My dear brother! My faithful friend!
Despite all the suffering and fearful oppression of my soul, I will once again open my mouth to bless the Name of my Lord Jesus Christ. I will bless Him with the words of my heart, since He used up my youth for the battle against the devil and against the religious kingdom Babylon. I will bless Him for not saving me a single of His wounds or a single of the tears of His divine Sorrow. I will bless Him for lowering me to the depths and raising me to the heights. I will bless Him for being Faithful and Truthful to preserve me from the rage of the devil and the resistance of the ones, who were spiritually deranged. I will bless Him for supplying my needs and never leaving me hungry and thirsty, or naked and abandoned.
It is true that on Lord’s Way my friends have remained just a few, but in return they were tested in each trial and confirmed in any circumstances, in order to shine as precious stones that have built their faces upon His Faces and that have brought their hearts close to His Heart. I cannot possibly start this last vision in this last prophetic book by any other words or in any other way, since after it the biblical knowledge already comes out of the boundaries of what is written in the Holy Scripture and enters the dimension of Eternity.
Yes, my brother! The Day of Judgement is God’s last barrier before the old and rotten world! The barrier, by which God Father will prevent all this is sinful, dark, impure, obscene, tempting and accursed from passing into the new world of Lord’s Renewal, that is, into the new heaven and the new earth, on which God’s Justice will reign.
Today we still live in the old world. We do this in the last years before the Coming of Lord Jesus Christ and the establishment of the Millennium. Whatever we say about the world, we live in, the words will be weak to describe the abomination, in which it has sunk, and the wickedness, by which it has made the abyss between itself and God so deep and fearful.
In the last hundred and fifty books, I have written, the Holy Spirit used me in all ways to tell God’s people to abandon Babylon and sanctify their hearts for the upcoming meeting with Lord Jesus Christ. Without claiming that my writing and my testimony were Perfect and flawless, I obeyed the Holy One not to keep in secret any of the Saviour’s divine messages. Without the ambitions to produces masterpieces and print my books in a good printing office, I simply started zealously doing my work, printing my books through my own printer and giving them to my brothers and sisters in the Lord. It happened so that the more I wrote God’s words, the more zealous I became for Jesus and He – for me. So, under His Holy guidance memorable books and Perfect visions came into existence. Books, which the Boon and the Mercy of my Saviour turned into Wine and Oil for each stranger that was beaten and abused by the servants of Babylon’s wickedness.
As you can guess yourself, Babylon mustered up all its possible religious resources to set up a resistance against the prophetic gospel. The entire satanic organisation, from the highest floors of the religious hierarchy to the tiny Babylon meetings, decided to resist ministry “Moriah” and the books of God’s servant Stefan Glavchev by all its parts. In result hundreds and thousands fell away from their communication with me. They just bent down their heads obediently so as to not be chased away and exiled by their shepherds and so lose their personal prestige of going to a church. It seems that in this whole agony of many years matters could be summed up to the following account:
“In the end, will you be going with Glavchev, or with us, the church leaders, who have graduated and been educated to guide you?”
With such an account hardly anybody would have some Glavchev lead him when they can instead entrust their heart to “educated”, “trustworthy” and “tested” church staff. However in all that noise and racket only few found the strength to ask:
“Should we follow venal and well-paid hirelings or should we instead listen to the testimony of God’s servant, who used up his life for the Church and for the Lord?”
In all the years of my service to Jesus, the hirelings of Babylon waited for God’s servant to act according to their religious standards. To register a church, to start visiting meetings and conferences, to start a nice business with the hundreds of books, he wrote anyway. “He cannot but fall into our hands!”- the cunning Pharisees whispered. “Then we will certainly fit him into our criteria and press him to make his registration! Then we will start chasing him to pay his taxes and so will break into his personal life in all ways!”
Yes, but no! I did not live in their world and so could not possibly work with their satanic principles and models. I simply abided in the presence of Lord Jesus and gave my books away freely so as to not cast any reproach or shadow upon the prophetic gospel.
I did not create a church, since only Jesus can create His Church!
