My dear brother! My faithful friend!
Among the multitude of great and deep secrets, which Lord can reveal to your heart, the deepest and greatest one remains the secret, related to the Book of Life. Why do I think so? Namely because the word is about an unusual Book. A Book, which you will not find in any library, nor will buy from any bookstore. For, this is a Book, which can be read only by God Almighty. The names of all those, who were saved by Lord Jesus Christ and spiritually transformed by the Holy Spirit of God’s Word, are written down in it.
Before I reveal to you the vision, I want to lay down before you the thoughts, which the Holy Spirit gave birth to in my heart. In this way I ask you to take a look at your own life in order to see how – with or without your consent – your name is written down in many books. Starting at your birth with the municipal register and passing through all the other stages of your fate – school, university or working place. Everywhere you must be present through your name – as a personality and a citizen of the community. To sum up – your name becomes the verbal display of your personality. It is present in your diploma, in your ID card, in the telephone directory. One gets so used to this well-established system that they stop paying attention where and how their name gets written. However, all these lists, holding the human names, have one thing in common and it is that they care little or not at all about the essence of man. All they find important is the name itself. In love with the ways of the world, the churches do not fall behind when names are concerned. In many of them lists are made and each Christian gets a membership card. And the ones who are venerable and privileged have their names written down in pay-roll ledgers.
But do you see, my brother, that at one point in time the deception becomes complete? Since for some people the fact that they have been written down in a church list is equivalent to Salvation and Eternal Life. The removal from this list now becomes a personal tragedy. I do not intend to remind you here of the monstrous dimensions which the writing down of human names acquires. For I would certainly remind you how in America one of the most powerful sects, calling itself “Mormons”, has specialized in creating lists of human names and devouring through its deceiving influence thousands by thousands. However, here I want to remind you the commentary of Lord Jesus, when His disciples came with joy to Him and said:
“Lord, even the demons are subject to us in Your name!” (Luke 10:17) 
Then the Saviour replied:
“Behold, I have given you authority to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing shall hurt you. Nevertheless, do not rejoice in this, that the spirits are subject to you, but rejoice that your names are written in heaven…” (Luke 10:19-20)
My brother, do you know just how distant these words of Christ are for the contemporary churches, crowded with vainglorious worshippers? Do you know that we live in a time, when the churches choose to delight in the chasing away of demons, and not in the fact that the names of their members are written down in the Book of Life? And if there is any reason for this to be so, it is because the believers stare in earth lists that bear no meaning at all. These are lists for biblical schools, for excursions, for subsidies or for salaries. But what use is there in rejoicing that your name stands in any earth lists, when Lord has not written it down in the Book of Life? Why do the newly assigned priests or grinning elders have to put white labels on their black coats that hold their names together with their precious achievements in the church hierarchy? In order to exalt themselves above their brothers and sisters? Or to show that their names are worth much more for the Holy Spirit than the name of the humble widow that sits in the last line at the meeting? Let me tell you that through the vision in this book Jesus will raise so much the required minimum for writing one down in the Book of Life that many will find this stressing or oppressing. However, it is better to feel stress and oppression now than to stumble upon a horrible surprise after the taking of the Church. Since, after the taking the earth human lists will remain on earth. And in the time of the great sorrow an ambitious and arrogant “man of lawlessness” and “son of destruction” will crawl out and will have no duty to his crawling father other than to make lists. It is written so in “Revelation”:
“And he causes all, the small and the great, and the rich and the poor, and the free men and the slaves, to be given a mark on their right hand or on their forehead, and he provides that no one will be able to buy or to sell, except the one who has the mark, either the name of the beast or the number of his name…” (Revelation 13:16-17) 
The only way not to find yourself in this time and before this embodied devil is to have your name written down in the Book of Life now and today. Not in an earth book, an earth computer or an earth register, but above in Heaven.
I will certainly remind you that Lord Jesus let me testify about the Book of Life in many prophetic books. I will warn you that just as one can be written down in this Book, they can also be erased. Then it will not matter what religious denomination the one, calling themselves Christian, has chosen. For in the end we are not saved by the churches, but by Lord Jesus Christ – regardless of what and which the churches are.
Now, let me finally reveal to you the vision, which Jesus gave to my heart. I was still sitting on my throne before the fearful place of Judgement, when Jesus approached the Great and Most Glorious Throne of the Judge and took the Book of Life from the table before it. Then He came closer to me, bringing the Book in His right hand and spread it open on the table before me, saying:
“Here, My servant! Now I open before you the Book of Life! As you look at it, tell Me what you see in it!”
