads and hearts, turbid with religion, will never give birth to the following simple thought:
“If Jesus has risen, does not He wish to give me His Eternal Life? Does not He want me as one of His sheep, in order for Him to be my Shepherd? Does not He want to take me to the quite waters and green pastures of the Holy Spirit? What is preventing me from going to Him? Is not it this religious greeting, by which the entire world smiles? Does not the world want to always have a resurrected Jesus at hand, so that it may abuse Him, crucify Him and kill Him all over again? Is it not more important for me to know where Jesus went, after He resurrected? Is it not more blessing for me to know that after God’s Son resurrected, He also experienced ascension to Heaven, where He is crowned with Eternal Glory and magnificence? Is it not more important for me, instead of saying “Christ is risen!”, to fall on my knees and weep to God, telling Him:
“Oh, my Heavenly Father! I have believed in the Good News about Your Son! I have believed that You want to adopt me and give me Eternal Life! I beg You, God! Take my heart away from the darkness of the world and transfer it into the Glorious Light of Your Son! Endow me with the baptism and the benevolent presence of the Holy Spirit! Seal me for Salvation and write my name down in the Book of Life! Let me be spiritually resurrected and moved from the darkness to the Kingdom of Light!”
Be certain, my brother, that one such prayer, pronounced on knees before God and Father, is worth more than the religious exclamations of the entire world. As for this world that is rotten and eaten up by worms there are two officially religious days, in which it can triumph hypocritically. On the first of these days, the world rejoices that a Saviour has been born. On the second day the world admires the fact that the Saviour has come to life. As for the remaining three hundred and sixty three days – they are fully dedicated to the devil and to bows before the demons, through whom he rules and control. Do you think that Satan finds such a status quo startling? Do you think that he trembles in fear and horror because in two days of the calendar year the Name of Jesus is mentioned, and the religious people offer sacrifices to idols and demons? One must be morally deranged or exceptionally weak-minded to believe that the religious festivals disturb the devil. Can the devil really be disturbed by a mother that gives birth to an Infant in her womb, but has decided in advance to suckle Him only on the day of His birth and then to let Him die without food and care? Should Satan feel anxious that the Infant comes to life in someone’s heart at Easter, when His death and seconded crucifixion are to happen the very days that follow? Should the devil be afraid of religious worshippers, who delight in chewing over and swallowing just another yolk of egg together with an impressive bite of an Easter cake, when in the Eternal and Holy Bible Apostle Paul speaks of a radically different effort that is not of the large intestines:
“I have been crucified with Christ; and it is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me; and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, Who loved me and gave Himself up for me…” (Galatians 2:20)
For, it is beyond doubt and following from the nature of the human physiology that the Easter cake and the boiled eggs will end up as faeces and carnal abomination. However, the Holy self-sacrifice, which leads to the true miracle of the Resurrection, will remain just a mirage for the religious hearts. They regard the festivals, related to Christ, only a pleasant moment in which they are to give loose to their religious pet and show the others around them just how pious and religious they are. They see in Easter a competition for painting eggs and kneading Easter cakes. Their even more carnal infant descendants will take a few eggs and bring them to school, where they will do egg tapping to see which egg is a winner and which not. So what follows after the Easter festival? Nothing else and nothing more than sin and temptation, sin and temptation, sin and temptation, sin and temptation.
This is my disgust, my brother! What fearfully pains my heart is that I live among a nation of people that are depraved and corrupted by all that is heathen, culinary, religious and occult. People, who love the path of least resistance. People, who are ready to go wherever the devil smiles. In order to heal his wounds with religious exclamations and honour him like a god through their deeds.
However, do let me tell you that the end of this world is quite soon. And there, at the end, there is a fate and signs, which are charged with boundless horror and sublime fear.
There, at the end comes the Day of Judgement!
Judgement, by which God will bring out in the open the hidden deeds of men. He will neither be touched, nor take into account the evident hypocrisy, by which they despised Him in the time of their life of vanity.
Judgement, for which understanding and comprehension I had to pay and still pay a price of persecution and devilish revenge, the likes of which most would not even consider.
Judgement, which starts with God’s household, goes through the punishment of demons and fiends, and ends before God’s Throne and the opened Book of Life.
Since I know that the Light of the themes, examined here, has never been abundantly and fully revealed, I give my entire gratitude to my Lord Jesus Christ for the guidance, protection and perfect faithfulness, by which He confirmed my heart in the days of my whole suffering for Him.
So, my brother, step forth by faith into the prophetic visions in this book! Fill your heart with the Holy Spirit and bow down to the ground before the Judge of the living and the dead! For today He stands before the Door in order to seize the set time and declare His Eternal Righteousness and Perfect justice all over the world! Amen and Amen!

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