I did not register on earth, since it is God, Who has written my name in the Book of Life and this is the only registration my heart cares about!
I did not go to a single religious meeting or conference of a church, registered by the world, since it is not possible for the servants of God and the servants of the wicked one to preach in one and the same place.
I simply did what I had the Spirit and the Power, as well as the predetermined fate by the Alpha and the Omega, to do – I started living in the cave of prophet Elijah at the gently flowing waters of Shiloah. So that I may be closer to Jesus and He – closer to me. This was how fourteen years of my life went by.
My brother, can you imagine how much condemnation and curse God’s apostates accumulated in these fourteen years? Can you detect the extent of the vileness and baseness to which the world has come throughout these years? Did not the vainglorious America start blood-shedding wars against Afghanistan and Iraq? Did not Bulgaria try in all ways to become a political appendage of the prostitute Babylon? Did not it become a member of NATO? Did not it enter the tower of the European Union? Did not it send soldiers to help the criminal warmonger George Bush in Afghanistan, as well as in Iraq? Meanwhile, what were the churches in Bulgaria doing? Did they mourn over the fall of the great prostitute? Or did they mourn that the American rangers were chewing gums and were shooting at defenceless mothers and children?
Not even close, my brother! The churches in Bulgarian sang and danced, fell on their backs and giggled, traded Christian best-sellers, delighted in piles of subsidies and gifts, filmed and photographed themselves and in all ways calmed themselves down that they are brides of Jesus.
“I sit enthroned as queen. I am not a widow; I will never mourn!”
I do not think there is any need for me to reference this verse from the Revelation for you, since Jesus let me use it more than once in the exposing of the prostitute. However, here and now, I want to tell you that the time is certainly coming when God will judge the secret deeds of men through Jesus Christ.
Let me reason over this. You know and see the time you live in. This is a time of technological progress and a boom of the communication and information technologies. Just turn on your TV set and you are flooded with offers about mobile phones, TV sets and cameras. In fact – the surveillance of your personal freedom becomes more than fearful. You face is recorded, whenever you enter an institution, and thousands of invisible technological eyes are tracking you…
What does all this result in? Namely what the devil expects!
For, he wants to suggest to the people that since they are tracked in so many places, they should hide themselves even further in their secrets, in order to not be obvious. This reverse effect will reinforce even more one’s feeling that they should preserve their personal sanctity. They will need to do that not just because of some cameras or surveillance, but in reality – to hide from God and from God’s Spirit just like Adam and Eve hid among the fig trees, when they sinned before God.
Where will all this lead to? The answer is:
The Day of Judgement!
You see, my brother, the greatest deception, you could ever believe in, is that it is possible for one to hide from God. You will not realize that it is not you hiding yourself, but the sin that entwines you. When the sin hides, it wants to show in all ways that it wants to be hidden. But is there anything hidden that will not be disclosed? Do the people consider the fact that the spirit, God has given to them, contains a perfect recording mechanism, which remembers and seals each second from the beginning to the end of the human life?
Here, I do not talk about the carnal human mind, which is just a tool for memories, the spirit of man needs. No! I am talking about the spirit itself, which truly preserves and stores as information the entire human life. Not imagine that this information is not only in your personal spirit, but also at God Father’s disposal in His Heart, since He has observed you through His eyelids your whole life and so knows each second of yours. It is written so about Him:
“The Lord is in His holy temple; the Lord, His throne is in heaven; His eyes behold, His eyelids test the sons of men…” (Psalms 11:4) 
Do I need to convince you that the witnesses of your whole life become at least two? These are your personal spirit and the Spirit of God. Now remember what the Law says:
“A single witness shall not rise up against a man on account of any iniquity or any sin which he has committed; on the evidence of two or three witnesses a matter shall be confirmed…” (Deuteronomy 19:15) 
Are there at least two witnesses? Of course, there are? However, they are not just two. They are much more, since the Word tells us that we are always observed by a cloud of witnesses, and furthermore Jesus called Himself in the Revelation “The Amen, the Faithful and True Witness”. Know then that if the witnesses are present, the forthcoming Day of Judgement will also be present. If you would ask me why this Judgement is fearful, I will tell you that it is Fearful for one reason only:
Because of the three dark books, which stand on the left side of the Book of Life! This is how I am already going on with the vision, related to them.