I excitedly looked at the opened Book, when I saw one and the same Name, written in a sequence of constantly increasing year-numbers, shine from its pages. That is why, I answered my Lord, telling Him:
“Oh, Jesus! You have let my heart see the Book of Life before! Now I see it in absolutely the same way, as in the vision from the book about “The song of God’s servant Moses”. The very same Name shines everywhere in this Book – the Name Jesus…”
Lord smiled at my words, and then spoke to me, saying:
“Yes, it is so! I have really shown you the Book of Life more than once. However, now, I will do something new for you, since I will give you My diamond nib and will command you to point with it at any name you choose…”
After these words Jesus reached into His mantle and brought out a diamond nib, which He handed to me. Taking Lord’s belonging in my hand, I sensed how the Holy Spirit not only filled me out, but overfilled me. He passed through the fingers of my hand, making the diamond nib shine with the rays of the sun. Here that I reached out with the diamond nib to the Book of Life, pointing at just one Name Jesus among the many names. Then an omen took place. Touched by the diamond nib, the Name ignited and turned into sparkling Breath. Then, in the Breath of the Name or somehow underneath, the earth name of that saved man appeared. As I saw the omen, I pulled back the diamond nib in surprise, and then the Breath was once again sealed into the Book, and the earth name became the Name Jesus. I looked at the Lord in surprise, and He urged me on, saying:
“Touch another name with the nib! Touch one, two, three names! Touch all the names in the page, if you want to…”
In excitement I once again reached out with the diamond nib, and its sunny tip was now touching the next Name Jesus. Just like the previous one, it ignited and turned into sparkling Breath, under which the earth name of the saved person appeared. When the nib withdrew, the Name Jesus was once again sealed into the page of the Book. Now, I knew that the omen would repeat, regardless which Name Jesus I selected with the nib. That is why I told my Lord:
“Jesus! It is obvious that all those written down in the Book of Life are sealed with Your Name. It can also be seen that the sealing power is due to the sparkling breath. For it is with this Breath that the Name Jesus appears and through this Breath that this Name covers the earth name of the saved man…”
“That is namely so, My servant! It is this that I wanted you to see, feel and comprehend – that through the sparkling Breath My Name is sealed over the earth name of man, in order for them to remain written in the Book of Life. But do tell Me now:
What does the sparkling Breath represent here? And why is namely the Breath what seals My Name?”
I listened to the wise question of Jesus, and the Holy Spirit vibrated in my heart to the limit of any filling out. That is why, I smiled at the Saviour and replied to Him, saying:
“Oh, Jesus! You are the Heavenly Adam, according to Whose Image Father adopts us and makes us participants in the divine essence. So since the first Adam was born after God breathed into his nostrils breath of life, the descendants of the Heavenly Adam will be born through God’s Breath. For This sparkling Breath is the Holy Spirit, the Breath of God and Father, Who has proclaimed God’s Word!”
Listening to my words, Lord smiled and hugged me with both His hands. Then He spoke to me in an excited Voice, saying:
“You are blessed, My servant! For now your heart has touched the secret of the Book of Life. The secret that when you believe the Word of God, Father breathes into your hearts the Holy Spirit. For it is the Word that is the transforming new-bearing Power of God’s Breath that makes you conformable to the Image of God’s Son, in order for Him to be firstborn among many brothers.
Now, do you finally understand why each time the diamond nib touched the Name of Jesus it turns into sparkling Breath, under which the earth name of the saved man appears?”
“Yes, my Lord! Now I understand all of Your words! Still most wondrous veneration for Your nib remains in me! What is it, Lord?”
In response to my question, Jesus took the nib from my hand. As He raised it before my eyes, He spoke with inmost Voice, saying:
“This nib hides within My new Name, which you will learn once you gather together with Me. Still, as a testimony to My Church, write down that for you I am the Truthful and Faithful One. Truth and Faithfulness are in the foundation of My nib!
Faithfulness, by which I test all, who want to be Faithful to Me, in order for Me to write them in the Book of Life!
Truth, by which I check to what degree My Image in the human hearts has become Perfect and of full age!
That is why, the One, Whose Name is Truthful and Faithfull, will call you by Truth and Faithfulness! Follow Me with My servant into the remaining visions of this holiest prophetic book in order to see and comprehend the six books other than the Book of Life. Since, in three of them the people will be called justified, redeemed and saved, while in the other three the people will be called accursed, wicked and condemned!
I, the Eternal Judge of the Day of Judgement, speak now through My prophet!
Blessed are all the people, who pay attention to My words!”

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