I was still standing before my Lord and was watching in the direction of the Throne of the Eternal Judge, where the three dark books were placed, when Jesus once again spoke to me, saying:
“Step closer to the Judge, My servant! For the time has come for Me to make you witness the three dark books, which stand on the left side of the Book of Life. Now, as you hold in your hand My diamond nib touch the cover of each of the three books with it…”
With excitement that I cannot describe, I reached out with the diamond nib and so touched the cover of the first book. Here that it burst with fire, just like an explosion, and so I jumped back in surprise. When I approached again, I saw how a sinister inscription, written in tarnished copper, appeared upon the very cover:
“A book of the empty words”
I looked at the Lord and He gestured me to touch the second book with the diamond nib. So I did. I reached out with the nib in my hand and touched its cover. Just like the first one, it also burst like an explosion and words appeared upon its surface. This time they were written in smoking iron:
“A book of the missed good deeds”
Here that Lord signalled me for the third time to touch the third book. So, reaching out with the diamond nib, I touched it. Then a miracle happened. A magnificent lightning came out of the nib and struck the cover. In result smoke and stench of sulphur rose from it. When I looked at the inscription, this time it was not smoking iron, but boiling lead. The very inscription read:
“A book the demonic confessions”
I had hardly finished with the touching of the books and the appearance of their inscriptions, when Lord spoke to me again, saying:
“How do you explain the omens with the inscriptions over the books, My servant? Why is the inscription upon “The book of empty words” made of tarnished copper?”
“Oh, Jesus! That certainly concerns the wickedness of the flesh and its most fearful weapon – the lawless tongue that speaks empty words. Since the tongue in this wicked deed is like copper that tinkles…”
Listening to my answer, Jesus nodded His head in approval. Then He asked me again:
“And why is the inscription upon “The book of missed good deeds” made of smoking iron?”
“Oh, my Lord! The iron represents the hardening of the hearts due to the deception of sin. And whoever hardens their heart, misses the opportunities to do the good God expects from them…”
Once again Jesus nodded, and in His eyes I could read the approval of my answer. Yet, here that He asked me for the third time, saying:
“And why is the inscription upon “The book of demonic confessions” made of boiling lead?”
“Oh, my Lord! The sin of the demons is too heavy before the Face of God and Father! And lead is one of the heaviest metals! That is why the spirits of wickedness and dishonesty rank first by accursedness and evil committed!”
“That is namely so, My servant! Here you once again replied correctly to your Lord. However, it could not have been otherwise, since your heart is sanctified by the Holy One and you are holding My Sword firmly. Now, take a look at the left part of the ocean of human souls. As you look at it, see just how close these souls are to the lake of fire that expects them in its furious flames…”
I looked at the left part of the ocean of souls and then saw that the attraction between them and the lake of fire was becoming more and more irresistible. At that moment I knew that if there are any reasons for the attraction between the lake and the souls, these reasons are sin and wickedness. While I was looking at the indescribable horror, which was forthcoming for the sinners, Jesus spoke to me again, saying:
“It is namely here that the resurrection of the wicked ones will take place. They will receive bodies for the lake of fire, as I have already shown you in the prophetic visions about Venus. However, see now what the Anger of the Almighty really is. For My Father will now stretch out His right hand, filled with rage, and will wait for the ones condemned by the Judge in order to throw them into the fiery flames…”
I was once again observing the vision, when I noticed how the fiery right hand of Father Almighty approached the souls of the wicked ones, whom hell had vomited out. Fire flamed up inside this cupped hand and it was heated to hues of blue. Having seen God’s stretched-out hand, the sinners started screaming and so waves of fear and supreme horror shook the left side of the ocean. Then Jesus spoke to me again, saying:
“No servant of God has ever come to the place, you are being shown now. Nobody has ever testified about the Day of Judgement the way you will testify. But that is so, because My Father loved you and chose you – so that you are the prophet of Zion and one of God’s judges.
Now, My servant, what else can I say, but tell you to open the first of the three dark books that is “The book of empty words”. Here, I command you to open the book…”
With huge reverence and fear I approached “The book of empty words” and took hold of its cover to open it. When I did that I saw how words, written in fire, appeared on the first of its dark pages. These words were Voice of the Voice of my Lord, since they said:
“But I tell you that everyone will have to give account on the day of judgment for every empty word they have spoken. For by your words you will be acquitted, and by your words you will be condemned…” (Matthew 12:36-37)
While I was still reading the words of Jesus, Lord spoke to me in an authoritative Voice, saying:
“Open the book at an arbitrary page and touch with My diamond nib one of the names you see…”
Excitedly, I carried out the command of Jesus, as I opened the book at its middle. So I saw over the dark page names, which were written in dark pitch. As I stretched out the nib, I touched one of the names. Here that a fiery ray came out of the nib and lifted the name off the page. In this way the next moment the name was reduced to ashes. When it was once again sealed upon the page, it no longer existed. Instead there were the following words:
“Condemned and cursed for eternal centuries!”
While I stood dumbfounded from the omen, which was due to the nib, Lord commanded me in an authoritative Voice, saying:
“Look at the left part of the ocean of human souls. For now the diamond nib of the Judge will carry out eternal judgement for eternal centuries…”
I looked at the left part of the ocean, when I saw that a soul amidst it simply burst with fire. Furthermore – the fire turned into a long ray, which reached the lake of fire and shot into its waves. This made the others around the soul in flames roar with horror. Then a mighty angel of God appeared, hanged the soul on a hook, pulled it out of the ocean and brought it forth to the fiery hand of God Father. When he stood above the cupped hand, he let the soul fall off the hook and so it fell into God’s Anger. The Holy Spirit instantly reminded me of the unambiguous apostolic words from “Hebrews”:
“It is a terrifying thing to fall into the hands of the living God…” (Hebrews 10:31)
While I was looking at the resurrection of the wicked ones, I noticed that God’s angel once again lowered the hook and hanged the resurrected body onto it. Then he flew towards the lake of fire to drop it into its flames. Throughout all of this the fiery ray between the soul and the waves of the lake cut across the darkness of space.
But here that Jesus spoke to me again, saying:
“Can you explain to yourself this omen? Can you tell Me what this fiery ray, which connected the soul of the wicked one with the lake of fire, was?”
“Oh, Jesus! It is clear that there is a spiritual connection between the wicked one and a demon from the lake of fire. Since the demons will be judged throughout the Millennium, while the Day of Judgement is after the Millennium…”
“That is namely so, My servant! However, as a testimony to My Church I say now:
The empty words are the fiery ray between the soul and the demon! Each empty word this soul spoke on earth aided the mission of someone of Satan’s demons! That is why, when My diamond nib pointed, the fiery ray of the empty words found in the lake of fire the demon, whom these words served!
Yet, this is exactly the way I warned you in the Gospel – that people will give account for each empty word on the Day of Judgement. Just consider the number of empty words the children of the wicked pronounce and it will become clear to you that this “Book of the empty words” is really thick and that the names in it really are numerous.
Here that I did not leave you ignorant in relation to the fate of the empty words, since even six years ago I spoke to you through My prophet about the fiery wheel of life and about the fate of the empty words. But how many repented for their empty words? Did not the people of empty words increase even more since then? Did not they call God’s servant “a tempter of the devil”? Did not they curse him in the name of a fictitious Jesus that will be of no use to them in the Day of Anger? Were not their mouths “as sounding brass, or a tinkling cymbal” in order for them to forever be sealed in “The book of empty words” and under the copper inscription of condemnation?
Here, I strictly command all to repent for the empty words, they have spoken. So that the Judge may show them Mercy and bring them out of the condemning list, they have fallen in. For, here you will certainly find all the mockers, traducers, slanderers, backbiters and gossips. Above all here you will find the ones who shout “Amen”, “Hallelujah” and “Brother and sister” in vain. They will not escape the Judgement at all, since their fiery bonds with the demons have grown strong and terrifying…”
After His jealous words, Lord pointed at the second book, telling me:
“Now you will open the book, in which the number of the condemned and cursed ones is the greatest possible. This is the thickest condemning book of the Day of Judgement. That is why here the Eternal Judge will let you touch with His nib not just one, but six names. And this time let My nib choose the names by itself so that they do not repeat in their wicked deeds…”
Listening to the words of the Lord, I opened the cover of “The book of missed good deeds”. Here that fiery words started shining from its dark first page. They were Voice from the Voice of my Lord since they said the following:
“Depart from Me, accursed ones, into the eternal fire which has been prepared for the devil and his angels; for I was hungry, and you gave Me nothing to eat; I was thirsty, and you gave Me nothing to drink; I was a stranger, and you did not invite Me in; naked, and you did not clothe Me; sick, and in prison, and you did not visit Me…” (Matthew 25:41-43)
I had hardly read the words of fire, when Jesus commanded me authoritatively:
“Open the book at its middle! Let My nib choose by itself convicted ones from the list…”
I looked at the thickest of the condemning books and with many efforts succeeded in opening it at its middle. Then the diamond nib guided my hand and so touched six names in various places of the list. Here that all of these six names burst in fire, which started reducing them to ashes until they fully disappeared. When they were once again sealed into the page, instead of the names the following inscription could be seen:
“Condemned and cursed for eternal centuries!”
While I was looking at the six places, where the inscription had left God’s sentence, Jesus commanded me in an authoritative Voice:
“Take the hand of the Judge and follow Me to the left part of the ocean of human souls to see the sign, which will take place. For My diamond nib has already set into motion the eternal judgements of the Judge…”
With awe and trepidation I took the right hand of my Lord and, together with Him, flew towards the ocean. Meanwhile, six souls there burst into flames together, making the others howl in horror. Here that six angels of God lowered over the souls, suspended them on hooks and lifted them from the ocean to take them into God’s fiery hand. At this very moment, Lord signalled His angels to stop with the souls before Him. As He looked at the souls, bursting in fire, His Face filled with Anger. Then He said to them:
“Depart from Me, accursed ones, into the eternal fire which has been prepared for the devil and his angels; for I was hungry, and you gave Me nothing to eat; I was thirsty, and you gave Me nothing to drink; I was a stranger, and you did not invite Me in; naked, and you did not clothe Me; sick, and in prison, and you did not visit Me…” (Matthew 25:41-43)
Just like in the proverb of Jesus, the souls started screaming to the Lord and telling Him in wild shrieks:
“Lord, when did we see You hungry, or thirsty, or a stranger, or naked, or sick, or in prison, and did not take care of You?” (Matthew 25:44)
Then Jesus touched my head with His hand, telling the souls:
“Truly I tell you, whatever you did not do for one of the least of these, you did not do for Me…” (Матея 25:45) 
Here that a fiery double-edged Sword appeared from Lord’s mouth and so He kept talking to the souls, telling them:
“Was I not hungry for Kindness and Mercy in the heart of one of My servants, as well as in the hearts of all the other humble brothers and sisters of Mine?
Then why did you reject Me with your callous hearts?
Was not it, because I warned that the love of many will grow cold due to the increased wickedness? Was I not thirsty for My Living Water and for the Wine of My Covenant in the heart of My servant, as well as in the hearts of all the other humble brothers and sisters of Mine?
Then why did you offer Me demonic urine and waters of wickedness?
Was not that because you had given up your hearts to river Euphrates and to the deluge of satanic vileness? Was I not a stranger, when through My servant I gave you freely the Living and Holy words of My Testament?
Then why did you reject him as a tempter and a strange one, and went to your trading dens and accursed street-stalls, in order to enrich your gold idols?
Was not that because the silver coins of Judas rang from your hearts and your minds were corrupted by Mammon? Was I not naked, since I did not want to put on the clothes of your supremacy?
Then why did you not offer Me the linen garment of Humbleness or the coat of Elijah?
Was not that because the devil dressed you in the Babylon garment of each dishonest deed and showered you with coveted goods to deprave your hearts? Was I not sick and in prison as a witness in the heart of My prophet, when you gave Me over to all kinds of abuse and disgrace? Was I not Lazarus, covered with wounds and scabs?
Then why did you neither visit Me in the prison, nor cover My wounds with Kindness and Mercy? Was not that because you never came to know the two coins of the Samaritan, but instead despised His Covenant and started persecuting His servants furiously?
Yes that is why My Sword exposes you today and why My diamond nib condemns you! Depart from Me, you accursed ones! The lake of fire waits to burn you up with fire and brimstone for eternal centuries…”
After these last words Jesus signalled His angels to lift the souls and take them into the fiery cupped hand of God Father, where they were to receive eternal bodies for their eternal punishment.
Here that Jesus spoke to me again, saying:
“It was not in vain that I warned you that the increased wickedness will make the love of most grow cold. However, the greatest tragedy of the last churches was that they put up with this cooling off. They accepted it as something normal, as a part of the environment, they live in. In this way thousands of thousands lost the Fire of My Love and so their hearts became black iron balls that were taught to seek their own interest and follow their own selfishness. Yes, My servant! That is why your soul was freezing, when you walked among the glaciers of Babylon to look for survivors. But now I tell you that I will take care of your soul and will not let it freeze, since I have a faithful remainder. However, the loathsome and depraved generation, which will not believe even the dots and the comas of this prophetic book, is justly punished by the Judge. Therefore, have no pity on them, since they have crucified the Lord in their hearts more than once…”
After these last words of Jesus I continued the observation of the vision, in which the six souls, condemned by the Lord, fell in God’s Anger. When they found themselves in resurrected bodies, they were once again pinned onto hooks by God’s angels and thrown into the lake of fire.
So Jesus returned me again to His Throne and to the last of the three dark books. As He pointed at it with His index finger, He asked me:
“Do you know in what way this last book is different from the previous two?”
“Yes, Jesus! The human names, taken from the confessions of all the demons that You and Your judges will judge throughout the Millennium, are written down in it…”
“That is namely so, My servant! Now I will once again tell you to let My nib choose the names for you! For it will choose three names, related to the vilest and most accursed spirits of Satan. Now open the cover of the book, inscribed with boiling lead…”
With thrill and excitement, I can hardly describe or express, I turned the cover of the last of the condemning books. Here that, words of fire shone upon the dark page. They were Voice of the Voice of Jesus, since they declared God’s Word:
“Why is My language not clear to you? Because you are unable to hear what I say. You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies…” (John 8:43-44)
While I was reading the fiery words of the Lord, He commanded me again with an authoritative Voice, saying:
“Open “The book of demonic confessions” close to its very end, or even the very end. For, there, at the end, the wickedness will increase and multiply the most. As you let My diamond nib choose three names, watch what will happen…”
Listening to Lord’s Voice, I took hold of the book and opened it almost to its end. Here that my eyes saw a dark page, upon which the names were written in black pitch or rather snake poison. The diamond nib simply guided my fingers and so it touched three names in different rows and places. Then the names kindled as if they had just exploded. When they were reduced to ashes, they ceased to exist as written word. Instead three inscriptions appeared that declared one and the same thing:
“Condemned and cursed for eternal centuries!”
While I was looking at this omen, Jesus spoke to me again, saying:
“Come close to the Eternal Judge, My servant! Then, as you observe the left side of the ocean, see what will happen to the three souls, since they have already received their judgement by Me for eternal centuries…”
After these words Lord hugged me with His right hand, and I started looking at the ocean. Here that there three human souls literally burst into flames. Then three gigantic geysers of fire spilled from the waves of the lake of fire. A fiery ray set off from each geyser and tried to touch each of the souls. When the souls were spiritually bound with the geysers by means of the fiery rays, the angels of God were already on their way to lift them with hooks. Then Lord kept speaking to me, saying:
“Follow Me, My servant! In order to hear the sentence, which the Eternal Judge will declare against each of the souls that are subjected to God’s Anger. Here that the demonic confessions of Jezebel, Korah and Mammon have risen from the lake of fire. These three spirits certainly recognized their servants, with whom they made connections in the time of increased wickedness. That is why, rays of fire left their hearts to connect with the hearts of their eternal captives…”
After these words of His, Lord caught me with His strong hands, approached the blazing souls and signalled the angels to stop. Then a double-edged lightning Sword came out of the mouth of Jesus. By this Sword Lord spoke to the first soul, telling it:
“Did you enjoy the make-up of Jezebel, accursed soul? Did you delight in constantly enchanting and charming in all the corners of the world? Did you like it that your books were sold in all the churches and that your royalties exceeded the salaries of the presidents of the world? Did you delight in having your own TV and radio station, by which to spread your vileness all over the world?
Well, I hope you enjoy now the lake of fire that burns with brimstone! For here that the ancient enchantress, who corrupted Ahab, is calling you with her heart! The ancient enchantress, who slaughtered God’s prophets of Israel, now desires you insatiably from her flames! Unrighteous soul! Be accursed for eternal centuries!”
After these words to the first soul, Lord pierced with His Sword the second one, too, telling it:
“Did you enjoy the dishonesty of Korah, accursed soul? Did you delight in bespattering God’s Sovereignty and teaching men to rebel against the Personal Choice of My God and Father? Did you delight in encouraging wolves to violate over My Flock and wronging My servants, the prophets? Did you enjoy ruining the human hearts through envy and grumble, while not paying any attention at all to the rod of Aaron that opened the earth beneath your feet? Here, the Eternal Judge is now opening not the earth, but the very lake of fire under your feet! The wolf Korah, the bloodhound of Lucifer, who has always been your personal advisor and demonic guardian, is waiting for you there! Unrighteous soul! Be cursed for eternal centuries!”
After these words to the second soul, Lord pierced the third one with His Sword, telling her:
“Did you enjoy the wealth of Mammon, accursed soul? Did you delight in preaching from the pulpits with an angel-like face, but with mole-like hands, fox-like feet and wolf-like heart? Did you delight in turning the financial prosperity into the greatest church deception of the last time? Were you happy, when Mammon gilded you for each lost soul, and the churches became Akeldama fields? Did you not make the harvest of this last time most successful for the devil? Here that the king of Tyre is stretching his hands to you from the lake of fire! The bond, by which he has bound you cannot be torn at all, but will tighten more and more in your heart year after year, century after century! Accursed soul! Be accursed for eternal centuries!”
After these last words of Jesus, He gestured the angels to throw the souls into the cupped hand of God’s Anger. When the souls were already in resurrected bodies, God’s angels lifted them with hooks, brought them amidst the waves of the lake of fire and dropped them. Here that the geysers rose to devour their belongings. Then Lord hugged me for the last time. He spoke to me in an excited Voice, telling me:
“My servant! I am your Lord and you are My servant! I stand with you – here, at the end of time and at the end of everything! You have written the deepest prophetic book in your life! A book, for which the Heavenly saints will call you blessed and for which you will be held in Eternal honour in Lord’s Council! Now I tell you to strengthen yourself in Me, for I will comfort you from all the evil, you endured in the last years, months and weeks for My Name! And to all those, who are reading the last pages of this prophetic book, I say:
My people, sanctify yourselves!
Pass through My Judgement Seat in order to not have to wait for the time of the Day of fearful Judgement! Today you already have the books of the Day of Judgement opened before you! Test the spirits with them until I come! Confirm yourself in humbleness and Perfect obedience to the Holy Spirit! Do not judge, in order to not be judged! But instead as you obey the prophetic gospel – become blameless and pure lights that shine amidst the depraved and corrupted generation! I do not want you convicted, but saved! I do not want you punished, but blessed with all the Heavenly bliss of Zion! This book represents the index finger of the Judge raised in warning – years before the Millennium and centuries before the Day of Judgement!
Fill out your hearts with it and be hallowed – now and forever!
I, the Eternal Judge of the Day of Judgement, have given these deepest and Holiest visions to My prophet!
I have spoken them! I have pronounced them!”

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